tagLoving WivesPickup at Interstate Rest Stop Ch. 01

Pickup at Interstate Rest Stop Ch. 01


I was taking a leisurely late afternoon drive on the freeway to visit another city. Just before I arrived at my intended destination, I saw a rest stop coming up. I decided it was time to take a break. While I was standing near my car, a man and a girl walked up to me.

The man said, "I'm Jo Brown and this is my wife Crystal."

It took me by surprise, but I responded by saying, "Hi, my name is John."

I noticed they were wearing jeans and shirts that looked as if they were about worn out. Crystal was tall with long shoulder length hair and had pretty facial features. I assumed they were about twenty five years of age. I was wondering why they would introduce themselves to me.

Jo said, "We're down on our luck and out of money. Our old rusty van broke down and we've spent all of our money getting it to run again. Now we need gas money to finish our trip to California."

I should have anticipated they were going to ask for a handout. Why wasn't I already in my car and on my way? Why didn't they ask someone else for a handout instead of me?

Jo looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you think my wife is pretty?"

I quickly glanced at her and responded, "Yes, she is pretty."

"We need at least two hundred dollars for gas and food to get to my brother's home. Would you consider having sex with her for that much money?"

That was another big surprise. I looked at Crystal then back to Jo. "You're not going to sell your wife for a measly two hundred dollars, are you?"

"We need the money and Crystal has agreed to do it."

I was still shocked at the proposal and said, "Maybe you can get small donations from people stopping here. I don't have much money to give away, but I'm willing to donate ten dollars."

He quickly said, "We asked occupants of two other cars and they ignored us. We're desperate and decided to offer Crystal to some nice clean man. We don't have any other choice because we can't stay here forever."

I looked around in the rest stop to notice there were hardly any other cars. I saw two big trucks.

I pointed to the trucks, "Have you asked the truck drivers?"

"No, but we thought you looked like a nice guy. We don't want Crystal to have sex with just anyone. Last night we slept on the ground and were very uncomfortable. If you are going to stay in a motel tonight, we could stay with you. We badly need a shower and clean up."

I glanced at Crystal and back to Jo, then slowly said, "It's very tempting, but I don't have that much cash on me."

"Can't you stop at an ATM and get some?"

"Yes, I guess I can."

I looked at Crystal and noticed she seemed very nervous. I asked Jo, "Has she done this before?"

Jo looked down at the ground as he sorrowfully said, "No. Never. She is a good girl and always has been. But now we are desperate and she has agreed."

"Are you going to be jealous watching me have sex with her?"

He truthfully said, "I don't know. Maybe."

I responded back to him, "I've never done this before. Maybe I'll be a little nervous, too."

I looked directly at Crystal's pretty face and eyes, "Are you willing to go through with this?"

"At first, I rejected the whole idea, but then we decided I didn't have any choice. Yes, I'm willing, but please take it slow with me and treat me nice."

Jo quickly cut in, "Yes, please treat her as if she was your own wife. She is not a slut."

"I'll readily agree to that. Alright, if you and Crystal are willing, let's drive to the next exit, find a gas station first before we rent a motel room. Follow my car."

Driving the next few miles gave me time to think. I thought Crystal would be a very pretty girl once she had a shower and cleaned up. She was tall and thin, and I noticed her breasts pushed her shirt out quite a bit. She could be very pretty and shapely in the nude. I wondered if she will back out of the deal once it's time for sex. I could buy a tank full of gas for them at the station, buy dinner for us, and rent the room for one night. In the event she backs out, that will help them some. However, I won't part with the two hundred dollars until after she has sex with me.

Once in the service station, I paid for two tanks of gas and put the cost on my credit card. Then we ate at the service station restaurant using my credit card. I was reluctant to use the ATM machine before going to the motel because I didn't know this couple that well and didn't want to have much cash on my person all night.

I said to Jo, "I'll find an ATM machine in the morning at breakfast time to pay you the two hundred dollars."

"That's fine," Jo said, "I want to thank you for the gas and the dinner. You are a nice guy and I want Crystal to show her appreciation."

That was good to know he will encourage Crystal to be good to me.

Crystal cut in to say, "Yes, I thank you for helping us."

