tagLoving WivesPicking up a Stranger

Picking up a Stranger


It was an interesting idea. Joy wanted to pick up a stranger and I wanted to watch while she did. However, I wanted not only to watch her pick him up but to watch her seduce, play, tease and then fuck him. But, I wanted it to be as if I were not there.

Maybe I could hide in the closet......

Too cliché.....

Besides, I wanted to watch from start to finish, literally. I wanted to watch her seduce a man and then watch him explode onto her. Hmmmm, but how?

I broached the idea with her over dinner in Omaha one weekend. Initially, she was surprised about my idea. But, the more we talked about it, the more interested she got in the concept. And the more interested she got, the more excited we both got.

I was hard enough that I should have been feeling light-headed from the redirection of blood flow to a more southerly location. And, I could tell that Joy was equally becoming aroused. Her nipples were as hard as gumdrops and the thin semi-sheer material of her blouse did little to hide them. At one point, she folded her arms loosely on the table and I could see that she was unconscientiously flicking her finger back and forth across her hard nipple, tweaking it lightly. Although she didn't realize it, I could tell that the stimulation was heightening her arousal because her voice was becoming a little breathy.

The restaurant had a place in the bar where we could sit somewhat privately on a couch close to each other and I massaged her leg as we drank a glass of wine after dinner and managed to work out most of the details of how this might happen.

By the time we finished our wine we were both so excited that we could barely stand to stay in the bar. So, we worked our way to towards the room. We headed for the elevator and as the elevator door closed, she talked about how she would be in the elevator with him.

Now we lost ourselves in each other, I pulled her close and reached down and unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on the front of her skirt and slid my hand beneath. Her silky black stocking felt so soft and I massaged her thigh through it for only a moment as the elevator whisked us up to the 5th floor. Before we got there, I moved my hand up across her bare thigh above the stocking and across the smooth mound of her pussy. She spread her legs slightly to invite my further exploration and I slid a finger across her very swollen clit and immediately found a pool of her juices. Just as I dipped my finger in and covered it, her eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure and she immediately let go a lightly intense orgasm. I brought my finger, now covered with her juices to my mouth to taste. She was so sweet.

The elevator stopped at the 5th and we exited, Joy's knees a little weak from the quick orgasm as we walked down the hall to our room. Half way there, she stopped and unzipped my trousers and pulled my very hard cock loose. She pulled me close and pulled open her skirt and guided me to her dripping pussy. She wrapped one arm around me and the guided my cock to her waiting opening and pulled hard against me and pulled me deep. She leaned back against the wall as I pushed in hard and fast. It only took moments before we both climaxed together. I could feel my cum oozing out around my cock as I pulled from her.

We walked the rest of the way down the hall to our room and retired to the bed to continue our play.

But this is only the start of the story.

As I said, I wanted to watch as Joy picked up a stranger and I wanted to watch everything. Given the fact that my watching might freak a real typical stranger out, we knew that we had to play out this fantasy with someone who could role play out the perfect evening. So, we contacted a gentleman that we had met and played with before. His name was Mike and he lived in Omaha, and we planned to head back to Omaha the following weekend for the perfect place to play out the fantasy.

Joy called Mike and explained what we wanted to do and asked if he would be interested in playing out this role with us. Since we had role-played with him before, he was game and we set up the weekend.

Joy and I checked into the Magnolia Hotel in Omaha mid day on the following Saturday and she started to primp and prepare for the evening. She shaved her pussy so that there was only the slimmest little landing strip that pointed perfectly to her clit. She showered, and primped and took lots of time. When she finally stepped out of the bathroom, my jaw dropped to the floor and my cock sprang to life. She was wearing a blue, very thin, silky, wrap around dress that showed off every curve and every part of her body. As she turned to model for me, I could see that the material was so thin and clingy that it molded to her ass cheeks and fell deep into the crack of her ass. As she turned toward me, I could see the complete outline of her nipples in the material. I could see not only her very hard nipple, but the shape and smoothness of her breasts. I could also see the outline of the garter straps she was wearing and I could easily see the darkness of her black stockings through the thin material. As she twirled, the skirt split open to give me a nice view of the stocking tops and the soft skin of her thigh above them.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"HOT, Baby. Absolutely smoking!"

