tagErotic CouplingsPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 12

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 12

byParis Waterman©

Part Twelve

"I truly believe I love you Abigail."

"I love you too, Phileas. Now, please tell me why my husband has you here as his guest?"

I was silent for a moment thinking furiously. Then I began to tell her a blatantly concocted tale designed the turn her against Sir Baring and grant me leeway to her daughter Nicole.

Knowing that the best of lies are as truthful as possible, I began thusly: "Dearest Abigail, your husband is a very wealthy man. I myself am not poor, but he has it within his power to crush me financially should I not do his bidding."

Abigail reeled back a step as she gasped at my words.

"He had you seduce me?"

"No, no! I was told to distract you while he . . . I cannot tell you what he is about for I do not know what it is he is about."

"You were to distract me!"

"Wait! Please hear me out! I . . . never distracted you as instructed. No, for on meeting you the very first time I fell in love with you and so doing his bidding was a relatively simple matter. Just to be near you, to smell a mere whiff of your fragrance would have made me so happy. But to find that you... you cared for me was unbelievable, improbable and utterly . . ." further words failed me.

"I wanted to tell you from the very first. But how could I? You would have rushed to Sir Baring and confronted him. I would be ruined and worse, yes far worse, I would have lost you forever."

"But why did he involve Nicole?" Abigail asked a puzzled expression on her continence.

"I don't know for certain. I believe he thought she would become enamored of me as young girls often do and that you would be occupied in both thought and action, not wanting to leave me out of your sight. A furthering of the distraction as you can see."

I hung my head and looked down at the tips of my boots.

"He did that... to you?"

I nodded my head.

"That miserable cur! What a scoundrel! I shall kill him!"

"NO!" I shouted and hoped the household members didn't come running. "Don't you see? His scheming has brought us together! Without his treachery our love would never have been possible." I reached for her, and to my relief Abigail rushed into my arms.

"It's true!" She cried as she covered my face with a thousand kisses. "Oh, Phileas . . . I do love you so!"

It was my turn to kiss her and I did so, with as gentle a kiss as I could manage and she was thoroughly aroused before it was over. But alas, I could not rise to the occasion and told her so.

"Can you do the other...?"

"I don't know," I murmured, knowing that this time Abigail would take the initiative. With a resigned sigh, she slid along my body, licking it like a whore, sucking and biting at my nipples and revealing a whole new aspect of her personality.

Abigail kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she spread her legs on either side of my body. Moaning and gasping for breath, she slithered over my chest and sat next to me. Her eyes were smoke and desire as she glanced at my still flaccid prick, then she moved to straddle my body; rising up on her extended arms and knees above me. The sight of her sweaty breasts hanging down -- watching them sway slightly with her heavy breathing mesmerized me.

Looking down at me Abigail followed the direction of my gaze and, smiling, shook herself side to side. Her breasts wagged invitingly with her movement and I smiled back at her as my eyes met hers. Then Abigail began to play with her breasts; lifting one to her lips, the nipple already fully extended and brown with the blood of her arousal. I watched as she licked it, her eyes still locked on mine, tantalizing me. I licked my lips and checked for the first signs of an erection, but there was none at the moment.

Abigail began kneading her breasts, first the right and then the left. Finally, squeezing them together and somehow managing to suck both nipples simultaneously. Then with a soft whimper, she released her breasts and rose and shimmied her way up until her cunt was hovering mere inches from my face.

It was my turn to gasp, for I had never seen her mound get so puffy and full -- so darkly flushed, during her earlier excitements. Then too, I had never before been afforded such a prime view as this one. The earlier times the lighting and angles had been poor, but this time . . . I could readily make out a ridge of pink flesh at the top of her slit -- just below an arrow shaped tunnel of flesh that Abigail was rubbing so furiously. She had two fingers inside her cunt and was moving them faster -- fucking herself harder than I ever had. Her other hand was also there, under the first and rubbing vigorously at the top of her slit, sometimes side to side, sometimes in circles. Suddenly, her body seemed to relax, becoming heavy as she sagged downward upon me. I felt a shiver passing through her; her hands stopped moving. The shiver passed, and the fucking fingers stilled. But those of her other hand, those dainty, rubbing fingers began moving again; though more slowly and gently than before. Another shiver passed through her, only this time the fingers kept moving as a bit of fluid seeped around her fingers. Abigail stopped then; her only movement being the removal of her fingers from within herself. There was a final shiver, softer than the previous two, and she lay still.

