Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 03

byParis Waterman©

Once! Twice! Thrice!

It was certainly evident that Katherine Ann was feeling it too, for it appeared the breath was knocked out of her at first and then she was writhing as her own body discharged a hot spurt of her fluids that all but soaked the flimsy mattress we were fucking on.

I withdrew my prick and made to wipe it clean on a rag, watching as Katherine Ann enjoyed the last of her climactic convulsions and fell face first into the quivering little pink mouth of her sister's cunt.

It might have been as much as a minute went by, but perhaps it was not even that long before Katherine Ann roused herself and became fully aware of her whereabouts and her sisters quim against her cheek.

With a wanton cry of, "God help us all!" Katherine Ann began her assault on Annabelle Lee's cunt. Within seconds, Annabelle Lee's legs were draped over her sister's shoulders gripping her neck, her delighted squeals soon turned to whining cries of tormented passion as her sister's wanton tongue fired sparks of stabbing pleasure through her most eager young cunt.

The only sounds in the room were the fevered grunts emitted by Katherine Ann as she licked and sucked at her sister's cunt. I looked on as Katherine Ann applied her mouth and tongue to first one side of Annabelle Lee's cunt and then the other. The older sister's body shuddered then gave a series of short jerks of the hips as Katherine Ann moved her mouth up to her bulging clitoris.

Moaning, "Oh, Oh, Oh," constantly, Annabelle Lee suddenly trembled violently, and began to spend. Katherine Ann's mouth appeared to be sealed to her sister and I wondered how she was managing to breathe enough into her lungs to continue this gamahuching. The fact was, she could not --- and wrenched her mouth from her sister's loins revealing her delectable "O" of a young mouth, covered with the sticky juice that always comes into play when sucking on the female's peach-like cunt. After drawing in a lungful of air, Katherine Ann slammed her face back upon her sister's glorious cunt and renewed her tonguing and sucking.

Katherine Ann's agile young tongue sank searchingly into the frothy, juice laden slit as far as it could reach.

Katherine Ann would later inform me that, "It seemed I could feel the muscles along that sweet, sweet channel contracting around me as if trying to make me one with her. But the slickness of her channel made gripping my tongue impossible. All that was left at that point was a sweet back and forth action with my tongue, followed by a sucking retreat as my tongue was forced to retract only to begin the cycle anew a moment later."

"Then," Katherine Ann continued, "I encountered a most unusual thing. It seemed that a series of flutterings began in Annabelle Lee's loins. Perhaps it started somewhere behind her clitoris, but I'm not sure. Suddenly there were small ripples of sensation everywhere, rolling up and down the length of her body. And then sensations of a full, unconstrained spending hit her with a force that caused her to begin weeping as if her whole world were ending. But it had to be the same joy that I experienced earlier."

What I, myself witnessed supports Katherine Ann's words. For there was little doubt that her gamahuching caused Annabelle Lee to go into a sequence of what can only be described as wild convulsions that shook her from head to toe.

It is also noteworthy to report that Katherine Ann continued her gamahuching throughout the entire time, as she endeavored to make her sister's release last as long as possible. In fact, they continued on until Katherine Ann's tongue tired with over use. Katherine Ann, groaned, exhausted with the effort and finally pulled her mouth from her sister's vulva; her pretty young face virtually covered with the forcefully expelled juices of her dear sister, Annabelle Lee.

In the final analysis, the timing was perfect, for Annabelle Lee would later relate that her lithe body had been exhausted with the copious amount of spending she had gone through; that had not her sister ended the gamahuching then and there, she would have been compelled to push her away, for the gamahuching, while so wonderful throughout had finally become almost painful in it's intensity.

Both girls lay crumpled on the mattress, gasping and panting in wonderment and bewilderment, for surly neither had ever experienced this much pleasure before. It was evident to me from the loving looks they gave one another that they would be sharing the gamahuching favors over and over again at home.

That was all for that day as I gave the girls an hour or more to recover their senses, make the necessary repairs to their attire and invent a plausible story with which to provide to their mother, Mrs. Mooring about our shopping.

They did not return the following day, but on the next they showed up at my door, full of vim and vigor. It wasn't two minutes after their arrival that we were all naked and cavorting upon the new bed which had arrived the afternoon before.

I shan't cover all the details, but will summarize a bit. The games began with the two sister's gamahuching each other. I learned that they had "practiced" at home. They lay head to toe and simply devours the other's cunt until both spent several times, or so it seemed.

It appeared both had become adept at thrilling the other, as orgasm after orgasm lowed through each girl. In fact, I had to pry them apart and coax them into jointly sucking my prick. Admittedly, it did not take much coaxing.

Before spending myself, I arranged for Katherine Ann to squat over my face and lower her cunt to my mouth, from which point I set to gamahuching her to a great spend. Meanwhile, as instructed earlier, Annabelle Lee straddled my loins and like her sister, lowered herself until she was impaled on my prick, which she rode to a climax. Not having spent myself, I pushed them both off of me and tendered my prick to Katherine Ann's delectable mouth. I spent quite quickly with her loving mouth giving succor to my manhood.

Then I took both to a festive lunch where we ate drank and made merry only to return to my abode and essentially repeat what we had earlier.

The one salient point worth mentioning here is as the girls were embroiled in their gamahuching one another, I stood by waiting for some sign that Annabelle Lee (who happened to be the sister on top) was getting ready to spend. When that moment arrived, I wriggled my index finger (thoroughly wet in their juices) into Annabelle Lee's tight little puckered arse.

She let out a long shriek of mixed surprise and delight. Her body went in several directions at once. Katherine Ann wailed in dismay, for her sister's mouth no longer covered her mons. But it was no fault of Annabelle Lee to be sure, for she was spending violently and my finger could feel the pulsing of her heart as her arse clenched my finger so tightly I think I could not have plucked it out if my life were at stake.

What followed was this: Annabelle Lee continued to spend, convulsing wildly, screaming out gibberish, or at least words that neither Katherine Ann nor myself had ever heard before. Once assured that she was not in mortal peril, but merely spending abundantly, I provided Katherine Ann with her please by gamahuching her to several climaxes.

I was still randy after that and after checking on Annabelle Lee who now lay sleeping peacefully, I had Katherine Ann lean over my new sofa and we christened it with a fine fuck. I had one foot on the top of the sofa as I slammed into Katherine Ann from the rear. Thusly, I managed to provide her with a series of long, deep thrusts that had her spending well before I came myself.

Once again I sent the girl's home happy and well fucked. What I did not know at the time is that it was to be our last rendezvous. Tis said by wise Scotsman Robert Burns than I that the best of plans of mice and men oft time go awry or something like that.

So it was with Katherine Ann and Annabelle Lee Mooring. For in the three days between our next arranged rendezvous, and the girls wanting to try another prick on for size, made themselves available to a chimney sweep. Of course Mrs. Mooring came home to find the three of them rutting on the kitchen table and was so beset by what she saw that she forbade the girls to leave the house and warned each and every boarder that she would have the police on them if they tarried for even a moment with either daughter. In order to cover myself, (Annabelle Lee escaped her mother's sight long enough to send me a letter explaining what had happened.) I gave the messenger five pounds and swore him to secrecy. Then I burned the letter and made myself a promise that I would never seek either sister again.

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