tagSci-Fi & FantasyPilot 04: Meddle

Pilot 04: Meddle


Author's note: We have finally arrived at the "true" format of the series – one longer adventure that could be read without the benefit of knowing the previous ones. Nevertheless, I will summarise what has happened thus far:

Jon was an English RAF pilot during WWII. In 1943 a race called Scnrgsis recruited him for the forces of the galactic community, which was facing an extra-galactic enemy called the Pret. Sixty-six years later Jon crashed on Earth following a battle with the Pret, having aged just about seven years due to a medical implant of the Scnrgsis. He hijacked a space shuttle to get to a station of the Scnrgsis on the dark side of the moon. Whilst waiting for his "Mother"-ship Snay together with Emma's "hand", the last remaining android from his destroyed ship Emma, he recounted his training on Talagon. The Pret were contained by a barrier the most advanced race in our galaxy – the Salarmorn – had erected. What went on behind this barrier was virtually unknown, until the first missions of the Snay ...

Chapter one – Aboard the Snay

"Good morning Jon. I made you tea and toast. Did you sleep well?"

"Morning, sweetie. Yes, I did indeed. Any new transmissions from the Snay?"

"Sorry Jon, there are no updates. Would you like me to contact them for you?"

"No sweetie, they are busy with their repairs. Your toast is much better today. Well done."

"I am pleased to hear that Jon. Jon, are you alright? We have not had sex for a long time now."

"Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. No, I am fine. Just in a bit of a pensive mood lately."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, Emma, not really. I will fuck you a little later though."

"Thank you Jon, I am looking forward to that. Would you like another cup of tea?"

"Yes please. And turn on the galactic news network for me please."

My little Emma - always eager to please me. I wondered how much of her original personality could be restored when the hand re-integrated with a ship. Naturally there were back-ups for Emma stored on Mother too. I missed Mother. Mother was my home. Emma was my darling.


The last days on Talagon were a drag. I was pleased to hear that a few more of my friends and comrades would also be posted on the Snay. Quila and Anjiran, with whom I shared a special friendship after our survival training; Tufte, a Mofat that was to become the Snay's weapons officer and Sinjin, a Soreila. I had met Tufte at the firing range on Talagon.

Mofats have the reputation of being ill-mannered, volatile and vested with an acidic tongue. They were just three feet tall, with an almost spherical romp that is covered in green fur. Some Mofats' fur streaks with white upon killing their first enemy. They have two legs with disproportionally large feet and seven-digit hands. Their heads and extremities are hairless and covered by a leathery grey skin.

They can rotate their domed heads one hundred and eighty degrees, which can be a little unsettling at times. The mouth is filled with several rows of razor-sharp teeth, the brain with the corresponding wit.

All I know about handheld weapons I learned from Tufte, rather than my instructors. I have never seen him miss a target. Well, I came to think to him as a "he". In truth, they have four different genders and amazingly complicated mating rituals.

Soreil had been a blooming civilisation once. They had colonised their largest moon after discovering sub-light space travel. A sizeable amount of Soreila moved there and were soon constituting an independent race, called the Soqul. The resources on the moon were limited and many Soreila made decent profits by exporting their goods to the Soqul. Some overdid it though, and soon the Soqul were more or less bankrupt. They decided to revive an ancient tool of appropriation to rid themselves of their predicament: war. Unfortunately, the war did not end well for either race. They more or less annihilated themselves in a nuclear holocaust.

That was more than one hundred thousand years ago.

Some of the Soreila survived in the vast underground of the planet, lived and flourished as cave dwellers. The suction cups on their hands and feet as well as their skin and eyes that could see in the dark were an evolutionary response to that environment. Their civilisation was more advanced than ours, despite de-evolving quickly after the holocaust and re-evolving slowly again. Just when they were finally accepted into the galactic community, the Pret appeared, and their planet was amongst the first to fall into Pret hands.

Sinjin was the daughter of a high-ranking diplomat of the Soreila. She had escaped the fate of her people as she had accompanied her on a diplomatic mission in a different sector at the time their system was annexed by the Pret. She was six back then, when I met her she was eighty-one. With eighty-one you are a youngster on Soreil. They have a natural life-span of six hundred years. With eighty-one you are old enough to leave your parents though. Sinjin immediately volunteered for the galactic forces. And occupied the quarters next to mine on Talagon.

