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So you want me to fuck your ass harder? You like doing this don't you bitch? You like feeling your dad's cock up in you? You like doing these nasty things? Don't you? Committing incest with your father? Making daddy fuck your ass? Having me fuck your ass? Having your dad fuck you up that sexy ass of yours? Don't you baby? Don't you, you little whore?

It's true daddy. Your daughter is a whore. Your daughter is a nasty little whore. A whore. Your baby is a dirty fucking whore who loves getting fucked by you. Getting fucked by her father. Her own father. That's it dad. Fuck me. Fuck me. That's it dad. Drill my ass. Drill it dad. Drill it deeper. Ram your cock in my ass. Ram it in there daddy. Ram it up my ass. Ram it up my dirty fucking asshole. Uh huh. Uh huh. I'm a whore daddy. A dirty, fucking no good whore. I'm the biggest whore around dad. I'm the biggest fucking whore around. Fuck me. Fuck your little baby girl. Fuck your little baby daughter up the ass. Up my butt. Fuck me harder daddy. Fuck me harder you dirty old man. You dirty old man. Fuck your dirty little slut. Your dirty little slut. Your dirty little cum slut. Look daddy look. You're fucking your daughter's ass. Fucking my ass.

That's right bitch. Your daddy is fucking you. Daddy is fucking you like a whore. Like a dirty fucking whore. You're getting fucked in your ass by daddy's cock. Your father is fucking your sexy little ass with my big fucking cock. Take it slut. Take my cock up your ass. Take daddy's cock up your slutty asshole. Take it. Take it bitch. Take your father's cock in that fucking sexy ass of yours. Take it. Take it you fucking slut. Take daddy's cock up your ass. Take it up your ass.

Oh God yes. Fuck me up the ass daddy. Fuck me up the ass. Sodomize your girl. Sodomize your whore. Sodomize your dirty little whore. Come on daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Bang my ass harder. Make me your whore. Your little whore. Your nasty little whore. Your nasty little whore. Make me your personal whore daddy. Your nasty fucking anal whore. Your nasty fucking anal whore. Yes daddy yes. Slam it in my asshole. Slam it in my asshole. That's it. That's it. Come on daddy. Give it to me. Give me more. I want more. Give me more daddy. I want more. More. Pull my hair. Pull it daddy. Pull my hair. Pull it hard. Pull my hair hard.

So you want me to pull your hair do you? You want daddy to pull your hair while he's fucking you up the ass? Well I'll pull it. I'll pull it for you. How about this you little slut? Huh? Like that you little slut? And that?

AAAAAHHHHH. Yes daddy, yes. Like that. AAAAHHHH. Pull my hair hard. Keep pulling my hair and fucking my asshole. Oh God yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me up the butt. Up the butt. Fuck my tiny butt. That's it daddy. That's it. Fuck my ass. Ram your big cock up my butt. Ram it up my butt. Ram it up my butt. Bugger me daddy. Bugger me. Bugger my anus. Bugger my anus and cum for me daddy. Cum in me. Cum in my ass daddy. Cum for me. Cum for me. Cum in your little girl. Shoot it in me. Shoot it in my ass. Shoot it in my ass. Shoot it in my dirty little asshole daddy. Shoot it in my ass while you sodomize me. While you sodomize your daughter. Your little whore. Your dirty whore. Your little baby girl. Your slutty little baby girl. Your slutty little baby girl. Your nasty little slut. Your nasty little cum slut. Your nasty little cum slut. I'm going to cum daddy. I'm gonna fucking cum. Oh my God. Oh God. Here it comes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I'M CUMMING!!! I'M CUMMING DADDY!!! I'M CUMMMIIINNGGGG!!! CUM DADDY CUM!!!! CUM IN ME!!!! CUM IN ME!!!! CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



Christ!!! The little slut was getting it in the ass and was getting off on it. You were probably jerking off and thinking about having sex with me too huh? Weren't you? Is that what you want do with your friend's wife? Have sex? Christ. You really are fucking sick. Fantasizing about me. About having sex with his wife. You fucker. How dare you smell my dirty panties and jerk off thinking about me. How could you think of doing such a reprehensible thing?

Oh God. I'm sorry. I am. I thought you were in bed. I thought you were asleep.

Well I'm not am I? I'm wide awake. Now kneel down in front of me you bastard. Crawl over here to me on your hands and knees like a dog you fucking prick. This is what you wanted to smell isn't it? Isn't it? My vagina? His wife's vagina? This is what turned you on wasn't it you fuck? The pussy of your friend's wife? Well you know what? Stick your face in my cunt and smell it you piece of shit. Smell my cunt. Smell the real thing. Does it smell like you thought it would? Huh? So does it? Well what are you waiting for you dirty bastard? An invitation? Go ahead and lick it. Lick my pussy. Suck it. Suck his wife's tight, wet pussy. Suck it. Oh my God. You're eating me out. You're eating out your friend's wife. Aren't you ashamed? You're sucking my cunt. Oh God. What are we doing? What the fuck are we doing?

