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Pirate Days


Randi casually asked how often I had JJ with someone other than my husband. The question popped up as we headed home from a shopping trip.

It was late fall and already feeling like winter, when Randi suggested we go check out the department stores for summer clearance items. Deeply discounted swimsuits caught our attention. I had picked out a modest one-piece but Randi made me put it back, insisting that I get something a little more revealing. "A man likes to show off his wife," she told me, as she found something with a low-neck line. Then she spotted a bikini that she insisted was perfect for me. Trying it on I felt practically naked but Randi said it was made just for me and she got several nearby male customers to voice their approval too.

"I don't know what JJ is, I said.

"You know, Jack and Jill." Randi said, as though everyone should know what she meant.

When we came to a stop sign I looked at her, giving her the best blank stare I could muster, before driving on.

"Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after."

"I'm clueless about what you are talking about," I told her.

Randi turned around to check on the children in the back seats of the mini van. They were zonked out, tired from our shopping trip. Satisfied we could talk, Randi continued: "Have you ever wondered why Jack and Jill, that is JJ, had to go UP a hill to get water," Randi asked. "And why did it take two people to get that water?"

I knew I was going to get an answer only Randi could give, so I said, "I don't know, you tell me."

"Sex," she said, "it is all about sex. Look, we have Jack and Jill, man and women, male and female. They are taking a well-worn path up the hill to quench their thirst. That path is foreplay, hugging and kissing, with the hill being ever increasing sexual excitement."

"See Jack; see Jack run; see Jack run up Jill's hills.

Leaving her hot lips, he scampers over to the lobe of her ear then along her neck. Her breasts loom ahead, like volcanic cones they tower over the surrounding landscape. Up he climbs, pausing to grope her tits and kiss her nipples. On he goes; passing through the forest of her pubic hair, then up her mound, lingering around her clit, his wet lips and flicking tongue stimulate it to elation. See Jill's breathing becomes increasingly labored the higher she climbs in pursuit of pleasure. To Jill's vagina Jack finally comes. She greets him with a warm welcomes as he lower his rope into her moist hole. Jack repeatedly dips into Jill's well, her water is gushing now. Little quakes ripple across her pussy, an earthquake is imminent. Jack accelerates his dipping until in a spectacular eruption, the crown of his penis head, burst open, his magma shooting out, caressing the walls of her cavern. Jack falls breathlessly on Jill, hugging her tightly as he surrenders himself to her overpowering lure. His ejaculating sperm and orgasmic rush, push Jill over cliff of orgasmic delight. With trembles and shaking, she squeezes his penis until his last drop resides in her. Then together they tumble back down the hill, satisfied for now but sure to be thirsty again tomorrow."

Randi finished with a pleased look on her face for having been able to decipher the code. As for me, Jack and Jill took on a completely new meaning!

From the corner of my eye, I could tell Randi was looking at me, still waiting for me to answer her question. "I have not done 'JJ' with anyone other than my husband Ken," I said. "I'm a married woman."

"Do you ever want to though," she pressed. "A lot of married women do JJ with other men you know."

"Look, I don't want to incriminate myself, so let just say I MAY have done some fantasying. Why are you asking?"

"Oh I was just thinking about that lecture we went to a while back, that all."

Randi and I had gone to hear a lecture by a guest speaker at our community college. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an intellectual or anything like that, but when you live in an isolated place where work dominates life and sagebrush is your scenery, for your mental sanity you take advantage of those opportunities to hear a visitor sings at a local church or scientists speak at the college.

It was a fascinating talk about how thoughts form and come to life. That we can think about our thoughts, was a new thought for me. For me, I see my thoughts organized into many rooms. For example, there is the fun room, the lover's room, a history room, a friend's room, even a Holy room that glows with God's presence. The one our lecturer spoke about at some length was the 'pre-planning' room. On a table are numerous little scraps of paper, each with a germ of an idea on it. They get there because of an experience that triggers a flash of an idea, a 'pre-thought' the scientist called it. So fast is that first thought we do not even realize it. There they sit, out of sight, ready just in case you might want them. I found it interesting that when we give any of those thoughts the least bit of attention, they start to grow.

