tagSci-Fi & FantasyPhineas and Miraa

Phineas and Miraa


Miraa walked down to the water's edge by herself that night. The village that her family had decided to reside in was right on the waterfront. Not a lot of people in her time could afford such commodities, but her family could with ease. A recent fight between her parents about alleged infidelities had caused a stir between everyone in the household. A rift of distrust, it seemed; threatened to tear them all apart. Perhaps a walk down to the wet sand would ebb any emotional pains away.

Miraa tugged at the end of her frock as she walked along to make sure it didn't drag in the sand; already knowing that it was too short to even touch the ground. It must have been the uneasiness in her family's situation that was causing her to act so. As her toes finally made contact with a cold lapping wave she reached up and loosened her hair bun, letting her long brown tresses come undone and settle around her shoulders. Breathing in deeply, the smell of the sea seemed to envelope her in an almost euphoric feeling of comfort. The cluster of black rocks to her left beckoned to her and she adventurously took off toward them, all by her lonesome.

Feeling a little better already she reached down to the ground as she walked and picked up an almost seemingly perfect round, white stone. She playfully tossed it back and forth between each hand as she neared the rocks. Spotting a flat one near the edge of the ocean she hopped upon the nearest and made her way toward it, tossing the little stone in her hands all the while. It was dark, but she could make out the even darker shapes of the rocks as she hopped from one to the other carefully, once teetering on one leg and swinging her arms in circles to keep her balance. She let out a low, short laugh at herself at her near mishap as she jumped onto the flat rock she had been aiming for. Just as she straightened herself up to look at the vast, never ending dark body of water before her a loud splash to her right caused her face to go pale. She inched away from the edge of the flat rock, wishing she had brought along a candle. Miraa peered down into the blackness where the splash had come from- a small alcove of rocks. It wasn't a splash caused by a wave, no white-capped ones were visible. The ocean was oddly calm tonight even though the day had been gray, a given that a storm was approaching.

A second splash made her jump and she dropped the white stone into the darkness. It plunked into the sea and Miraa frowned despite the fact that she had something else to worry about- what had made those splashes? A big fish? A sea serpent? Her parents had warned she and her siblings several times about the feared serpents that rarely, but could, show up around this part of the coast. The water was a bit too warm for them. Sea serpents preferred the colder, darker waters. Her fears now eating away at her insides she turned quickly to retreat back to her home; which was over the sandy beach hill. The thought that if something were to happen down by the water, no one would be able to hear her cries for help- that is if she would even be able to cry out for help- crossed her mind.

Alright, now I'm just trying to scare myself, she thought silently. She hopped to the first rock away from the drop off, but stopped short when a third splash and a clattering of rock upon rock sounded. Slowly turning around she feared she may see what she half expected to see. And she did. There, on the flat rock she had just been standing on was the round, white stone she had dropped into the sea. She could barely see it in the black, but it was definitely there. It was wet and glistening from the salty waters. Curiosity would prove to get the better of her. Miraa breathed in sharply as she darted back toward the rock and grasped downward into the darkness for the stone.

Just as she did something wet and thick snaked around her wrist and wrenched her into the sea. A serpent! She came up from the waves sputtering, gasping for air. It was cold and she was already soaked to the bone through her white frock. Fear ate ravenously at her now, feeding off her thoughts; chewing on the unearthly ideas that were forming in her head. She started to panic and frantically splashed for the flat rock, that seemed so unfairly far away. Each time she kicked out, she feared her foot would go straight into a serpent's mouth. Each inch she got closer to the rock, she felt the Gods would cut her luck short and knock her dead right there and then to some untimely, cruel death at the hands of an unseen beast. And just as she neared the rock and reached up to get a grip on it's edge, just as it did seem that the Gods were on her side that night the same thickness that had wrapped around her wrist now slithered across her waist, pulling her back into the darkness. As quickly as the beast acted it was gone away from her again leaving her in the ocean. She opened her eyes briefly underwater, but could see nothing. Feeling blind and helpless, she panicked once again, jetted to the surface of the water and struck out instinctively with both hands, only to have them pulled together with that thick... tentacle? Tail?

