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Piercing Virgin


"Come right this way, Emily." The man with the spiky blond hair led the way, past the tattoo "flash" displays, back into the piercing area. "My name is Jason. What were you thinking of getting done?"

I took a deep breath. "Nipples."

He raised an eyebrow, a pierced one at that. "Do you have any other piercings?"

"No. This'll be my first."

"And you're starting with your nipples? One or both?" His eyes made their way down to my ample breasts, primly covered by a sweater.

"Both. This is something I've wanted for a long time and I've finally made up my mind to do it." I spoke rapidly, too rapidly, trying to cover my nervousness.

He nodded slightly. "Ok. I'll know better what jewelry to use once I see your nipples. Some nipples require different jewelry than others."

I looked around. "See them?" I hated how high-pitched and girlish my voice sounded.

He nodded, a smile briefly crossing his face.

Granted, we were in the back of the store, but we were still in view of the entryway. Granted it was a Tuesday morning – not a lot of traffic in this part of town at this time of day. What the hell, I decided. I pulled up the hem of my sweater and slowly lifted it above my breasts. Making eye contact with Jason, I pulled the sweater over my head and laid it on the counter. Now, I just had to take off my bra. In front of a stranger. A stranger whom I was going to pay to pierce my flesh with sharp objects. Smiling slowly to cover my apprehension, I reached between my large breasts and undid the clasp. Rolling my shoulders, I slipped the confining piece of lace off my shoulders. I pulled my shoulders up and gently arched my back, showing off my breasts. My nipples were instantly hard, whether because of the cool air or because of the novelty of showing myself to a stranger, I don't know.

He came around the counter and bent over. Eye level with my nipples, he said, "Based on the length and width of the nipple, I'd think you'd look really great in twelve gauge straight barbells." His warm breath fanned my nipples. He stepped back and around the counter. As he moved, I noticed a perceptible bulge in his pants. Opening the case, he pulled out a gleaming pair of barbells.

My mouth dry, I looked up at him. "Those are perfect."

He smiled. "I know." Coming around the counter once more, he passed closely behind me, pressing his crotch against my back. "Follow me," he whispered against my hair.

I followed him into the small room further back in the store. It was a simple room with bare walls, a mechanical table and a counter with an autoclave and various implements sitting on it. Rather like a doctor's office, I thought.

Jason gestured at the table, "Have a seat up there." He pulled a couple of sealed packages out of the autoclave and began to prepare his tools.

I sat on the pseudo-examination table, hands primly folded in my lap. My nipples were still hard and I could feel a corresponding wetness between my thighs. I shifted on the table, feeling the seam of my jeans pressing tightly against my clit.

Jason turned around and placed his tools on a small table next to me. Needles, clamps, barbells, alcohol and cotton balls. Pulling up a stool, he sat next to me. "First thing is that I'll wipe your nipples down with the alcohol. I'll warn you now: The alcohol is cold and it'll make your nipples so hard that they hurt and feel like they're gonna pop off. Next, I'll run the needle through. I might need the clamps to stretch your nipple a bit, but I don't think so. Once the needle is through, I'll let it sit for a minute while I do the other one. Then, I'll thread the jewelry through as I pull out the needle. That's the whole process. Have any questions?" He was pulling on black latex gloves as he spoke, snapping them against his tattooed wrists.

I moistened my lips, idly noticing that his eyes followed my tongue as it slicked across my lips. "No, I think you've covered everything."

Holding up a finger, he sighed. "Damn. I almost forgot. I'm going to ask you to sit on your hands. Depending upon your pain threshold, this can really hurt." I looked blankly at him. "If you're sitting on your hands, there is less of a chance of you hauling off and punching me."

I slid my hands underneath my ass. Jason put his hands on my shoulders and eased me back against the table. "Relax. This'll be over before you know it and then those pretty nipples of yours will be even prettier." The sight of those strong, tattooed forearms in such close proximity to my pale flesh was very arousing. I looked up and his face was so close that I could see the pores in his nose. Our eyes met and he infinitesimally leaned into me, his lips just grazing mine. Then, just as suddenly, he pulled back and it was business as usual for him.