"How about you," I asked Randi, "have you done JJ with someone other than you Casey, your husband?"

"Not recently."

I waited for her to say more but she was silent. I knew she would tell more when she was ready so I didn't press the issue.

We lived in a blue-collar town, with oil, gas and coal fueling the economy. It was one of those towns that was big enough to have something going on and small enough that you knew who was doing it, especially if you have a friend like Randi. She had a way of opening people up and sharing even the most private side of their lives. We were both 'stay at home' moms now. Randi was a RN and I a nurse's aide. Once in a while we did fill in work, while the other watched the kids. With young children, we found it natural to do things together. Sitting at a park, watching the kids play, Randi would bring me up-to-date on what was going on or she would be regaling me with stories of her days gone by.

She was a natural leader; I made a good follower. She liked to go to the library and after spending time in the children's section always picked up a book for herself. She liked art but the closest thing to an art museum was a poster store in the mall, so we would visit there also. There was one poster she always stopped to look at. It was an old abandoned farmhouse, windmill in the background. The poster read:

"They are gone now,
the weathered faces and leathered hands.
We are left to ponder the love and laughter,
the struggles and pain.

Their memory has evaporated,
their handy work is crumbling.

We stop to look at the past
and see the future."

After staring at it for a while, I would see her eyes moisten and her chin quiver. I never asked why and she never told me.

She was slim and trim with dark flashing eyes and a ready smile. Her dress set her apart from the rest of us. It made me think of a pirate, with boots, trousers or skirt, blouse and a bandanna. It made her look cute and sassy, which fit her personality just fine. Her stories had that 'air' about them too; full of adventure from her days traveling the on the high seas. It was those vagabond days where she picked up her "pirate" style of dressing, at least for those days when she wasn't wearing a bikini or less. I mentioned to her once that she was not 'normal.' "Thank-you Dawna," she said, "Who wants to be normal, average, run of the mill!"

The way she told the story, she worked at a seafood restaurant near a pier in San Diego, where she met a couple of young French men who were traveling the world on their catamaran sailboat. Beginning in France, through the Panama Canal and up the west coast they journeyed as far north as the bottom of Alaska before turning south again. From San Diego, they were getting ready to head out to the Islands in the mid and south Pacific. Pierre wanted Randi to join them but Marcos was not keen on the idea but finally consented.

Randi wasn't easily embarrassed and found it easy to talk about just about anything including sex. "Life is sexually transmitted," she would say. She was quirky and it took a little bit to get to know her, but once you did, you could not help but love her. "I learned a lesson from the weather," she told me. "It pays no attention to criticism, so neither do I."

Saturday night at the YMCA pool was a regular for a number of our friend. We would take turns watching the children in the kiddy pool, while the rest of us would swim, play some water sport or just sit on the pool edge or hot tub and talk. On a hot summer evening, there is something about being half-naked or for some of us 9/10 naked, that allows the conservation to drift easily into the more intimate side of life. For example, Susan volunteered that her husband had had a vasectomy and she was sure it increased his sexual appetite and made him a better lover. Karen let us know that her husband's hands were so rough that she would not allow him to touch her in her sensitive areas, except with his mouth and penis of course. Debby said she had had five boyfriends and wished she had married the first one. That made us catch our breath, and the conversation took a new direction, men problems, divorce and remarriage, women who love too much, then we drift on until we were back to diet plans and beauty aids, children and the hot weather. It was a fun time and we didn't seem to tire of our talk.

Back at the kiddy pool, I sat down next to Randi. She was watching the children splash around but with that far away look one has when they are in deep thought. When she finally noticed me, I asked her where she had been. Her first impulse was to argue that she had been right here, but quickly saw that as her friend, I knew she had something important on her mind.