The latter was the correct answer, for- from the Gods it seemed- a cloud gave way in the sky and bright, white moonlight shone down into the sea around her. Miraa gasped at the beast furling in the dark water before her. Wrapped around her wrist was the tail of not a sea serpent but a black hippocamp. A beast her parents had not often warned her about, for they appeared for the most part harmless. The creature stared at her creepily and silently, it's top half above the small waves and it's strong tail around her wrists and writhing in the water. The hippocamp, a beast with the head, neck, chest and front legs of a horse, but the tail of a serpent. Starting to sob in complete fear of the beast Miraa kicked out with both legs at the same time, wanted to feel her back against the rocks, to feel at the least only a tad bit safer. But the hippocamp only eerily traveled along with her, still attached to her at her skinny wrists. She felt the flat rock against her back and closed her eyes; awaiting her fate. But instead of hearing an ear-piercing, ungodly wail from the creature, instead of feeling teeth on her skin, instead of arriving at the gates of Heaven to meet the Gods a calm, handsome male voice broke through the odd stillness.

"Why do you smell of so much fear, my dear?"

"W-what? Who?" She stammered. Was this some kind of Hades-sent joke? She let her eyes trail from the thick tail at her wrists all the way up the scaled body to the hippocamp's horse head. Had that crazy old hag at the market dropped something into her ginger tea? The hippocamp only stared back at her with that eerie silence. "Was that-", she started.

"Yes, that was me, my dear. A mere question as to why you are so scared," the hippocamp replied.

This.. is.. seriously.. not.. fucking.. happening, Miraa thought slowly to herself.

"Well, I- I'm not sure. I just thought that... you were going to-"

"Kill you?" The hippocamp let out a hearty laugh. He rocked backward farther into the sea, farther away from the rock, bringing her with him as he laughed. She groaned loudly as the safe feeling from having her back against the rock faded away with the greater distance out into the open water. The grip around her wrists suddenly felt tighter. "No, no my dear. I wouldn't do that. Not at all. Please, call me Phineas."

Her wrists had started to ache from being held together and her wet hair clung around her face irritatingly. Her frock stuck cold against her skin. Honestly, she was miserable, not knowing what this polite English-speaking water beast wanted from her. But, she gave him a chance.

"Two things, Phineas? One, could I please have my wrists? And two, what do you... want?"

"Oh, sure..."


"Miraa...," he said slowly. His voice seemed to take on an almost sultry, husky deepness when he spoke her name.

Something stirred within her. Must be dinner settling in wrong, she suggested to herself.

He looked into her pretty face, raking his stare across her olive skin. Pouty, little creamy lips were wet with the sea. Brown eyes peered back still fearfully at him and he felt sad at the fear he bestowed in her.

Phineas unwrapped her wrists only to snake his rippling, muscular tail around her waist a second time. She felt her face twist up in dismay, but she still was awaiting an answer to her second question. As if he had read her mind Phineas spoke.

"For the answer to your latter question I wish to uplift a curse that has been wrought against my very body and soul for many years now. But to do that, I need your help."

Miraa gave the idea a thought. This hippocamp did not seem to want to hurt her and he was polite enough.

"Well... how could I possibly help?" she offered.

He grinned with his horse teeth, his fin-like mane flapping in the sea wind. He lifted her whole body with his tail and set her upon the thickest part of his body. She felt, instantly, but oddly safe there straddling him in the dark water.

"In one way," he answered, once again in a sensual sounding voice. He leaned back into the water, resting his horse forelegs against his chest. He let his chiseled head become embraced by the waves, only letting his eyes and snout stay above the wetness. As he leaned back, she was forced to lean with him. This smooth movement was soon met with such a hard feeling in her back.

What in Zeus's world was... oh my great Gods, a realization donned on her as she turned around to investigate. Prodding into her back with such urgency was Phineas's, this hippocamp's, ...what other way could one put it? Penis! Phallus, member, cock, dick, rod, pole, whatever one wanted to call it, it was there! Poking her with a fierceness that she both feared and was curious about. Many years of being a virgin maiden had left her wondering about her male counterparts.

