Planescape: A Turn of the Wheel


Drachmir put the vials with the elixir of longevity onto a small table, and opened a closet, shrugging himself out of his chain mail shirt and resting his claymore in a corner. I looked at him in profile as the gnoll folded the armor carefully. Despite his size and hyena-like aspect, Drachmir's clothing was utilitarian, just a short-sleeved white shirt and a pair of dark brown pants, a belt with a plain buckle holding them up. I could just about see the outlines of tight muscles under the sandy, dark-spotted fur, and even the hyena-like head was endearing, not monstrous. I could smell sweat, and animal musk, and beneath it soap and some kind of spicy cologne.

He caught my eye as I examined him, and posed briefly; flexing his muscles and grinning like a mad dog. I choked back a laugh and returned the favor, tilting my head to the side and taking a breath, something I tended to forget to do.

I could all but feel Drachmir's admiring eyes follow the lines of my body, the fine bone-structure, the pale, delicate-seeming skin, my small, pert breasts beneath the black leather I wore, my long legs and even the scarlet color I painted my nails. Feeding had given me a blush of life, and I seemed exotic, alluring, perhaps even fragile or vulnerable, instead of my usual steely self. Blood and lust made me come alive.

With a courtier's bow utterly at odds to both his own monstrous seeming and the utilitarian, if charming surroundings, Drachmir took me into his arms. I was a tall woman, willowy rather than petite, but my jet-black hair didn't quite reach his shoulders. I melted against him, feeling his warmth through the linen cloth, as the gnoll lower his head, with its short muzzle and long neck, to gently kiss my ear. A ticklish, wet kiss, it was only the first of many as he worked his way down the side of my face till he reached the base of my neck.

"The bedroom?" He asked quietly, his soft, mellow voice coming from somewhere just below my ear. I pressed against him by answer, molding my body to his curves, savoring the warmth and leaning my head against his taut, muscular chest. Dropping one hand to his crotch, I felt a straining in his pants that promised to provide a very nice night's entertainment.

Drachmir needed no more encouragement. Still pressed against each other, we somehow made our way to the bedroom. It was a spartan arrangement, a long trestle bed made to the gnoll's imposing size, but it was plenty big enough for our purposes. Somehow, we managed to sit down atop the bed, though it squeaked in protest at the weight.

Lifting me off him as though I weighed nothing, Drachmir set me beside him on the bed, his long, powerful arms encircling me as he kissed me on the mouth, a questing tongue poking at my lips. I opened to let it in, and for a moment we were plastered together, avoiding each other's sharp teeth as we jousted with our tongues.

I wonder briefly if this is why we were so attracted to each other. We were both predators, and we however much we might deal with the common herd, we were both a cut higher. And with each other, we let loose.

Finally, wistfully, Drachmir pulled away, and his fingers dropped to undo the tight buttons of my thieves' leathers running along my front. His fingers were a little clumsy, and really too big for the task, so I took pity on him, moving his clawed fingers away as I undid my blouse. As the buttons came undone, the gnoll took the top of my single-piece outfit and pulled it back, revealing my small, perky breasts to the open air.

Drachmir was obviously pleased with this discovery, as he dropped his head to fasten onto my nipple, closing on it with dexterous lips and a clever tongue. He tugged on them, played with them and sucked on them, driving me to distraction as he turned his attentions first to one, and then to the other. I've always enjoyed having my nipples played with, and in no time at all my head was spinning.

Concentrate Jacky, I thought to myself. Which was of course a Hells of a lot easier said than done with this great beast gorging himself on my tits. I could feel my clit get soaking wet. Somehow I managed to keep my senses long enough finish working the little buttons of my thieves' leathers.

"Hold on, you big lug." I pushed Drachmir back for a moment, the gnoll still making disappointed sucking noises. I wriggled out of my leathers, tossing them on the floor. My soft boots followed, and as always when on a mission, I was naked beneath. The bulge in Drachmir's pants was obviously straining, and from his appreciative look, I could tell I was still stunning. Not that, as an ageless vampire, I was likely to change, but still, a girl enjoys seeing this kind of reaction every so often.

With a feather touch, I pushed Drachmir onto his back, his head touching the nearest wall and his legs hanging over the side. He was aquiver with anticipation as I lightly touched his crotch through the linen fabric. Still sitting on the bed, I leaned over and unbuckled the belt, and drew down the front of Drachmir's pants, letting his cock out for all the world to see. Or the appreciative part of the world consisting of me at the moment.

It was gorgeous. Drachmir was a big boy, I'm sure I've mentioned, and he was built to scale. He wasn't quite the same as a human, with a tawny sheath that was pulled back now, and a slick, glistening cock that had me licking my lips in anticipation.

Drachmir preened a little as I made an appreciative noise deep in my throat. Resting on one elbow, I fanned it delicately with my fingers, and then with a rather impish grin ran my tongue along his cock. It was warm, and hard, and smoother than I'd met before. Also tasted a touch salty, which was something new to me. Making sure I was right, I licked it again, the gnoll giving a pretty contented sigh. He was enjoying himself, alright.

I took the tip of his cock in my lips, careful to avoid the fangs, running my tongue in a little O around the tip. There was a touch of pre-cum gathering at the tip, and I let my lips down a bit farther down the long, hard cock, circling my tongue along the surface. I could feel Drachmir's big, furry body shudder with pleasure, and I could hear him rumbling somewhere deep in his throat.

