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Pictures of Amber


How did it all happen? I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about my wife. Her name is Amber and she's a very cute little blonde headed girl with nice tiny titties and a perfect round ass. We got married six years ago; I was 35 years old and she was 33. We were friends for several years before we were ever lovers and I knew that she had a reputation for being easy. In fact, a couple of my friends had even had one night stands with her.

Even though Amber and I were good friends, I often thought about sleeping with her, but because of her promiscuous past, I had never thought of her as a potential wife. However, after the first time I fucked her, I knew that she was the girl I wanted to marry. She let me do things to her that other girls wouldn't dream of.

Our relationship developed quickly and we got married after being together for two years. Married life with Amber was great. I knew she had been with lots of guys before we were together, but she seemed perfectly happy to be my faithful wife. Sex with her was incredible. She would let me fuck her four or five time a week at first, but after a few years, it was more like once a week. You would never hear me complain though because she let me do anything to her. Our sex was always kinky and it wasn't uncommon for me to tie her up, fuck her in her ass, or take naughty pictures of her.

Now let me tell you a little bit about Doug. He's been a close friend of mine since high school. He's always had a way with the ladies, but never found one that he wanted to settle down with. Amber always got along with most of my friends, but she and Doug had better chemistry than the others.

After Amber and I were married, we spent a lot of time with Doug. In fact, the three of us hung out together sometimes as much as four nights a week. It wasn't uncommon for Amber and Doug to flirt with each other, but I wasn't bothered by it. It was very innocent fun and I trusted both of them.

There were a few times when we were drinking that the flirting seemed to go beyond innocent fun, but I was still fine with it. One time the flirting involved Doug telling Amber that she would be impressed if she ever saw his cock; she gave a sly grin and said that she thought he might be exaggerating, but would have to take his word for it. Another time Doug slapped her ass in the backyard while I was in the house; I just happened to be looking out the window when it occurred. Amber just looked at him with an open mouth and surprised look on her face, but nothing else happened.

Last summer Amber and I went to Cancun for vacation. Vacations were always fun because we would fuck every night. In Cancun we had three photo sessions and I took some of the nastiest pictures of her that I'd ever taken. She's a very photogenic girl and you should see her smile for the camera while she's pulling her panties down.

A few days after we got home from Cancun, we invited Doug over to the house for dinner. After we ate, I pulled out the laptop to show him some of the pictures that we had taken of the beach. I thought that I had organized all the photos into separate folders, but I had left one of Amber's naughty photos in the wrong folder. Doug's eyes nearly popped out of his head when the picture of Amber appeared on the screen near the end of the slideshow. She was completely naked and spreading her legs.

When the picture of Amber was replaced in the slideshow by the next picture, Doug looked at Amber and she blushed. "Oh my God," she said to me as her face turned red, "I can't believe you just showed him that." I apologized to her and told her it was an accident. She hid her face with her hands and said "I'm so embarrassed."

Doug tried to make her feel better by saying that she had no reason to be embarrassed and that she was beautiful. Amber continued to hide her face, not responding to Doug's comment. After a few seconds, Doug said, "I'm serious...I loved that pic...you should be proud of your body."

Amber slowly pulled her hands away from her face and looked at Doug. "Do you really think so," she asked.

"Of course I do," Doug answered, "you're as pretty as any model I've seen... prettier than most."

"You're so sweet to say that," Amber said, "but it's still a little embarrassing."

Doug again assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about. The incident definitely changed the mood in the room, but we were soon looking at the rest of the Cancun pictures and the incident seemed to be behind us. It was the first time that anyone else had seen any of Amber's naughty photos. I had tried a few times to talk her into letting me post some of them on-line. I told her that I would black out her face, but she still said "no way in hell."

As the evening proceeded and we began drinking, Doug kept looking at Amber and shaking his head slightly. When she finally asked him about it, he said, "I'm sorry...I just can't stop thinking about that pic." She blushed again and giggled a little.

"Did you really think I looked that good..." she asked him, "or were you just being nice?"

"I was being completely honest," he answered, "I won't be able to get that picture outta my head for weeks."

Amber then looked over at me and smiled. "Maybe we should let him see some of the other ones we took..." she said to me, "...if he wants to see 'em."

