tagErotic CouplingsPhoto Studio Ch. 03

Photo Studio Ch. 03


Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.


The previous day was incredibly busy with an out of town photo job. I barely had time to dump my gear at the studio before heading home to flop into bed, so I didn't feel too bad not getting to the shop before nine. Part of me wondered if hiring someone to man the shop while I was out on shoots was really such a good idea. Money wasn't the problem; it was more that I was kind of independent. If Felicia hadn't badgered me into this weeks ago, I probably wouldn't have even interviewed Tina. She seemed to be knowledgeable enough about photography and certainly had a head for numbers. As an executive assistant and book keeper, she seemed to be a good choice. Whether I could learn to not be so independent was really the question.

"Good morning!" Tina said as she walked in for her first day.

"Good morning." I replied as I unloaded my camera gear onto the counter to organize and put away.

"So... What would you like me to do?" She asked.

"Well. Come on in the back. I'll get you started. I have a pile of book keeping I haven't quite gotten to." I answered, leading her into the back. I settled her at the desktop computer I used for office work and spent the next half hour getting her going. I finally returned to the gear I was sorting and cleaning. Once I got it all put away, I moved to my big computer with the pair of twenty four inch screens to start working on the photos from the previous day. I was working my way through cataloging when the bell on the front door jingled.

"I'll get that." Tina said, getting up and quickly sweeping out of the office area.

I was just focusing back at where I left off when Tina came back in. "I have two good looking young women from Sunny's interiors to see you."

"Oh Yeah. Thank you!" I said as I got up. "That's the company that's remodeling the farmhouse."

"Oh?" Tina asked as I walked past and out into the studio.

"Sunny, Amy!" I said as I held out my hand to both of them. Sunny took my hand and shook it but Amy stepped right up to me and wrapped her one free arm around my neck and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I think we have some really good stuff for you." Amy said as she stepped back, Sunny giving her an odd look which she ignored.

"Oh? Well, let's have a look." I said, stretching my hand out to guide them toward a small conference type table off to one side of the studio.

Sunny, wearing jeans and one of her signature shirts, sat down and started laying out sheets of paper with computer generated graphics on them. "Amy did a great job of design here." She said. "I think she really captured the use of the space great."

"Yes, she did!" I answered, flashing Amy a smile as I looked through the images that would end up being my new home. "Looks good. Now for the other shoe...How much?"

"Well, I have a couple options." Sunny said "But all of them are a bit expensive."

"Well, let's have a look." I said as Sunny started laying out sheets of paper filled with columns of numbers. We spent the next half hour deciding which options I wanted and didn't want and finally settled on a quote of sixty-seven thousand dollars.

"I need a third up front to get started as soon as you sign the contract." Sunny said, laying down some papers.

I quickly read over the contract and then scrawled my name across the bottom and slid it back toward her. "Wait one." I said getting up and heading back into the office. I pulled the checkbook out of the desk and returned to the table. "Here's twenty two." I said as I wrote out the check and ripped it off. "I also want Amy to stay involved. If she has good ideas that can improve things, let me know. I'm not afraid of a little extra money if it makes things better or nicer. I don't want gold plated faucets or toilets, but I also don't want to have to do another remodel in the next few years."

"Trust me. I'll make sure you love it." Amy said with a huge grin.

"Great!" I said, standing up when the ladies did.

"Um Scott. Do you have those pictures?" Amy asked quietly.

"OH yeah. I was so busy yesterday I didn't even get them unloaded. If you want you can come in the back and I'll transfer them to an SD card for you."

"Great." Amy said, following me.

"What pictures?" Sunny asked, following the two of us.

"Scott took some pictures of me the other day to give me an idea how a photo shoot works...just so I could understand how he uses the space." She said, blushing slightly.

"Oh? That sounds interesting." Sunny said as she followed us into the back. I pulled the camera from the shelf and popped the Flash card out. I stuffed the card into the slot on the computer and the program, already open, recognized it and started loading the pictures off of it and putting them up on the dual displays in a three rows.

"Amy!" Sunny said as she looked at the monitor, the series of pictures clearly showing her undressing one step at a time.

"What's wrong, sis? I'm a big girl." Amy responded shyly while I loaded an SD card and started transferring them. I minimized the screen and allowed the transfer to continue unwatched until it finally signaled done. I pulled the SD card out and handed it to Amy. "There you go." I said nervously.

"Thanks! I appreciate it." Amy said, stepping close and leaning up on her toes to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Sis?" I whispered as Sunny turned to head out the door in front of us.