I deliberately allowed a full minute to pass. Then I went to her breast and suckled it as would a baby. When her moans of delight rose in volume, I abandoned her sweet buds and moved quickly to her center. I was still without an erection, but could tell that my manhood would be dependable as ever and rise again as does the sun on a regular basis. I pulled her cunt-lips open with the fingers of one hand and grabbed her buttocks with the other, then thrust my face into her cunt.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Do it, Phileas!"

She wriggled around until her face was nudging my still inert prick, but contented herself by taking it into her mouth and giving suck. I was also busy, with my tongue now probing her silky, wet folds; darting in and out of her juicy opening. Abigail groaned and refusing to be inactive in our shared lust began to nuzzle and kiss my ball sacks; first sucking one nut into her mouth and gently massaging it with her tongue before releasing it, then giving it some more nuzzling and kisses before sucking the other one up.

I reciprocated by trailing a finger along the crevice of her arse and tickling her puckered anus. She paused in mid-kiss on a testicle to whimper her delight. I answered by sucking the nub just emerging from the pink flesh at the top of her slit, her clitoris, as it were, and heard her whimpers change to a satisfied hiss of pleasure.

I had one palm flat on her sucked-in belly, the other squeezing and kneading her swollen breasts that I think heightened her sweet agony and lusty hunger. Then I nipped at her swollen clit and Abigail began to jerk and bounce on my face; my hands left her belly and breasts in order to hold her cunt to my ever questing mouth. Abigail abandoned my sacs and her hands replaced mine on her breasts. Her head arched back; and her mouth open in a wide 'O'.


I believe she spent, for Abigail scrambled off my face and propped herself up against the backboard, knees drawn up and spread apart. I followed her and descended upon her cunt once again, sucking and lapping at her flowing juices as she wailed, "OH! OH! OH!"

She gripped my hair and moved my head around and around between her thighs; all the while her hips were lurching and jerking. Then with her head flipping from side to side Abigail's hands moved to her breasts to squeeze and maul them.

Needing to rest my tongue, I rammed two fingers into her sodden cunt and masturbated her vigorously, eventually adding my tongue by flicking it over her clitoris.

Abigail's face was radiant with her lust.

I frigged her all the harder.

When my arm finally tired she was panting and moaning like a dazed bitch in heat. I later learned that she had spent ten or twenty times. She had no certainty of the number, but swore that they came on after the other for as long as she could remember.

I rolled onto my back expecting to rest a minute or so, but she flung herself upon me and buried her face in my crotch; sucking my now rampant prick greedily and hungrily. There was no mistaking the lust in her; she wanted to devour me.

Soon I was taking control, jerking her head back and forth with both hands; carnally fucking her mouth. Since Abigail no longer required a hand to hold my member, she returned to yanking on her nipples, stretching them out to an unbelievable length.

I knew I had plenty of time before I would be spending and forming another idea of how to make love to her, I abruptly shoved her head away. She moaned loudly at the loss of my prick, but responded quickly when I turned her around on the bed so that she was now on her knees and forearms; her arse thrust up and back at me.

She placed her hands on her arse cheeks and pulled them apart.

Panting, I asked, "Do you want me up your arse again?"

"Yes," she moaned. "But, Phileas . . . first please finish off my . . . cunt!"

I fed my member into her velvet sleeve and reveled in her moan of delight as I filled her. Abigail bit her upper lip and drew blood. I flexed my buttocks and urged my hips forward. The entirety of my prick sank into Abigail's treasure cove.

"Oh yes!" she gasped in joy, "Oh God, that's so good!"

Her body rocked forward as I drilled my manhood into her flesh. Now I was gasping, buttocks flexed taut, as I savored the clenching of her cunt's muscles upon my shaft. I began to rut again, slowly, drawing out the vast, pleasurable sensations found as my prick coursed in to her deepest parts. My hands, seeming of their own accord slid along her ribcage, then to her slightly swinging breasts and squeezed them to her obvious enjoyment.


"Yes, my love?"

"Fuck me like a whore!" she gasped.

"But you're not a whore," I exclaimed heatedly.

"Treat me as one! Go on; fuck me as you would a randy whore!"

