tagGroup SexPixie, Joy and Me Ch. 02

Pixie, Joy and Me Ch. 02


This story embellishes on several characters introduced in my story "The Loving Porn Queen" (see Chapters 4 and 5 in that story especially). I dedicate this to all the Pixies I have known and loved. Of course, I encourage you to read the earlier chapter to this story so you'll better understand what's happening and who's who. Enjoy, vote and please comment.


My weekend with Joy had several unintended consequences of course. She fell in love with me. I played my part too well of initiating her into the hallowed halls of womanhood.

The other major consequence was that I fell in love with her too -- without falling out of love with Mel.

So now I loved Mel -- the Pixie -- who professed her love for me as well, but didn't want to be tied down; and I loved Joy, Mel's roommate, who openly loved me too. Further, we all knew everything about how we all felt about everyone else. I didn't think this was a normal situation.

I tried to convince myself that Mel was my Number One and that Joy was a very close Number Two, but the fact was that I loved them equally yet differently. This state of being surprised me greatly, particularly that I felt comfortable feeling this way. Whether with one or the other or both together, I had feelings of love, warmth and compassion for both of them. Moreover, they seemed to feel the same way towards me and towards each other.

Mel, of course, was a rebel in her own way. She would be the one that pulled us out of our comfort zones or pushed us into doing something that expanded our thinking in some 'risky' way. She was also the 'dish' -- the hottie -- the outgoing Pixie that everyone looked to as a source of both amusement and amazement. I knew I was too conservative and Mel had set out to fix that; I welcomed the change. Mel also knew how to praise me in a language I understood and took as pure love; she'd tell me what a good student I was, or how hard I'd worked for a grade, or how she so appreciated the things I did for her or how open I was when we were together. I loved our talks together, particularly how she expanded my thinking in some area.

Joy was almost the opposite of Mel, even more conservative than I was yet open to Mel's efforts to pull her out of her shell. I often felt protective around Joy, even though when you saw her she looking like this stunning woman than knew exactly what she wanted. Joy liked to do little things for me that showed her love; I'd find a love note tucked in one of my books or a pressed flower; one time she washed and shined my car for me; another time she found some way to make me a box of chocolate chip cookies -- my favorites. Her gifts and little acts of service I accepted as her love offerings.

Of course, we were all physical with each other. We liked to touch, stroke, hold, look at, hug, and make love with one another. While part of this love language was the raging hormones we all seemed to have at this age, I knew that physical touch was important to me -- both to give and to receive.

A week or so after my weekend with Joy, I sat with Mel in the Student Union one afternoon talking about the situation; only no words came out in terms of solutions or options. My mind was blank.

Mel asked with a tone of encouragement, "So, why don't you do another weekend with Joy?"

"Heck no," I replied sensitive to insulting Mel and making her feel left out; "I mean Joy is wonderful; everything you could ask for in a date and yes, I'd love to be with her again. She is a divine and passionate lover. Not as good as you, of course, but she's learning."

I felt myself blundering around in this peculiar landscape for which I did not have a vocabulary or any kind of compass. I paused and looked Mel deep in the eyes. I continued, "The problem is that I'm in love with you -- too. You are my Number One girlfriend and I feel I should concentrate on you. Joy is nice and I really care about her - too. Do I need to make a choice?"

Mel ignored my struggle to be politically correct and pleasing to her, and asked, "What if you could have both of us?"

"I sort of do, don't I?"

"No, I mean at the same time. Say, next weekend at the motel?" I got a Pixie grin from her just before she tossed her head to move an errant lock of blond hair from her face. In that flash of a second I could see the entire weekend unfold. I felt a surge of blood enter my sleeping dick.

"I have trouble keeping up with your sexual needs. I had trouble keeping up with Joy's needs by the time we started to cool things down and think about checking out last weekend. What makes you think I could handle both of you at the same time?"

Mel got a silly grin on her face and said, "Maybe Joy and I could take care of each other when you're recovering. Besides, you're still exciting even when you aren't trying to have an orgasm. Not that I've had all that much experience, but you have the best tongue of anyone I've ever known plus you've studied the sport. You love pussy, which is more than I can say for some folks I've been out with. Plus, aren't guys supposed to get off watching two women together?" Her sexy grin got wider and she licked her lips seductively.