I'm licking your pussy like you told me to. I'm sucking you. I'm eating you out. Your husband's best friend is eating you. Eating you out like you wanted me to. Didn't you? Huh? Coming down here at this hour of the night dressed like this. Dressed in a see through night gown and short robe wanting to watch a movie. You didn't want to watch any movie. You were hoping that this would happen. Didn't you? I know you did. Know why? Because you're not wearing underwear. You didn't have any panties on. And look at you now. Your cunt is soaking wet. Your cunt is soaking wet and your pussy juice tastes delicious.

STOP!!! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!! Please stop it. We can't do this. Please. I'm his wife. Your best friend's wife. We can't do this. I'm a married woman. This is adultery. We shouldn't. We can't. No baby no. Please stop. Please stop. We can't. This is wrong. It's wrong. This is wrong. What if someone finds out? Do you know how bad this is? My husband's friend sucking me? Eating me out? Do you like eating me out? Do you? Do you like sucking his wife's hot pussy? But this isn't right. We should stop. We can't. We can't do this. Please stop. Please. Oh my God. Don't do that. Stop doing that. Mmmmmm. Yes, yes, yes. Mmmmmm. This is wrong baby. We have to stop. We have to. We have to.

I know it's wrong but I don't care. You turn me on so much you have no idea. Look how turned on you are. Your pussy is dripping. It's soaking. You like it. You know you want me to keep doing this. To keep sucking your juicy pussy. Who's going to find out? Are you going to tell someone? I know I won't. No one will know. They won't find out. Trust me. Trust me. They won't.

Are you sure? Are you really sure about doing this? Christ, who am I kidding? The movie turned me on so much. I'm so horny. So fucking horny. Oh fuck it. Fuck it. I don't care anymore. I don't fucking care. Go ahead and suck me baby. Keep sucking my vagina. Suck his wife's vagina. His wife's dripping wet vagina. My pussy hole. His wife's pussy hole. His wife's pussy hole. Lick my pussy hole. Lick my crotch. Lick the place that brought his kids into this world. Suck my clit. Suck it. Lick it with your tongue. Yes, yes, yes. Lick me. That's it. Bite my clitty. Bite my clitty. Eat me out baby. Eat me out. Eat me out. Eat out his horny wife. Taste my juice. Taste my pussy juice. Drink it. Drink my juice. Drink my juice.

I've gotta fuck you. I want to feel my cock in your cunt. I've always wanted to. I've wanted to fuck you from the very first time I met you. Can I fuck you?

Oh God yes you can. Yes you fucking can. I wanted to get fucked by you too. It's true. I fantasize about you too. I often finger myself while thinking about it. While thinking about fucking you. Now here is that chance. Here is that chance. But do you want to know what I really want to do? I want to be a slut tonight. Your best friend's wife wants to be treated like a slut. I want to do everything. Everything that I always wanted to try but was afraid to. I want to get nasty. Screw me like a dirty bitch all night long. I want you to fuck me in my mouth. In my cunt. Up my ass. Fuck your friend's wife anywhere you want to. Okay?

Are you serious? Do you know what you're saying? Do you really understand what you're saying? Do you really mean I can fuck you anyhow and anywhere? Are you sure? Anywhere?

Anywhere. Tell me what you want me to do. What do you want to do to me? What do you want to do to his horny wife? Your friend's very horny cheating wife? What baby? Where do you want to cum? Do you want to cum in my mouth? Or do you want to shoot it all over my face? Want to cum in my face? Would you like to do that? To cum over his wife's face? To cover my face with your juice? What baby what? Tell me. Just tell me. I'll be your dirty whore tonight. I'll be your dirty whore all night long.

I want to fuck you right now. I want to feel my cock sliding in your tight pussy. Let's fuck each other. Let's fuck each other like I've thought about for so long.

Okay. But I want to watch the expression on your face as you put your cock in. When you push your cock in me and fuck your best friend's dirty cheating wife. Lie back on the bed and let me get on top. Let me straddle you. I want to look down at you when you fuck me with that cock. Now push it into my wet pussy. Push your cock in my pussy. I want to feel it in me. Push your hard cock in me. Push it in. Push your cock in my cunt and fuck me. That's it baby. That's it stud. That's it. Right there. Now fuck me. Give me your cock. Give me your cock. Come on. Fuck me. Let me feel your cum shoot in my pussy. Cum in my pussy. Fill my cunt with your cum. Oh God. Your dick feels so good inside me.

