tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPirate Treasure Ch. 03

Pirate Treasure Ch. 03


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank NadiaLove17 for her incredible dialog, plot and story ideas and dancing_to_gallifrey for her editing and tightening my writing they both made this a much better story.

Chapter 3
Shopping Trip

"What am I going to wear Master?"

"A shirt dress my pet"

I took out one of my pink shirts and put it on her. Wow, she is really tiny. The bottom of the shirt came to her ankles (Not too bad), but the sleeves came to her knees and fully buttoned she still showed lots of cleavage.

'Well it is all we have,' I thought. I rolled up the sleeves so that they were at least above her hands. I took out a belt, and could almost wrap it around her twice.

She sat down on the edge of the bed her face mix of innocence, concentration and fear. I leaned over her.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Why are you sitting down?"

She looked up at me. "I'm sorry master, but all my skin and especially my nipples are so sensitive that just your shirt rubbing them was threatening to make me cum. I just need a second to regain control. I never want disappoint you again."

I had my mouth open in shock as I looked at this unbelievable girl. How could someone endure the brutality and abuse that she had suffered and still be so innocent and trusting. I'm surprised she has stayed alive and innocent as long as she has. There is no doubt in my mind if I don't I help her and take care of her she will never see her next birthday.

"Well guess this shirt will have to do till we get something else," I said as we headed out the door.

The first place we went was the Metairie mall. We spent 3 hours getting mostly basics; sweaters, jeans, tops, shoes, workout gear, etc. I made sure everything showed Cindy in her sexiest light. She is so tiny and petite that for a tight fit, many of her clothes had to be purchased in the girl's section. I made extra purchases for an idea I had brewing.

The first purchase was a short sun dress that buttoned down the front. We had to get rid of my shirt and get her into something that showed her off. The sundress was fairly simple with a scoop neck and a belted waist. It only came a couple of inches below her butt.

I wanted to see how my sub in training reacted to commands. We went to a petite specialty store that had some very sexy merchandise. One was an oriental style skin tight sheath, with a slit up the side. I told Cindy that I wanted her to slip on the bottom of the dress while holding the rest in front of her, then walk out of the dressing room, come over to me and say "I can't figure it out and need help". Once she had everyone's attention, she was to drop the dress and stand there.

Cindy was perfect but my plan was flawed. When she dropped the dress I expected the front to hang on her hips and she would be topless. Instead the entire dress fell off and Cindy was standing there completely nude. She didn't flinch or cover up; she stood regally with head high for everyone to gaze on her and remained that way until I helped pull up her dress.

With the back still open I walked her back to the dressing rooms and she gave me the most trusting look.

"Did I do good Master?"

"Pet, you were perfect," I responded with a smile.

She gave me a huge smile in reply. "Thank you Master"

Later we were in a store where the dressing rooms were located in the middle of the store with curtains. I gave Cindy two skin tight tops and two skin tight pairs of hot pants. I told her to try them on one at a time, and leave the curtain wide open.

She didn't hesitate as she took the merchandise into the dressing room and stripped naked. She tried on one pair of hot pants, and had to jump up and down to get them on. Of course her tits were bouncing too, and she was starting to draw a crowd. She took the first pair off and tried on the second pair while repeating all maneuvers to wriggle into the tight pants. By now there were about 15 guys jockeying for position to see Cindy. Heck! I was one of them!

The tight tops weren't as dramatic, but Cindy still played it up; cupping her tits and shifting the top to and fro. Cindy repeated the act during the second top. When she took it off she stood there posing nude for a minute as if she was trying to think of something, before donning her dress. She came over to me.

"Nothing fits."

"Well I'm sure not for lack of trying," I laughed.

She looked up at me and gave me a knowing smile and said "Yes Master."

Next we went to a couple of higher end stores that stocked more risqué clothes, and there we hit the jackpot. One store had a series of open back halter tops, plunging front and cowl neck tops, and what I will call a bib top and skirts. The bibs are basically a piece of material hanging in front of the breasts, tied on with a ribbon around the neck and another around the back. I thought these might be perfect, but I needed to be sure.