Reaching over, he moistened a cotton ball and pressed it against my right nipple. I inhaled sharply; even with his warning, I was unprepared for the cold. He quickly wiped down my entire nipple and the areola. My nipple was so hard, it felt like if he were to flick it, it would just shatter, like an icicle on a sub-zero winter day.

"Ok, Emily. I want you to breathe in and out, slowly. I'm going to count to three and on three I want you to exhale as I pierce your nipple." His eyes looked into mine as I concentrated on my breathing. "One."

I breathed in through my nose and out my mouth, just staring into his deep brown eyes.

"Two." I felt rather than saw the needle get closer to my erect nipple.

I just concentrated on the mechanics of the involuntary function that is breathing.

"Three and exhale." He slid the needle through my nipple with no hesitation whatsoever.

It hurt. It hurt more than I thought it would. I've always been one for fairly extreme nipple play and this was the worst pain I'd ever felt. Then, just as quickly as it came, it was gone and replaced by this wonderful warm sensation that began in the very tip of my nipple and spread outwards through my body. I'd been holding my breath: I exhaled slowly and felt a distinct tingle between my legs that was immediately followed by surge of wetness. I gasped, quietly, but not quietly enough.

Jason looked up, a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Look at yourself."

I looked down. There, through the middle of my nipple, was a thick, long needle. For some odd reason the sight of that metal piercing my sensitive flesh was almost too much for me. I leaned back against the table, closing my eyes, feeling little tremors that I knew would lead to an orgasm.

Jason leaned over me again, whispering in my ear. "Now, time for the second one. We're going to do the same thing: Breathe in and out three times and on three I'll slide the needle through."

As he counted, slowly, in that sexy voice, I resumed the slow breathing that had successfully gotten me through the first piercing. This time the needle went in very easy, with very little pain and those warm, tingling sensations came even quicker. Looking down, both of my nipples had thick straight needles sticking through them. Seeing those bars of surgical steel piercing my flesh inexplicably aroused me – a lot. Jason was standing close to me and without thinking, I reached over, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him towards me. Our lips met, fiercely and instantly his tongue was inside my mouth, sensually stroking my tongue.

Pain radiated through my nipple. Looking down, I saw him flick the other nipple, causing the same type of pleasurable pain to radiate through my body. Jason leaned down and licked the tip of my nipple, swirling his tongue around the fresh piercings. Moaning, I ran my hands through his hair, holding him tightly against me.

His tongue was worrying my nipple, occasionally flicking the needle spearing my flesh. His other hand was between my legs, rubbing my clit through my jeans. I writhed against his hand, craving the attention.

"Now we need to put the barbells in. There will be a little more pain and then you're done." I didn't want to be done. The entire experience was shaping up to be one of the hottest of my life. Jason was hot and appeared eager. I watched his black latex covered fingers quickly slide the barbell through the new hole in my nipple. The metal gleamed and if possible, my nipple was even harder than before and it looked longer and fatter than it had ten minutes earlier. He did the same to my other nipple and moved away from me.

Jason was standing at the counter, just looking at me as he shucked off his gloves. He grabbed another pair of gloves and came towards me.

"We need to make sure that the piercing process didn't hurt any nerves or diminish sensitivity in your nipples," He slipped the new pair of latex gloves onto his hands. "It would be a tragedy if your nipples couldn't be played with anymore."

I nodded, breath coming quicker and quicker as he spoke.

He leaned down and ran the point of his tongue over my pursed lips. His fingers instantly went to my tits, pulling, massaging, groping them roughly. It hurt a lot, but quickly passed over that fine line between pain and pleasure. I arched my back, filling his black-latex covered hands with my tits. Our tongues were entwined, teeth clicking together.

Suddenly, he lifted my hands above my head. Never breaking contact between our lips, I felt cool metal slipping around my wrists, echoing loudly over the sounds of out breathing. My hands were suspended above my head, body half reclining on the medical table and I was soaking wet.

Jason kissed his way down my throat, nibbling on the sensitive hollow before progressing to my tits. He licked and sucked the tender flesh, completely avoiding my nipples. His hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt, revealing more tattoos than I had ever seen on one person before. His entire torso was covered. And, his nipples were pierced also.