I could hardly believe the words that were coming out of my wife's mouth. She had seemed so embarrassed earlier, but now she was suggesting showing my best friend photos of her in all her glory. The look on Doug's face left no doubt that he was quite surprised as well. Though I was shocked, I was glad Amber had become more comfortable with the idea of showing her body. I had wanted to show off my prize possession for awhile; now it was actually going to happen.

"Yeah..." I answered, "I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to show him some of 'em." I then looked over at Doug who still had a look of disbelieve on his face. "Whadda you think..." I asked him, "you wanna see Amber showin' off the goods?"

Of course Doug couldn't wait to see the photos. I grabbed the laptop, pulled up the folder of Amber's naughty Cancun pics, and handed the computer to Doug. He clicked on the first picture which was of Amber in a short skirt and bikini top. He cycled through the photos fairly quick at first until they became racier. Once the top was gone and Amber was showing her tits, he slowed down and seemed to study each picture for a few moments. When he finally got to the explicit pictures, he really took his time.

I couldn't believe that it was really happening; my buddy sitting in my living room, looking at photos of my naked wife. There were all kinds of pictures of Amber; pictures of her bent over showing her ass, pictures of her spreading her legs wide and showing off her bald cunt, pictures of her pulling her pussy lips open, and even pictures of her using a vibrator.

It had always been a turn-on to think about other guys looking at pictures of Amber, so it wasn't too surprising that I was getting aroused. However, it was obvious that I wasn't the one who most aroused. As Doug looked at each of the pictures, he kept adjusting what was clearly a growing erection in his pants. Amber also noticed what he was doing and had to try to keep herself from giggling.

After Doug had finished looking at all the pictures from Cancun and was just about drooling, I pulled up the only video of Amber that I have ever shot. It started with her getting out of the shower and proceeded to show her doing a naughty little dance. She moved her body in ways that would give any red blooded man an instant hard-on. When it was over, Doug looked at Amber and said, "Wow."

Amber let out another little giggle and replied, "I'm glad you like it." She's always been a girl who likes attention and look on her face left no doubt that she was enjoying the moment.

There was then silence in the room for a few moments before I said, "Honey, maybe you should show Doug some your moves." I was afraid I had went too far, so I added, "wearing clothes, of course."

"I don't know..." she answered with an unsure look on her face, "Are you sure you really want me to do that?"

It didn't take long for me and Doug to convince her to display her talent. She went into the bedroom first, saying that she had to get ready. She then called out from the bedroom to turn on some music, which I quickly did. When she emerged from the bedroom, she was wearing only a tiny pair of white cotton panties and a white nylon sports bra. Doug and I looked at each other. I knew he must've been wondering what I was thinking; after all, my wife was nearly nude and about to show off for him.

What followed was almost unbelievable. Amber gyrated her hips and shook her ass in the most provocative ways imaginable. Doug and I were both sitting in chairs and enjoying the show that kept getting naughtier by the minute. At one point Amber laid back on the couch and opened her legs. Her little panties hid her cunt, but they didn't come close to covering her outer pussy lips. She then popped up off the couch and continued working her hips with a seductive smile. The teasing went on for awhile with her even acting like she was going to pull her panties down.

When she bent over and stuck her ass in Doug's face, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He couldn't resist reaching out and giving her ass a squeeze. She quickly stepped away from him and looked at me to gauge my reaction, but I didn't react at all.

A few moments later she walked back up to Doug and danced only inches away from him. He reached up and slid his fingers into the waistband of her panties, but she grabbed his hand and stopped him from going any further. She again looked at me for a reaction and I again remained motionless. I felt like I should have said or did something, but I was so turned-on that I just watched as Amber looked down at Doug and removed her hand from his.

Time seemed to slow down as he pulled my wife's panties to the floor. She stepped away and pulled off her sports bra. She spent the next few minutes dancing naked for us and she did her best to show off her shaved pussy. I don't think my cock had ever been so hard and I'm sure that Doug had a raging erection as well.

Things got out of control pretty quickly at that point. Needless to say, Doug ended up fucking my wife that night. I never thought I'd be one of those guys who just sat there stroking his hard-on while his wife is stuffed full of another man's cock, but that's what happened. I was aware that I would probably regret it and I knew that the jealousy that I felt would be much more intense the next day, but I was way too turned-on to try to stop it.

