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Photographer Faye


It seemed like an innocent request: Two days after Christmas, Beth called her friend and neighbor Faye and told her she and Bob had gotten themselves a digital SLR camera as a gift. "Sort of from us, to us," she explained. "We'd love to get some photos of the two of us, and since you're so good with a camera, could you do the honors?"

"Glad to help out," Faye said. "When do you want to do it?"

"After dinner tonight? Eight-ish?"

"Sure, I've got nothing planned."

"Great. We'll be home, just let yourself in whenever you're ready."

Yeah, she said to herself, nothing planned. As usual. She knew she should make the effort to get back into the dating scene. She was a tall redhead, fairly busty, no beauty but pretty enough that no man was going to throw her out of bed. Well, except that that's what her son of a bitch ex-husband did. There was a younger, hotter-looking co-worker involved, but... well, whatever. She felt lucky to have become friends with Beth and Bob. Sometimes they felt more like family than just friends.

She got to their house a few minutes after eight, and unlocked the door with the key they'd given her a while back. "Hello?" she called out. Beth and Bob came out of the bedroom, Beth holding the camera. They were both wearing pajamas. "Um... am I early? I didn't want to, uh, interrupt anything."

Actually, they were wearing a single pair of silk pajamas, apparently Bob's: He was wearing the bottoms, and she was wearing the top, which came down to mid-thigh on the petite woman. Beth giggled slightly. "No, this is for the photos. Cute, huh?"

Faye took the camera and began fiddling with the settings. "It is, kinda, yeah. Cute, and kind of sexy in an innocent way, if you know what I mean."

"You're okay with this, right?" Beth asked.

"You'll have to do a lot worse if you want to shock me," Faye said, taking a few test shots and checking them on the camera's screen. "Let's try out a few poses." Was it her imagination, or did Beth undo her top button while she was looking at the camera?

They took a few photos of Bob standing behind Beth, holding her around the waist, and one where he was bending down to kiss her. Faye checked the photos, and when she looked up again, another button was undone. Still nothing improper, though.

The next few poses, Beth and Bob were standing sideways, facing one another. Uh oh... Bob's pajama bottoms were tenting. Gonna have to crop those shots. She giggled nervously: she did not want to think about Bob's erection, and everybody would be more comfortable if she pretended not to notice.

"Are we done?" Faye asked. Beth and Bob exchanged glances. "Would you mind very much if we got some photos with some cleavage?" Bob asked, unbuttoning two more of Beth's buttons, exposing the swell of her breasts. Fay was becoming very aware of Bob's bare chest as well, at this point. She'd never noticed how muscular he was. "Um... sure," she said.

Bob stepped back behind Beth. She turned her head and let him kiss her on the lips as Bob ran his right index finger along her bare upper chest, sinking down between her breasts. Faye continued taking photos.

Bob undid another button, exposing the insides of Beth's breasts and let his hand wander lower. Beth purred softly. Faye realized they were going to get more and more daring until she asked them to stop -- but that wasn't going to happen. It seemed to be getting very warm in here.

Beth's hand disappeared behind her, and Faye could tell she was stroking Bob's cock -- maybe outside of his pajama bottom, maybe inside. Bob made a contented sound, and unbuttoned another of Beth's buttons.

Beth's breasts were pretty much exposed now. Faye had seen them before on occasion, as best friends tend to catch glimpses of one another for various reasons, but never in so sexual a context. They were fairly small, but her nipples were red like small cherries, and hard from arousal. Faye suspected her own nipples, safely hidden under her sweater, were almost equally hard. She zoomed in to get some close-up shots.

Bob stepped in front of Beth, unbuttoned the rest of her top, took it off her, and threw it to the floor. Beth stood there wearing a pair of bikini panties and nothing else. Beth and Bob both glanced over at Faye, as if challenging her to ask them to stop. Faye moved a bit to the side so she could get a better angle for the photos.

Bob kissed Beth's breasts, sucking briefly on each hard nipple, then crouched down to kiss her belly and then finally her pussy, through her panties. Beth pulled his head closer. From her reactions, Faye was certain he was mouthing her clit.

Then Bob stood up and Beth knelt down and lowered his pajama bottom enough to free his cock. It wasn't any larger than average, but it looked rock hard and it was the first one other than her ex-husband's that she'd seen in more than ten years. Beth slid just the head of it into her mouth.

Well, I'm officially photographing porn now, Faye thought.

Bob turned to her and said "Faye, are you feeling okay? You look a little warm."

"Yes," she said almost to herself. "It's hot in here. I mean you have the heat turned up pretty high."

"You should take off that heavy sweater," he said, as Faye watched Bob's cock disappear again into his wife's mouth.

"I would, but there's nothing under this sweater but me."

Beth let his cock slide out of her mouth. "That's okay."

"No, I'm... I'm not..." Oh God, she thought, looking at her best friends, he with his cock sticking straight out, and almost naked in front of him. She grabbed the pajama top from the floor, and ran into the bedroom.

She had her sweater off almost before the door was closed. She'd never seen her own nipples so erect. She gave each of them a hard pinch, even knowing this would leave her hotter and more frustrated.

She put on the pajama top. Definitely more comfortable than her sweater. She had to leave the top couple of buttons open so she wouldn't crush her breasts, but on the whole she was decently dressed. She didn't know whether Beth and Bob had planned this exhibition session, but she'd only signed on to be the photographer.

They had seemed disappointed when she didn't just toss off her sweater, though.