She came over closer to me and put her right leg up on the desk chair. The skirt fell open to give me a great view of her shaved pussy. She seductively adjusted her stocking, teasing me with no mercy. She stood there with her foot up on the seat of the chair and looked up at me. "Are you ready?"

"I am. Are you?" My voice cracked with nervousness.

"Very. Let's go."

The strategy was all mapped out. Mike was game for playing his role and we knew from previous outings with him that he could go with the flow.

I walked a few steps behind Joy as we made our way to the elevator. From this moment on, I was invisible. I was the proverbial "fly on the wall" and that is the way that I would be the rest of the night.

Joy pushed the button for the elevator and turned to the mirror on the wall across from the doors and primped one more time. She was already into her role. She was now alone and I stepped back to assume my position as the fly. The elevator door opened and she stepped inside as if she was completely alone and on a mission to get fucked. Just before the door closed, the fly stepped in and watched.

She was so beautiful and so alluring. I watched her every move and grew very aroused. Her nipples were hard as gumdrops again and sticking through the thin material of the dress so pronouncedly it was almost like it wasn't there.

When the doors opened to the lobby, Joy stepped out with authority and very seductively walked across the lobby toward the bar. Every eye in the room was on her and every eye was undressing what little they couldn't see in the dress now. I exited the elevator a little farther away than we were in the hall, shadowing her through the lobby toward the bar. Joy had "Come Fuck Me" written in every step she took.

By the time that I got to the bar Joy was already perched on a stool near the far end, right next to Mike. I slipped into a seat at a table across the room where I could watch everything that happened. Mike noticed her but got immediately into his role. I could see that he was very slyly trying to undress her with his eyes, but not trying to be too obvious as to act like he knew her. All the guys in the bar wished that she had sat down next to them. As Joy crossed her legs, the dress she was wearing split open and gave Mike (and me) a healthy view of her sexy thigh and just a hint of the top of the black stocking. She looked so sexy sitting there.

The bartender quickly stepped over and asked her for her order. I could tell that he was going to give her top notch service and pay a lot of attention to her. The whole time the bartender was taking her order, he was staring straight at her breasts. So, I knew that her nipples had to be just as hard as could be. It was very obvious that the bartender was enjoying what he was seeing. It made me even more excited to know that he too was enjoying my wife.

Mike was nursing a beer next to her and looked her up and down but again didn't act like he knew her. This was off to a great start.

I watched as Joy uncrossed and crossed her legs. Each time, it drew Mike's attention down to them. And each time her thigh became more exposed so that eventually, the entire top of her stocking was exposed and Mike could see just a glimpse of her skin above the stocking.

When the waiter brought her a glass of wine to her she reached down and pulled the skirt slightly open and pulled a twenty dollar bill from inside the top of her stocking and laid it out on the bar. The bartender's eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped to his chest. And I could tell by Mike's reaction that even he was surprised. "Keep the change" she said to the bartender with a smile.

Joy swirled the wine slightly and seductively and took a very slow and deliberate sip. Then she made the first move as put down the glass and turned toward Mike. She looked as if she started a conversation by saying something but I couldn't hear what was said. I watched every movement. She introduced herself and started to chat. As she did so, Joy turned slightly in the seat toward Mike and crossed her legs again. The dress fell open wide enough that even I could get a great look at her sexy exposed thigh and the top of the black stocking. I could also see the key card for the hotel room tucked sexily into the top.

As they chatted, Joy was obviously engaging in full conversation just as if she didn't know Mike. And he was playing his part well. I strained to try to hear something of what they said. At one point I considered moving to a table closer so that I could hear, but with all the people in the room, I decided that it might be obvious and stayed where I was. Besides, the mystery was driving me crazy horny.