I'd learned from the Pixie that her weekend with Bill Seaborn had demonstrated his lack of creativity as well as unwillingness to be inventive sexually. Secretly I was glad, yet I had at least hoped Mel would come back happy rather than barely satisfied from her weekend in Indianapolis.

I felt my pants bulge further in immediate response to the Pixie's suggestion of a threesome and a lesbian encounter that I'd get to watch. I also noticed that not for second did I think it unusual or repugnant. I grinned rather widely. This exciting and erotic landscape of possibilities was all new to me thanks to Mel.

The Pixie said, "I'll take that as a definite 'Yes'. Let's do all weekend at the motel -- two nights, Friday and Saturday. If I work like hell the rest of this week I won't have too much homework to worry about. What about you?"

"I could swing it if I finish a term paper for psych before Friday. Besides, for a weekend like this I'd drop out of school," I said in my most lecherous voice. Mel laughed and punched my shoulder.

"Wait!" I said suddenly, holding up my hand. "One small problem; what if Joy doesn't want to play with us as you propose?"

"Leave it to me," Mel said with an impish smile.


I don't think I'd ever studied as hard as I did that week. I didn't want any worries about homework or term papers or any thing other than my feelings about my two girlfriends hanging over my head by the time we left on Friday. The downside of that philosophy was that I didn't see either Mel or Joy much the rest of the week except for Wednesday night dinner at the Student Union.

I decided that the Holiday Inn has outlived its usefulness as a love nest. After Mel and I had our talk I telephoned a number of places and finally found a winterized log cabin on a picturesque lake about an hour east of the campus. We'd have to do our own cooking, however, the winter rate was very low and I thought we'd enjoy playing house together. Mel loved the idea that we go somewhere else and assured me that Joy would like it too.

At dinner mid-week, while the three of sat together in the Student Union, I asked Joy if she was all right with what Mel and I had planned. She had seemed more fragile than either of us in terms of her sexual experience and I didn't want to damage her delicate psyche by forcing her into a threesome.

To my surprise, Joy laughed and squeezed both our hands. She whispered so no one else would hear, "I've wanted to have a lesbian experience for five years. This weekend will be a dream come true. I love you Doug, and I get to have you make love to me again. And I love Mel, and now she's also ready to make love to me. I'm in seventh heaven and Friday can't come fast enough." She bestowed her infectious grin on me again.

Joy had more moxie than I'd given her credit for. Moreover, since the weekend I'd taken Joy to the Holiday Inn, she'd become much more outgoing and open - to everyone. She'd started to come out of her shell. I know when I lost my virginity my self-confidence rose dramatically; I guess the same thing was happening to Joy.

I studied and wrote my term paper with a ferocious intensity and finished two weeks of studying in a few days. My conscience was clear about taking off for the complete weekend and for those rare few days I'd actually gotten ahead in my courses.

Friday, I picked up Mel and Joy at their dorm about one o'clock. We swung by a Wal-Mart and picked up a weekend's worth of food for the three of us and by four o'clock the three of us stood in front of a roaring fire looking out at a good sized, man-made lake half covered in ice. While the weather outside hinted of snow flurries, inside we were nice and warm. The cabin exceeded my expectations and I silently thanked the travel agency I'd called for their recommendation of this beautiful place.

As we stood by the bay window, I hugged Mel and Joy to me, and they each put their head on my shoulder. Mel said, "You out did yourself, Douglas. This place is beautiful -- particularly when compared to the 'Ye Olde Holiday Inn by the Interstate'."

Joy turned and kissed me on the lips, "I agree." After a long pause, she asked rhetorically, "Is it time for us to make love yet?"

After a second's pause, both Mel and I said, "Yes!" simultaneously. We both pulled Joy towards the pine paneled bedroom and the king-size bed with a view of the lake.

By unspoken agreement, we took turns removing items of clothing from each other. Sweaters went first then our shirts and bras. A slight pause occurred in the undressing as I sampled each of the four female breasts in the room, kissing and nuzzling each nipple to an excited state.