Oh what the hell, she thought, as she sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes, pulled off her socks, and took off her jeans. She walked out into the living room before she could change her mind.

"Oh my," Bob said with a smile when he saw her. She realized she might not be as "decent" as she'd thought: Her top was exposing a lot more breast than she was accustomed to, especially without the safety of a bra -- and she was several inches taller than Beth, so instead of the shirt covering her down to her thighs, it didn't quite hide her red panties.

Oh well... Beth was almost naked and while Bob's pants were back up, she could clearly see the outline of his hard cock, which she knew was still wet from sliding in and out of Beth's mouth.

She became suddenly aware that her nipples, brushing against the silk pajama top as she walked, were starting to drive her crazy.

Beth picked up the camera. "You look pretty hot" she asked, pointing it at Faye. "Do you mind?"

"Sure, why not?".

"Look at my boobies and smile," she said, thrusting out her chest just before taking a couple of photos. Then she said, "Bob, go stand next to Faye. You're a matching set now."

Bob stood next to Faye, his arm innocently around her shoulder, as Beth took some more photos. Faye made an effort not to stare down at the bulge in his pajamas, but she couldn't ignore the feel of his silk pajama bottoms brushing against her bare leg.

Since most of her panties were going to be in the photos, she hoped nobody could see how wet they were. Bad enough she knew how visible her nipples were, poking through the too-tight silk top.

She was dying to touch her nipples. Just one pinch, it would fee so good...

"Let's get a couple with Bob behind you," Beth said.

Bob stepped in back of Faye and put an arm around her abdomen, just under her breasts, which made the silk top brush against her sensitive nipples. Holy shit... On one hand she was enjoying the teasing and exhibitionism but she didn't want things to get out of control here with best friends. On the other hand she wanted desperately for Bob to touch her nipples and if he did, she knew she'd have the loudest orgasm of her life.

Just as Beth was taking the first photo, she felt Bob's erection poke her lightly between her legs. He backed away from her quickly. "Sorry," he whispered. "Sorry, Faye, that wasn't supposed to happen."

Moment of truth. She reached her arm back and pulled Bob back close to her. "It's okay," she whispered.

His cock slid further between her legs this time, rubbing against the wet spot on her panties. His cock was separated from her panties by a layer of silk, but his silk-covered cock rubbing against her wet-panties-covered pussy felt incredible.

She let out a groan, which of course Beth heard. She put down the camera. She clearly had never expected this game to go this far. Then she took a deep breath, took a step closer to her husband and her best friend, and started taking photos again. Bob thrust his cock between Faye's legs again, much more deliberately, taking care to poke her right between her pussy lips.

As long as Beth seemed to be okay with all this, Faye was going to make the best of it. She quickly unbuttoned her pajama top, accidentally ripping off one of the buttons. "My nipples, Bob," she hissed. "Now!"

Bob didn't have to be asked twice: He pinched both of Faye's nipples at once and she yelled "Ohgodohgodohgod!"

Beth snapped off photo after photo of her topless, quivering friend.

Faye had just begun to regain her senses when she felt Bob's hands on her hips and his cock pushed up against her pussy again. She could tell he'd taken off his pajama bottoms, His next thrust pushed into her pussy. She was still wearing her panties, but the head of his cock was penetrating her.

Well, if he was going to fuck her, he might as well fuck her. She pulled her panties to one side, and on his next stroke, Bob's bare cock went deep inside her. She hadn't had a bare cock inside her since before her divorce, and never in her life anybody's other than her ex-husband's. And she didn't think she'd ever been this hot.

She looked over at Beth. Beth's panties were off, and her naked best friend was trying to take photos of Faye and Bob fucking. She was using only her right hand, while her left hand was furiously rubbing her own clit. Faye had lost track of her own orgasms, each one starting before she'd fully come down from the previous one.

She hoped Bob knew she wasn't on the Pill, though part of her just didn't care, wanted Bob to explode inside her, coating her insides with warm semen.

She never thought she'd be so turned on watching Beth fuck herself. She'd never had a serious lesbian thought in her life, but she knew if Beth were closer, she'd lick and suck Beth's pussy and clit to as many orgasms she could stand. She was hot enough to do anything right now.

Bob was fucking her faster now, clearly close to coming. Beth strawled herself onto the floor, on her back, her knees up. "Come in me, not her," she told Bob.

Bob withdrew his cock from Faye's pussy with a final, slow stroke, and thrust it quickly and deeply into his wife's. Faye knew Beth was protecting her from a possible pregnancy, but she'd been about to come again and she needed to come again. Without hesitation, she threw off her panties, and squatted just over Beth's face. "Eat me. Suck me. Please."

She knew Beth had never done anything like this before, but she pulled Faye's pussy down to her face and began furiously licking and sucking her clit. It was only a matter of seconds before Faye had her final, screaming orgasm, and at almost the same moment Bob shot his load into Beth and Beth shook with her own orgasm, her scream muffled by Faye's wet pussy still pushed into her face.

Eventually, all three of them lay on the floor, on heir backs, naked and sweaty, totally spent.

Well, maybe not completely spent: Bob, having come only once and lying with two beautiful, naked, sex-drenched women, already had the beginnings of another erection.

It was an awkward moment for the three of them, friends suddenly becoming frantic lovers, until Beth said "Well, Faye, we were wondering what to give you for Christmas, but I guess we worked something out" and they all laughed.

Then Faye noticed Bob's cock standing up begging for attention, crawled over to him, took it in her hands, drew her face next to it, and licked her lips. "Beth," she said, "I've got an idea for another set of photos..."

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