tagNovels and NovellasPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 14

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 14

byParis Waterman©

Of course, Nicole confided in her sister Rhonda, and before I knew it her sister was flirting with me at every opportunity. But I had no intention of reciprocating her affections. Nicole and her mother were more than enough for any man. However, I was confronted with the problem of keeping the girls quiet about my actions with Nicole; to ensure no petty jealousies crept in and exposed us to either parent. For I was as certain as there is no avoiding death and taxes that Sir Baring would have me hanged were the girls to turn me in. Then too, Nicole loved her sister dearly and wanted to protect her from any and all harm.

We were frolicking in Nicole's bedroom, she was already naked before me, and her hands were clenched into little fists pressed firmly against her quim.

Without a word, I leaned over and kissed Nicole passionately, moving my tongue against her lips and cupped her left breast in the palm of my hand.

""Do you really like them?" she asked innocently.

I nodded then gasped as she leaned down to kiss one of her own pink nipples. I took the nipple into my mouth the instant Nicole released it. She moaned contentedly as I sucked upon her with my mouth and rubbed the other nipple with a free hand. A moment later my hand was gently brushed aside and Nicole's lips descended upon the moist, abandoned bud. I immediately moved to the other and together we nursed happily on her elongated nipples.

Of course, as I nursed upon her my hands roved about her lithe form, caressing the fullness of her arse, delighting in the fact of how much she liked the feel of my hands upon her.

"My sweet," I said, "you have the nicest cunt I've ever seen." Nicole murmured her appreciation and opened the portal of love to my questing finger.

"It's not too much for you, is it?" I asked.

"No," she responded hoarsely. The one word spoke volumes.

I decided to move more rapidly for a time and kissed and tongued my way to her navel and swirled there a moment before proceeding further down. I stopped just below the line of faint wisps of her newly grown pubic hair. Nicole fell back on the floor spreading her legs and urging my mouth down to where her clitoris throbbed in expectation of my mouth.

I could see the goose bumps on her arms and legs as she started stroking the outside of her labia. She was biting her lip and twitching a little. I saw a flush creep across her mons. Her eyes were half-glazed as she fondled the soft, succulent flesh of her inner thigh. Her dainty fingertips crawled toward her cunt ever so slowly, kneading, kneading, and kneading.

I watched her puffy, damp, excited lips separate, exposing the gleaming bright-pink of her tender glory hole. My gaze moved up over the folds of her belly to take in the lengthy rocks of her aching, inch and a half long nipples; past the quivering of her chin and the wide-open amazement of her mouth and flared nostrils. My eyes looked deeply into hers, then away as Nicole's fingertips found and separated the moistness of her quim, and with a sudden intake of breath, her mouth and eyes closed as her head went back. I helped her to her feet and had her sit on the edge of the bed

When my finger first invaded the sanctity of her hotly glowing little slit, Nicole's pelvis bounced in a little twitch. I ventured in to the first knuckle, then with a little stir . . . backed out to barely touch the hood of her clitoris . . . then ever so slowly back down to gently prod and stir her honey pot again . . . and again and then sought a deeper purchase and out again, to bump the fast growing protuberance as it emerged from under it hooded hiding place. Nicole's hips were moving in anticipation, hungrily seeking more of my finger. The smell of her exploding hormones engulfed my senses as her juicy lubrication ran down my finger to drip off my knuckles onto the floor.

Nicole's pelvis was shaking; and her knees were stretched wide as my free hand traveled under her to squeeze her sweating buns. I groaned and dove between her legs to suck that red hot cunt between my pursed lips. She squawked in surprise, and her feet shot out from under her as she toppled backward onto the bed. I was kneeling on the floor with my face buried in her cunt. My hands clutched her little contorting pelvis to me as I speared her quaking quim with my tongue. Nicole's wide-spread legs shook with pent-up emotion; and her knees occasionally boxed my ears even as my nose snorted against her clitoris. I watched her little-girl belly knot as she spent; her body vibrating as though undergoing a convulsion and she was slobbering all over herself uncontrollably as she sank into momentary unconsciousness.

