tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPhotoshoot Electricity

Photoshoot Electricity


I have spent years telling you how incredible your body is to me. I have told you that no one gets me hotter then you. You have long thought about it, but have never had the courage actually to go through with it. However you decide you want to take some erotic pictures of yourself for me as a special present. Opening the phone book you scan through the yellow pages until you find what you are looking for. A small, but very professional add that reads, Professional Photographer, Portraits, Head Shots and Erotica, very discrete and very professional.

With your heart pounding you dial the number. You almost hang up but on hearing his voice, but you decide you have to go through with it. After answering several questions you finally ask if your husband can be there for the photo shoot and watch. You explain that you want to be able to show your husband some tastefully done erotic pictures. You know that I have always wanted pictures of you. You set a date, October 1, my birthday.

You take me out for a light lunch for my birthday and tell me you have something special planned for the evening. Intriguing and secretive you refuse to give me any details. You tell me to relax that I won't be disappointed.

We arrive at the studio at the appointed time, 6 p.m. When we arrive an older man meets us at the door. I am completely confused. "What are we doing here? Why do you have that travel bag?" I inquire. You don't answer any of my questions.

"I had already let my assistant go home so you can feel more comfortable," he tells us.

You excuse yourself while you go into the bathroom. I am still confused. When you return you can feel your heart racing as the photographer sets up for the shoot.

My jaw drops when you walk out. You are dressed in a men's white dress shirt almost completely unbuttoned and a lacy thong. You stroll over to me and tell me that for my birthday you are going to take some erotic photos for me. Nothing too risqué, but something for me to always treasure. You start out lying across a bed with blue satin sheets. The contrast of your skin to the sheets is incredible. Your shirt is unbuttoned enough to show your ample cleavage without actually exposing anything to the camera.

The photographer begins giving you directions. Move this way, arch that, put this arm here. I love the way you move, so gracefully you really know how to pose, every position you move into I like more than the last. I can feel a stirring in my pants. I certainly didn't expect this. As you become more comfortable, you become a little more daring. You are now opening the shirt enough so I can see your breasts. I can't believe how beautiful you are, your breasts are perfect in shape and size. I am getting incredible turned on by you. You keep looking at me while getting into these posses. I can tell you like the way I am looking at you, your nipples are rock hard. I continue to watch the display you are putting on, but my cock is becoming very thick and very uncomfortable straining against my pants.

You now move into a pose where I can see the beautiful globes of your butt for the first time. I am so turned on by the sight of your body, your sexy body that transition into incredible legs and ass. You now start caressing your breasts for me, making your nipples even harder by pinching them. Your hand moves down your stomach, getting closer to your pussy. I rub my cock through my pants watching you, I am so turned on by the sight of you. By now you know what you are doing to me, how you affect me. You like it, you want to turn me on so you continue posing for me, getting more bold with were and how you touch yourself.

You can plainly see that I have a bulge in my pants. All I can think about is how good you must feel, smell and taste. You are now lying on your back draped across a bench, with one hand caressing your breasts and your other hand rubbing very close to your pussy. I can't stand it any longer, I slowly move over to where you are laying. I bend over you and start to kiss and lick your stomach, moving up towards your breasts. Just before I get to your breasts I stop, just licking all around the base of them, never actually touching them. I continue kissing and licking my way up towards your neck. You have laid your head back to give me complete access so I can completely devour you.

I continue licking and kissing your neck, making my way to your ear. Once reaching your ear I begin lightly blowing into it and licking around it. Then I start kissing my way to your mouth. Just before I get to your mouth I stop, and kiss all around your mouth. God your breasts are beautiful, so perfectly shaped and your nipples, how I love your nipples. I want to lick them, suck on them, lightly chew on them to get them rock hard for me. Nevertheless I resist again, how I love to tease.

My kisses again lavish just to the base of your breasts but never allowing myself the pleasure. I continue kissing lower down your stomach taking my time, enjoying your beauty. My tongue is now licking your pubic hair getting closer to where I want to be. God you smell good, I want so much to taste you. I am now licking all around the outside of your pussy lips, but never letting my tongue go any farther. You are now starting to move your hips to make me lick you. I now have to use my hands on your hips to hold you in place. I let my tongue trace its way to the inside of one thigh. I have to spread your legs wider for me, I want complete access to you. I kiss back up and around your pussy to the other thigh. I want so much to taste you, but still I resist. I again kiss and lick my way to your pussy, ever so slowly I make my way to your womanhood. I take your lips into my mouth, lightly sucking on them. Just enough to get a small taste, then I stop and start kissing back up your stomach.

I kiss and lick ever so slowly making my way to your perfect breasts. At last I am licking all around your nipples, but not quite touching them. I can tell you want me to take your breasts into my mouth and devour them. God how I want to, your nipples look so inviting, so hard. I continue to tease you by licking just outside of them, then letting my tongue ever so slightly licking across them. My kissing and licking becomes harder on your nipples until I am sucking on them, biting them. I now have both of your breasts in my hands, feeling the firmness, God they are perfect, how they turn me on.

