tagNonHumanPipe Dreams Ch. 03

Pipe Dreams Ch. 03


Lina had a hard time getting to sleep that night. Trying to settle when she kept flashing on that kiss in the office was next to impossible. She squirmed into her pillows again, trying to get comfortable. She kept wondering what would happen when they were at his home with his room so close. A room with a bed.

She groaned and rolled over.

"Hmm... so soft." His hand trailed down her neck and along the collar of her shirt, tracing her skin. He popped the top button out of its hole and Lina stiffened.

He looked up at her with a smile and then deliberately popped another button loose, exposing the top of her breasts to his predatory gaze. His finger traced the newly exposed skin as he opened the rest of her shirt with painstaking care. His hands caressed the skin that peeked through her open blouse. She shivered when his knuckles brushed along the lacey fabric of her bra. Kane slid his hands up over the edges of her collarbone and up her neck to cup her face.

His kiss began with the same slow care of his caresses. Their lips brushed each other repeatedly and Lina whimpered, her mouth opening to him. She submitted, tipping her head back and relaxing into his touch, her body aching for him. He took advantage; the tip of his tongue flicked in the opening and caressed the warm inner edges of her lips and danced along her teeth.

At the same time his hands slid down along her shoulders, pushing her blouse off until she was standing there in just her skirt and a lacy red bra.

"So beautiful," he murmured as he pulled back to look at her.

Kane's deep voice and the heat in his eyes made her body thrum with desire, the heat piercing her to lodge deep inside her core. She could feel herself growing wetter by the second. She desired something she couldn't name; she needed more, a lot more.

"Please, Kane." Her head tipped back and she leaned into his arms as they locked around her. Kane crushed her to him, his hard arousal rubbing against her stomach. He bent down and kissed her again, the tenderness of the first soft touches consumed and changed by a fierce heat. She moaned as he kissed her with fiery passion, consuming and claiming her with every suck and lick at her mouth with his lips and tongue.

He pulled back and Lina opened her eyes, staring at him hungrily. She sucked in a huge breath, her chest heaving and her breasts pressing against his chest as she sought to remember how to breathe.

He groaned, his eyes pulled downward. His hands left her back, tracing along her ribs to cup her breasts, lifting them as he bent down. His warm, wet tongue ran along the edges of the red lace covering her hard nipples.

Lina grabbed Kane's shoulders, her hands fisting in the crisp fabric of his shirt. She trembled, the fire burning hotter as she grew needier with each touch she had denied him for so long.

"Oh god!"

Lina threw her head back as Kane's mouth latched onto one hard nipple then the diabolical man used his tongue to trace the outline of the flowers on the lace before sucking the entire tip back into his mouth. Shocks coursed through her as he suckled and nipped at one sensitive peak before turning to tease the other.

"Kane, I need... I need..." Her hands opened and closed spasmodically on his shoulders as the emotions and sensations surged through her.

"I know what you need."

Kane straightened and pulled his shirt off. "I'll give it to you, but you must surrender to me."

Lina felt a different kind of shiver at the dark demand paired with the erotic promise. Her body was on fire and she needed something she sensed only he could give her.

She was going to get exactly what she needed.

"Take off your skirt and get on the bed," he ordered.

Lina slowly reached behind her, unzipping the skirt. She closed her eyes when she let it go to puddle at her feet. Stepping out of the skirt and standing next to the bed in only her matching red bra and panties made her feel vulnerable. She lifted her eyes and shot a quick look at Kane who was just standing there, staring at her almost naked body.

He looked... hungry.

She sat and then slowly pushed herself backward onto the bed, the soft comforter giving way to silky sheets as she leaned back, lying on the pillows. Her eyes never left his, not for a moment as she displayed her body the way he wanted it.

"That's it, that's what I've been dreaming of for weeks now. You, in my bed, waiting for me, eager for my touch. Do you want it?"

When she nodded silently, he groaned. He quickly unbuttoned and pushed his pants off his hips. Lina's eyes widened when she saw the bulge in his black boxer briefs. She licked her lips, wetting the soft pink flesh and leaving them glistening for him.

