tagFetishPiss Pour Family Ch. 1

Piss Pour Family Ch. 1


There I was, a father of two and devoted husband relying on my family to take care of me. It was a position that most fathers would dread. My wife Cindy, our eighteen-year-old son Timothy and his twenty-year-old sister Michelle had to pick up the slack after I suffered through a grueling and excruciating bladder operation.

All went well too, they did a great job taking care of their old man. That is until I had just about recovered. The doctors had warned me that it would be some time before I gained complete control over my bladder again. I was even proud of myself- I hadn't had any "accidents" since the first day after the surgery. Then the other night happened.

I guess it was because everything was going so well that I started to think less and less about what could happen if I were to let my guard down. That night at dinner I had a couple glasses of soda, then later before bed a tall glass of ice water.

I slept soundly...

The next morning, much to my horror, I woke drenched and the bed soaked with piss. I noticed that my wife had already gotten up- she must have decided to get up and fix breakfast or something. My first instinct was to rush and get cleaned up- maybe even hide the bed sheets however before I could react Cindy returned and sat down on the bed next to me.

She was such a sweetheart.

"You okay?" She questioned compassionately as she patted me on the back. "Maybe you should get up and get changed. I will take care of the sheets."

Even with her compassion I was mortified.

"I am so humiliated." I grumbled as I sat up in bed. "I can't believe I did this."

My loving wife just smiled at me and leaned to kiss me. "Your sick honey." She said. "It's okay."

This just made it worse.

"No it isn't. I mean I pissed all over the place. I probably even got you wet in the process." I complained before I allowed my body to go limp and collapse on the bed. "I hate this, I hate not being able to control myself. What am I five years old or something?"

I knew that she wanted to make feel a little better about myself, but at that moment I didn't think that there was anything that could do that.

"You got me a little wet but it wasn't that bad at all."

"Bullshit." I grumbled, knowing full well all she was doing was trying to put my troubled mind to rest. I decided that this was getting me no where and I might as well get myself cleaned up and try to scrape together what little was left of my dignity.

"Please don't make me say this." She blushed.


"Well, last night, when this happened…" She began and then paused briefly. "It was kind of… Well, it was kind of a turn on."

This took me completely by surprise. My mind completely locked up as I tried to process what she had told me. "I don't know why, but it was." She continued. "It was so warm and dirty. Okay so I bet you think I'm sick don't you?"

I guess with all the compassion my wife was showing me it was only natural to return the gesture. "Oh baby, you know how much I love you. No matter what that will never, ever change."

We sat there for long time not saying anything. Then I took her gently in my arms and kissed her deeply. "You are my lover AND my best friend." Cindy said before she moved her hand to my damp leg. "I want you." She whispered.

There were so many sensations going on that my mind had a hard time processing everything. The things that she was telling me, the drenched bed sheets, the aroma that filled the room where all triggering some primordial urge for sex.

She fumbled with the elastic on my underwear and managed to free my stiffening cock. She was right about it being dirty but I was beginning to understand why it turned her on also.

She didn't hesitate in lowering her head toward my crotch and kiss the bulbous head of my dick. I tried to push it inside her mouth but she made it difficult on me by backing up a little before she flashed me a sinful grin.

I realized that she wanted to take her time in pleasuring me so I melted and allowed her mouth to pleasure me at its own pace.

She kissed up and down the entire length as she cupped my pissed soaked balls in her hand. She was beginning to moan and grind her hips against the bed like she was dying for relief. The entire experience was unbelievable but these feelings were driving me to the edge- I needed her to swallow me, I needed her to suck the cum out of my aching cock.

Before I had a chance to act on my impulses Cindy took my a section of my yellow stained underwear in her mouth and started to make sucking noises as if she were sucking the piss right out of them. I noticed that at the same time she had worked her hand down between her legs and was fucking herself with her fingers.

My wife had never been so obviously aroused.

Suddenly without notice she drove two fingers deep inside her and quickly moved up to swallow my cock. There was no way I would last long with her warm mouth around my cock.

She moaned around my cock as she thrust her pussy violently against her fingers. She was climaxing like she never had before. There was no way I could stop my orgasm now. With one last push I emptied my cum into her mouth.