"Uh huh. Didn't you know?" Amy whispered back.

"No. I didn't." I answered as Sunny opened the front door.

"Don't worry about her. She'll calm down and everything will be fine. She just likes to protect me."

"If you say so." I said as I held the door.

"Thanks. See you later, ok?" Amy said, stopping to look back at me.

"Count on it." I answered her before she turned to follow Sunny.

"Those were some pictures." Tina said with a little grin, "Do you take that kind often?"

"Oh once in a while. Seems like it's a growing thing for women to get that kind of picture for their husbands." I answered as I pulled the screen back up. "OH SHIT!" I swore quietly, realizing that I just transferred the pictures Amy had taken of me to her drive as well as those I did of her.

"Those are pretty sexy too!" Tina said from behind me as she looked over my shoulder.

I quickly closed the window and sat there blushing, not sure how to respond. Tina finally turned and walked back to the other computer desk chuckling softly.

I sighed and then deleted the pictures from the card and cleared it to use again.

Tina worked for some time before she finally spoke again. "So where do you take those kind of pictures? Surely not here."

"No. It wouldn't work well here. Right now I do them at my house, but the farmhouse will have a more private studio in the loft in addition to the main one downstairs." I answered her as I worked on the images from the day before.

"So what are you going to do with this place?"

"Probably move everything out to the farm. Damn...I never even thought about the fact that I was doing that when I hired you. You're not going to be uncomfortable working out there are you? I mean it's going to be combination office and home."

"I think I'll do just fine out there." She answered with a smile. "I might even have to let you take my picture some time."

"That isn't usual... I mean, usually I just take pictures of my clients. I don't usually let my clients take my pictures, or my clothes off." I said quickly.

"No worries. We're all adults, right? Besides, I think you look quite handsome with or without clothes." She said with a soft girlish giggle.

I looked over at her and saw that the business skirt she had on was hiked up slightly on her thighs and one hand disappeared between her legs as she pecked away on the computer keyboard with her free hand. She was maybe forty or so, very curvy with a full bust. Her short black hair was in tight curls framing her face and her brown eyes laughed every time she spoke. I could only imagine what her hand was doing under her skirt, which made my cock grow at the thought. I idly wondered if her breasts looked as good naked as they did in that snug white blouse, which I just noticed was unbuttoned part way down, the top edge of her white lace bra showing through the gap every time she reached for another invoice.

I shook my head to push the ideas out of my mind. Last thing I needed was to get physically involved with someone I hired on the first day. Good way to get charged with sexual harassment. Well, at least it was Friday.


After spending Saturday doing some needed maintenance on my SUV, it was going to be enjoyable to relax with Jack and Felicia. I brought along my laptop and the new camera that I got from Jack, to give Felicia some long promised lessons on photography. She had a good camera, but really wanted to know more about how to take portrait type pictures to adjust for lighting and such.

"Hey Jack. Here's your case!" I said as I walked into the house when he opened the door, handing him a case of bud light.

"Thanks man. I appreciate it. Cold too. Want one?" He asked as he closed the door behind me.

"Sure, why not?" I answered as I followed him into the kitchen.

"Hi Scott!" Felicia said, putting down the potato she was peeling to come over and give me one of her hugs. I was kind of surprised to see her wearing a pair of tight fitting exercise clothes which accentuated her curves and very round tush.

"Hey. What's for dinner?" I asked as she stepped back away from me, leaving me feeling quite warm.

"Roast chicken, potatoes and carrots. Sound yummy? "

"Yep, It sure does." I answered as Jack handed me a cold bottle of beer.

"Good. You two go sit and enjoy the game. I need to get this on to cook." She said, turning me around and pushing me out of the kitchen.

"Come on. When Liesha speaks you better listen. You know you won't win anyway." Jack said, leading the way to the living room couch.


It was nearly half time when Felicia came out and plopped down next to me, her chest still heaving and sweat dripping down her face from her workout. "How's the game?"

"Not bad. Giants up by three." I answered.

"Figures. Jack picked the Giants today. I took the Bay of course." She answered, wiping her face with a towel.

"Oh? What was the bet this time?"

"You know Jack." She said with a laugh. "It has to do with the bedroom of course."

"And if they lose?"

"He washes dishes all week!" She said with a grin. "And you know that the Giants are going to choke at the end of the game."

"Not likely." I chuckled.

"You don't want to make a side bet, do you?" She asked quietly.