Joy and Mike were quite the show for everyone else in the room. Both the couples and the singles were watching as she was very obviously making herself available for fucking.

Mike motioned for the bartender and a second glass of wine was placed in front of Joy while Mike fumbled for his money clip in his pants. From my location I could see that he was also struggling with a sizable bulge in his pants. She was driving him crazy too.

As I watched them talk, Joy grew a more and more bold and flirtatious. She turned the stool even more toward Mike and slowly uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again, somewhat like Sharon Stone in Sliver. As she did, her dress parted for a moment and I'm sure that Mike got quite the glimpse of her thighs because Mike's gaze immediately dropped to her lap. And from his reaction I knew that he just got a quick peek at her pussy.

As they talked, Joy moved in closer and I could tell that she was is full seduction mode. I watched as Mike's eyes traveled from her face to her breasts then down to her legs. Her movements screamed "I want you to fuck me" as they talked.

Because the dress was loose enough up on top, I was sure that he was getting an occasional glimpse of her nipple as she gestured with her arms as she talked. Just watching was so exciting. I was hard as a rock watching my wife seduce this "stranger." I almost forgot that we knew him at this point because the scene was so well-played by both of them.

Mike turned toward her and moved in a little closer. He was now semi-standing with one leg up on the stool and the other right up close to her, touching her thigh with his. It wasn't long before his hand dropped down and I watched as he first touched her exposed stocking-covered thigh and then started to work slowly up toward her bare thigh. From my place as the fly on the wall, I could see him lightly massaging the bare skin of her thigh above the stocking, somewhat exposing it only to me and Mike.

As they continued to talk, Mike's hand moved farther up her thigh disappeared under the dress. And by the look on her face, he must have slid his finger across her clit. She obviously stopped mid sentence and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She bit her lip and I could tell that he was lightly stroking her clit. It looked as if it melted her. She took a big breath and then smiled and excused herself and she turned around on the stool and stood up. When she did, her skirt split open again and I got a wonderful little peek at that sexy shaved pussy. I don't know whether she intended to do so or not, but she looked as if she was in a world separate from this one. She may have known I was there. But she may not have at this point.

She walked straight passed me as she headed to the ladies room, her gait quick but as if her knees were weak. Her breasts were bouncing freely beneath the thin material of her dress, her nipples hard as I've ever seen them. She never looked at me once or in any way acknowledged my existence as I watched her walk by. She was in quite the trance. But as I watched her, there was an air of sex all around her. I guessed that her juices were now running down the inside of her thighs. I waited as did Mark.

After a few minutes, she returned, again walking right passed me as if I wasn't there and sauntered over to Mike and snuggled up against him, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her breasts against him and kissed him. His hand reached around her waist and dropped down and firmly massaged her nice full ass. He gave it a couple of good squeezes and then she stepped up onto the bar stool. Mike excused himself and walked passed me to the restroom. Again, he acted as if I wasn't there either. I wasn't sure if both were playing the roles perfectly or if they were in a different world. Either way, the effect was tremendous

When Mike returned, Joy swung her legs around and stepped off the stool and as she did, she gave me another quick view of her pussy framed perfectly by the straps of her black garter. She snuggled up to Mike and kissed him again. He put his arm around her and they started out the door to the lobby. His hand fell down and cupped her sexy ass as they walked.

I stood up and snuck out about 6 or 7 steps behind them, watching as they walked, his hand massaging her ass. I followed them across the lobby. Mike pushed the elevator button and the door opened. They stepped in alone and just as the door started to close, I stepped in and landed against the wall across from them.

Mike asked Joy, "What floor?"

"Six" she replied and Mike reached up and pushed the button.

The minute that the door was closed, she moved to him and pulled him into a seductive embrace, passionately kissing him and wrapping her arms around him. He responded and his hands fell first to her ass then up to her breasts and he massaged them as they kissed deeply. At one point, he had her loose dress open and her breast exposed, massaging her breast and pulling and twisting her nipple. They explored every inch of each other with total abandon.