If I didn't have a half a cock in my mouth I'd have burst out laughing. Drachmir, the huge, imposing, lean-muscled mercenary, was purring. I couldn't really name the sound anything else, this soft, deep buzzing sound that made his whole body vibrate. It was kind of cute actually, he sounded like a big kitten.

I squeezed his prick gently and got into a rhythm of sucking cock. A circle of the tongue around the tip, than swallowing as much of the cock as I could, let my lips slide down his slick shaft. There are times when being dead come in quite handy, and one of them was being able to deep throat just about any cock. No breathing, hence, no gag reflex. Then a little squeezing with the fingers, a little sucking with the mouth, and Drachmir was popping off into an entirely new world of experience.

Considering the size of his cock, I don't think anyone's ever managed to deep throat the bad boy. At any rate, the gnoll was purring up a storm. It was a peculiar kind of flattery, but it made me feel nice, appreciated really. I'm not in a line of work that makes people happy usually, this was a pleasant change.

Of course, I was starting to get all hot and bothered now myself. People who say vampires don't have needs have obviously never met one. Yes, the blood-hunger is the big one, but I'd fed rather nicely on Wei Minh Lee's guard, and right now my main hunger was to get something long and hard into my pussy.

I gave Drachmir a parting squeeze and pulled up, smiling at the slightly dazed looking gnoll. I'm not sure what he expected bringing a vampire girl home, but if the look in his eyes was anything to go by, I'd exceeded his wildest expectations. All well and good, but now it was my turn to have a bit of fun in my afterlife.

The gnoll caught on quick as I moved to straddle him, wiggling a bit so that we were on the bed length-wise now. His slick cock was at full height and throbbing it was so aroused, and there was a look of pure and simple need in his hyena's eyes. Need for relief, need for release, need for a good, strong fucking. We had the same idea in mind.

My pussy was sopping wet from all the anticipation, and my blowjob had given Drachmir's cock a nicely lubricated feel to it, but I still gasped aloud as I lowered myself on the gnoll. By the Lady he was big. I could feel the bulbous tip of his cock poke at my pussy lips, and then, as I lowered myself some more, entered me.

I caught my breath by an old reflex as Drachmir's hand grabbed my hips and started to pull me down. I felt filled beyond belief, stretched apart by the gnoll's prick. It was a glorious feeling. At first it seemed as though I couldn't go any lower, the cock was simply too big, but the gnoll cooed, and massaged, and pulled, and centimeter by stubborn centimeter I took the cock into me.

I couldn't quite believe it when I felt his taut, muscled stomach touch mine. I didn't actually do that. I thought. Even if I didn't, it certainly felt good. I had the most wonderful stuffed feeling, full of cock. I caught Drachmir's eye, noticing concentrated, intent look in his eye.

And then the gnoll started fucking me. I wrapped my arms and legs around Drachmir as he pulled his mammoth cock out of me, till only the tip still played within my pussy, and then slammed back into me. I squeaked in surprise, but his arms held me, and Lady's Grace he was strong.

Drachmir may have been the playful gentleman when it came to seduction, but now he was what he looked like, hungry, animalistic, and predatory. I loved it. I was so aroused that subtlety would probably have been lost on me, but this fast, hard fucking was exactly what I wanted.

Each time the cock slammed into me I gasped, holding on to Drachmir and held by him in turn. The gnoll was merciless, pounding my pussy in long, fluid strokes as a fiery desire burned in my body. I buried my face in his tawny-furred chest, breathing in the scent of our combined sex as he thrust away at me. The sheer energetic lust was overpowering, all the more piquant because we really were kindred spirits.

I couldn't help myself, pulling my head up a little and baring my fangs, instinct taking over as I found a vein in his shoulder and bit down on it. The twin sensations, of Drachmir's strong, hard cock battering my pussy, and of his hot, rich blood flowing down my throat was too much for me. Dark blood dribbling down onto his shoulder, I came.

My entire body clenched around him as I shuddered in sheer, unadulterated ecstasy. I moaned, just a wordless exhalation of sound as my body convulsed in pleasure, trying to squeeze Drachmir's cock just a little bit more, just a little bit tighter. Arms and legs felt like jelly, and I would've fallen if not for Drachmir's huge hands around my hips. Any kind of conscious thought blew out of my head, just the pleasure… the simple rapturous bliss…

Drachmir didn't last long, not with me mewling like a cat in heat above him and having the strongest orgasm I'd had in a decade, at least. His cock tensed, and the gnoll shot his seed right into me, driving me into even higher heights of moaning delight. He gasped, I screamed, and waves of ecstatic pleasure lapped over me.

It took me a minute to come to my senses after that climax. I was sprawled atop Drachmir, his cock still in my pussy, our juices mingled, but I didn't really feel the need to pull him out yet. I just lay there for a moment, his blood on my lips, sprawled atop his vast, furry chest, listening to his slow heartbeat.

I looked up to find him gazing down on me, and for a moment, we just exchanged a wordless look. The gnoll ran a clawed finger through my raven-black hair, then just reached out with his tongue and licked my nose, ignoring the blood on my chin. I couldn't help myself, I giggled.

For a while yet, we just lay there, in his small, quiet bedroom, satisfied and tired, Drachmir running his hand through my hair as I teased the sandy-colored fur on his chest.

He was so very warm…

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