"Oh? Just what do you have in mind?" I asked, looking at her face to try and see what was going on in her mind. It wasn't very often she wanted to make bets with me...but then I guess maybe it's because I don't usually accept them.

"Giants win and I'll stand in front of the tv and strip. They lose, you flash me...well, you know."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I've known them for years and she has always been a tease, but this is by far the most obvious she has ever been. "Why?" I asked as Jack got up and headed toward the kitchen for another beer.

"Because I feel like it."

"Don't you think Jack will mind?" I asked seriously.

"Hah. I told him I should bet you and he dared me to!" She answered with a laugh. "But not to worry, he said you'd never take the bet."

"I may regret this, but I'll take your bet just to teach you a lesson."

"And what lesson would that be?"

"Never bet anything you don't want to lose." I answered.

"That assumes I wouldn't want to pay up." She whispered as Jack came back into the room with three beers.

I looked back at her again, unsure of exactly what she was playing at as she untied her running shoes and kicked them off.

By the end of the third quarter it was obvious that the Giants were going to win it going away. As the whistle blew to end the quarter Felicia got up and walked in front of the tv.

"Well guys. I need a shower and it's obvious I bet on the wrong team today." She said as she reached to her waist. She pulled her shirt up in one smooth motion, peeling the spandex top up her body and over her full round breasts. I'd seen her a number of times in bikini's and thought she had some pretty nice breasts, easily a b or c cup, but this was the first time that I had ever seen them completely bare. Each round breast had a little sag, but not a lot, and the front of each breast had a large round pink areola with a fat hard nipple centered in it, pointing slightly upward as the bounce from pulling her shirt off settled.

I was still staring open mouthed at her bare chest as she hooked her thumbs in the waist of her spandex pants. She pushed them down, peeling the material down her legs until she could step out of them, her tits hanging tantalizingly as she bent at the waist. She stepped on the pants and lifted first one leg and then the other to help pull them over her stockinged feet. She looked back at me with a crooked little smile and skimmed her tiny bikini panties down her legs, pulling them off her legs and tossing them into my lap. Naked except for her socks, she turned around and bent over, pulling first one and then the other sock off, pushing her soft exposed lips out at us.

I took a deep breath as she turned around to face us, tossing her socks onto the couch between us, allowing us to look at her entire naked body, including the trimmed brown bush on her mound that formed a wide triangle pointing toward her pussy. She slowly ran her hands up and down her body, cupping both breasts and squeezing them briefly before letting her hands travel back down again, one stopping on her hip the other diving between her legs and stroking her obviously wet pussy.

"Well, I better go get that shower." She said as she turned, giving me a wink before heading toward the hallway, her hips swinging sexily as she walked.

"Damn." I muttered.

"Didn't think she'd do it." Jack said, as stunned as I was.

"I guess she did. I suppose you better go...um..."

"Yeah. I guess I better." He said, getting up. "I'll be back."


Dinner was surprisingly not over done by the time Jack and Felicia came out of the bedroom, Felicia wearing a very revealing short robe. She made sure that I knew she was naked under it, rubbing her bare thigh against me as I sat at the table. I felt her bare foot slide into my lap during dinner, pushing around on my cock that was straining in my pants with the view she kept giving me as we ate. I didn't know if she planned on showing that much tit each time she leaned forward, or if it was accidental, but either way, each time she leaned forward, the robe spread just far enough to let me see her nipple, while partially blocking the view for her husband, siting at the end of the table.

"I think I better go." I said after dinner. "I have a lot going on tomorrow."

"Really? I was hoping you would stay after dinner a while." Felicia said.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea. I think you and Jack need a bit more privacy." I told her quietly.

"Oh phoo. You're going to be a spoil sport. I thought maybe you'd want to stay for the Sunday night game and make another bet."

"That would be a bad idea." I said. "Jack. Been fun. I'll talk to you tomorrow or so."

"Right." He said as Felicia took my hand and led me toward the front door.

"Don't forget my bag." I said, pointing to the camera and computer bag I brought with me.

"OH! You were going to show me some photo stuff. We can still do that!"

"No. I think we'll put that off." I said as I picked up the bag with my free hand.

She led me to the front door and wrapped one arm around my neck, pulling my face to hers and giving me a wet kiss on the lips. She had hold of my hand yet and slipped it inside the slit of the robe, pressing it against her bare and very wet pussy. "Don't be a stranger." She said as she finally let go of me.

"I won't." I answered as I headed out the front door, shaking my head. I wondered what the hell had gotten into her. All the years we've been friends I'd have never figured her to do what she had tonight.

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