The only vacancy the motel had was a room with a king size bed. I brought my light handbag in the room while Jo went back outside to fetch their bags. Crystal gave a sideways glance at me. She looked a little upset with just the two of us in the room, but she seemed to relax when Jo came back in the room.

I opened my bag to take out a bottle of booze and set it on the small table. I said, "I'll go get some pop for mixer and some ice."

When I returned to the room, Jo was holding Crystal and kissing her. They quickly broke the kiss as I entered.

I said, "Don't let me bother you. Go right ahead."

We mixed drinks until everyone seemed to be more relaxed. Time was passing and I was wondering how our party would get started.

I broke the conversation to say, "We know why we came here, shall we get started."

Jo and Crystal's eyes met as if to say, "It's time to do it. No stalling any longer."

They stood up and hugged each other while kissing. She said, "I love you". He responded, "I love you for doing this."

Jo looked at me and said, "Alright, you can make love to my wife now."

Crystal said, "I haven't had a shower in at least two days. I don't want to be touched until I am clean."

Jo thoughtfully said, "Crystal, John has been very good to us. I think you should strip off in front of us. I'm sure he would like to see what he is getting for his money."

"Do you mean right now with the lights on?"

"If it makes you feel better, we'll dim the light some."

She was a little reluctant to agree, but unbuttoned and removed her shirt.

Jo prompted her, "Now your jeans."

Then she unbuttoned her jeans and started slipping them down over her hips.

I could see her panties starting to appear. She hesitated as if she wanted to back out of the deal. I was hoping she would continue dropping her jeans for me to see the rest of her panties and her long shapely legs. I could feel my erection starting.

Jo said, "Honey, go ahead, pull them down."

Once the jeans were down nearly to her knees, she sat on the bed and said, "Pull them off."

Jo pulled them off to expose the full length of her long shapely legs.

Joe unsnapped her bra to give freedom to her full breasts. Her first reaction was to cover them with her arms, but then she let her arms drop down at her sides. She knew she had no choice. I was amazed at the size of her breasts since her body was so slim. I could hardly wait to nuzzle and suck them.

She stood still as if she didn't want to take her panties off.

Jo said, "Sweetheart, you know you have to remove you panties. Go ahead."

She hooked her thumbs at the sides and pulled them down over her hips to let them drop to the floor. Throughout this whole ordeal, she had not once looked at me. Now that she was naked, she glanced sideways at me.

I said, "Crystal, you are very pretty."

"Thank you. That shower is going to feel very good. I feel very crummy and dirty after sleeping outside for the last two nights."

Jo looked at Crystal, "Honey, I know you want John to be clean, too. Let him get in the shower with you."

Crystal started to panic, "You mean you want John in the shower with me at the same time?"

Jo responded, "That's what we came here for. He has been good to us already and he will give us the money in the morning. Maybe he will give you a little extra if you make him happy."

Crystal accepted the decision and said, "Alright, come on John, join me."

I quickly shed my clothes and followed her in the shower. As I got in, our bodies briefly rubbed together for my first time to touch her. Her skin was very soft and sexy feeling. She stood under the water spray letting the warm water run down over her large breasts. I picked up the soap and started soaping her. She acted a little panicky, but as my hands continued to rub over her breasts and back, she seemed to relax a little.

I handed the soap to her and indicated she should soap my body. She was rubbing around my shoulders, but seemed reluctant to go father down my body. I gently took her hand to move it down to my very hard erection. Her first reaction was to pull her hand back.

I said, "Crystal, don't be afraid of me. Just let yourself go as if I am your husband."

She cracked a smile and said, "Guess I am a little uptight. I've never done anything like this since I've been married to Jo during the last five years. I wouldn't be doing it now except we badly need the money."

She reached down to clasp my erection. I handed the soap to her, then she gently soaped my cock and balls.

I tried to kiss her, but she turned her cheek and said, "I've agreed to have sex with you, but I don't know if I should kiss you. I should ask Jo."

"It seems a little odd that you would say that, but I will respect your feelings."

When we got out of the shower and dried off, Jo got in the shower.

Crystal said to me, "You be a good boy and sit in the room while I fix myself up to look more presentable."

