tagErotic CouplingsPhoto Studio Ch. 06

Photo Studio Ch. 06


Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.


I really can't explain why, but after a good night's sleep, I felt a lot better. I made a quick stop on the way to work to check the progress at the house, and after spending a few minutes with Sunny, I headed in to the office. Tina was already there by the time I arrived, sitting at her desk working away on financial reports.

"Morning Tina." I said brightly, determined not to let the previous day's antics affect things too much.

"Morning Mister Jacobs." she answered back formally.

"Mister Jacobs? You haven't called me that since the first interview. "Turn around and talk to me." I said, sitting in my chair after hanging my coat on the rack by my desk.

Tina turned around, looking long and hard at me before saying anything. "I'm sorry, Scott. I'm really not sure what got into me yesterday. I just started taking pictures and the more I took the more I wanted to show off. Eventually all I could think of was having sex with you," she said quietly. "I really need this job. Please don't fire me."

"I'm not going to fire you," I said with a sigh. "You're not the first woman to do that to me in the last week. Let's just let it go and like you said yesterday. I won't tell if you don't."

"Thank you!" she said with relief in her voice and huge smile coming to her face. "I was really worried."

"Well don't be. Now. I usually try to take most of Friday off when I have to shoot a wedding over the weekend. The day starts early tomorrow, and I might not get done until well after midnight, depending on the reception," I told her. "Can you hold down the fort today?"

"Sure I can. I was going to ask. Do you mind if I tag along to see what you do on one of these? I mean you don't have to pay me overtime or anything, but I'd like the chance to learn more."

"Training my own competition, huh?" I asked with a laugh. "Yeah. Meet me here around eleven tomorrow," I said as I got up. "And now that we have that straightened out I have some chores to do around the house."

"Ok. Enjoy the day off," she said brightly as I got up to leave.


I pulled up in front of the shop just before eleven the next morning. I could see the shop lights already turned on. When I walked in I found Tina waiting, wearing a trim gray knee length skirt, white silk blouse and matching gray jacket. She had three bags of camera gear sitting on the counter, packed and ready to go, along with two good tripods.

"Morning," she said brightly, her face a huge smile.

"Morning. Looks like you packed everything. What do you have in there?" I asked, looking in the camera bags.

"I have both of your Hasselblads, all the portrait lenses, your power flash system, seven fresh memory cards, your ipad, and my Nikon."

"Excellent. We still need that Sony point and shoot, and why don't you take that new Canon instead of the Nikon. It has a better flash. Once all the requires stuff is shot at the reception you can shoot some candid stuff there. Sound good?"

"Sounds great!" she said. "Why the point and shoot?"

"Ahhh. My secret weapon. I give that to the bridesmaids and let them shoot candid shots while they're dressing, that way the bride gets a bunch of really nice shots and doesn't have to worry about having a guy running around while they're half dressed. Some brides are a bit more bashful and don't like me in there. But others don't care. I had one actually want me to hang around and shoot her while she was showering and everything."

"That sounds different."

"Yeah. Pretty much it's up to the bride. I shoot what she wants." I answered her while we zipped closed the bags and got ready to head out.

It was a two hour drive to the lakeside resort where the reception was to be held, and Tina and I used it to just get to know a bit more about each other. It had turned out to be an interesting conversation, though we both danced around the tryst of earlier in the week.

I pulled into the resort and stopped near the office. Tina followed me in when we went to register. "Scott Jackobs. I have a reservation."

"Yes, Mister Jackobs," the pretty young lady behind the counter said as she clicked away on the computer. "Here you are. I show a reservation for you with a standard double queen room in the east tower."

"Excellent. I also will need another room for my assistant." I told her.

I saw her face furrow and not even look down at the computer. "I'm sorry sir. We're already overbooked. We have a conference starting today and every room we have is booked. In fact, because you were a single reservation they upgraded you to a king suite."

"Oh. I see," I said turning to look at Tina.

"No problem. I'm sure we can get by with a single room," Tina said, smiling. "It was a last minute change, and beggars can't be choosers."

"Well, if you want, we can bring up a roll away bed,." the young lady added hopefully.