Phineas loosened his grip around her waist and waited. If she wanted to leave, she would leave. Then it just wasn't meant to be. But, she did what he wished she would. Miraa turned away from him, straddling him with her legs, facing the opposite direction leaving him to admire her backside. He observed her with his black, horse eyes as she observed his rock hard member. She was fit for one of her kind. A small, short frame, with slender limbs and a small back. Her wet brown hair rested around her shoulders. Her white frock, soaked, did little to hide what was underneath the thin material. A tight, but small round bum protruded dangerously out from underneath her light dress. He tightened his grip around her waist when she became too still and it was then that she first touched him with her gentle hands...

...Miraa stared at the veined meat before her. It was large and seemed to pulse with a life of it's own. It came up and arched out of the middle of his body and stood at proud attention. His full, black set of balls anchored his cock to his belly. She'd seen men before, teasing her and flashing her at the market. She was a virgin maiden, awaiting the right man to come along and lovingly sweep her off her feet. She'd seen her share of them, thanks to the village perverts and bored young apprentices at the blacksmith, but never had she seen one up this close, let alone have the opportunity to touch one.

Wait. What on earth was she thinking? A beast? For the love of Zeus and all of his children what am I thinking?! she screamed at herself.

She felt Phineas squeeze around her waist with his tail, as if pleading with her, begging for her to give him release. At that, Miraa slowly reached for his rod and placed both hands around it. Phineas almost melted into the sea with the rush of hotness that swept through his body at her touch. He whinnied softly and she licked her lips. She slowly and methodically pulled her hands down his length and back up again, as if she had done it countless times as the whores at the market's edge did at nighttime. She felt her hands glide over the bumps of blood pumping veins that mapped themselves across the great thickness of his member. She peered at it in the moonlight. It was just as black as the rest of his body, with patches of pure pink. It's head flared open at the top, beckoning her lips with a dot of precum. Pushing all fears and thoughts aside she explored him with her hands. She let them slide down his wet pole, faster and faster. He bucked in the sea, frothing the water around them, splashing fresh, cold sea water onto her now salty skin. The more she touched him, the more rigid he became. He started to spasm and jerk in the water, throwing up waves around them. His tail flopped wildly, showering the air with sparkling spheres. Slowing, Miraa giggled innocently as she poked at the thick spot of precum that had pooled in the top of his flared head.

His heartbeat stopped racing momentarily. He laughed and reached down to softly push on her back with his hooves. She felt the wet request at her back and obliged without knowing exactly what she was doing, but she had heard enough about the tramps at the market from her friends to know what to try. She cast all of her maiden innocence aside and licked her already wet lips to taste sea salt. Placing her mouth against his flare she heard him sigh and tasted him; more salt, just like the sea. She became aware of the extra wetness between her legs and against his scaled body. Not the wetness from the sea, but the wetness from within her virgin pussy. Miraa pushed downward and let her lips part around him. Once or twice he brushed at her hair with his finned tail. His flare filled her mouth completely and hit the back of her throat when she continued down. Feeling that, she lifted up and then back down again. After that, everything else seemed to come with ease. She bobbed her head again and again wanting to hear him vocalize. He neighed when she swiped her tongue over his flare and matched the movements of her head with her soft hands.

"Oh, Miraa, please?" he begged.

She licked down his length with her tongue and nibbled at the edge of his flare, fondling his balls with her fingers at the same time. She was driving him crazy and he loved it. So did she.

Phineas reached down with his hooves again, but this time hooked them around her thighs. He pulled her back toward him, wanting to feel her tiny pussy against his horse lips. She carried on her sucking and pulling as he bent at his middle in the water so he could place her pussy within licking distance of his long tongue. All the while he spun his tail in the water and flapped the fins on his back to keep them both afloat.

He sloppily licked at her pussy lips and she squealed in delight around his shaft. Pressing harder, he pushed pass her lips and deeper into her so he could taste her sweetness on his tongue. He worked her as she worked him. A beautiful pair, attached as one in the sea.

