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Planescape: Diplomatic Relations


There's something of a code amongst diplomats and bureaucrats that a senior statesman is surprised at nothing. A proper chancellor should be able to take his ruler's proposal to pave the streets in mother-of-pearl without blinking. A good ambassador must be ready to meet the king at any time, even if the king is currently butchering a pig and wearing its head as a jaunty hat. Feng wasn't quite at that level of skill yet. Thus it was that the sophisticated, intelligent, and slightly decadent half-dragon emissary was feeling decidedly off-balance at the moment, if in a good way.

First off, instead of an imposing, pompous, and Machiavellian Caliph, Feng found a cheerful young man, ill at ease with the burdens of kingship, and with a considerable love of nature. Not exactly what Feng had been expecting when Atherianefall had given him this assignment. Even less expected was the invitation so soon after the coronation, though Feng should really have been waiting for it after their little chat. Still, Sieur Feng wasn't one-hundred percent sure how he'd gotten here.

'Here' being walking in a wonderfully secluded pine garden beside a young air genasi caliph dressed only in some baggy pants, who was rather openly admiring Feng. Not that Osoron was hard on the eyes either, the half-dragon had decided fairly early on in the meeting, even if Feng was a bit more discreet in his observations. The air genasi's sky-blue flesh looked delightfully firm, young and hard-bodied by a life that hadn't been nearly as soft as those of other rulers Feng had met. Osoron had a pleasantly open face, almost angelic, topped by an unruly mop of pure-white hair and possessed of eyes that sparkled as they told of the genasi's ever-increasing excitement. He looked innocent and fresh, and at the same time wild, untamed by society. Now there was a combination guaranteed to get Feng's blood racing.

Feng took a discreet sniff of the air, letting a slender, forked tongue taste the air. For that matter, Osoron himself certainly smelled excited, and more than a little aroused, if the slightly musky scent in the air was any guide. Feng let himself a pleased internal smile. He still had it. The half-dragon leaned against one of the trees, pausing in their conversation to stretch, letting Osoron get an eyeful.

Feng was certainly worth looking at, that was certain. The half-dragon wasn't very tall, probably an inch or two shorter than Osoron, but he looked taller by virtue of the slender dragon-wings on his back. Unblemished, marble-white skin covered a deep and muscled chest, while silky patches of soft scales ran down Feng's spine. The clawed hands and taloned feet, the sharp fangs and forked tongue, they just contributed to the allure of the exotic, the heady sense of danger that Feng exuded as easily as a big cat. The half-dragon's tail lashed about him at random, waving in the air as a kind of punctuation to Feng's mood.

Right now, that tail quivered slightly with excitement, even as the rush of positive energy flowed through Feng. Intoxicating wasn't quite the word for it. Exhilarating, incredible, luscious, and even, yes, arousing. Feng was only mortal, after all, and right now, with adrenaline in his limbs and a beautiful innocent (or seeming-innocent) to debauch, the half-dragon was getting impatient. Time to take matters into his own talons.

"Now... what would you like me to show you, hrm?" Feng asked archly, placing his hands on his waist, leaning back and thrusting his hips forward ever so subtly. The half-dragon hooked his thumbs into the insides of the belt keeping the tight trousers up, and looked at Osoron with a smoldering gaze.

"Surprise me." Osoron retorted with a cheery grin. For a caliph, the young genasi had nothing at all resembling shame or shyness, and he cast a rather assured look towards Feng's belt. "I'm sure a mighty half-dragon has something he can show this humble druid."

"Mighty, eh? I like that." Feng drawled, letting his clawed fingers drum against the sides of his legs, beating a tattoo on the taut leather. With a soft smile, the half-dragon unbuckled the slender belt, then reached down to open the little catches at the base of each taloned foot. That done, Feng straightened, and with a few sinuous movements of the hips, he snaked his way out of the leather, military trousers.

Osoron's eyes gleamed in the shadows of the pines. There was certainly nothing to complain about with Feng. Well-toned legs met at a narrow, wasp-like waist, from which sprouted a member of formidable proportions. Pure-white like the rest of him, Feng's manhood was long and slender, and speckled with tiny, pebbly scales. The half-dragon reached down to run a single talon along the length, causing his member to tremble most agreeably.

"I hope this satisfies?" Feng asked ironically, preening before the genasi's appreciative gaze.

"H-h-ho... yes, I think it does." Osoron breathed, taking in the exotic beauty before him. Sinuous, strong, and with the grace of a predator, that was what stood before him.

The air genasi reached down for his drawstring, fingers gone a little clumsy with excitement. Still, it was a loose string, and Osoron had been planning, and hoping, for something like this to happen. In short order, the baggy pants came off smoothly, and Osoron stepped forward naked as the day he was born, shameless and wild, his own phallus bobbing in the air. It was smoother than Feng's, and perhaps a bit shorter, but what it lacked in length it made up in girth, as Feng noted appreciatively. And the druid-caliph was excited, which was always a good sign.

