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Pictures of Your Wife


Dear Bob,

Honey, you remember the glamour photo shoot you gave me for my birthday last year? I know you do because you have the pictures from that session, and we had one framed which sits on your desk. It was a great gift, and it was such a treat for me to have the chance to have a professional make-up and hair design artist work with me to prepare me for the shoot. It was such fun especially knowing that you and I have shared the fact that I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and it was so nice to have all that attention given to me, and how I look. As I get older, I worry about that you know. All women do.

And before I go on I want you to know that I love you, and was really grateful for this gift from you. I know you like the pictures and how they turned-out. I do also. That whole session made me feel very special, and I think you will agree that the special feelings I had, enhanced the way I look in the photos...you can tell by looking at the pictures of me that I was luxuriating in all the attention these professionals were giving me. It made me feel that I am a beautiful woman, and that you....and even the men that were working with me, see me as an attractive female.

I know you like the pictures with a little of my cleavage showing, those are your favorites. I secretly like them the best too. You know how proud I am of my breasts, and the outfits they chose for me tastefully revealed just enough to make those shots kind of sexy for you.

The reason I am writing this to you is to thank you again for that experience. But there is more. And I have waited to tell you about the entire session, for a time that I thought you would like to hear about it. By that I mean, that you are sometimes very jealous and I don't want to do anything that would upset you. But recently we have been playfully fantasizing about me as your "naughty wife", and role playing with me being sexy and revealing to other men....with you included. And I know that it sometimes excites you when we fantasize about me in circumstances with other fictitious men, with you either watching or participating.

I must tell you that those times with you are very exciting to me also...they are such fun. They make me so hot and horny, and they reveal the side of me that can be a little bit slutty. And it makes me all the more horny knowing that these fantasies makes you hot and hard.

So, I now feel that I can confess to you the details of what really happened during that entire photo session. Please don't be upset with me by my telling you this. It is my hope that we can share what happened to make our own sex-time together even more exciting. I hope what I am about to tell you, excites you like it does me. You already know about the first part of the shoot, so I won't dwell on that. It is what happened after they finished the shots with the low-cut tops.

Are you ready?

I admit I was a little bit excited during that part of the shoot. The photographer and his two assistants (both young men) all gathered to show me the types of outfits they believed would be the most flattering. I could tell they enjoyed this, helping me to select tops that would show-off my breasts. Some of their choices were really too daring for me, but I could tell they wanted me to at least try them on. And I did try a couple of them on. But I had a special bra on, one that I

usually wear only for you. And the lower-the-cut of the outfit, the more bra I was showing. That was not very photogenic. But the guys seemed to enjoy the fact that I was willing to try on even some of the outfits that I said were too revealing....I guess that must have given them the impression that I was enjoying that part of it, and that even though I wouldn't let them photograph me showing that much, I was willing to show-off some of my big tits to them in the process.

And I confess to you that it was fun teasing these young guys a little bit. There I was, just me, your wife, alone with three men in a photo studio, trying on clothes that were supposed to show me off to you, my husband. And all three of the men that were giving me advice, and especially complimenting me on my body, seemed to be enjoying the odds, as well as what they knew was my teasing behavior with them.

I certainly had not given any thought to any additional pictures being taken after the "revealing" ones had been completed. Our session, and what little titillation we all had felt, seemed to signal the end of our time...and I was prepared to thank them, get dressed in my street clothes, and come home. I don't know what happened. Honestly. And what I am about to confess to you, and the reasons that it happened, I have been trying to understand for the last 4 months.

I guess your assessment of my having a little exhibitionist in me is accurate, because otherwise I don't know how to explain the following events.

During the final set I noticed that the photographer (Tom) was particularly complimentary about how I looked in the low-cut top I was wearing. He even went so far as to say how lucky my husband was to have those "trophies" to play with....referring to my tits. Any other time comments like that would have turned me off. But for some reason I found it made me a little warm. And the two other guys (Steve & Dave) started right in with the compliments also. Things like "...Mrs. Childs you sure have a knock-out body"..., and "...are you sure you don't want to show us a little more?"

Their comments were having some effect on me, and I don't know what I did to indicate my pleasure at hearing them, but they kept saying things. "I bet breasts like yours have great nipples." And "Try leaning over just a bit more, and use your arms to squeeze your tits up and out." I did. And "I bet you're like many women whom we photograph. We can tell you are proud of your breasts, why not let us take some shots of you topless? What do you think guys, do you think her husband would like some pictures of his wife showing-off her great tits?"