She used to wear white uniforms - a shade of white that corresponded exactly to her skin colour and fitted so tightly that absolutely nothing was left to the imagination. Sinjin was always wearing visor-like blue shades, as her albino eyes were extremely sensitive to light.

Sinjin became my best friend, maybe because the Soreila were so similar to us, without being of human descent, not only physically, but also in our way of thinking and feeling. We talked for ages, I told her many stories about home, as she did about Soreil and the planets they had spent their exile on. Although she didn't have many memories of Soreil and mainly recounted stories she had heard from her mother, she dreamt of returning there and freeing it from the Pret.

She thought it likely that a great deal of their civilisation might still have been undiscovered by them, as they had developed a rather complicated access infrastructure, which would appear like a labyrinth to most off-worlders who needed Soreila guides to get through.

Sin told me that the Soreila did not have sex or mate outside their species, and that was probably the only reason why we became friends rather than lovers back then. Not that this was easy for either of us. She was one of the most alluring females I have ever encountered and she was going through the most intense phase of her reaching sexual maturity – with no suitable partners around to help her relieve her tension. I think part of the reason why she wanted to go to Soreil was just that.

She insisted on getting the quarters next to mine on the Snay also. During our time on Talagon, I once walked in on her while she masturbated hanging from the ceiling, three suction cups firmly attached to it, the fourth to her clit.

"Oops, sorry Sin, I should have buzzed before getting in."

"It's all right. You can stay. I am almost done."

I had never before seen a female masturbating. As awkward as the situation was, I enjoyed every minute of it, watched her white hair cascading in the air as she noisily finished herself off. The whole room smelled of her pussy, a scent that made you feel privileged and absolutely certain that you'd never ever forget it.

"See, done already."

"Good for you."

Sinjin made sure I got a good look of her cunt when coming down, even presenting it to me when bending over to get her uniform.

"Do you think it is funny to torture me like that? Or have you finally decided to drop your alien embargo?"

"Sorry, I can't. I told you that. That is why I have to play with myself so much. You were bound to witness that sooner or later. After all, you are my friend."

"A friend with a hard-on, mind you."

"Get it out and relieve yourself too. Or go fuck someone else. There are lots of females here who would find you attractive."

"I'm aware of that. And no thanks, I don't really want to masturbate now. As for fucking – I do have a date later on. Just a shame that lucky Tlla will get what was meant for you."

"The C'zora? Jon, you really shouldn't. They drink a lot of their mate's blood, or so I was told."

"Details, mere details. Who needs all his blood anyway?"

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you. After all, that is what friends are for."

We were really close friends. And despite all the sexual tension and banter, we both knew how lost and lonely we were feeling at times and how much the presence of the other took the edge off it. We were sharing wonderful moments of silence together also. Someone you can be silent with for hours without feeling uncomfortable - that is either your perfect partner or an excellent friend.


I took all of them and the Daugalan twins to the Snay. The Snay had the shape of a rather fat saucer and a diameter of two hundred and eighty yards. It had a crew complement of three hundred and ten, including us. It harboured Emma and the kids, as well as four larger runabouts that also served as troop carriers. Two hundred and fifty of the crew were soldiers of one kind or another. Specialists, all of them.

The barrier the Salarmorn had erected still held them off at that time. Our first priorities were to gather as much information about the Pret as we possibly could. Land on occupied planets within their domain. Find out what they were doing down there. And who the fuck they were.

The Snay had what no other vessel in the fleet had yet been fitted with – a new and improved cloaking device. The Pret had picked up stray emissions from the previous versions and all ships were lost on their reconnaissance missions, along with their crews and the invaluable information they carried. All information available to us at the time came from the few survivors fleeing the domain in small, manoeuvrable ships, before the Salarmorn's barrier made that impossible too. For about four years the Pret had not advanced either, because of the psionic wall.

We crossed the barrier without being detected by the patrolling Pret cruisers. Our strategic team had decided to fly alongside it first to gather data on the Pret's fleet strength and probable movements, before venturing deeper into their territory. Sneaking around like that was against my nature; I was condemned to watch our approach and the large contingents of Pret ships passing us inside of Emma - still sitting in our bay, as we had been put on alert, just in case the new cloaking device wasn't doing the trick.

