tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPhotographing Ann and Susan

Photographing Ann and Susan


Here’s a follow up to A Trip To Shell Island. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your thoughts etc and any ideas for future adventures.

About a month after our trip to shell island Ann again dropped in unexpectedly. As before she’d fallen out with Angela’s father. The weather hadn’t been too good of late so we decided to spend the weekend at home. Ann still had the mischievous look in her eye she had acquired on the last visit, and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen this time.

The Friday evening went smoothly enough. We went to a pub for a meal. Both my girls dressed conservatively, compared to the last time we went out anyway. Later that evening I was at my computer looking through some photos, when Ann sat beside me to see what I was doing.

A hobby of ours is photography, to be more precise, nude photography of Susan. We have an excellent Fuji digital camera which is perfect for the photos we like. Susan just loves to get her kit off and pose just about anywhere. I started to show Ann some of my none nude stuff then decided to let her see the juicy ones as well. These had been taken over a period of a year or so and as I talked Ann through them I realised just how much they had improved over that time. It wasn't just Sue’s figure which had improved, my technique had as well. One or two of the photos would stand up next to anyone’s I felt.

We had begun as most couples do I suppose, with safe nude shots taken behind closed doors, more or less as fore play. After that we moved on to pictures taken in the dunes of a nudist beach. From there we quickly became more adventurous, even to the point of trying a few flashing shots with other people nearby. We’d had some close calls playing our little game, several times Sue had been slipping a dress back on just as people seemingly appeared from nowhere. As Ann looked through the photos she told me over and over how much she liked them. She picked out several locations which she recognised and couldn’t believe we had taken the risks we had. Sue joined us at this point to see what we were up to. She added a few more details about one picture or another which I had forgotten. Occasionally I’ve wondered if Sue actually likes strutting around naked for me to photograph, but as I listened to her telling her mother how we had done this or that to get a shot, I knew she had enjoyed it as much if not more than I did.

I knew Ann liked what she saw and I also knew she wanted to have a go too. The fact that it would allow me to once more see my mother-in-law naked didn’t enter into the thing! To get the ball rolling, I got the camera out and took a quick informal photo of Ann’s face. Less than a minute later it was on the 21inch screen as shape as a new pin. Ann couldn’t believe how simple it was, she’d found it hard to believe we’d had the photos done at Boots; now she knew how we were able to take such candid shots.

‘So how about posing for me now.’ I asked Ann.

As I’d thought she was dead keen and with hardly a seconds hesitation she began to undress for me to photograph her. We started with conventional poses before moving swiftly on, as they say to more…. pornographic stuff. All of which Ann was exceedingly happy with. Sue joined in the fun and seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in positioning her mother into more and more obscene poses.

We all ended up sleeping in our bed that night as happy as sandboys. The morning brought sunshine but we believed it wouldn’t be so good at the coast so we stayed close to home. I worked on the photos a little in the morning. Even though Ann is over fifty she still has a cracking figure with only the suggestion of a saggy tummy. I noticed that even that disappeared when she stretched in the right way.

A walk deep into a secluded wood allowed me to capture them both in a variety of poses amongst the trees and in a shallow stream. I quickly found that Ann had as sadistic a mind as Susan when she began to direct her daughters poses! They were soon competing with each other not only to obtain the most interesting photo but also to set up the most elaborate position for the other to get into.

For the first time we had a sex session in the open with the girls both having a go at recording the proceedings! Back at home we had an enjoyable afternoon going over the shots.

That evening we once again decided to eat out. After the meal we were sitting outside the pub when I noticed how fantastic the sunset was. For some time Susan and I had been talking about having a shoot at a ruined abbey near our home. I had my camera so I told my models to drink up fast, we only had half an hour at the most before the sun set.

At the abbey my hopes began to subside as there was already a car in the small parking area. Feeling just a little deflated we entered the picturesque grounds of the Benedictine abbey. To make matters worse the sun was hitting the main door of the nave, flooding it with rich red light which was just perfect. Sat looking at the scene was a middle aged couple who didn’t look like they were going anywhere.