"Oh, gods Lina. You have no idea what you are doing to me." He climbed on the bed, looming over her, caging her body with his. His nostrils flared as he moved up her body. "You are so beautiful, so wet, and ready for me."

He kissed her, nibbling along her jaw to her ear and down her neck to her breasts still bound by red lace. He popped the front clasp and then moaned when her pale white breasts were exposed, the skin crinkled around the pink tips that were already hard, jutting out in invitation for him to suck and nibble.

Lina watched the way his muscles bunched and rippled as he dove down to suck hard on first one and then the other. One sharp nip and a twist and her back arched, her cry echoing in the room as the twin bolts of newfound pleasure shocked her. Her thighs rubbed together as she writhed on the cool black sheets.

"Gods, Kane. I feel so empty." She whimpered when one of his hands slid down her stomach and across her underwear, dipping between her barely parted legs.

She could feel him stroking her through the wet fabric. He released her nipple, swiping his tongue across it before he looked up at her, erotic intent filling his eyes.

"You're so wet, so ready for me." His fingers stroked her again, slipping along the edges of her panties to tease her. "Are you ready?"

Lina shuddered at his erotic growl but managed to nod.

"Tell me. Tell me that you want me," he demanded. His dark voice did things to her, made her hotter and wetter. Her thighs relaxed and she opened her legs as far as she could with him still straddling her.

"I want... I want you, want you inside me," she moaned. His moan echoed hers as he slipped a single finger just barely inside the hot, wet heat of her body.

"You want to be mine?"

Lina took a shuddering breath and nodded.

He squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples with his strong hands.

"Say it."

She tipped her head back, looking at him through her lashes. "I'm yours."

His eyes burned into hers as his fingers hooked into the edges of her panties and pulled, tearing them off. He yanked off his underwear and then slid back over her, right between her wide open thighs. She was so focused on the hot hard length of him jutting out that his kiss took her by surprise.

"Going to make you feel so good," he whispered throatily in her ear.

His lips traced down her neck to her shoulder as his hips lowered. The head of his erection brushed against her core, parting her wet lips. He kissed her collarbone just as his hips...

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm clock went off and Lina sat up with a gasp.

"Holy hell!"

She groaned and fell back against the mattress, trying to ignore the slick heat between her thighs.


Lina wasn't sure what to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner for the Jacy family. Slacks and a nice blouse were enough for Maggie's family but this was the JACY family. She smoothed down her black skirt that ended mid-thigh. Her heels were a modest three inches high and Maggie said that her silk sky blue blouse would look perfect. Lina had spent hours on the phone with her going over everything Kane had said in minute detail.

Maggie had squealed loud enough make Lina jerk the phone away from her ear when she told her that she kissed him. Lina didn't dare tell her about her dream; Maggie might burst her ear drums. Either that or tease her until she died of embarrassment and couldn't make the dinner.

As hard as she tried to relax, her stomach churned as she stared at herself in the hall mirror one final time. She smoothed her hair to make it lie flat and then put down the brush, deciding she was as put together as she would ever be. She took a deep breath.

She was dressed up, her hair was done, make-up applied and she had a batch of spinach tartlets to take. She wasn't sure if that was appropriate or not but it was her favorite appetizer. She even made the little crusts from scratch that morning.

It had kept her from pulling out the vibrator Maggie had bought her for a gag gift on her last birthday. Lina had promptly shoved it in a drawer, never to be used.

She wasn't so sure about that now. Something about Kane had brought a part of her to life that she had never known existed.

The doorbell rang, making her jump. She took another deep breath. Okay, she could do this, she knew she could. Kane told her that he would send a car for her so when she opened the door she expected to see some unknown driver picking her up but instead Kane himself was there. He stood there in a pair of black slacks and a deep green shirt. His dark brown hair was set free from its usual style to fall loosely around his shoulders. She stood there frozen, staring at him in silent appreciation.

"You look lovely," he said, staring back at her with shining eyes. He held out a bouquet of flowers that she hadn't even noticed.