With her revival moments later, she joined me on the floor planted wet kisses along the sides of my shaft. I urged her face to mine and coyly sucked her lower lip into my mouth as I teased her nipple. As our kisses terminated, her right hand came up to grasp and hold my bone-like cock, lifting it, shifting it. "I'm going to suck your cock until you spurt," she moaned.

"As you wish, my sweet," I said softly, savoring the moment.

"Um, please don't choke me with your big thing, I shall do my best, but I fear it is too large for me to swallow properly."

I felt her breath against the end of my cock, right on the crown, and thought that she was only seconds away from taking me into her tiny mouth. I couldn't speak and only nodded my agreement. But Nicole didn't wait for my answer; instead she lowered her mouth and kissed the end of it. Her lips parted and I began sliding into her mouth as her tiny tongue swirled around the opening of my glans, darting in and out and tongue fucking my prick!

I imagined she would prove to be a priceless wench in later years as she knew so many things instinctively. Removing my member from her mouth she glanced coyly up at me and said, "I'm surprised to find that I adore taking you in my mouth. You feel like velvet and silk at the same time."

A moment later, Nicole once again took me from her mouth to babble happily about the delicious warmth of my prick and then gave me a surprising hard squeeze, turning the cockhead a dark purple before spearing the glistening drop of fluid emerging from its tip.

"Mmmm, I do like the taste!" she was quick to remark before pressing her lips around the head and sucking voraciously upon me. Nicole was to fellatio what honey is to bread, a perfect match! I gasped aloud as her tongue moved from side to side across the swollen vein running the length of my staff.

Then she set out to see just how much of me she could accept down her gullet. I was incredulous as five full inches moved readily into her throat with nary a gag. But at this, I became nervous and holding her heard in hand, cautioned her against proceeding any further. She was content to suck that amount and not seek to swallow the whole of my instrument for which I was very grateful.

Next I knew she was licking my testicles, covering them with her saliva as her hand jerked up and down with my prick tightly clenched in her tiny fist. A moment later, I was back in her mouth, her tongue flicking over, under and around the ridges and the sensitive opening she knew would reward her if she loved it properly.

Then with one last tremendous suck, I felt the sperm racing from my balls and pulled my prick almost all the way out of her mouth, allowing only the head to remain inside as my thick spunk pumped out and over her anxiously waiting tongue.

Nicole her eyes as she savored the salty liquid filling her mouth. She did not swallow at first, but tried to hold the ejaculate in her mouth. Why she did this I have no idea. I could speculate, but that would prove meaningless, and so I let it go. A single drop seeped from the corner of her mouth. I leaned down and kissed it away. Only then did she grant me a weak smile as she gamely swallowed the remainder and opened her mouth to display that indeed she had done so.

We decided to relax for a time and lay upon the bed passing the time asking and answering questions. To the best of my recollection it went like this.

"Nicole, can you feel my prick getting smaller in your mouth after I've spent?"

"Most assuredly I can."

"And when I'm in that lovely cunt ... can you still note the difference?"

"Yes I can, it's strange is it not? I mean, it feels as if you've opened me up so that a horse and carriage might drive in there, yet I can feel you as your prick shrivels. And I must say, I mourn the loss as much as anything I've ever lost."

I gave her a kiss and told her how sweet she was, and hastened to add and a great suck too. Then I asked, "Pray tell me, do you like the feel of the spunk in you?"

"Oh, tis marvelous!" she replied

Nicole spread her legs wide as I reached for a mirror lying nearby and handed it to her. "Would you like to see your cunt now?"

"Yes," she replied accepting the mirror and held it so that she could view her quim.

"Oh, my but it looks nasty, do you agree?"

"No dear, I don't think so." I told her and fell upon Nicole's cunt with a fevered lust and sucked until she bucked to a violent orgasm. When I took my mouth away I discovered that I had stiffened considerably and shoved my member into her sodden quim. I went slowly as I had the remainder of the afternoon and a trip to Abigail's bed that night ahead of me. I might have been in my prime but I did not possess superhuman strength.

