Pine Tree Cresent Ch. 02


Samantha eased forward. Sydney's cock was twitching wildly. Pre-cum bubbling freely from it's opened eye. The sexy teen ran both her hands along it's length making sure it was absolutely saturated with his excrement. Once accomplished, Samantha eased her two orbs apart and enveloped Sydney's huge cock between them. Pushing her tits firmly together, Samantha slowly raised her torso until Sydney's helmet disappeared from view. Lowering herself, equally slowly until it reappeared. Each time it did appear, more oozing pre-cum would be laying between her mammoth breasts.

"Mmmmm........ I'm loving this Mr T....... would you like me to use my mouth on you now?.... Would you?........... I think you would. ...... your cocks so fucking fat Mr T, I don't think I'll be able to get my mouth over it. ... would you like me to try?"

Sydney was laid back on his elbows as he watched, unbelievably, as the sexy teenager used her fleshy tits on his big old cock. He was beyond his wildest dreams and didn't hesitate as he said,

"Oh god, yes please Samantha."

Sydney's bum involuntary lifted off the work bench as he watched the teasing slut lower her hot mouth to his fat wet cock. A groan left his throat as she sucked the dribble pouring from his cock eye. Her left hand squeezed and manipulated his big hairy balls, whilst her right held the base of his full raging hard-on. He rested on his elbows as Samantha, with experience beyond her years, handled his cock like a fifty year old whore. She knew what men liked and had no qualms about doing it. She ran her teeth up and down his rod, each time she reached the base she would suck one of his hairy balls into her mouth. Sucked it gently before running her teeth back up to the helmet. His cock swelled to what seemed to him, impossible proportions. Samantha's fist flew up and down his entire length. She knew he was close and did everything she could to bring it on. There was nothing she liked better than to watch men cum. Especially when she'd caused it. And she was definitely causing this.

"Do you want to cum Mr T?........ would you like to cum over my tits?........... In my mouth?....... Over my face?..... Tell me Mr T."

Poor Sydney couldn't answer. His full attention was on the little fist that was moving at an alarming rate, up and down his dick. Samantha hadn't expected him to answer. She knew he wasn't the type. She could feel his balls churning in their sack and she squeezed him gently. She looked up into his eyes, and licked her lips.

With a roar, Sydney couldn't take anymore. The sight of this teenage siren, with her fist wrapped around his cock, making him feel things he'd never experienced before was just too much. Before he could give her any warning, a rope of cum hit Samantha in the face. From her chin to her eye. Samantha didn't miss a stroke and was rewarded by another blast across her tits. And still she kept pumping all the while talking to Sydney.

"So much cum Mr Thompson....... All for me......... I've never seen so much cum before."

This was in fact a lie. A harmless one, but still a lie. She'd watched her brother last year when he'd been fucking Sally what's-her-name on the sofa and he'd pulled out at the final stroke and ejaculated all over Sally's naked body. Sally, had rubbed the copious amount of Brendan's jism into her body. It had taken for ever. Samantha had cum on the spot with her fingers deep inside her quivering hot cunt. That was then. Mr T came a close second. Even now as she slowed her stroking, his cock was still throbbing and flowing hot jism over her fingers.

Minutes later, Samantha was stood in front of Sydney. His cock lay semi soft along his thigh. It was still impressive, even now. She lovingly ran her nails along it and said,

"I'll be back in a few days Mr Thompson, and I want you to shove the fat prick in my wet cunt. Could you do that for me?............ if I come round in a little mini skirt, will you lift it and bend me over and fuck me silly?"

Sydney nodded. She didn't need to ask. He was hers for the taking. Tying her top back around her neck, covering her expansive tits, she bent down and kissed Mr T's limp cock. Without another word, she turned and walked out of the shed. Leaving a shaking old man, trouserless, lying on his workbench.

As Samantha left the shed and walked the garden path, she failed to see Brian, Sydney's younger brother standing in Sydney's kitchen. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they'd been up to. Brian smiled to himself. This could be very interesting.

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