The thing about the experience that made me the most uncomfortable was the size of Doug's cock. He looked to be a couple inches longer than me and quite a bit thicker. I know that it must have been a nice treat for Amber to have her pussy stretched, but it made me feel a little unsecure. At one point Doug was hammering her so hard that she was squealing like a schoolgirl. He fucked Amber for about an hour and had her in several different positions.

He started out fucking her in a standard missionary position with her legs in the air. After a few minutes, he had her ankles pinned all the way down on the bed next to her shoulders; this brought her ass up off the bed, allowing him to thrust downward into her pussy and giving me a great view of my wife's cunt getting a good stretching. When he was pounding her the hardest, he would pull his cock all the way out of her pussy and slam it all the way back in.

It didn't take much of getting fucked like that for Amber to cum. Amber and I have always had a great sex life and I've always been able to bring her to orgasm a couple of times per session, but I'd never seen her cum like that. Right before she started to climax, she looked over at me with an 'oh my god' look on her face. There was no denying that Doug was fucking my wife in a way that I never had. The most amazing part was how he relentlessly pounded her without slowing down. I've never been able to fuck a girl like that for more than thirty seconds because I can't keep from cumming.

His performance was just as impressive when he was fucking Amber from behind. He had her on all fours facing me with her ass in the air. Amber was screaming the whole time she was in doggie position. In fact, she only lasted about five minutes in that position before she told Doug that she couldn't take anymore. He then pulled out of her with a satisfied look on his face and laid back on the bed, inviting Amber to climb on for a ride. Amber loves to be on top and she didn't hesitate to get on top of Doug.

She started by slowly grinding her pussy against him in circles. In less than a minute, she was cumming again. Soon their fucking had built back up to a frantic pace, this time with Amber in control. It was quite a sight; Amber's pussy devouring the large cock while her little titties bounced and her long golden hair swung back and forth. When she couldn't continue any longer, she collapsed next to Doug, who then straddled her face. While he was stroking his cock and his balls were hanging in Amber's face, he looked down into her eyes and said, "You wanna drink my cum, baby."

"Yeah... I wanna taste it," she answered, "I want to feel that big dick throb in my mouth."

She sucked his balls for a minute before Doug rolled her over onto her side and put his cock in her mouth. It didn't take long for Amber's mouth to work its magic. He was soon unloading and Amber had her first taste of extramarital cum. She did a good job of drinking it up, but a little bit did spill out onto her lips and chin.

She looked so beautiful lying on the bed with a little cum on her face and her legs wide open. Her hairless wet pussy was gaping open and it looked like she had been fucked by an elephant.

For the rest of the night the three of us sat around drinking and talking like we usually do. Amber never put on clothes, but other than that it was just like the countless other times that Doug had came over to the house and we had talked the night away. Doug and I sat facing her, enjoying the sight of her lovely tits and she even opened her legs from time to time, giving us a view of her pretty pink, but nothing out the ordinary was said. When Doug decided to leave, Amber walked him to the door and they had a long passionate kiss while he rubbed her pussy.

After Doug left, I took Amber straight to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes. I then bent her over the bed and entered her from behind. "You were a very naughty slut tonight," I said to her as I began to pump her, "and now it's my turn."

She let out a small laugh and replied, "You like it don't you...being married to a slut."

Amber's pussy was so loose. Usually, when I fuck her from behind, her twat is fairly tight, but not this time. Though my wife's cunt had already been stretched out by Doug's giant cock, it had never felt so good to be inside it. I only held out for about two minutes before I came in her, but it was the most intense orgasm of my life.

Afterwards, we laid on the bed in the dark and talked about what had happened. She admitted that her climaxes with Doug were as torrid as any she could remember, but she attributed it more to the excitement of letting someone new fuck her than his size. "It was so exciting because it was the first time with him..." she said, "and because it felt so forbidden...you know, to have sex while my husband watched."

She asked if I was jealous at all and I told her that maybe I was a little jealous. "It's hard not to feel any jealousy when I'm watching my wife getting stretched out in ways that I'm not capable of," I told her.

She laughed a little and kissed me. "You have nothing to worry about..." she said, "I love you more than anything in the world."

Those were the words that I needed to hear. I knew that she loved me, but after what had happened, it was nice to hear her say it. "Besides..." she continued, "I think it made you more horny than jealous; I saw you playing with your dick while you watched."

I had to admit that I was turned-on watching her. "Watching you enjoy yourself while he had his way with you was about the hottest thing I've ever seen," I admitted, "You looked so beautiful."

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