"Pet, take off your dress and come here." I commanded.

Cindy immediately unbuttoned her dress, took it off, laid it over a rack of clothes and came over to stand beside me. I took the bib that had a gold metal feel to it and I placed it over her breasts. I moved it in different positions over her breasts, higher and lower. I noticed her breasts rising and falling fast, and when I pulled it away her nipples were rock hard. I reached over to tweak each one, and she sucked in a shuddering breath and moaned softly.

"Oh Master that went straight into my pussy"

I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth and worried it with my tongue for a second and then did the same to the other nipple.

"Oh Master ... Oh Master..." she stammered.

We were starting to draw a crowd with several men watching Cindy the live mannequin. I looked down and her pussy was glistening and her hips were rocking slightly.

"You are one very sexy Pet and your Master is proud."

With that she stood a little straighter and thrust out her rock hard nipples into prominence. I abandoned the gold fabric and looked at some of the more transparent fabrics ... yeah, those were perfect.

I had set them aside and picked up a skirt when a saleswoman came up.

"Sir, our dressing rooms are back here," she said hurriedly. "Let me show you where they are."

"I know where they are." I responded, holding a skirt up to Cindy's hips.

"Well, then could you move to the dressing room, please," the saleswoman insisted.

"No... Could you hold this bib over her breasts while I see how the skirt looks?"

The flustered saleswomen did as I asked, but looked as if she wasn't about to give up on sending us into the fitting rooms. Meanwhile, Cindy was starting to breathe very hard and this had the effect making her breasts rise and fall nicely. Her nipples were harder than I have ever seen.

The saleswoman pressed her point. "In the dressing room she can actually try on the clothes. Sir."

I ignored her and stood back stood back and simply said "Yes these will do. Pet, you may get dressed now."

Cindy unhurriedly picked up her dress and slowly covered her body, much to the disappointment of the onlookers. She did not button the dress because I had not told her too. Only her nipples were covered, the dress was open down the front.

"Pet, you are indeed a treasure. You instinctively know everything I demand of you. You make your Master very proud. Button the dress up to your belly button."

Cindy stood a little taller, her face beamed with pleasure as she lit the room with a radiant smile.

"Thank you my Master"

I purchased 8 bib & skirt outfits, and several tops and dresses all in different shapes, colors and transparency. The skirts were all minis or micros, with a straight waist and side slits. We even found one that was more of a loin cloth with Velcro sides. Cindy looked stunning in damn near everything. I also bought some high heel shoes, but Cindy had to get some lessons on how to walk in them.

On the way out of the mall I thought of one more tease. I waited until we were being followed by a group of teenage boys before I threw a quarter on the floor.

I stopped Cindy and said "Pick up the that quarter Pet"

She stopped, bent at the waist and touched the quarter. She knew what I was doing and she stayed in that position. With her dress open from the waist, her tits tumbled out of the dress and the back rode up to reveal her ass and glistening pussy lips between her legs. I reached over and rubbed my hands over her silky soft skin. I could hear the guys going crazy behind us.

I ran my fingers through her soaking pussy lips and caressed her clit. I felt her shudder as I pulled my finger from her pussy and gave her ass a soft swat.

"You may stand, Pet," I said

She picked up the quarter and handed it to me.

"Your quarter, my Master"

She looked at me with lust, but also unwavering love and trust as I tucked her tits back into the top of her dress and then pulled the bottom of the dress back over her quivering butt.

She bit her lip and said "Master, your slave loves you. Your slave's body is quivering inside and needs you to fuck her senseless."

"We still have more shopping to do my Pet, so the last part will have to wait."

She bit her lip a little more, licked her lips and said. "Yes, my Master"

I was waiting for a pout or some other sign of rebellion, but none came. She truly is a natural submissive and if I had not stolen her from the guys on the float, there is no doubt in my mind this beautiful natural treasure would have been abused and dead within a year.

The last two stores dealt with sex toys and BSDM gear. The sex toys were mostly generic; vibrators of different types, Ben Wa balls and different remote controlled devices. THE BSDM gear was high end and more to my liking. I purchased a whole line of bondage jewelry from locking wrist, ankle and arm bands to collars. I also picked up some leather restraints and other items.