She seemed to swallow endlessly and even after the last drop was sucked from my dick she continued to suckle me like she was a baby nursing on a bottle.

It was one of the best orgasms I had had in my life.

However I didn't have much of a chance to rest- the neon flash of seven on the clock next to the bed grabbed my attention. "Son-of-a-bitch-damn." I growled. "I have 20 minutes to get ready for work."

Cindy knelt up on the bed and smiled- still licking her lips. "You get ready baby- I'll clean up in here." She said before she wobbled off in the direction of the hallway.

As I showered and dressed I couldn't help thinking about how beautiful and sexy my wife was. I liked that she could confide in me her fantasies. Even more so I liked the fact that she could get a little wild in bed. I left for work completely satisfied and content with the direction our sex life was heading in.

Twenty minutes into the commute my mind rushed back to wild experience that Cindy and I had, had earlier. I started thinking that I could get away with calling in sick- heck I had been going to work even though earlier my doctors had advised against it. One day- I'm sure- the boss would expect.

I turned around and hurriedly rushed back to my wife. I wanted to surprise her, maybe spend the day with her and then later… a repeat of this morning's orgasm.

As soon as I walked in the door I noticed how quiet it was. At first I wasn't sure if my wife had left or what. I shrugged it off and decided to check to see if she had gotten the sheets changed in our room- After all I hadn't helped out around the house in over a month. Cleaning up the bedroom was the least I could do.

As I climbed the stairs I was detecting distant noises- the closer I got to the bedroom- the more sexual they were sounding. "Maybe the repeat performance would happen sooner than I thought." I said silently to myself as I cautiously approached the bedroom.

I peeked through a tiny crack in the door hoping to see her with her fingers buried in her pussy. However what I saw completely shocked me.

My daughter Michelle was stretched out in the bed spread eagle. One hand was between her legs messaging her clit while the other was caressing the giant wet spot in the bed. My twenty-year-old daughter was playing with the pissed soaked sheets and getting off at the same time.

I am not sure of the reason, (I had never thought of my daughter in that way before) but I instantly got hard. The sights and sounds of this beautiful young body fucking herself to orgasm was too much for my depraved mind. I stood there, unbuckled my pants and removed my cock and started to stroke myself at the same pace as my little girl.

Michelle moved her now piss soaked hand toward her face and then licked her fingers. It was one of the most erotic, mind numbing things that I had ever seen. With an unwanted moan I emptied my cum into the palm of my hand.

I backed way hoping my daughter hadn't heard or seen me masturbating but I knew that I shouldn't waste any time getting myself cleaned up- after all it would be a dead giveaway if she would come out of my room and see her daddy with a handful of sperm.

I quickly ran down towards the bathroom. "I can do this." I thought as I pushed the bathroom door open. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

My wife Cindy was sitting on the toilet still dressed in her pajamas. My son Timothy was standing in front of her blasting her mouth with a flood of urine. Her face, her hair, even her pajamas were soaked with his piss.

Cindy must have known I was there but I guess she was too far lost in what she was doing because all she did was open her mouth a little wider and swallowed another mouthful of piss.

I had no idea how I felt.

My baby girl was in the bedroom tasting daddy's pee while my wife was drinking her son's

I took a deep breath and tried to sort it all out- then it hit me. I may not no exactly how I felt but there was one thing that was for sure. I was already hard for the third time in the span of one hour.

As Timothy squeezed the last drops of piss from his cock he slapped his soft cock against Cindy's face and then tucked it back inside of his jeans. Finally my wife stood up and turned around in my direction. Her head dropped like she had just been caught- I guess she had.

She stood there like a child that had just been busted. I looked at her and her completely yellow soaked clothes; that's when I realized I had never seen her look so sexy.

My son stood there completely dumbfounded as I brushed passed him and took my wife into my arms. The smell of my piss soaked wife completely filled the room. I pressed my lips against hers and stuck my tongue inside her mouth. I could taste the bitter, saltiness of pee that had collected there from when Timothy had filled her mouth.

"Honey." She said, as she looked me in the eyes. "I guess I don't have to tell you now but..." She mumbled under her breath. "But, I totally love the taste."

I guess things where about to change- and if I was lucky, it would never be the same again.

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