His mouth closed over my right nipple and shockwaves radiated through my body. He chewed delicately on the tender bud, alternately hurting it with his teeth and soothing it with his tongue. He kissed his way down, over my tummy and began to unfasten my jeans.

I wiggled my hips to help him. Soon my jeans were in a pile on the floor, along with my soaked panties. There I was, naked and with a pussy that was flowing like Niagara Falls, sitting on a pseudo-examination table with a stranger.

"You're so fucking hot like that. All naked and waiting for me." He stepped backwards and quickly shed his jeans. Much like his upper body, his lower was covered with tattoos also. To my delight, his cock had a tattoo of a cobra wrapped around it. Seeing my appraising look, he said, "Yes, that one hurt." He came to me, spreading my legs wide and fitting his body into the space between my spread legs. Jason leaned down and kissed me again, his hands immediately pulling and twisting my sensitive nipples.

I don't know if it was the situation or the fresh piercings; something was making me hot. Probably a combination of the two. And, having the very hot piercer playing with me like I was nothing but a doll didn't hurt either. I raked my fingernails up and down his back, reveling in the feel of the smooth muscles rippling under my hands. My eyes were closed tightly and I felt Jason's tongue sliding down my neck. Nibbling, kissing and sucking the tender flesh, he made his way down to my tits.

Opening my eyes, the eroticism of my creamy, pale flesh against his multi-colored, designed skin was very apparent. Pulling him closer, I was rewarded by the feel of his hard cock rubbing against my clit. He bit my tits, raising red marks and with each bite, I got wetter and forcibly held his head against me, relishing the pain cause by his teeth. My hand wrapped around his cock and began pulling on it, eliciting a groan from him.

"That's it. Pull on that snake." His fist covered mine, tightening my grip and showing me how he liked to be handled. His cock grew in my hand, quickly becoming too thick for my hand. Both of them were wrapped around it now, smearing pre-cum everywhere. I brought my hand to my mouth, licking it clean of his juices. My eyes held his as I sucked every drop of his essence off my hand. I did the same with the other, watching his eyes glaze over and his breathing become more erratic. Jason kissed me again, fucking my mouth with his. He stepped back and picked two more pairs of handcuffs. Bending down, he fastened my open legs to each side of the table.

"That's enough teasing, Emily. I know exactly what to do with naught sluts like you." With that, he flipped the table over, until my feet were above my head. It took me a minute to realize that this put me in a perfect position to suck him deep and also, conveniently, placed my pussy right in front of his face. Jason instantly dove into my pussy, smearing his face with my juices and driving his tongue deep inside while his chin pressed tight against my clit.

I opened my mouth and his cock slid right in. Rigid, fat and gently pulsing, I greedily consumed him until he was balls deep in my throat. Shock momentarily set in as I had never been able to deep-throat a man, but I quickly forgot it as he began pumping my face. I couldn't have stopped him from thrusting all the way in even if I'd wanted too; my hands were handcuffed to the table.

My mobility was limited by the metal restraints, but soon I found a way to grind my pussy against his face. Every few minutes, Jason would stop licking me and gently spank my pussy, the sound a mixture of spanking and wet splatting sounds. A rosy heat began to suffuse my pussy as he continued to spank and suck me.

My tits, with those brand-new piercings were pressed against his abdomen. In time with the movements of my hips, my tits were being stimulated by the motion. My nipples were still hard as stones and there was more than a touch of pain. If anything, the pain was an adjunct to my desire. Jason reached down with one hand and grabbed both my nipples and pulled on them hard. Tears sprang to my eyes as he incredibly squeezed harder. And then I came. Upside down, a stranger's face in my pussy, my nipples being pulled so hard that they felt as if they were going to be torn off, I had one of the most amazing orgasms of my life. Jason continued to lick and nibble my clit as I came. He also kept on fucking my face. I sucked for all my worth as the orgasm radiated through my body. He pulled totally away from me and my juices kept trickling out of my pussy, dripping down onto my abdomen. My mouth and my pussy were empty and that was unacceptable...I needed more!