Wanting to comply as best I could with her wishes, I eased back, leaving only the very head of my prick lingering against her labia. A glance downward, favored me with a view of my glistening member as it bulged with desire for the tunnel directly in front of it. She moaned softly and I slowly entered into her again until fully embedded in her cunt. She whimpered, her buttocks swaying and writhing erotically against my thighs. I took a moment to tweak and then pull and twist her elongated nipples and she cried out in both pain and pleasure.

We fucked slowly and unhurriedly, like lovers do, with no concern about time or being caught at it. My prick was gliding smoothly in and out of her greased tunnel, emerging and disappearing between her buttocks.

Deciding to humor her request to be treated as a whore I engaged Abigail in a brief conversation.

"So tell me, my fine whore, when did you first start doing this?"

"Later," she gasped. "Not now."

"No," I insisted, "Now."

"You bastard," she hissed.

"Tell me, bitch, or I'm going to pull out and walk away."

Appalled at the thought of my leaving her in such an excited state, Abigail began to cry and pleaded with me not to leave.

"Tell me, who was your first customer, 'eh bitch?" I snarled then smacked her hard on the arse.

"Ouch! All right! All right!" She wailed.

And much to my surprise, she did; switching to a Cockney accent and doing it so brilliantly that I was almost convinced she was telling me the truth.

"Me mum was a prostitute. Twas was four years before I met Sir Baring." Abigail wiped a tear away, then smiled and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. "Yea, I wus young and innocent. Many's the time I'd come home to the sound of banging on the ceiling and moans coming from upstairs. I didn't usually bother to find out what was going on cos, well that was normal in our house. But one day I decided to take a look. Taking off me shoes first so as not to make any noise, I quietly crept upstairs. Me mum's bedroom door was slightly open and I remember still to this day peeking through the crack and watching me mum doing a punter. They wus lying on top of the bed, not in it, so I got an excellent view of the proceedings; me mum with her legs spread wide apart, bent at the knees, with this bloke who was a little bit porky and pushing himself in an out of her.

"It was spellbinding! She was gently purring away while he wus huffing and puffing and mumbling something under his breath. After a short while he stopped and said, "Okay whore, now you get up top." With that they switched places and mum lowered herself on top of his throbbing penis. "En that twas the first prick I ever did see, if you don't count little Davie Bannister a four year old I had to watch occasionally.

"Anyway, me mum asked him if he minded if she smoked and he told her he didn't mind, that he liked the smell of tobacco. So she lit up, blew some smoke out of the side of her mouth and looked towards the door. "Oh, did I ever feel her eyes on me; but she turned her head back to him, put the fag back in her mouth, and thrust away at him like a mad woman."

"Me mum, her name wus, Sue; well she were a blur of blonde hair, red lips, cigarette smoke as she rode him for all she was worth. Some five minutes or so of heavy thrusting later she held still whilst he spasmed to a halt. She then got off and I quickly tip- toed down the stairs into the living room, trying to pretend to do my usual reading whilst thinking back in awe on this sight that I'd just seen."

"Ten minutes or so later I heard footsteps down the stairs and voices in the front room. Then, after a moment, I heard the door shut and me mum coming back into the living room. When she spoke I near died on the spot.

"So now you know what your mum does for a living, Abby." She said matter of factly. I started to stammer and made the mistake of saying, "Sorry, I don't know what you mean mum." She knew I was lying 'cause hit wus written all over my sweet little face.

"Oh come now, Abby, I saw you. I don't mind you looking, you know. Admit it, you saw me having a go with that bloke; that `punter'."

"Umm, yes, I 'spose I did."

"Me mum give me this big lecture on her being a whore; what it was, what she did, how often, for how much and why she did it.

"Wow!" I thought I couldn't believe that we were having this conversation, or that this was what she did for a living!"

Me mum reached towards the kitchen table and lit another of her cigarettes, inhaling deeply before pulling it out of her mouth.

"Do you want a cigarette, Abby?"

"Umm," I said, hemming and hawing, wus this some trick? Mum knew I wusn't near old enough to smoke.

"Look," me mum says," I started smokin' when I was 12. You're a hell of a lot older than that. If you want to smoke then I'll let you have one. It's up to you."