"That won't be necessary. I'm sure we'll be fine," I told her as I pulled out my credit card.

"Very well. Here are your room keys. Your room has already been paid for by the wedding party as part of the package." She said as she handed over a small envelope with the two plastic keys.

"Thank you," I said, taking them.

"Your room is on the first floor, around the east wing. If you go in the far door here..." she said pointing to the map she was holding out. "Your room opens onto the pool deck. Enjoy your stay with us!"

"Thank you." I said, taking the map and heading for the door with Tina close behind.

"I figured that given what we've already done, sharing a bed shouldn't be too much of a problem," Tina said as she climbed into the car.

"Guess not." I answered as I dropped the car in gear to head around the far end of the building. It only took us a few minutes to locate the entrance and park the car. We carried the camera gear as well as our two small suitcases across the indoor pool deck to the door that matched the number on the keycard envelope. I flicked the card in the lock and then pushed the door open before reaching for the light switch. I was almost shocked with the size of the room. Not only did we have a suite, it was quite obvious that it was one of the nicer ones, complete with a hot tub in a glassed in deck area off the bedroom area.

"This is pretty swank!" Tina said, bouncing gently on the bed. "I bet a couple could have a pretty good time in here,." she added with a wink.

"Yep. Too bad we have work to do." I said as I set down the bags on the bed and quickly started sorting through what I needed to take. With my gear ready, I called the bride to find out what room they were in and headed that way with Tina close behind.

I knocked on the door to room 340 and a quite voluptuous woman with long auburn hair answered the door wearing jeans and a T-shirt. If I had to guess I suspected that she was one of the bridesmaids, probably around thirty or maybe a slight bit older. "Hi. Scott Jackobs," I said,holding out my hand.

"Good afternoon. I'm Amanda Dawson, the mother of the bride." She said taking my hand.

I stood for a second, feeling like my mouth was hanging open, before I collected my thoughts. There was just no way in my mind that I would have put her old enough to be the mother of the bride. I'd met the bride and groom already and knew they were both in their low twenties, which would make the woman in front of me at least forties.

"You know, I think that's the nicest compliment a woman can receive." She said with a laugh.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Scott...Can I call you Scott? Scott, when a woman my age makes a good looking young man stand speechless, there isn't a better compliment in the world. So, why don't you come in and meet the rest of the party?"

"Yes ma'am." I answered, still getting things in my head settled.

"Not ma'am. Please. Call me Amanda."

"Ok, Amanda," I answered. "This is my assistant Tina. She's new to the business and will be helping and learning at the same time." I said. "Now, I'll do as many formal pictures of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready as I can, but when you ladies feel uncomfortable with me here, let me know and I'll step out and leave you with a point and shoot to continue with whatever pictures you want. Once everyone is dressed I'll shoot a few more in here with you all dressed. Sound good?"

"Sounds fine to me. You seem to have done this a few times." Amanda said.

"Quite a few, yes." I answered as I got out my Hasselblad and fitted a wide angle lens. Tina watched and generally hung close, watching what I shot and how as the ladies did makeup and played various pranks on each other. After a while I let Tina get out the Cannon and shoot some herself, watching what she was doing and making sure that she was getting what I wanted before I headed off to the groomsman's room to take some shots with them.

When I got back to the bridesmaids room I was almost surprised they let me in, since they were all in various states of undress, including the bride, who was completely naked.

"Hey look! We have a man in the room!" the bride said with a laugh. "Maybe I should have one last trip down orgasm lane before I tie the knot!" There was considerable cheering and encouragement, but in the end she backed off and settled for just teasing me with her body a little bit.

"You know. Just because she shouldn't, doesn't mean I can't," Amanda said quietly from behind me, her hands slipping around my body and slowly stroking up and down my chest, each stroke reaching farther and farther down toward my growing hardon.

"What about Mister Dawson?" I asked, feeling her breasts pressing against my back.

"Oh there isn't a Mister Dawson any longer. At least not in any way that would give him rights to any parts of my body any longer." She kissed the back of my neck.

"Well. As tempting as that sounds, right now I'm supposed to be working," I answered quietly.