Jason slowly righted the table, until I was flat on my back. The blood began to flow out of my head and to the other parts of my body. Securing the table, he climbed on top of me, straddling my belly. Grasping the steel bars through my nipples, he pulled my tits up and slid his cock between them. Slowly he began to fuck my tits, pulling and kneading on my flesh.

The head of his cock was near my mouth, shiny with pre-come. Swirling my tongue around his head, I watched him as he gasped and threw his head back. The tattoos amplified his muscles and defined them in a way I'd not seen before.

Suddenly, he slid back down the table and positioned himself between my legs. The tendons in my thighs were stretched to the limit as he opened me wide. Positioning himself at the apex of my thighs, Jason kept his hands on my tits, alternately squeezing and pulling them, molding them into whatever shape he desired.

"How bad do you want it, Emily? How much do you want this cock inside your hot pussy right now?" He nudged my clit with the tip of his cock, smearing me with his fluids and sending a jolt of pure exhilaration through my body.

I opened my mouth, but I was beyond words. All that came out was a series of moans and gasps. I arched my back, thrusting my tits higher and angling my hips up.

Jason slapped my tits, instantly pinkening them. "Now Emily, if I don't hear the words, I'll just get down right now and go about the rest of my day." He flicked my nipples with his fingers, vibrating the barbells and eliciting another incoherent series of gasps from my open mouth. "Say it, Emily." He slid down my body and made as if to get down. I quickly found my voice.

"I want you inside me, Jason."

He smirked and slapped his cock against my slit, making a wonderfully wet sound. "Don't try and act like a lady; you're restrained to this table and at my mercy. Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me, Jason. Fuck my pussy hard!" I begged, my pussy clenching and seeking something to grasp.

He obliged, hilting all the way inside me. He began to thrust and rotate his hips, hitting all the sweet spots in my pussy. Futilely I reached for him, jangling the handcuffs against the table. "Let me go," I whispered. Jason rested his weight on me and stilled his cock inside me. He reached down and unfastened my arms, which I instantly threaded around his neck. Kissing him deeply, I rotated my hips, grinding my clit against his pubic bone.

Jason reared back on his knees and unfastened my legs. Holding me by the ankles, he began to thrust deep and hard into my overflowing pussy. His balls banged against my ass as he worked a hand beneath me. I jumped when I felt his hand graze my puckered orifice, but he was not dissuaded. He slid his thumb inside me and rotated it in the same rhythm he was fucking me. I gave myself up to sensation and lifted my hips to his, matching his thrusts.

"Play with yourself. I want to see you come," he said, his voice a low rumble. He guided my hand down to my clit and I began to play with it, rolling it between my fingers, tapping it, squeezing it. My other fingers teased my opening; I could feel his cock stretching me open and I loved it.

Jason fucked me deeper, his eyes riveted on my busy fingers. My orgasm built slowly, but surely. The tendons in Jason's neck stood out and his muscles flexed and relaxed in his abdomen as he thrust deeper, so deep I thought he would eventually try to crawl inside. I rubbed my clit faster and faster.

My orgasm broke like a wave on the shore: One big, massive crash and then smaller ripples all through my body. My orgasm triggered his and he came with a yell, driving deep into my quivering body and holding himself there, releasing his excitement deep inside me. His weight came to bear down on me, his cock shriveling and growing smaller, his body damp with sweat. I liked his shoulder, tasting the tangy sweetness of his sweat.

Jason moved off me and leaned over, taking a quick lick of my pussy. "That was fantastic, Emily. How are your nipples? I wasn't too rough, was I?"

I giggled. "Not too rough at all, at least I don't think so." I got off the table and began to get dressed. As I fastened my bra, Jason spoke.

"I would advise that you keep your bra off as much as possible during the healing process." He wrapped his arms around me from behind. "As a matter of fact, I think you should come back every day, so I can check on the healing of your piercings."

"Check on the healing, huh?"

Jason bit my neck. "Yes. Unless you object to having me...examine you?"

"I would never object to that." I turned in his arms and kissed him as he deftly undid my bra and tossed it aside.

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