"Things are continuing to fall apart with me and Casey," she said. "I don't know what to do. I was escaping my troubles by remembering my carefree pirate days, sailing the high seas, visiting the islands, swimming in the warm lagoons, looking for that buried treasure, which we all knew, didn't exist." Her eyes took on that far away look again as she spoke of those adventures.

"When we would see a rain shower headed our way, we'd strip naked and when it hit, lather up, praying the squall would last long enough to rinse the soap off of bodies."

"Those two guys really spoiled me too. When I signed on as a ship's mate, I was sure it would be heavy on the 'mating' part, with a good dose of cooking and cleaning. However, it was not like that at all. They were very neat and clean and loved to do the cooking."

I waited for her to continue but when she didn't I had to ask, in a tone trying to downplay my curiosity, "and, how about the mating part?"

Randi stared at me for a moment as though she could read my mind. "Do you really want to know?" she asked.

After looking around, making sure no one else was near, I said, "Of course I do or I wouldn't have said something."

Randi gave a faint smile, knowing she had extracted the truth from me. "I was Pierre's girl, so I slept in his bed. He treated me like a lover, never demanding or pushy, but sweet and gentle. We fell in love. Giving myself to him made me happy and complete. There was a lot of passion when we made love! He had some erotic French novels that he would read to me. At first, he would have to translate but I was soon catching on. After some steamy scene, I stop him and say, 'I can make that come to life for you if you like.' Then I would use my best actress skills, and, well, you know the rest of what happened."

"What about Marcos," I pried.

It was Randi's turn to glance around before she answered. "We had been two weeks at sea with quite a bit of cool rainy weather. Finally, we caught a warm sunny day so we had hung our cloths out to dry and we were soaking up the sun ourselves. I was still new to this seafaring life so I had a bikini on but Pierre and Marcos were in their birthday suits. I glanced over at Marcos and saw he was dozing with a nice erection. I nudged Pierre and pointed to Marcos. "I wonder what he is dreaming about," I said. Pierre gestured toward Marcos and me, as though saying 'you two,' then making a circle with his thumb and finger on one hand, moved his middle finger in and out of the hole with his other hand. I hesitated until he motioned for me to go. Leaving my bikini behind, I crawled over the deck to where Marcos was. My kiss startled him awake. "Captain has given me permission to fuck you, if you'll have me," I told him.

"With Pierre it was love and passion, with Marcos it was animal lust in a playful way. On many a warm afternoon, he would say, "Let's have some fun in the sun." He'd chase and capture me, then tie me up. There wasn't a place on my body that he didn't explore. He would suck my clit until my juices flowed and I was screaming for mercy. Then I return the favor, letting his cock rock my pussy until his juice flowed. Whenever I see a picture of a mermaid on the stem of a ship, I'm reminded of the many times I faced the breeze on my knees, while the first mate steered my rudder. We would finish our game with his hands on my hips, moving in harmony with the slow rock of the boat, until we arrived at a place called paradise. We had a lot of crazy fun!"

"Paradise," I said, "I'd like to go there someday, live a carefree life where happiness abounds."

Randi gave a little nod toward Dan, who had just come over to the opposite side of the children pool, and was now trading little splashes with them. "I've been watching him, watch you," she said. "Without knowing how I know, I'd say he would like to rock your boat and plant his seed in your garden paradise."

"Randi," I scolded, "I'm a married woman. Besides I heard Susan bragging that he had a vasectomy and their love life has never been better."

I continued to mull over Randi's statement. Here I was, practically naked and now I'm surprised that a man has taken notice. Yet in that pre-planning room I picked up a little thought and mulled it over before letting it float over to a pile called desire. I secretly was thrilled that Dan had noticed me, a secret even I was just beginning to realize.