I stepped back a little to look up and down her naked body, "You look beautiful. You have a very shapely and sexy body."

"Thank you."

Jo finished his shower and came in the room to chat with me. A few minutes later, Crystal walked into the room. She had applied lipstick and combed her hair. She was wearing an old nighty, but it did show her shapely features.

I said, "Crystal, you look terrific. Tomorrow before we part company, I'm going to buy you a very pretty nighty to replaced that one you've had for years."

"Thank you. I do need a new one."

I commented, "Let me fix another round of drinks and we can sit up in bed. Jo, why don't you removed her old nighty so that we can see her beautiful breasts."

"Good idea."

As we sipped our drinks while sitting up in bed, I moved my hand over on Crystal's leg. At first, she seemed to object, but then settled down to accept my hand as I moved it up and down the inside of her leg up to her crotch. Jo was doing the same thing with the other leg. Jo tugged at her legs to make her spread them some. Now my hand was roaming all the way up to feel her pussy.

When our drinks were finished, Jo said, "Sweetheart, why don't you give John some thrills."

She knew what he was suggesting and responded, "Are you sure you want me to do that?"

John is being good to us, do the same for him.

"Alright, if that is what you want me to do."

Crystal moved down in bed, took my cock in her hand, and bent over as if she was going to kiss the head. She looked at it, "This looks just like yours, Jo."

Jo encouraged her, "Go ahead and take it in your mouth."

Jo seemed to get a thrill watching his wife open her mouth and go down nearly to my balls. I drew in a deep breath and exclaimed, "Wow! You're very good at that."

Jo excitedly said, "I know she is good at that. She does it to me all the time. Sweety, do it some more, go up and down."

She started rapidly going up and down. I quickly said, "Take it slower or you will get a mouth full right away."

She pulled all the way up and lifted her face to look in my eyes to smile. She knew she was good at this.

I said, "Just take it a little slower, please. I really like it."

She seemed to lose all her inhibitions. She licked around the head, ran her tongue up and down the underneath side, then deep throated me again.

I said, "Crystal, that is wonderful, but I want to bury my cock in you. Please."

Jo cut in, "I know Crystal is on the pill, but we don't really know you. She doesn't want any diseases. Maybe you should use a condom."

"I don't have a condom, do you?"


I looked seriously at both Jo and Crystal, "I understand your feelings. I've been having sex with my steady girl friend for the past year or so and with no one else. I'm sure I don't have a disease."

Jo looked relieved and said, "It's alright, go ahead without a condom. Crystal get on top and ride him."

I laid on my back allowing Crystal to get on top. She raised her butt up, held my erection, and lowered herself. I could feel my cock spreading her pussy and going in deeper. Once she settled all the way down, she pulsated on me. I felt like I could just about cum right away.

I softly said, "Just sit still a minute to let us get adjusted to each other."

I moved my hands to clasp her large breasts. Then I put one hand near her back to pull her forward so that I could kiss her nipples. She cooperated to let her breasts flop around on my face. She lifted up a little for our eyes to meet. I tried to pull her down for a kiss but she turned her head.

I said, "Jo, for some reason, she doesn't want to kiss."

He responded, "I know, she thinks kissing is only for love. Crystal, go ahead and kiss him since he wants to kiss you. Be cooperative and give him what he wants."

She took a quick glance at Jo as if she questioned his decision. Then she faced me again to allow our lips to meet. She lifted her face up a little, but I pulled her down for a long tongue searching kiss. Her breathing started becoming a little irregular and I knew she was beginning to be turned on.

She raised her body a little and started gyrating her butt. This caused her hanging breasts to swing back and forth. As they swung forward, my lips could lightly kiss them.

She sat up straight on me and continued to go up and down and gyrate some. As long as she was doing it slow, I felt I could hold back from cumming. I wanted her to have an orgasm.

After awhile she said, "Aren't you going to cum?"

"I was waiting for you to have an orgasm first or with me."

"I hadn't planned to have one. You are a nice guy, but I am just getting paid to make you cum. I'll have an orgasm with Jo after we finish."

Jo interrupted, "Honey, go ahead and have one with him. I want to watch you."

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes, Please do."