"Well, you won't be working all night, will you?" she asked huskily.

"Um. No, not all night."

"Good. In that case we'll just save this for later." She cooed as her hand wormed its way down my pants and grabbed my cock. "Mmmmm yeah. This will definitely be fun later. I haven't had a good cock in me in months."

"Mom. Stop seducing the photographer," the bride said with a giggle. "Unless you're planning on sharing at least."

"No. I think I'll keep this one for myself." Amanda answered, with a laugh, as she pulled her hand from my pants. She stepped around me and walked toward the connecting room, letting me see that she was now, completely naked, the robe she had been wearing laying on the floor behind me.

"Well, you certainly seem to have taken her fancy," Tina whispered.

"Yeah. It seems that way," I answered as I got back to work photographing the bride dressing, pulling on white silk stockings, then a tiny thong panty that was white satin with a little saying embroidered on it. Finally her bridesmaids, most of them still clad in only panties, helped her into a white bustier that covered her breasts and rock hard nipples and buttoned up the back with about a hundred little buttons. Finally they helped her step into her dress, working it up her body until they could button it up the back as well.

With the bride dressed, the four bridesmaids donned their green satin gowns, those with bigger chests wearing strapless bra's before sliding the dresses up. Amanda stepped back into the room wearing a stunning floor length green satin gown that made her stunning green eyes all the brighter, and her curves...well. The skirt extended from the floor up to just below her breast, with a slit up the front that went to about mid thigh. Her huge breasts were contained in a green sequin covered...not sure what to call it, strapless bra... that tied in the middle of her back. The space between the tie and the curve of her round tush was bare as well, leaving a significant amount of skin bare and leaving me with a desire to pull the bow that held the top in place.

"What do you think?" Amanda asked me directly.

"I have to admit, you are quite stunning!" I told her.

"Good. Would you be so kind as to help me with my necklace then?" she asked, walking toward me, the dress swaying sensually as she swung her hips. She held out a necklace of diamonds that, when I put it around her neck, lay on her chest in a V shape, the tip almost disappearing between her two huge round breasts. She leaned closer to me and held her hair aside so I could reach around her neck and fasten the tiny clasp that held the necklace. As I worked on the clasp I could feel one of her hands gently teasing my still hard cock through my pants. I was definitely glad that my dockers were loose enough that it wouldn't show horribly as I took pictures downstairs.

Fortunately for me the ceremony was growing close, and I was able to beat a hasty retreat to get ready to take the pictures downstairs. Tina teased me as the elevator went all the way down.

Fortunately the only unexpected occurrence during the ceremony was Amanda walking her daughter down the aisle. I don't know who got more looks, but both women looked incredibly beautiful and sensual in their gowns. Thankfully I was so busy taking pictures for the next several hours that I didn't have much time to consider the pass Amanda made at me earlier.

With all the formal pictures done and the reception in full swing, I got to finally get something to eat. I sat down with a plate of food with Tina and soon had Amanda slip into the chair next to mine, leaning her body sideways and her head on her hand to stare at me.

"You know. You never did tell me when you were coming to my room tonight." She whispered, sliding her hand into my lap and playing with my cock, causing it to quickly grow. "I mean I'm sure you won't need your assistant all night, but if you really want to include her...well, I'm game as long as I get first dibs on this cock."

I choked on my food and had to take a drink to recover. "I'm sorry," I answered when I could talk again. "I don't think that thought ever crossed my mind."

"Well...Maybe it should. I'm sure you're more than enough for both of us, and, well, she's a good looking woman. I wouldn't mind undoing that blouse and seeing if those breasts feel as good as they look." Amanda said just loud enough for Tina to hear.

I looked at Tina's surprised face, clearly not expecting that.

"Well. I still have a lot of work to do. We have all the dances and such to do yet, and after that it'll be pretty late." I said, trying to find a way out that wouldn't hurt her feelings.

She reached for my hand and slowly pulled it down under the table guiding it along her thigh and up into the slit in her dress, not stopping until my fingers were pressed against her damp panties. "Well. Just think about it. I know I'm all wet thinking about it." She whispered in my ear, blowing gently in it and then nibbling on my earlobe. "Just think about putting that fat hard cock into my hot wet pussy. Mmmmmmm I'm all squishy inside just thinking about having you slide that cock in and out of me."