Now leaving your breasts I kiss my way towards your mouth, I want so much to kiss you. My tongue has now reached your lips, I lightly lick all around your mouth. You are now opening your mouth, inviting my tongue into your mouth. Slowly I kiss your mouth, our tongues touching for the first time. We begin a very passionate kiss, our tongues dancing with one another. My hands continue to explore your body, spending most of their time on your breasts. I finally break the kiss with you and stand up and slowly take off my cloths. Standing over you body I admire your beauty again, I don't know where I want to begin again. So I start in the middle of your body, your belly button. I spend lots of time kissing and licking you there, making larger and larger circles going out from your belly button.

Now I start kissing lower towards your pussy, I can NOT slow myself I want to taste you so badly. When I get to your pussy I slowly lick all around the outside of your lips, then I suck them into my mouth. I then let my tongue go inside you, God you taste so good. I make long slow strokes with my tongue from the bottom of your pussy to just below you clitoris, licking all your juices up. Your smell and taste are intoxicating to me, I can't get enough of you. I now use both of my hands to spread your lips wide open so I have complete access to you.

I now begin blow on your clitoris, how I love to tease you. You now are arching your back trying to get me to lick you. I make another long slow stroke from the bottom to your clitoris, but this time I let my tongue go over it. Very lightly at first, but with each stroke becoming harder. I then take your clit into my mouth and lightly suck on it. Your whole body shudders in my grasp, your juices flowing freely. I continue to lick and suck on your clit and at the same time, I now let my fingers start to explore inside you. Starting only an inch deep tracing all around the outside of your walls. Going deeper now, I am looking for a pea sized little nub, your G spot. Ah about 2 inches deep I find it, you can feel little ridges on it. I begin lightly to stroke it, your whole body grievers as I do this. God you taste good, I can't wait to taste you when you cum for me. I continue to lick and suck on your clit and using my fingers on your G spot. I slowly let you build towards an orgasm, but as you get very close to the point of no return I back off, just lightly licking your clit. Then I begin again building you, then backing off. You are so turned on by now all you can think about is exploding into orgasm. I let you build again, letting you get so very close, then I stop completely.

I stand up and position you so that you are on the bed then I spread your legs. I position myself between your legs; my cock is rock hard with anticipation as I slowly move my body so that my cock is at your entrance. I use my cock head to tease your clit and get it wet. I then start to ease myself into you, ever so slowly until only two inches is in you. I slowly pull back out until I am completely out, then slowly easing back into you until I am about 3 inches deep. I can feel your pussy contracting on my cock; you are so wet and tight. Every time I start pulling back out of you I can feel you grip my cock, trying not to let go of me. With this stroke I completely bury my cock in you and stop. This allows me to be able to start to lick and suck on your breasts, you feel so good underneath me. I start to slowly fuck you with long, slow, deep strokes with my hands on your ass to pull myself deeper into you. I now start kissing you as we grind together, your hands are now on my ass pulling me deeper into you.

I can feel your body building towards an orgasm, your pussy is contracting harder on my cock and your body is beginning to tremble. My cock feels like it is on fire, it feels so good with every stroke, I can feel your juices dripping down my shaft and soaking my balls. I slow our pace, I want us to build for a very long time. I want to enjoy every single square inch of your body. I stop fucking you and pull my cock out of you, I turn you over and have you on your hands and knees on the bench. This puts you at the perfect height for me to stand behind you and fuck you doggy style. I again tease your clit with my cock head before entering you. This time there isn't anything soft or slow about it, I sink my cock into you to the hilt. I begin to fuck you with long, deep medium fast strokes. I use one of my hands to reach around you and tease your clit as we fuck. God your clit is so swollen and hard, when I touch you I can feel your pussy make a huge contraction on my cock. With my other hand I grab your hip to be able to fuck you harder and deeper. I continue to make long, deep strokes as I tease you clit. You are now meeting everyone of my strokes by pushing back into me as hard as you can. God I love the way your ass looks, what a turn on. I now lay out more across your back and with my other hand reach around your stomach so I can hold your breast.

We are getting so close to both exploding, so I slow our pace and make slow, long strokes keeping us right at the brink. You are begging me to give you an orgasm now between your moans. You are so wet that your juices are dripping down my cock, soaking my balls then dripping down the inside of my thighs. I keep us right there on the brink with long slow strokes and occasionally teasing your clit with my finger. Just when you think I am never going to give you an orgasm I pick up the pace just a little. We both start to build slowly again, god do you feel good. It just keeps getting better, my body is tingling all over and my cock feels like it is going to explode. You are bucking into me so hard now I almost can't keep my cock inside you when I am pulling out of you. You are now letting me know that you are cumming and that you want me to cum with you. I make a couple more deep, powerful strokes and feel my cock explode into you. I can feel your pussy contracting on my cock as another powerful orgasm rip through your body. I continue to fuck you with long, deep medium paced strokes as your body continues to shake as your orgasm continues. I can't believe I am still hard after such an amazing orgasm but you turn me on so much.

When we are both done, I realize the photographer is still standing in the room. I turn to him and without missing a beat he says, "Photos will be ready next week." What a hot and wild night.

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