Holy Shit we're really having sex with each other. I'm fucking my friend's wife. His wife. My best friend's wife. I have my cock in her pussy and I'm fucking her. Pushing my cock up into her tight pussy while she straddles me. Fuck me bitch. Fuck me. Fuck your husband's best friend like a slut. Ride my cock like a slut.

Oh my God. I can't believe we are doing this. This is so wrong. This is so wrong. But it feels so good. So good. Fuck his children's mother. Fuck their slut mother. Fuck their mother. Fuck me. Fuck their mother's tight pussy. Give me that cock. Come on baby. Fuck me hard. Fill my burning bush with your seed. Cum for me. That's it baby, that's it. Oh God yes. Fuck me. Fuck their mother. Fuck me hard. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck their mother harder. Fuck mom harder. That's it baby. Uh huh. Uh huh. Fuck me. That's it baby. That's it. Oh God yes. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it. Fuck it deep. Ram your long cock in my tight wet pussy. Ram it in there stud. Ram it in there. Ram it in there. Ram in my pussy harder. Their mother is a whore. A dirty cheating whore. A dirty cheating no good slut. Fuck their dirty cheating slut mother. Yes baby yes. That's it. That's it. That's it.


I'm going to cum too. I'm going to cum too. Can I cum in you? Can I? Can I? Please let me blow my load in your pussy. Let me shoot my cum in your pussy. Please let me. Let me shoot a big fat load in your pussy. Your tight, wet pussy.

Yes baby. Cum in me. Cum in my vagina. Go ahead. Cum in your friend's wife. Cum in my cunt baby. Pump his wife's pussy full of your juice. Cum in me stud. Cum deep in my womb. Cum in my cunt. Cum baby. Cum for me. Cum for me.

Here it comes you sexy bitch. Here it comes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming in you. UUUMMMFFF. UUUGGGHHH. UUUMMMFFF. Oh shit. Oh fuck. UUUMMMFFF I can't stop. UUUMMMFFF. Oh God. AAAHHHHH

Yes baby yes. Shoot it up me. Fill my cunt with all your cum. Fill my pussy up. Fill it with your juice. Fill my pussy with your juice. Yes. I'm gonna cum again. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can feel your sperm shooting in me. Oh God. Oh my God. Oh my God. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I'm cumming again. I'm cumming again. AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE. AAAAHHHHHHHH. UUUNNNGGGHHH. UUNNNGGGHHH.



OH MY GOD. MOM!!! What are you guys doing in here?!?! I can't believe this. You're having sex with daddy's best friend. Have you guys fucking gone crazy? Have you both lost your fucking minds? Where is daddy? Didn't he come back? He's fucking going to kill you two when he finds out.

FUCK!! It's your daughter. When did she get in? How long has she been there? Christ. It's not what you think. We were. Ahh. Your mom and I were. We were. What? When? What the hell are we going to do now? We're fucking screwed.

Oh no we're not. Grab her and bring her here. Get the bitch and bring her here. I'm going to punish her. I'm going to punish the sneaky little bitch for spying. For spying on us while we were fucking each other. While she was watching us. While she watched her father's best friend fucking her mother. Now go get her. Go and get her. Go and grab her and bring the little spying bitch to me.


Oh no you won't, and if you do I'll fucking kill you. Do you hear me? I'll kill you.

Punish your daughter for spying on us. Spying on us while fucking each other. For watching me fuck her mom. For watching daddy's friend fucking her mom. You should spank her on her ass. Yes. Do that to her. Spank her on her butt. Lift up her mini-skirt and spank your daughter on that sexy little ass of hers.



Yes. That's it. Slap that ass harder. Slap it harder. She was spying on us!!!


That's it. Spank her spying ass. Spank her again. Spank the little slut again.


OWWWWW!!! Oh mom please. Please stop. Please stop spanking me. It hurts. It hurts. Please stop mom. Please don't do this to me. I'm your daughter mom. Your little girl. Please mom. Don't spank me anymore. Please mommy please. I'm begging you. Please don't spank me anymore mom. I won't tell. I promise. Please stop it mom. Please stop spanking me. Please don't spank me anymore.

Shut the fuck up you little bitch. Don't tell me what to do. I am your mother and I know what you deserve. I know how to punish naughty little girls like you. Now get ready for your punishment. Get ready for mommy's punishment bitch. I'm going to make daddy's friend fuck you baby. That's right. You heard me. But I'm going to make him fuck you up the ass. I'm going to make him fuck you up the ass as punishment for spying. For spying on mommy and daddy's best friend fucking each other. Now get on your hands and knees. Get on your hands and knees and get ready to take it like a dog you little spy.

Oh God mom no. Please don't. Please mommy. Keep spanking me on my ass. Don't let him fuck me there. Please mom. I've never been fucked there before. His cock is too big, it can't fit. Please mom, not in my asshole, it's too small. Please keep spanking me but don't let him fuck me there. Not in my asshole. Not in my asshole. I'm a virgin back there mom. A virgin. A virgin.