"I can tell," I said as I slowly pulled my hand back.

"Just think about it." She whispered again before getting up and walking away, her hips swaying.

"Wow," I said to Tina as I watched her go.

"Yeah, you can say that again," she agreed.

"I better get back to work. Looks like it's time for the toasts." I said.

"What do you want me to do?" Tina asked.

"Well. For now, relax. It gets real hard to get some of these pics without getting in the way of the guests' view, so if you don't mind, I'll work these alone for now. After we do all the required ones, why don't you just filter around and take some candid shots of the reception for the filler shots."

"Sounds ok to me. My feet are a bit tired anyway." She said with a smile. "I never knew how much effort it took. You're kind of like the energizer bunny. You just keep going and going and going," She laughed.

"Yeah, it does take some getting used to. Relax a while, and I'll be back," I said as I got up. I spent the next almost two hours shooting the cake cutting, toasts, customary dances and the like. By the time they had finished with all the planned stuff it was already past ten.

"Ok Tina. Feel free to take anything you want,." I said as I dropped into my seat, the DJ putting on a fast paced song.

"Alright!" She said eagerly, picking up the EOS and heading out into the quickly thinning crowd.

"Well stud. You look like you could use a break." I heard Amanda say as she slipped lightly into the seat next to mine.

"I am getting a bit tired."

"Well, hope you're not too tired to dance with me at least once." She said, running her finger up and down my arm.

"There isn't anyone here you want to dance with?"

"You mean besides you? No. Most of them are my daughter's friends. They're a bit too young for me. The one young man I tried to dance with seemed to be so fascinated with my tits that I don't think he ever looked at my face."

"Well, they are a bit...prominent." I joked.

"Ohhhh - not that bad. Only a forty double E. Would you like to see them?" She asked with a wink. "Or maybe slip off my room and play with them? I have really sensitive nipples and if you play with them just right you can make me climax just like that."

"I have to admit it's a very tempting offer, but I really should stay here in case Tina needs me."

"Well, in that case, how about dancing with me?" she asked, pulling on my hand and standing up as the DJ started the next song, a slow tune that just dripped soft and sensual.

"You're not going to let me say no, are you?"

"Uh uh," she said, continuing to pull me.

"Ok. Let me put this up though." I said, picking up my camera bag. I carried it toward the DJ and set it behind his table, getting a nod from him that he recognized I had tucked it there. With a sigh I walked onto the floor with Amanda and let her wrap her arms around my neck. I held her hips while we swayed to the music, my eye catching Tina moving through the couples moving about the floor, snapping away.

I had to admit that Amanda has some really fantastic tits, and between them pressing to my chest and her hips constantly banging into mine as she tried to rub herself against my hardening cock I was getting seriously turned on, so much so that I didn't object at all when she started undoing my tie. She pulled it off and hung it around her own neck before she undid several buttons of my shirt.

To my surprise the next several songs that the DJ played ran to the softer side, with none of the jump and bounce at most "younger" receptions. That did change though - some kind of a line dance number which I was never very good at. I did my best, Amanda trying to show me the moves, holding her dress half way up her legs to allow them to move without restricting her motions.

As the lateness of the evening grew and the crowd thinned further I found myself dancing constantly with Amanda and giving serious thought to slipping off to her room with her. Most of our dances had turned into vertical seduction sessions with each of us letting our bodies grind into all the right places and our hands wander around. For most of the last number we had danced with her ass grinding against my cock and one of my hands cupping her breasts while the other was up under the open front slit of the dress, caressing her pussy through the tiny satin panties she had on.

I didn't feel particularly self-conscious for some reason, but then it was pretty obvious we weren't the only ones. As I looked around the remainder of the guests it was obvious that they were mostly paired up doing the same thing. Those who weren't dancing were sitting at tables "playing" in various ways, some more obvious than others. One table off in the corner had one of the bridesmaids laying on it, her dress pulled up around her waist and another young lady sitting in a chair with her head buried between the bridesmaids legs.

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