Joy surprised me by tentatively reaching out and stroking Mel's gorgeous breasts. Mel soon returned the favor.

After that brief foreplay, shoes, socks, slacks, thongs and boxers quickly disappeared. We stood for a few moments and just looked at the splendor of each of our bodies. Each of us had the luster of youth: trim and muscular, shapely legs, flat stomachs even hinting at the muscular abs that lay beneath the taut skin, shapely breasts, and beauty and grace in limb and face. I shall never forget those few seconds as we studied each other.

Any hint of initial modesty quickly disappeared as we entered a group hug and group kiss, our bodies pressing together and tongues licking and probing everywhere, even between the two women.

Earlier, I'd let out a small cheer when I realized the bed came equipped with an electric blanket. When we'd first arrived I'd cranked the unit up to ten to take the chill off the bed. Now, Mel pulled the two of us to the bed and we all snuggled together atop the warmed mattress.

Mel said to me, "We're going to make love to Joy now. My turn will come later." She turned to Joy and asked her roommate, "Any reservations? Any taboos?"

"Make love to me," Joy responded, holding her arms out to the two of us. "I want both of you."

We both cuddled into her sides, taking turns French kissing with her. I watched as Joy fondled and licked Mel's breasts -- those amazing feats of Nature that so pleased me and now our female lover. Mel moved so Joy could continue and she could touch and stimulate Joy's breasts as well.

I moved down to the lower parts of Joy's anatomy, using my tongue over the angular parts, such as her where her pelvic bones gracefully accented her flat tummy. I ran my hands all over her lower extremities then zeroed in on her pussy. I slid down the bed and brought my mouth and tongue to Joy's pussy, applying all the skill and talent I had to her wet slit. At the same time, I reached across and ran one hand around Mel's shaved mons, eventually sinking two fingers into her.

Eventually I moved back up the bed and assumed a push-up position over Joy. I allowed Mel to position my cock at the entrance to Joy's pussy then sank slowly into her snug depths as we both enjoyed that initial wave of pleasure. Mel sucked on Joy's breasts as I pumped into her body and eventually came, filling my condom with an excess of milky fluid.

As Joy cradled me in our after glow, Mel slid down the bed and applied her mouth to Joy's nether region. Joy jerked and writhed in pleasure as the Pixie did 'pixiesque' things to her. While it didn't surprise me, I noted that Mel had produced a long pink vibrator and had started to use it in and around Joy's pussy.

Joy encouraged me to suck on her breasts up until she had another orgasm. She held me tight to her breasts and I could see she'd clenched Mel's head to her pussy to stop any further stimulation. I could hear the battery-operated vibrator running at top speed. Joy let out a huge shuddering sigh of contentment then collapsed back onto the bed from the tension she'd held through her climax.

As we pulled apart, Joy's voice praised the two of us; "That was amazing. I didn't know the human body could be pleasured so much -- in so many ways. I already want to sign up for future episodes of this program." We chuckled at her pleasure.

I shifted position and went to the bathroom for a moment to dispose of my condom. When I came back I pulled Mel up the bed so she was beside Joy and me. We both cuddled Joy for a few moments then I went down on Mel. I think I do have a talented tongue, at least based on the feedback from my two lovers. I brought Mel to a small orgasm as I licked her clit and curled my fingers inside her body to stroke her G-spot.

As I focused on Mel, Joy repositioned herself on the bed until she could suck on my cock. "Yummmm," she said. "I can taste my juices on you." She enthusiastically started to suck on my rod, creating the excited from the unexcited in minutes.

Finally, Joy declared, "You're ready. Love Mel."

Not one to ignore clear instructions, I moved until Joy directed my steel rod into Mel's beautiful pulpit. As I'd done with Joy a short time earlier, I sank into the Pixie's velvet tunnel, again feeling that wonderful sensation of love and wonderment sweep over me as I bottomed out in her nest. We both moaned in honor of the moment.

As I started to oscillate in and out of Mel, I thought how glorious this situation was. Here I was with two women that loved me, each of them soul mates on my soul mate scale. We had not only a physical relationship, bust also we shared an intimacy that few achieve in even one relationship.