"How many Pret ships have we passed so far, sweetie?"

"Three thousand seven hundred and forty-five, Jon."

"Fuck, that is a lot."

"And we have just covered about twenty-seven percent of the area around the barrier."

"Any scans that show details of the insides of their ships?"

"No, Mother is not actively scanning. Our scans might be detected, Jon. Mother told me to switch off all sensors too. We are just working with resonance fields to detect them."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"We are shifting again. Eyleenois wants to talk to you."

"Put her through."

"Jon, we will complete the pass. You can stay down combat alert now and return to your quarters. They are not detecting us."

"Are we going deeper inside?"

"Not right now, Jon. We will return to base when we have the full picture of their deployment patterns along the border. Get some rest Jon; you've been on alert for seventy-six hours now."

"Don't really feel like resting. When will you be off-duty?"

"I told you many times Jon, I don't fancy species with only a single dick."

"It is not the number that counts, but what you can do with it."

"You keep saying that as if it were a fact. Go sleep Jon, we will need you in your best shape soon enough."

"With 'we' I hope you mean yourself and both your pussies."

"You are persistent, I'll give you that. What a waste of precious energy though."

"Ah, but that is where you are wrong. Give me twenty years and you will consider it. I am a very patient man also, you know."

She smiled when she turned off the channel. It took me less than two months actually.

Chapter two – And into the fray

That wasn't quite the excitement I was hoping for. In war you never get what you expect. I expected to have Sinjin along my side for a long time, for instance. But our very first target in the Pret domain was Soreil. She was delirious with joy when she heard the orders. I was glad for her also, but apart from this being an extremely dangerous mission, there was a good chance I could lose her there for other reasons too. I have to admit, that stung more than just a little.

"Emma, we are going for a swim. We will take several of our friends and specialists along."

"A swim?"

"Yes, Mother will drop us off on the far side of Soreil, where there are no landmasses supporting life yet. We will cross the ocean like a submarine and enter the underworld of the Soreila far away from the Pret installations. Sinjin will lead us in. We hope to be able to find some of her people that managed to escape the Pret thus far."

"Oh, I haven't experienced water yet. I am looking forward to that. And to seeing Sinjin again. She is a very nice girl."

"A girl of eighty-one. And utterly unavailable."

"I can see how frustrating that must be for you Jon. How many others will join us?"

Apart from Sinjin, there were six others coming along. Tufte, Anjiran and the Daugalan twins. One Turran male called Alo and a Fiotr called Llft. The Daugalan twins looked like four feet beavers without fur and walking erectly. Xrrr was the older one by twenty-two seconds. Xrro was reminded of that fact constantly by her sister. Only twins develop the special ability those two had, and it only works when they are both together. They can lock other beings in a different reality. I have experienced it myself many times, it is actually quite amazing. You feel transported to another world. You feel, see and act in there. But in reality you never leave the place they caught you at.

Llft was a gifted telepath. Fiotrs are amongst the most exotic creatures I have ever encountered. They look like an oversized amoeba or pieces of translucent rubber with stuff enclosed in it. They have thousands of little arms and legs and can move their two feet body at incredible speeds. I usually have a bit of a problem with telepaths to be honest, but Llft was one of the few exceptions. He was always very polite and respectful, and never got into my head any deeper than absolutely necessary.

"I am receiving the orders now, Jon. Oh, the Daugalan twins. Do you want me to arrange separate quarters for them this time?"

"That won't be necessary. We should cross the ocean in less than four hours."

"A Turran and Tufte? Sometimes I question the wisdom of the strategic team."

I shared Emma's misgivings. I would have my work cut out for me with them and the squabbling sisters. One of Emma's hands would also join us. She complained a lot about me ordering her to put on a uniform. Alo and Llft were they only seasoned fighters in our group, the rest of us were coming straight from Talagon. You can always tell. Seasoned fighters are not excited about a mission any more. Alo had killed several Pret in close combat I saw in his file. He was the first one I got to know that had actually seen the Pret.

I made sure I scowled at him, when he boarded Emma, which he acknowledged with a grunt and spitting at my feet. Tufte sneered and bowed into my direction.