Of course there was unanimous agreement. And while I was following their instructions to lean over more and squeeze my tits, and they were clicking-away with the camera, it occurred to me that I was getting hot at the possibility that these young men were becoming sexually aroused at the thought that I might be willing to do some topless shots for them...and you. I looked down as I was squeezing my breasts together, and saw the tops of my hard nipples peaking out from the top of my bra, and I thought "...why not, this may be the only time ever, that I would have

the opportunity to give you some pictures of me that you could take with you when you travel, and jack-off while looking at them.

I know that is out of character for me, but that is exactly what came to my mind. Maybe I was just rationalizing because I really wanted to do it. Besides, I was getting hotter and hotter at the thought that I could also act-out a fantasy and have three young men enjoy me displaying my body to them. So, as I was holding my tits in such a revealing position, I asked Tom to bring the camera over and take some up-close and from an angle over my shoulders looking down at my partially exposed nipples.

When he came over and started taking these shots, I became a little more bold. I pulled the shoulders of the top down over my shoulders, and then as he was photographing, I slowly pulled my arms out and pushed the top down to my waist. There I was in my special bra, showing my big tittties off to a photographer and two young studs, and I could feel myself getting wet.

I was enjoying every minute of it, and didn't know or care where it would lead. I was so horny!!

This of course brought Steve and Dave over to the platform, to get a closer look. Tom continued with the compliments "...such beautiful tits young lady. You are a beauty, woman! Take your hands and lift them in the bra, and look directly at me and the camera, and smile like you are so proud." I did exactly that, and as I lifted them to show him and the camera, I let my hands play with my already hot tits and hard nipples. I just couldn't help myself...it felt so good.

"Now, slowly reach-up and pull the bra-straps down and tug at them a little bit...but leave your bra just above your nipples." He knew just what to say, and I complied. I knew that I would shortly remove my bra, and show-off my tits for these men, and I was so aroused at the thought.

One of the assistants reached around and asked me if I wanted him to un-hook the bra. I smiled, and asked them if they really wanted to see all of me, topless. I guess I am just a cock-tease after all. One of them hissed "yessssss"..., and in an instant I felt the pressure release from my bra. It fell away, and I just put my shoulders back & looked at all three of them and said...."so, do you like them? Do you like my big melons?"

"My gawd woman, you have the hottest tits I have ever seen on a woman with your body. They are big, beautiful, and with the most perfect big & hard nipples. Why don't we adjourn to the room with the bed so you can give us a better look...& you can be much more comfortable there."

As I turned my head to follow the three of them, I saw Steve rubbing his crotch, and it occurred to me that as turned-on as we all were at that point, would I be prepared to go any further? The atmosphere was electric, filled with sexuality, testosterone, and my now hot-body that was enjoying every minute of this male and photographic attention. I was especially respondent to their compliments, and when we got to the bedroom studio, I had every intention of continuing to try to hear more of their provocative and sexual remarks about my body.

How are you doing with this honey? Are you all right with this so far? Are you just a bit turned-on? Do you want to hear more from your naughty wife, because there is more. The "confessions of your naughty wife" continued. Your slut-wife revealed.

They turned-on the lights, and set their cameras (actually there were several, and also a video camera I didn't know about). I got up on the bed, turned toward Tom, and said "What do you want me to do next?"

"Well, I'll tell you what would really turn us on and make for some great shots, is for you to take your slacks off, and let us enjoy you in just your panties and your naked breasts. You can move around and pose for us, especially showing-off your tits, and if you feel comfortable we would love to see you use your hands and play with them."

So, like a real model, I slowly began to unfasten my slacks, and teasingly began to pull them down to my knees. The cameras were working-away, and I was about to reveal my panties (wetness and all) and long sexy legs to all three of these men. I was so HOT, I was almost shaking!! I laid down and pulled the slacks complete off, and got back up on my knees.

Over the next few minutes Tom gave me instructions on how to pose...bare-breasted, in the innocent white panties you love so much, and each pose was more revealing than the other. My hands played with my tits and nipples, and I even licked my nipples for them. It was obvious by his instructions though, that he wanted me to tease them by revealing what was between my legs.