Crystal started faster movements and I knew I couldn't hold back very long. About that time, I felt her body beginning to strain a little and she was starting to moan and grunt as she was gyrating faster on my cock.

Crystal finally exploded with her body sexually shuddering and surging. My cock was jerking and shooting cum in her pussy with each jerk. I joined her with my vocalizing. Our orgasms seemed to go on and on for a long time before our bodies began to relax. Her limp body laid on me with her breasts pressing on my chest before she felt strong enough to get up.

Jo had watched us go through our orgasms and was very turned on. He said, "Sweetheart, now it's my turn," as he held his erection aimed toward her mouth.

She was holding tissues at her crotch with one hand to keep from soiling the sheets. She used the other hand to hold Jo's cock to take it in her mouth.

I watch her take her husband's cock in her mouth and throat as far as she could. Then she started rapid up and down movements. Within a short time, he exploded in her mouth. She pulled up keeping the head in her mouth to catch all his cum while jacking his cock.

When he quit vocalizing and relaxed, she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I watched as she kept holding tissues at her pussy to keep my cum from dripping on the floor until she could sit on the commode. She peeled off a short piece of toilet paper to wipe her face. I think some of her husband's cum was on the outside of her mouth.

Everyone was sexually satisfied and it was time to rest. We all went to sleep with Crystal between me and her husband.

I woke up and looked at the clock to see it was about five o'clock. I turned over on my side to face Crystal who was lying on her back. I took the opportunity to run my hand up the inside of her leg to feel her pussy. She was very juicy from my previous cum which allowed my finger to easily enter her pussy. I kept massaging her clit until I could feel her body reacting to my fingers. She was slowly waking.

I whispered to her, "Roll up on top of me."

I didn't know if she would comply, but then I felt her turn to face me. I then rolled on my back pulling her body up on top of my body.

I let my hand slither down between our bodies to aim my cock. She cooperated by slightly moving her body to let it penetrate her. I was wondering if she was fully awake to realize it was me instead of her husband. She briefly pulsated on my cock, but then I could hear her breath becoming slow and even as if she was going back to sleep. I moved to let my cock go back and forth a little bit, but I felt no response from her.

I was wide awake with my cock buried in Crystal's pussy while she was sleeping Should I wake her or what should I do? I decided to make slow movements to enjoy the feeling of my cock in her hot pussy. There was no rush.

After a considerable amount of time, I decided I wanted to cum. I started thrusting my cock with longer strokes. Now I was beginning to feel her responding to my thrusts. As my cock started spewing my seed in her, she started grinding her pussy on me. Then we laid very quiet and I could again hear her breath becoming slow and even as if she had gone back to asleep. I was wondering if she would remember having sex with me when she finally woke up.

My cock finally became small and practically fell out of her. I don't think she woke up when I rolled her off of me. She was sound asleep.

I laid awake for awhile and was about to doze off when Jo woke up to say, "Crystal, it's after seven o'clock, time to get up."

We dressed and left the motel. I took them out to breakfast and found an ATM machine. After breakfast I said, "Here is the two hundred dollars and another hundred for being so nice and cooperative. Also, here is some extra money for Crystal to buy a new sexy night."

Jo said, "Thank you for the money, especially for the extra, too. We can sure use it."

Crystal responded by saying, "Thanks. You are a nice guy. I like you."

"And I like you, too," I quickly answered back. "Wish we lived closer together. I'd like to see more of you."

"We're on our way to California. My brother told us we could get decent paying jobs where he lives."

I decided to give them an invitation, "Let me give you my address and if you get back this way, you will always be welcome at my home."

Then a thought came into my mind and I said, "Are you in such a big rush to get to California, or could you take a week off to stay with me? I am using my vacation time for the next week."

Jo and Crystal looked at each other. Jo said, "Guess we aren't in that big a hurry. How far do you live from here?"

"You would have to backtrack from your trip about an hour to my home. You are welcome to stay a week and we can have fun doing things together. I'll buy all the food and pay the expenses while we're out during the day. At night we can have fun just like we did last night."

Crystal smiled, "That would be fun. What do you think, Jo?"

Everyone knew in their minds that I would have sex with Crystal every night. Last night, Jo seemed to enjoy watching Crystal with me. If he had any jealously, he didn't show it.

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