"That epitome of charm and manners is called Alo. You are familiar with the Turran? Good. That prevents me from using foul language. May I introduce Llft to you?"

'You are the pilot Jon. I am Llft. Prosperity and many children to you.'

'Long life and good thoughts to you, Llft. I am honoured to welcome you aboard."

We had received engrams about the Fiotrs and their mannerisms of course. I gathered that Llft would be the leader of our group, although in the community there were no clear hierarchical structures. Whoever had something to contribute did it. Whoever had experience or knowledge that elevated him above others was respected for that in the given situation, but not on a permanent basis. For as long as they were on my ship, they were under my command. On an away-mission someone else would take charge.

'Odd, I cannot read your companion there.'

'She is an android, one of two belonging to this ship. Her name is Emma.'

'An artificial life-form? Interesting. I can sense the ship. It is biological too?'


'I am confused. She thinks of herself as Emma also.'

'Yes, the androids are her hands.'

'My people do not have a lot of experience with technology. But I am sure we will get along just fine. I won't be able to communicate with your android though, as I cannot speak.'

'That is not a problem - she will do what I tell her to do. Just give me your instructions.'

'Good, Jon.'

"Launch bay open, Jon. Ready to depart."

"Let's go then, sweetie."

We just needed one quick thrusting push, then we were clear of Mother and ready to follow our descent vector, which was actually quite steep. Emma's shields briefly flared up when we entered Soreil's atmosphere. We couldn't see much of the landmasses, as we entered a more or less oceanic region, littered only with a few forsaken and uninhabitable islands. What could have looked like a spectacular crash was in fact a well timed dive, but hopefully there weren't any onlookers around, when we submerged in Soreil's vast ocean.

I brought Emma on course and was about to follow Sinjin to my private quarters, when the Daugalan twins stopped us.

"Excuse us. Are you going to have a sexual encounter now?"

"One can only hope. Why would you want to know that?"

"We like observing realities people feel good in."

"You want to watch us having sex?"

"Only if you don't mind. We would be very quiet."

"Sorry to have to disappoint you, but I don't think we are going to have any. Sinjin and I are just friends."

"Actually, I wanted to give you a hand-job for being such a good friend to me."


"That qualifies, doesn't it Xrrr? I want to see that."

"Yes, me too."

"You want to give me a hand-job?"

"That's what she said. So, can we see that please?"

"Yeah, that's what I said. Why, is that idea not appealing to you?"

"Appealing? There are just about two or three other things on this world I would like to do more."

"Excellent, yeah, do him. And we will watch."

"That depends how serious you are about the quiet bit."

I couldn't believe what Sinjin was offering me and them there.

"You will only hear us lick our lips."

My cock didn't seem to have any trouble believing it. We withdrew from the bridge and got to my quarters. As soon as the matter sluice reconstituted I felt her hands all over my body, opening each organic connector, which is something not unlike Velcro, just a little more sophisticated.

"Is it ok, if we take off our uniforms too?"

"Well, I don't mind ..."

"Yeah, if you want, but then shut up, will you?"

"Not a word."

"Now we just observe ..."

"... what you do ..."

"... with his ... oh ... big ..."

"... big ... hard cock."

I was curious about that myself as I stepped out of my uniform. She apparently didn't want to be the only one dressed there, and followed suit. There it was again - the sweet, mind-blowing scent of her pussy. The twins weaselled around us, sniffing us everywhere. Far from being annoying, I think the fact that they wanted to watch everything from up close actually turned Sin and myself on even more, if that was at all possible.

I was rock-hard when Sin first touched my dick with her magical hands. The sensation was indescribable, incredible. It was as if my dick was becoming enveloped in very thick honey, which pulled each millimetre of my skin in a different direction. Then suddenly she applied pressure, massaging my cock gently, which felt as though it was in a different gravity zone completely. I am usually the more quiet type when it comes to sex, but this action got me groaning and moaning in no time. Xrrr got so close to my dick that she almost touched it. Xrro mirrored her twin's behaviour when Xrrr began to play with herself. They don't have tits, but six very pretty teats. Xrrr lunged between her legs with one hand whilst stimulating each of her teats alternately with the other.

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