And I was so sexually aroused that I knew I wanted to show them!!! Honestly honey, I wanted to show them my pussy. Compliment after compliment about how sexy I am and what a beautiful body I have, and I was ready to pose anyway he asked. Really. Shame on me, but yes....I was ready to take off my panties. I wanted to tease them with my pussy. I wanted them to take pictures of my legs spread, and my wet slit on display. I was hot to play with my sex, and even finger myself before the camera...and these men.

Who by now, I noticed, had taken off their jeans...and were just in their briefs. All three were rubbing their cocks, which I couldn't help but notice were getting very hard. And I was making them hard. It was thrilling, and I really wish you could have witnessed it.

Tom came over to the bed, and as I was lying there stroking my pussy through my panties, he put the camera down and reached for the waistband of my panties, and said, "We want to see your wet sex. Please let me take these off, and show us your pussy. We know you want to do this for us, and I know you will enjoy it. May I take them off?"

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled them down as I raised my hips to help him. I was now completely naked, my nipples were bullets, and my wet pussy was about to be put on display to these three men and their camera. I put my hand down and spread my legs slightly, and began to stroke my vagina. I was so wet my lips were slippery. You know how wet and dilated I become when I am so hot. Tom was taking close-ups of my hand and pussy, and then Steve came over to the bed and stood beside Tom. He had taken his briefs off, and was stroking one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was hard, and huge, and he was pulling on it, making it even bigger and more swollen.

"What do you think about this big hard dick Mrs. Simpson? Would you like to play with it? Would you like to watch me beat-off? You and your hot naked body have done this to me. To all of us. Take your dicks out gentlemen, I think Judy, or I mean Mrs. Simpson, would like to see a display of our big hard dick-meat. Maybe then she would spread her legs and show us more of her pussy."

"Come-on Judy, you are hot, and we want to take some really dirty pictures of you....show us how dirty and naughty you can be for the camera Your husband will love it."

Both Tom and Dave quickly took off their briefs, and each were big and hard! Both of them started to stroke and play with their erections, and I was watching all of those big hard dicks in my honor, as I slowly spread my legs to their eyes.

Tom was not taking anymore pictures himself, the cameras were on automatic and the video was running.

Honey, I was not in control anymore, I was a woman "in heat" and realized that possibly I was about to experience a fantasy that you and I have played so often...and I did want you to be there to see it. But I knew you weren't, and would only hope you would become aroused when I told you what happened. And showed you the video.

I laid back and put my knees in the air, and used both hands to spread my pussy lips so that they could all see how wet, red, and swollen my hole was. I was like a proud little girl playing "doctor", and proudly showing them all my pussy-toy. They all stood at the foot of the bed, hard dicks in hand, watching me show them my hot wet cunt. I was over the edge with sexuality...my slut-side was on display and I was loving it.

"My pussy is so hot for all of you. Do you like looking at me this way? It sure excites me to spread my legs for you like this. Let me show you what my fingers can do, and then maybe you would show me what your three hard cocks can do."

"You are hot beyond description Judy", Steve said, "and you are playing with fire. You are in control now because we can't keep our eyes of your hot shaved pussy and tits, but we all can tell what you really want. And we are going to give it to you. Starting with my monster cock that you can't keep your eyes off!!"

And they did Honey. I spent the next hour or so playing with their cocks. They felt and played with my big tits, sucked on my nipples. Fingered my pussy. They licked my pussy. I even sucked them all off. I had a hard time getting all of Steve's cock into my mouth...he was so huge, but I sucked the head of his cock while he played with my tits. At one time I had three fingers in my pussy, two different pairs of hands playing with my tits and sucking my nipples, and two hard cocks in each of my hands.

Then each of them had their way with me. I was such a horny & hot cock-craving wife, they each fucked my tight wet pussy, and when one was pumping his hard cock into my hole I was sucking another big dick, and jacking-off the other one.

I couldn't get enough hard cock-meat, and I kept cumming and cumming.

And Steve fucked me twice with that huge weapon he has.

I was a naughty and slutty wife in complete ecstasy and shame. And yes, I want more. Will you let me? Steve wants to do another session with me, and would like you to be there.

Do you want to watch your big-titted slut-wife get fucked by three young studs?

I thought so.

Now, let's watch the video.

Your Loving But Naughty Wife


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