Regardless of my somewhat lax effort, after several thrusts Nicole screeched then shuddered as her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed into my arms as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her. I maneuvered her compliant form into a position that presented her arse to me and sent my juice covered middle finger into her arse. She was so excited that I met no resistance whatsoever. Her whole body was vibrating.

Perhaps a minute passed, she whimpered then spoke haltingly. "I . . . I feel like my arse is on fire!"

I continued pumping my finger into her pucker as she croaked, "Oh, yes ... Oh, yes!" I felt the waves of her climax as it overwhelmed her and she faded away in a faint.

On reviving, Nicole smiled lovingly at me and said, "You are the most wonderful man. Your hands are magic, your mouth God-like, and this rod of iron when inside me is most certainly heaven sent as well."

She closed her eyes and a moment later her hips were fucking the air in front of her. Not having spent earlier, I readied myself to mount her again.

"I want . . ." she began but suddenly halted. I hoisted her up so that she was on top and guided myself into her velvet cunt.

The look on her face was one of surprise and a single soft exclamation escaped her lips, "Oh!"

A split second later she slammed herself down hard and froze in place. Something had been different inside of her that time. When her hips had met mine I felt myself hitting something deep inside her. We stayed like that for a moment as she recovered and then she began moving again; sliding back and forth on my belly this time, dragging the top of her quim through my pubic hair as she slid me in and out of her. I have no idea how long it lasted, probably not all that long as I soon felt the pressure rising in my balls again. She was riding me furiously as I emptied myself inside of her and she stretched herself out on top of me when it was done. Hugging me to her and kissing at my chin and neck.

I slowly pulled myself up to a sitting position and took her long nipples in my mouth and chewed on them. I cannot swear to it, but it seemed to elicit another climax from Nicole. At any rate, Nicole lay satiated for the moment and I decided to have one more go at her. After a time I fed my prick to her lips and she sucked me in. It was a wonderful suck. I was in that semi-erect state that allows one to fuck merrily away with no fear of spending for the longest time. I asked her to lick my balls and she did so. I then ventured to have her lick my arse, and since I had gifted her with that salacious act, she happily returned the favor.

"Let's get on with the fucking!" I cried out and Nicole quickly spread her legs, echoing me, "Yes, by all means, let us fuck!"

Two quick thrusts and my prick were firmly lodged in her quim. Not all the way, but some five inches or so. Neither of us made a sound when I paused. But our breathing and panting was loud enough to be heard outside the bedroom should anyone venture past.

I remember rising up some and then bending over Nicole; my hands quiet on her buttocks, motionless in all but the last throbbing of my prick, and the gentle clipping of her cunt around it, as I waited a few precious seconds before fucking her hard and fast.

"Is it nice this way dear?" I asked.

This caused her to titter with barely suppressed laughter.

"Oh! Yes," Nicole replied gaily, "do married people do it this way ever?"

"Yes I suppose they do, it's called 'doggy-style,' for dogs fuck this way at all times. We humans vary our positions. Some for the better; some for varieties sake and some other positions are used for deeper penetration. There are too many positions to mention now. For example, I could and I shall send my prick in much deeper another time. But this is fine for now."

There was a pregnant silence, and then, "How long has Mother been gone?" Nicole asked, giving me a nice squeeze with her quim muscles.

"I don't know," I answered softly. I didn't recognize the danger inherent in her innocent remark and grunted, "And I don't care," and I rode the young girls cunt, worrying my cock in even further yet and bringing a certain added pleasure to the both of us.

"OHH, OHH! I feel it!" Nicole screamed, and I knew exactly what she meant for I was flooding her cunt with my load.

The next second the door was flung open and Abigail stood there with a horrified look upon her angelic face. I knew for certain that my life was ended.


I had fled the Baring residence within twenty minutes time. No one chased me out. No one even spoke to me as I departed.

The following day a messenger appeared at my home on Saville Row. Greedily I tore it open as if hastening to read my death sentence. It was From Sir Baring, and in two simple, yet terse sentences he gloated, "I have this night, tasted my Nicole for the first time. Your reward as well as your membership awaits you at the Reform Club."

Signed "B."

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