She blushed and ducked her head to bury her face in the fragrant blossoms. "They're beautiful but you didn't have to do that! Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. Please come in while I put these in some water." She turned around, heading off to the kitchen, very aware of Kane shutting the door behind him. They were alone in her apartment.

She dug in a cabinet, pulling out a vase to put the flowers in. Filling it with water, she put the stems of the flowers down into the vase, giving it a quick arrangement. She turned to put them on the table and nearly ran into Kane.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just going to put these over here," she said as she put them down. "They really are beautiful and they smell so good."

Kane smiled at her. "My mother told me to never pick a lady up for a date without flowers, especially when you want to make a good impression."

Lina couldn't help but laugh. "Very good advice to follow."

"I don't want to keep you from your family though. I hope you don't think I'm too rude, not giving you a tour of my place."

"You can do it next time," Kane said, winking at her.

"Oh," Lina blushed, "sure." She grabbed her purse and the dish of tartlets. "I'm ready to go."

"You didn't have to make anything." He took the dish and then grinned as he held out his arm to walk her out. Lina smiled back, giggling at the formal gesture as she wound her arm through his and let him lead her to the black four door sedan in the driveway.

"These do look delicious though," he said, ushering her into the car.

"Thank you. It's my favorite recipe for spinach tartlets. I hope I made enough for everyone, you never did say how many people were in your family."

Kane handed the dish to the driver and sat back. "Well, it varies. I have a large circle of... close friends that I consider family. I don't have any actual blood relatives left though."

Lina put her hand on his arm. "Oh, I'm sorry. I know how hard that is."

Kane smiled at her. "It's okay. I'm very lucky, I know that. I can't wait for you to meet everyone. A few people couldn't make it, Larry and his ma... wife are visiting her family with their children. You'll get to meet Carrie and her uh, husband Mike, Petier and his partner Karl, Mark and Chris, and my best friend Teddy. The guys might bring dates; I know Mark has been seeing Angela lately. Usually we have a larger gathering around the time for dessert. I have a wide circle of friends."

Lina blinked, feeling a bit overwhelmed. How was she ever going to remember all those names? Kane chuckled and leaned down, one hand on her shoulder and the other on her knee. He kissed her gently for a moment before the kiss grew heated and he pressed closer to her. Lina leaned into him, her hands coming up to rest against his shoulders as she gave into his kiss and let his tongue probe her mouth, lightly stroking it with hers in return. The driver tapped the brakes a few times when he came to a red light and Kane pulled back well before Lina was ready. She pouted a little.

Kane smiled at her and then looked toward the man in the front seat, making Lina blush yet again. She had totally forgotten where they were and that they had an audience, though the man was respectfully silent and didn't indicate he had noticed their kissing at all.

"That was bad of me," Kane bent down to murmur in her ear, "but I couldn't help it. You look so beautiful and I couldn't resist tasting your mouth." He pulled back and licked his lips, watching her. Lina smiled a little at the lipstick that had come off on his mouth. She reached up and wiped it off with her thumb, gasping when he captured her finger with his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

Lina closed her eyes, clamping her thighs together when they traitorously tried to open. She was not the type of woman who made out in public. She trembled a little when Kane let go and kissed the tip. His hand came up and caressed the side of her face.

"You okay?"

She nodded, opening her eyes to smile tremulously at him. "Just a little overwhelmed. You seem to do that to me every time I'm around you."

Kane studied her face carefully. "Should I say I'm sorry?"

Lina instantly shook her head, blushing when Kane smiled at her. "I think I like it. I just... I've never quite felt like this before."

Kane's other hand was still on her knee and he squeezed it, then slid it up her thigh a little in a soft caress When he spoke his voice was rough."Good; I like that no one else has made you react like I can. I don't think I could keep my hands away from you anyway. The last two months have been nothing but pure torture."

Lina could only nod in agreement. She had been attracted to Kane from the moment she saw him but as she got to know him, little by little, she realized that it could turn out to be more than that. Much more. The man had a good heart and was fiercely loyal to his staff. He didn't act like a spoiled rich trust fund baby at all, even though he was still pretty young.