For the first time since she came downstairs I began to feel safe. I took one, and she lit it for me. On my first attempt I coughed and spluttered, but after some excellent coaching from me mum I got the hang of it. I felt like it made me more of a woman and got me closer to mum.

From then on I was smoking 2 or more cigarettes a day and once or twice I even tried a pipe. I felt just like I wus all grown up. Next thing I know, me mum's letting me watch her plyin' her trade as it were. I musta watched her hump a hundred or so 'punters." Twas their 'Willie's' what I enjoyed seeing the most. What I didn't care for was the ones with the real hairy arses. But I seen some enormous 'Willie's,' truly enormous; maybe ten inches or more. But many a bloke was gifted with just a wee 'Willie;" maybe four or five inches at best.

My breasts began to mould to a nice shape and size, and like all young girls, I started thinking 'bout having sex. Being sneaky I would "borrow" some of me mum's 'nicer' things and strut around the East End asking the more appealing men if they were looking for a good time."

"Looking for business love?" I'd say.

"Do you want a cuddle?" I'd tease.

"Looking for some spice?" I'd offer.

"How 'bout a nice fuck?" I'd dare 'em.

Then, soon's they made like they was going to accept me offering, I'd run like the wind to a secret hiding place and watch them stamp their feet and swear in anger lookin' for me.

Soon enough though, this wasn't enough for me. My sexual feelings and me needs arose. Consequently I began masturbating when I was in my "whore" role, visualizing fucking blokes for money. It sure made me horny! The more often I played my new "role" the harder I found it to revert back to plain old Abigail again."

It had to happen I suppose. Midway through me 18th year me mum finally caught me playing the whore. I had done the whole chatting up act, the walking with a wiggle, the stoop to show me new found tits; smoking and then after taking off at a run on the bloke, masturbating to satisfy me needs. But just as I came, I heard a familiar voice from behind me."

"Well now, Abby, that was very impressive!"


"Err, umm, mum... I wus just...."

"Don't be ashamed of doing it. I'm sorry for creeping up on you, should not a done it, but I almost fell over you . . . so tell me true, How long yer been doing it?"

"A . . . A . . . A few months now."

"Well I'm bloody proud Abby; you look really gorgeous strutting round like that in my clothes 'en all. Thing is, do you want to do it? Be a whore I mean?"

"Was this another trick?"

"Maybe.... "I answered.

"You can try it with one 'o mine if you've a mind too. I won't mind. You'll bring in more money than I do and that's for sure."

I took my time in making my reply. "I... don't really want to be a prostie," I said after a while.

Me mum grinned and hugged me tight, 'en told me it was fine with her. And the strange thing is some months later me mum had a gentleman ask for her hand. And two years later I met Alexander.

"Should I believe you? I said tersely.

"O course you should! I don't lie!" And then she burst out laughing and tickled me, crying out, "You believed me! You believed me!"

I kissed her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear after telling her that of course I believed her; and I also believe that she was a most gifted storyteller as well. Abigail fairly glowed with pride and I resumed my unhurried fucking, but took to adding a sequence of pauses... slowly gliding in, then pausing for a count of four and easing out, pausing again, and so on. This served to arouse Abigail all the more and soon she was writhing in sheer pleasure under me; her body lurching and rocking back and forth on her forearms and knees.

Slowly I built up speed. My motions grew faster and thrusts went in deeper. Abigail gasped and cried out, jerking forward under my lunges. Faster and faster I went, my hips swinging rapidly, feeling that sensation building within me.

With a firm grasp of her hips, I rammed into her and with each thrust, she grunted with pleasure. "Take it! Take it whore!" I gasped, increasing the speed of my thrusts.

I was ready to explode. My thighs smacked loudly against her flesh. She gasped and cried out, jerking and rocking under me. Her breasts shook violently as I plunged furiously in and out of her cunt. Abigail was coming hard when I jerked my prick from her suctioning cunt.

She gasped in shock and frustration and quickly reached back for my cock, trying to claw it back into her flesh. "Don't stop now!" She whined piously.

I grunted and laughed. "I'm not stopping, I'm going to fuck my whore's arse, what did you think?" I said brusquely.

"Oh! Then hurry!" She moaned and bent steeply forward with her shoulders were on the bed and her buttocks and hips lifted high. Her face was turned to the side as I added some of her juices to my stiff member, then parted her cheeks and pressed a finger into her bumhole.

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