Cindy was the most excited by the last stores, but she loved everything. As the drove away with all our bounty in the trunk of the car it seemed she was glowing with a huge smile on her face.

"Master you made me feel so beautiful, so sexy and so desired today. How can your pet show her appreciation? Master could your slave suck your cock?"

"It makes your Master very proud to have his Pet look and act like the sexy goddess she is. I want everyone to know that this beautiful exciting woman is my property. So I expect you to look and act fabulous, while at the same time letting everyone know that you belong to me. "

Her smile brightened even more, and she said. "Yes my Master."

"Second, I will tell you when I want you to suck my cock, and while I would like you to do that right now, we can't because we have one more stop."

She was so happy I almost regretted what I was about to do.

We drove for about another 15 minutes and then pulled into a parking lot of a rather seedy looking bar. The sign in front of the bar was advertising a wet T-shirt contest. Cindy looked at the sign and understood what was going to happen.

I opened the door, took a bag from the back seat and told her to follow me. I went to the side of the building and said "Take off your dress. You need a change of clothes."

She immediately, unbuttoned her dress, took it off and handed it to me. I folded the dress, put it in the bag and pulled out a t-shirt.

"Hold up your hands," I asked and slid the t-shirt over her dazzling body.

The t-shirt was tight, thin and short. You didn't need any imagination to see how exquisite her breasts were, her aureole and nipples were clearly defined. The t-shirt was thin enough that once it got wet it would be totally transparent. It only came to an inch or so below her breasts so her entire flat muscled belly and thin waist would be bare.

I pulled out a high cut bikini bottom, had her step into them and pulled it up over her hips. It was tied together with at the sides and thin enough to see the outline of her pussy lips. I finished off with some small strappy heels she could dance in.

I stood back and appraised her outfit.

My God!

Her gorgeous body was virtually nude, her entire torso and legs were completely bare. Her breasts and pussy were covered, but the covering only enhanced them. Cindy blew me away. The term walking wet dream came to mind, but that didn't begin do her justice.

She looked at me and softy asked "Do I please you Master."

"Oh Pet I'm stunned by your beauty," I said with awe in my voice.

Her smile brightened and she stood a little taller.

"Master, will you make love to me again soon?"

I could see she was scared, but she was ready to do whatever I commanded. I took her into my arms and gave her a long sensuous kiss. She clung to me tightly trying to get as close to me as she could.

"Yes my Pet, we will make love soon. Remember, you are my Pet and my slave. I will always protect and take care of you, so trust me." I said gently. "Now, I want you to win the contest and make your Master proud."

She looked at me with those big beautiful green eyes full of trust and love and replied "Yes, my only Master."

I grabbed her around the waist and together we walked into the bar. The minute you walked in the noise and raucous nature of the bar hit you. When everyone saw Cindy the noise went up several decibels with lots of hoots, hollers and wolf whistles. As I steered Cindy towards the bar several men tried grabbing her and I knocked their hands away. I quickly signed her up for the wet T-shirt contest and the manager came over to take her behind the stage to get ready.

As I saw her walking away I felt like I was delivering an innocent lamb into a den of wolves. When I had this idea, I wanted to see how she would react in a crowd of men with just vague commands from her master. Now I had a feeling that this could go bad very quickly. While Cindy was getting ready I went and moved the car around to the emergency exit. I took a chance and left the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition. Basically, I wanted to be ready for a fast getaway.

I made sure the emergency exit would open freely, headed back to the bar and got a drink. I sat off to the side, waiting for the show. About 15 minutes later the show started when the owner came onstage and began to speak.

"Welcome to this evening's wet T-shirt contest. The prize is $300 for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third. The rules? There are none. Girls, you have two minutes for your routine and it can be whatever you want. There'll be two rounds, with the top four from the first round moving the second round. Judging will be by applause meter, so if you see something you like, be loud. Here we go."