Shut up and do what I say to you. I don't want to hear another word out of you. Not a word. Just do as you are told. Get down like I told you to before I really get mad. Now spread the cheeks of your ass apart. Spread them apart and get ready to take daddy's friend up the butt. Good. Very good. That's a good girl. Now open up wide honey. Open up wide. Open that tiny little asshole big and wide.

Oh God mommy no. Please. It's going to hurt. He's going to hurt me. Oh God. Please mommy. I'm sorry. Please don't do this to me. Please mom. I won't tell. I'm not going to tell. I won't. I promise. Please don't let him fuck my ass mom.

Hang on. She's right. It will hurt her too much. I've got an idea. I've got a better idea. A much better idea. Let me give her a rim job first. Let me tongue her ass before I fuck it and then I'll take her anal cherry.

Kinky. Did you hear that honey? Daddy's friend wants to tongue your asshole. He wants to lick it. To lick your anus before he fucks it. Would you like that? Huh? Would you like him to lick your anus? Fuck what the little tramp wants. Get down behind her and do it. Go ahead and do it to the slut. Start doing it. Start licking it. Suck my daughter's ass. And while you're doing that, I'll suck your big cock. I'll blow you. I'll give you a blow job. I'll suck that big cock of yours and get it all wet and slippery for you. I'll get it nice and wet. Nice and slippery with my saliva before you fuck my daughter up her little virgin ass. Before you sodomize your friend's little daughter. His precious little girl.

Oh God mom. This is crazy. Fucking crazy. We can't do this. Don't do this mom. Don't let him do this to me. Please mom. I won't tell. I promise. I won't tell dad. Just stop. Just stop. Please just stop.

Oh come on baby. Who are you trying to fool? This is turning you on isn't it? You're turned on. I'll bet you're wet. Mommy can tell. I'm a woman and I know. Mommy can tell. I can tell that this is turning you on. I can see it all over you. This is making you horny isn't it? I'll bet it is. Let's see just how horny you are. I'm going to finger you. I'm going to finger your pussy to see just how wet it is. I KNEW IT. I FUCKING KNEW IT. YOU'RE DRIPPING. YOUR PUSSY IS SOAKING. IT'S SOAKING WET.

Oh God mom yes. It's true, it's true. I'm fucking horny mom. So fucking horny. I got turned on watching. I got turned on watching daddy's friend fucking you. My pussy got so wet watching him fucking you mom and I got so horny. I did. So fucking horny mom. I did. I did. I did and I want to get fucked too mom. Please let daddy's friend fuck me too mom. Please let him fuck me too.

Do you feel that angel? Do you feel my finger in your little pussy? Relax honey. Relax. I'm going to push it all the way in there sweetheart. There you go baby. Do you like it? Do you honey? Do you like mommy fingering you?

Oh God mom. Yes. I do. I do. Do it some more. Do it some more mom. More. Finger fuck me some more. Finger me some more. Finger my soaking snatch. Yes mom yes. Do it. Finger fuck me. Finger me. Finger your daughter's pussy. Finger me mommy. Finger my little cunt. Finger it. Oh my God. Yes, yes, yes. Just like that. Just like that mommy. Uh huh. Give it to me. Finger my pussy. Finger me harder. Finger fuck my pussy harder. Yes, yes. Finger me harder. Finger fuck your little baby harder mommy. OWWWWWW. That's it. That's it. Oh God yes. Finger fuck your dirty little daughter mom. AAAAAHHHHHHHH. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEE. AAAAHHHHHHHH. Oh my God. I'm going to fucking cum. I'm going to cum mom. I'm gonna cum. Oh God, Oh God, OH MY GODDD!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. AAAAAAAIIIEEE. AAAAHHHHHH.

Look kid. I'm gonna make your mom give me a blow job while she fingers you. Lean over bitch. Lean over and suck my cock. Come and suck my big fat cock. Come and suck it. Yeah. Lick it slut. Lick it. Suck your husband's best friend. Give me a blow job. Give your husband's best friend a sloppy blow job.

So you want me to suck your cock huh? Is that what you want her mom to do? Is that what you want to see? To see your friend's wife giving you a blow job? To see his dirty wife suck your cock? To watch his wife blowing your fat cock? To watch me swallowing your snake? Seeing me lick your lance? Huh? Do you? Is this what you think about when you're greasing your gun you little shit? Watching me tongue your tool? Is this what you palm your pole to you fucker? Well I'll give you a blow job that you'll never forget. Now look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes and watch your friend's slutty wife swallow your cock. Look at me. Look at your hard cock in my mouth. I'm giving you a blowjob. Does this turn you on? Huh? Does it? Seeing his wife sucking your hard cock? Taking it deep down my throat. Seeing your friend's wife deep throating you?

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