At the sixth floor, the door opened and they stopped long enough to make sure that no one was there. Then they stepped off and resumed their passionate embrace. Before the door closed, I slid out and stepped to the side of the elevator lobby, watching as they mauled each other.

They stopped long enough to start walking down the hall but didn't get far before resuming the passion. Joy saw the little room where the ice machine was and pulled Mike into it and pushed him against the wall. I quietly moved where I could see and she looked up at him with total lust and reached down and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his hard cock out through the fly. She gave it a few strokes and then looked down at it, licked her lips and once again looked up at him in lust.

Joy knelt down onto her knees and kissed the tip of Mike's cock and looked up at him for a third time now with total satisfaction in her eyes. She gripped the base of his hard 8" and slid the full hardness between her lips and down her throat. I've never seen or felt her slide my cock that deep. She sucked him down until her lips wrapped around the base. She pulled the full length from her and then slid it slowly back down her throat. She methodically began to devour him and within minutes she brought him almost to the point of shooting his load into her warm mouth.

She stopped, let his hard cock slide out of her mouth and looked up at him again with eyes that were a combination of doe-eye and temptress.

Then she offered her hand and he helped her to her feet.

She took him by the hand and led him down the hall to a room by his hard cock. This wasn't our room, but another that I had arranged for when we checked in. As she got to the door, she reached down and pulled her dress open to reveal the top of her stocking and pulled a key card from it and opened the door. She pulled him by his still hard and still exposed cock into the room.

As Mike walked in, he flipped the door lock across so that the door didn't close.

I waited a couple of moments and quietly pushed the door open and slipped into the room. When I got there I found Joy had removed her dress and was spread wide open on her back on the bed. Her hands were pulling and twisting her hard nipples and her legs were spread nearly as wide as she could get them. Mike was between her legs and was gently licking and sucking her pussy. I quietly sat down in the chair across from the bed and watched as Mike brought Joy to a tremendously deep orgasm. As he licked and sucked her, she massaged her breasts and pulled and twisted her nipples. She pulled her nipples straight out long as she peaked, bucking her hips against his mouth and I thought the scream would surely bring the neighboring room occupants over, but no one knocked on the door.

When she came down from the high, she rolled over and pushed her ass up into the air at Mike. He pulled his pants down, took them off and finished undressing. Joy's ass was pointed up and I could see her pussy lips were swollen and open wide and ready for him. Her finger was playing with her hard clit.

Mike moved in behind her and blocked my wonderful view as he pushed his hard cock against her waiting pussy lips. While he had blocked the view of her pussy, I leaned down and could get a tremendous view of how his cock was spreading her lips.

I almost made a noise when I watched as his cock pushed into her wetness, but I stopped myself. Flies don't make noises.

He pulled out and I moved down to the floor and I could now see her juices covering his entire cock. He pulled away slightly and I could see her gaping pussy, open and waiting for his next thrust. There was a huge drop of her juices hanging from her clit. She was literally dripping wet.

Mike moved back to her and I watched him push in deep again and she started down the path towards a very quick orgasm. He pushed deep and pulled out, in... then out...... gaining speed.

I could smell her scent and could hear the slurping sounds of his cock working deep into her pussy.

She came so hard that her legs stiffened and pushed herself away from his cock, making a wet popping sound as his cock popped from her pussy.

I moved back up onto the chair.

After a moment to gain her composure, she turned around and pushed him down onto his back so that his feet were facing me. She hoisted her leg up over his head and climbed on in 69. His cock glistened in the light from her cum.

She paused for a moment and pondered what she was about to do. She was deep into the moment and I know that she no longer knew that I was there. She was so sexy and so excited.

She first flicked her tongue around the tip and tasted her own juices, then licked the full length of the shaft and actually smacked her lips as she tasted herself on him. Then she pressed her lips against the tip of hic cock and slid every inch down it until her lips were against the base of the shaft.

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