Miraa continued to sound her pleasure as he licked at her, savoring her flavor. His member muffled the louder sounds that tried to escape around her lips and she was brought closer to the edge of an orgasm. She had played with her little pussy button and buried a finger against her tight, inner walls before to bring herself to that wonderful explosion, but no one had ever done it for her before now. Inside she felt as if she were getting tighter and tighter as he pummeled her pussy with that strong, rough tongue. He curled the tip of it around her button and nuzzled at her pussy lips with his lips. Soft, downy hair tickled him and he whinnied happily. He drove his tongue into her until he was sure he felt her shudder against him. An orgasm wracked throughout her small body. Her heart hammered in her chest. She could feel the blood rushing around her temples. Bright stars danced in her closed eyes. Her pussy convulsed around his tongue, bending it inside her. He withdrew it and released her legs. They sighed at almost the same time. But he still needed his release.

Miraa untangled her legs, found her hold and slowly crawled up his body. She had no idea what she was doing, but it all felt... right. She poised herself between his horse legs, which he bent around her back, clapping his hooves together once accidentally. She came to his face and lovingly took it in her hands, feeling his strong, sharp jaw and staring into the deep, dark pools that were his eyes. Miraa placed a soft peck of a kiss on his horsey lips and smiled as she briefly tasted a bit of herself on him. She peered at him through long, wet eyelashes.

Oh, Zeus, thank you, Phineas thought.

Miraa started back down his body until she felt her backside bump into his flagpole. Never taking her eyes off of his, she grasped it in her hands and positioned it right outside her delicate pussy. He did the rest of the work from then on.

He pushed upward with his long, horse cock until the tip prodded and teased her pussy lips. He pushed forward roughly and felt them give way slightly allowing the tip of his rod to slip into her. She cried out loudly and cringed. He tried to be slow and gentle, but he needed her so bad, in more ways than one. He curved his back sharply and felt himself plunge deeper into her. He repeated himself and felt her maidenhead split across the top of his flare. Miraa moaned in both pleasure and pain, tears in her eyes.

"Please," was all she said at the moment.

Phineas curved his back again and slapped his tail in the water, propelling his cock into her pussy. Her walls were so tight against him. He bucked frantically now, pushing into her and pulling out, only to push deeper into her each time. Slickness covered his pole; her blood, her pussy cum, and his precum. The slickness gave him more leeway and he slammed into her from below. His balls slapped against her tiny rosebud of an asshole. He wrapped his tail around her waist and slid her up and down on his hard rod. She bounced on him, her frock flitting up around her thighs, her breasts jumbling into one another. Her wet hair flung around her shoulders wildly. Miraa threw back her head and panted into the cold night air. Phineas pumped his cock into her, bringing her to yet a second orgasm. She practically screamed his name to the stars.

"Ohhhh. Please. Do me. Yes, please. Phin, fuck me!"

"Will do," he drawled. He arched his back and she arched hers. She ground her hips down onto his member, wanted to feel him deeper inside her pussy. He pumped away, in and out, her tightness bringing him to his own edge. He snorted, spraying sea water into the air.

Suddenly he uncurled his serpentine belly and rocketed toward the flat rock from before. Miraa cried out, believing she'd be bashed into the rocks with his hard cock still inside her, impaling her very organs. But he was careful. He reared up out of the water at the last moment and clapped his hooves on the flat rock, resting his head across it. Miraa was in the water now and grasped the same rock with her now sea water wrinkled hands. Her nipples were hardened like ice in the cold sea as they skirted the very tops of the waves. He peered down at her through his legs to only see the top of her wet head. He nuzzled down at her, whinnying. With that, he drove forward with his cock, lancing her pussy, battering her hot walls; fucking her like mad from behind. He was mounting his sea mare hard. She moaned, pressing her face against the rock, she was loving this roughness. She backed into him as he pushed into her, making every inch count. Several times she felt her backside against his belly, knowing she had him in her up to the hilt. Again and again he pumped into her roughly, quickly. His balls slapped against her as he fucked her hard. His hooves clapped against the flat rock, scraping it's surface each time he pushed forward. He was much larger than her. Her small frame was dwarfed underneath him. She was barely holding herself up in the water now. At one point, she was moaning under the waves, completely submerged, as his cock explored her warm love tunnel. She raised her head above the water and reached up to grip his forelegs only to scream at him.

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