"It's not just your swimsuit," Randi tried to assure me. "Look, I am just as bare as you are and he looks right past me looking at you. From what you have said, I am even more convinced he is on the prowl. There is something about bragging that betrays the truth. I'm going to do some investigating," she said as she stood up, adjusted an imaginary detective's hat and waded across the pool, settling next to Dan.

They were having a lively conversation. A little feeling of pride swept over me as I watch my friend deftly operate. Poor Dan didn't know he was sitting next to a truth detector capable of opening him up with the skill of a surgeon. I watched Dan closely, and it did appear that he looked my way quite a bit; smiling, laughing, as they conversed.

With obvious stares, our eyes would lock. I allowed my mind to go back to that place called desire, where I found that little thought and began to play with it. My gaze had drifted down to the budge in his swimsuit. 'I'm a married woman.' I reflected on my own words. That means, I know how to do 'it.' I'm good at 'it' and enjoy doing 'it.' I let myself imagine I was sucking his cock. A married woman knows what a man likes. My tongue licked the bottom of his shaft where it meets the penis head. Like a lollipop, I capture his cock with my mouth, moving my lips and tongue around the rim and over the head. At first gently, then with stronger and stronger sucking, until his tonic came squirting into my mouth. A married woman knows the taste of a man and swishes his treat around before swallowing the sticky goo. Desire had removed the wrapping from my secret so I now openly felt longing. Embarrassed by how quickly copious amount of juice flowed from my vagina, I let my husband Ken know I was ready to leave. Taking the girls hands, I hurried off to the shower. Once clean, I dressed quickly then helped the girls.

When Randi came in, I asked her what she had learned.

"He's hungry, very hungry, and has his prey in sight. He is picking up signals from you that say you are available. As for what I said about your bikini, I was wrong; stop wearing it until he finds a new target or his wife put sex back on the menu. The poor guy is smitten by you and has gone to 'animal mode.' Like most males, he doesn't even realize what is happening to himself."

Suddenly Randi stopped. Wrinkled her nose, then eyed my swimsuit. Ann came in from the shower area just in time to see Randi pick up my bikini bottoms and take a sniff.

Flushed with embarrassment, I held up my hands and said, "It is not what you think."

Randi turned and seeing Ann motioned for her to come over. "I think we need to do an intervention."

Turning her attention back to me, she said in a rather accusatorial tone, "Who the hell do you have the 'hots' for?"

"My husband .. only .. of course," I lied, stumbling over my words.

Ann looked stupefied as Randi stared at me. Holding up my panties, she shook them in my face. "A man can pick up this signal a mile away. I hope to god you know what you are doing." The anger in her voice was obvious as she threw the panties down.

Randi pulled us together into a small circle with arms around each other. "Look," she said, "there are just three ways we can know something; by our experience, by someone else's experience or by Divine revelation. Perhaps Ann can speak to the Divine part, but I can tell you from my personal experience that mistakes are easy to make and hard to undo. Where you are headed, you do not want to go. Trust me on this."

We gave each other hugs, then departed.

Snuggled in bed next to my husband that night, I give him a brief version about Dan and Susan, that they were having some marital problems. "What is it like," I asked, "when a married man suddenly get cut off from having sex?"

Ken thought for a moment, "I don't know and I don't want to find out," he said, giving me little tugs until I climbed on top of him.

I was glad to relieve my built up sexual tensions with the man I was supposed to do it with. But a few minutes into our lovemaking I closed my eyes, imagining I was a bad girl and it was Dan's cock filling my cunt and giving me all those delicious feelings. I had one of those thoughts flash by. It gave me permission to experience this kind of intimacy with Dan. It came and went but I didn't dispute it because I wanted it now. I love my husband and enjoy our passion but fueled by this mysterious desire, I suppose I wanted some adventure too, to feed that animal lust. It felt good knowing I had the power to attract another male, even one who had a beautiful wife.

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