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Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


Peter could remember being an infant, and if it wasn't for Tink telling him that is what he was when she had found him he would never have believed it to be so. He loved her so for finding him, bringing him back with her to Never land and teaching him how to be.

He had just turned 18 but was still very much a boy in almost everyway he stood about six feet high and was quite slender. His piercing blue eyes perfectly complimented his sandy blonde mop of hair. He always flew around with an air of gaiety and fun. Recently he had begun to look at his beloved Tink in an entirely new light.

She was Just as beautiful and young as he always remembered her being. Although she told him many times that she was much older then he could ever imagine she looked to him as she always did. Her long Blond hair brushing her waist, framing bright green eyes that sparkled with fairy dust a body that seemed to peter to be perfection itself, and wings that beat like a hummingbirds' as she darted from place to place. He also loved that with a simple thought she could make herself as small as a butterfly, or as big as a human girl. And it was in that form that he felt that longing for her unlike any he had ever felt before. He could feel the longing building, he could almost feel her perfect red lips upon his, her skin soft and cool as it caressed his own. But he was also frightened of this new desire. Would she reject him for these new feelings, would she throw him out of never land, this home that he had grown to love so much?

Never land was truly a land of fantasy, lush and thick forests meet deep blue seas, and in between is majestic snowy mountains and green meadows. The weather was always perfect. He never wanted to leave. And so he resolved to never let her know of these new desires, also he loved her with all of his heart and just the thought of losing her broke his heart. What he didn't know was that tink also wrestled with feelings for this young one. How could she so desire the child that she had held against her breast as an infant what seemed not so long ago. But the sight of his handsome masculine body and those deep blue eyes that held the spirit of a child and the soul of a man so captivated and held her. She so longed to feel those perfect arms around her, to taste those lips upon her own. She dreamt night after night of skin against skin, their bodies entangled becoming one. She also feared that he would reject her, that he may in turn leave Never land his home since he was a child and she could not stand to be the cause of that. The thought of losing Peter, "Pan" as she called him frightened her beyond belief for she was in love with this young man who had brought such joy and love into her life. And so it went on. Days quickly turned into months and still each kept their feelings from the other.

And then one evening everything changed. The air was warm and the stars lit up the sky like a million tiny fireflies. Peter decided it was time to act. As Tink came in for the night he looked at her and she knew just what he intended.

" Would you like to go out in search of an adventure?"

" I believe that I do!" She came up beside him, put her delicate hand in his, and the left the cave in search of that adventure. As they came through the woods they discovered a beautiful waterfall collected by a surprisingly cool pool of water lit up by some underground source. The perfect compliment to the warm night air. She smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling with mischief. He grabbed her hand and lead her towards the water. She flew to the base of the waterfall and tested the water with her hand, it was perfect. She beaconed him to join her and he quickly flew up beside her.

The water was perfect and he quickly dove right in grabbing her hand as he dove pulling her down into the cool depths with him. The water surrounded them and they quickly swam the length of the pool and then the flew back up to the top of the waterfall and dove in once again. The water felt wonderful and they loved the feeling of diving and swimming together. Soon they could take no more and had to come out to rest. They both fell upon the moss covered bank exhausted and happy.

As they lay there Peter looked over at his beautiful swimming partner laying next to him, her hair perfectly spread out around her and her eyes shining with fairy dust, her lips just beaconed him to kiss. He traced her outline with his finger gently from the gentle curve of her cheek down her body to her perfect ankle. She responded by closing her eyes and breathing in the night air holding perfectly still so she could take it all in. as he continued to trace her body lightly he could feel the tension rising between them. He turned her over onto her back so that he could look into her eyes, as he did he could see that she felt for him as he felt for her. At once he began to cover her with kisses, her forehead, neck , and cheeks. When he reached her lips he pressed against her with such passion and fervor that he feared that he might hurt her. As if she could read his mind she cried out for more. Grabbing for him as if she were a hungry animal. And so they lay there kissing and grasping for each other. Soon they began to tear at each others' clothes in an effort to feel skin against skin, and then they where free of the material prisons and crashed against each other the passion becoming almost unbearable. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he moved to enter her. She responded with a gasp and arched to receive him fully into her. As he began to move in and out of her, and she arched to meet his every stroke. He soon realized that they were floating.

In her passion she had released fairy dust all around them and they floated upward as they made love. They flew over the forest canopy and out into the meadow coming to rest on a bed of flowers. Softly they came down and softly he kissed her lips as he thrusted into her she rose to meet him, her climax building until she could hold it in no more. She screamed with the power of it as the waves hit her one after another. As he felt her fervor his climax overwhelmed him and he felt his seed release into her in hot streams of passion. Soon they lay there in each others arms drifting off to sleep. They woke to the morning light. He looked down at his sleeping fairy his dearest love and he kissed her gently. She looked up at him and smiled reaching for him, she pulled him down on top of her and returned his kiss passionately. They began again moving together in the beautiful morning light. She breathed a sigh of satisfaction as they calmed once more and she kissed him again gently this time and said,

" I love you so much my beautiful Peter, my Pan. I know that I will love you like this forever, forever you are mine."

" Yes I am forever your Pan and you are forever my Tinker bell, my lovely little fairy."

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