His money could be an issue when compared to her lack of it. Money did a lot of things to people, made them act differently than they might otherwise. The other big question was how he treated her in front of his friends. Without anyone to see him, he might be willing to dip below his social station; what his social circle might think of her might change that. They didn't exactly move in the same levels of society.

She was trying to keep an open mind though; he did invite her to a major holiday. It could turn out okay. It could even be wonderful.

The car stopped in front of a large gate that opened slowly and Lina couldn't help but gasp when she saw the house they were pulling up in front of. Big white pillars in front of a set of steps graced a three story home that looked as if was plucked from a colonial romance novel and plunked down in the middle of the city.

There were wide grass lawns in front of the house and off to the right were a rose garden, a pond with a water fountain, and a side porch. The railings she could see were covered in a green vine that was just beginning to fade in the cold of the coming winter. Kane got out before her and turned to hold a hand to help her as she stepped out onto an intricate brick driveway that circled in front of the house. Lina stood in the open door of the car just taking it in and then looking at Kane in amazement.

"Beautiful, isn't it? My family has lived here for generations."

"It's gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen a house this big in person before." Lina could see that the house extended a huge distance back as well. They walked up the steps and in through one of the massive front doors. The red wood was polished and intricately carved. Lina ran her fingers over the design that featured a howling wolf as Kane led her in to the foyer.

The inside was just as impressive as the outside. Large windows let in the dim autumn afternoon sunlight and it seemed as if there were no dark corners at all. Lina had expected the place to feel overly large and empty but it didn't. There was a comfortable lived in feeling to the house that surprised her.

The man who lived here though... She was still in disbelief that Kane Jacy could really be interested in her. He was light years beyond her in every way; completely out of her league. He was the type of person who grew up in a house like this. She grew up in a two bedroom house that had been falling apart well before her father had blown it up.

She tried to smother the feelings of inadequacy. Her therapist had told her time and again it was the voice of her father; her mind repeating his abuse. She had to break the cycle. She turned to Kane.

"It's great. I can tell this is a real home," she said.

"Let's just drop these off in the kitchen and then I'll give you a tour," Kane led her across a hall and through a set of double doors.

"Wow. Your kitchen is bigger than my whole place," Lina said softly.

Blue ceramic tiles decorated the walls in places and there were more huge windows behind the double sinks at the far wall.

Kane smiled down at her. "We like to eat and I like to cook, when I get the chance. It was hopelessly outdated so I had it redone a few years ago." He put the tartlets down on the counter near some other appetizer trays and held out his arm. "The turkeys and ham won't be done for a while and the rest of the group will be bringing the sides. Let's take that tour.


Lina nodded, though she wasn't really sure. They left the kitchen and Kane began a running commentary on the house and decor while she tried to pay attention.

She looked at the man who was chivalrously holding her arm and escorting her about the large and beautifully decorated rooms on the first floor. The insecurities that plagued her tried really hard to make her believe this was all some sort of horrible joke.

For some reason her body stayed relaxed though and she couldn't get upset or nervous or scared as long as he was with her. The way he looked at her, the feeling of his touch on her body... her instincts told her this was a man she could trust. She just had to get the voice that her father had instilled in her to shut up.

Meeting the group of friends Kane had mentioned in the car went far better than she expected as well. The couples were easy to tell, their bodies remaining in close contact, hands touching or even snuggling. Carrie was pregnant which surprised Lina a little; even though Kane had mentioned one couple had kids she just didn't expect his close group of friends to be in that stage of their lives.

They all looked so young but her husband Mike hovered around her and caressed Carrie's stomach frequently.

Teddy, Kane's best friend, could almost have been his twin aside from the difference in eye color. Their hair was even a similar shade, though Teddy's was just a bit darker and he had it cut in a very classic fade and spiked up. Apologizing, he pulled Kane away for a few minutes, leaving Lina with Petier and Karl.

They'd had a lovely conversation about how the pair had met in France years before while she waited for him to come back.

"So, Lina, Kane says you two met in one of your classes?" Petier's accent was very pronounced but she was able to understand him. He was a slight man with fine features but he had a bright open smile that made Lina want to smile back. His partner Karl had been sitting with them but had gotten up to refill their wine glasses.

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