Joy shifted so she could suck on first one and then the other of the Pixie's pert breasts. The Pixie made a lot of noise in response to the double stimuli and then she started coming. I knew the road we were on but felt no need to get off, so I kept pounding into Mel's body in spite of her orgasms. Mel groaned, moaned, writhed, squirmed and thrashed about in response to our ministrations to her body.

Finally, I came again, completely filling another rubber. The visual stimulation of two nude and available female bodies as I fucked one of them became too much, too soon, and I blasted a load of cum into Mel.

The three of us lay there for a while. Joy pulled the covers back over us all and we enjoyed the warmth we'd generated as well as the additional heat from the electric blanket.

I eventually slithered out of Mel, sliding the condom off of me, knotting it and dropping it to the floor to dispose of later. Mel said, "I think we could dispose with those for the time being. We're all safe - in every way, I mean. None of us are having unprotected sex outside our threesome and we're on the pill."

I nodded and smiled appreciatively at the invitation to go bareback. Joy laughed and said, "This is the only place I've had sex -- with you guys. I so enjoy this. Someday I'll experiment like you suggested, Mel, but for now this is very comfortable. You guys are amazing."

As Joy's statement registered, I noticed that I accepted it without the angst I'd felt weeks earlier when Mel had indicated she planned to have other relationships. It wasn't that I loved her less or anything like that, the fact was I'd gotten used to the idea of each of us having the freedom to explore other relationships as well as the one's we'd forged together.

To emphasize her point about experimenting with things sexual, Joy proceeded to go down on Mel, working her over rather intensely and even roughly -- something the Pixie seemed to enjoy. Mel came in a spectacular Sapphic orgasm a few minutes later much to the pleasure of Joy who looked so pleased with herself and the feelings she'd induced for the first time in her roommate -- at least I think it was the first time.

We cooed and talked about the wonder of our sexuality and the warm emotions of love and affection it inspired in us for one another.

Eventually, we slipped on some clothes and together made some beef stroganoff and an Italian salad for dinner. Since we did it from scratch, it tasted so much better than the usual dose of junk food that we'd been used to. I opened a nice bottle of wine we'd brought too. Soon the three of us sat down together to our first 'real' meal together as Joy put it. We toasted each other and our threesome, ate and then went back to bed and made love.


I reflect back on our first threesome weekend with amazement. There were a lot of lessons that we learned from each other and we even talked quite explicitly about each of them as they occurred to us.

First, we were each surprised that we could love two other people. Even Mel, the instigator of the various pairings in our threesome, seemed amazed. Prior to our union, her philosophy has been theoretical; we made it practical. As she told us one day, "We've each been brainwashed by society or the church that heterogeneous exclusive monogamy is the only 'right' way. Yet, here we are feeling all these wonderful feelings about each other people and in turn basking in that love. I feel twice as loved as I do with just one of you." The fact that there was Sapphic pairing seemed to add spice to the equation.

Second, while lust certainly entered into our relationship, the more time we spent together the broader and deeper the basis of our relationship became. Sex became only one way we had for pleasing each other. We went to concerts, movies and plays together.

I, for one, found myself fascinated with the different ways both Joy and Mel approached their education, thought about problems, and came up with solutions to the daily issues they had to deal with. They likewise seemed infatuated with how I thought. We often learned from each other. We were changing and adapting to each other as well as feeling individual personal growth.

The three of us also seemed to operate on a different plane from so many of our classmates. Soon, we found ourselves having much richer discussions about such mundane subjects as the purpose of life, spirituality, eastern thinking, particularly the Tao; and even Tantric sex. The latter led us in some interesting directions. Our classmates, on the other hand, seemed more focused on the next great party or who was going out with whom.

Third, not one of the three of us entertained any feelings of jealousy or uncertainty about the direction we chose. We were all secure in who we each were and willingly gave to each other without judgment or expectations. We may not have started that way, particularly in Joy's case, but as each week passed we each became more our own person.

We each had a genuine sense of gratitude for what we received from the others, and our feeling of love for each other wished only that the others feel love, not that we exerted any degree of control over them. Even when Mel went out with some other guy, as she seemed to need to do every now and then, neither Joy nor I wished anything for her other than a happy and satisfying date; she always went with our positive support.

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