Thinking that, that was it I resigned myself to simply sitting and admiring the scene with the other couple. The lady must have noticed my camera because she asked why I wasn't busy photographing the sunset. For some reason I decided to tell them exactly what type of photos I’d been after. I’d expected to shock them but to my surprise they all told me to go ahead if I didn’t mind an audience.

Not expecting an argument from my models I told them to get ready which was a euphemism for strip! They both began to hurriedly remove their clothes seemingly indifferent to their unexpected audience. Ann won, but only just and I promptly took ten or so shots of her, then the same of Susan, finishing of with ten of them both, which filled up the card.

Afterwards they dressed again and we all sat to watch the end of the sunset and talk to our spectators who had enjoyed the event enormously. They were both full of questions concerning our unusual hobby and seemed genuinely interested in which other places we’d used. They also let it be known that they wouldn’t mind seeing the results of this shoot, before we parted we’d swapped phone numbers.

Back at home I quickly uploaded the photos and we eagerly viewed them all which if I do say so myself were top notch! I think it was a combination of quite a few things which led to their quality, the sunset, their enjoyment of the occasion and lastly the spectators.

The next morning we called the couples to let them know the photo shoot had been a success. We invited Jane and Michael to call later that morning. As I remembered Jane had quite a decent figure and I held the smallest glimmer of hope in my mind that maybe she would agree to pose for me.

They arrived at eleven and as I greeted them I noticed at once that Jane had gone to more than a little care with her appearance. After a coffee we ran through the photos from the abbey before displaying some earlier shots. Jane and Michael said virtually the same things as Ann, when she first saw them and by then I was curtain Jane would pose, if Michael allowed it. I wasn't so sure he would go for it and carefully went over in my mind different ways of raising the subject.

I needn’t have worried though as Ann came right out and asked Jane if she was up for it. Here they both surprised me as Michael told us that Jane had said the previous evening that she had almost joined Ann and Susan at the abbey. I quickly told her that she should have if two nudes were good three had got to be fantastic! Michael told us, that was what he had said, then added that she had been unsure of her self especially with Susan and Ann being so attractive.

By then we were all seated in the lounge and I told Jane how I was sure she had a very attractive figure and if she wanted to pose I would be more than glad, no honoured to photograph her. As I looked at her I noticed her hands were shaking and also that she was just about to reach a decision. I wish like mad that she would agree and pose right then and there or at the least on another occasion with fewer people present.

What I hadn’t expected in all honesty was for her to get to her feet and calmly strip with everyone sat watching her. But that is what she did, cool as a cucumber.

First her blouse was slowly undone and placed on the couch beside her husband. Next she stepped out of her skirt to be left in just her underwear and smart heeled shoes. At this point Jane faltered for a second and nervously asked if everything was alright. I quickly reassured her that everything was more than alright. Her confidence returned quickly at that point as she removed her bra to expose her full breasts then, all of a sudden she was naked in a room with four other fully clothed people. A situation I bet she’d never thought she would ever encounter!

‘Well?’ Jane asked of me. ‘I’m ready, if you still want to take my photo.’

So engrossed had I been in her exceptionally seductive striptease, I’d totally forgotten to get my camera ready. The others moved the three piece suite to one side and before long I was shooting frame after frame of Jane in all her glory.

I took a round fifty photos out of which there were twenty or so that we all liked enormously. Unfortunately Jane and Michael hadn’t a computer so hard copies were required which would take quite a time to produce on my ageing printer. In the end our guests left with two photos which allowed me to print the others with greater care.

Jane, I knew had enjoyed herself enormously. Before she left she promised to pose again whenever I wanted her to. This I was already looking forward to. Both Susan and Ann have cracking figures don’t get me wrong maybe better than Jane’s in many ways, but the funny thing is Jane almost acted as though she had been
trained to pose, my camera totally loved her.

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