The 10 girls were brought out in a line and most looked like college coeds with two exceptions. These were pros. They had huge unmoving fake boobs, with overly teased hair, lots of makeup and a hard look. All the college girls were cute and two could even be considered beautiful, but no one there even came close to Cindy.

Unfortunately the crowd knew it too. Looking up on stage I saw a centerfold's luscious body topped by an innocent beautiful face wrapped in a beautiful mane of blonde hair. When I saw several groups of guys talking among themselves and pointing to Cindy, I knew they were all waiting for the innocent lamb to be served up before them. Since Cindy had signed up last so she would be the last to go.

The first girl walked over to the announcer and his assistant poured water over her front. She squealed and started jumping around and I knew it was ice water they were pouring over the t-shirts. The girl's t-shirt was plastered to her front showing her small but nicely shaped tits with her nipples puckered into prominence. By the time she got over the shock of the ice water, her two minutes were up and the next girl was taking her place.

The next girl was one of the beautiful college coeds and she fared a little bit better than the first girl. After the first initial shock off the ice water she started to dance, grabbed her nice sized tits and presented them to the audience. Needless to say her nipples were very distended but she didn't really do much to excite the crowd.

So it went for all the other girls. The two pros quickly went into their stripper routines and pulled off their T-shirts. The crowd didn't seem to be any more impressed with the pros than they did with any of the college coeds. I really felt like everyone there was waiting to see Cindy. I know I was and with the jostling and elbowing and pointing at Cindy I think the crowd was reserving judgment until they saw her.

Finally, it was Cindy's turn. After having seen everybody else jump when the water was poured over their chest she knew something was coming. When the water cascaded over her chest, her T-shirt did exactly what I had anticipated and went completely transparent. Her spectacular breasts were now on display for everyone to see. As she jumped from the ice cold water her breasts wobbled as her nipples tried to break through the t-shirt.

She immediately regained her composure and started swiveling her hips, cupping her tits and pinching her nipples. She looked a little confused while she was pinching her nipples, I think because the loss of sensation from the ice water. She grabbed the collar of the T-shirt and ripped it open down the middle. Her incredible breasts were now naked on display for everyone to see.

Needless to say the crowd went completely berserk with the guys whistling, screaming, and jumping with some even throwing money at her feet. Cindy looked a little awed by the admiration and thought she'd give them a little more. She began to tweak her nipples and then lifted her breast to her mouth and sucked on her nipple. The crowd got even louder and more raucous, if that was possible.

Cindy was carried away in the moment, and slid her hand down her belly into her bikini bottom. It was tight enough you could see she was rubbing her clit and dipping a finger into her pussy. At this point her whole body started quivering like she was having an orgasm. The crowd completely lost it and the bouncers were having hold men back from the stage.

I was also out of my seat moving towards stage, ready to whisk her away when the owner came out and asked everyone to settle down. I saw Cindy looking in the crowd to find me and as I looked at her I saw a range of emotions pass over her face. She was excited and scared at the same time, but as her eyes locked with mine I saw confidence and trust return.

The top four were announced, and to no one's surprise Cindy was in the top. The two strippers and one of the beautiful coeds rounded out the top four. They all went off stage for a few minutes while the waitresses refreshed everyone's drinks.

After about a 15 minute intermission the four finalists were brought on stage. For the most part their T-shirts had dried a little and were ready for another round. Cindy's torn top was hanging open with the two sides barely covering her nipples.

Once again the coed started off and she ripped her top off during her routine but left her bottoms on. Both of the pros did a quick complete strip taking off their tops and bottoms and were naked on the stage. I was watching Cindy as she was watching the other dancers. I could see the determination in her eyes and she knew she'd have to ratchet up her performance to win.

When it was Cindy's turn she ripped off the rest of her T-shirt the minute the water hit her chest and pulled on her nipples for a second. She then ran her hands down her flat belly and into her swimsuit bottoms. Through the tight swimsuit you could see one finger was inside her and the other tweaking her clit. She pulled her hands out then grabbed the two tie strings on the side of her swimsuit bottoms and pulled. As the fabric parted the crowd went ape and started surging forward so that the bouncers were having a hard time keeping them at bay.

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