"Wonderful." Feng said with a languorous stretch, and then bounded forward, letting his wings aid his jump, crossing the distance between the two in a single heartbeat. The half-dragon put his hand on Osoron's shoulder, leaning in to whisper in the genasi's ear. "Then let's see if I can't show you how 'mighty' I really am."

With those words, the half-dragon stood up on tip-toes, pulling Osoron down towards him with a firm insistence and strength not to be denied. Feng looked slender and small, but he most assuredly wasn't. The half-dragon met Osoron's cherubic lips with his own ivory kiss, molding himself into the curve of Osoron's body.

The genasi barely had time to think as the insistent emissary's kiss robbed him of his wits. Feng's slender tongue pried open Osoron's own enthusiastic lips, worming its way inwards, licking the roof of the genasi's mouth. But that wasn't all that Feng had in mind. Soft touches raced along Osoron's back, sending tingles of excitement racing up and down his spine. The kiss, the dainty tracing of Feng's slender claws, the feeling of Feng pressed against his body, all of him, was nearly enough for Osoron to lose his seed right at the start.

But then the genasi returned the kiss, pouring himself into it with a fierce earnestness. Subtle fire poured from the genasi's lips, an inferno heat that entered the rather pleased half-dragon. Feng's manhood hardened of its own accord. By the stars, this genasi was willing. There was a passion for life there that Feng could appreciate, wild and carefree that was alluring to the decadent half-dragon beyond all belief.

Still, even as the two young men tried to draw each others souls out through the lips, balance was not the first thing on their minds. Thus it was that after a short minute of this full-bodied kiss the smaller half-dragon's balance failed him, and he pitched back, tumbling down onto a soft landing on the pine-needle strewn ground, using his wings as a cushion even as Osoron fell atop him, surprised as the air went out of him.

"Did the earth move, or was that just me?" Feng deadpanned, lying back on the ground and spreading his arms out. This was a dim place, and cool, and reasonably soft atop the pine needles. Not the worst place for an assignation, far from the worst.

"Braggart." Osoron snickered, sitting up next to the half-dragon and casually resting a hand on Feng's muscled chest. It looked as though it should be cold, marble-like, but instead the half-dragon's hot blood raced under Osoron's fingers, even as the genasi's hand moved ever so slowly southward. Feng put his arms behind his head, lifting his head up to watch with an amused gaze as Osoron's fingers reached the proudly-standing phallus.

"Well, what have I found here...?" Osoron grinned, and then leaned in to daub at the tall, slender phallus with a cat-like tongue. A gratifying shudder passed through Feng's body. The genasi grinned some more. Mighty predator Feng might be, but just now Osoron had him by the short hairs, as it were. Now... what to do with him. Osoron was confident he'd come up with something.

Warm fingers encircled Feng's manhood as the genasi leaned in again, kissing first the crown, and then moving his way down the length of the shaft with soft, gentle kisses. Feng moaned and gasped under these tortuously mild touches. The half-dragon's tail twitched and writhed like a mad thing, lashing about itself with barely suppressed excitement.

There was certainly plenty of enthusiasm in Osoron's manner as he leaned to put his lips around the tip of Feng's phallus. There was no artifice, just plenty of passion and wild abandon, and it was all Feng could do to keep his wits around him. Veneer of sophistication notwithstanding, the half-dragon wasn't nearly as jaded as he acted, and something in Osoron's guileless manner was comforting, relaxing. Not to mention that the druid-caliph had a very nice tongue.

Feng clutched at the bed of pine needles, claws gouging long furrows as the half-dragon began to move his hips upward, thrusting towards Osoron. The air genasi met it, drawing more and more of Feng's long, slender phallus into his mouth, supporting his weight on one outstretched hand and letting the other wander about the half-dragon's delightfully trim body.

In a spirit of whimsy, Osoron decided to do a little inventory as he moved his mouth up and down on Feng's excited manhood. Smooth, silky balls, covered in tiny scales that bounced pleasantly in Osoron's hand. A narrow, trim waist that led to a marvelously deep and muscled chest that moved in rapid breaths beneath Osoron's hand. A firm chin set in an oval face, and then Feng took the tip of Osoron's wandering fingers into his mouth, suckling on them briefly in between the increasingly out-of-breath moans and whispers.

Concentrate. Feng told himself, trying to remember the more unusual talents he'd picked up over the years. Hmm, yes... that'd make for just the surprise to spice up Osoron's life. Regretfully, Feng levered himself up, putting a hand on Osoron's shoulder, a dry, warm, hand, with only the sharp tips of claws a hint that it wasn't quite what it should be. Eyes open and unabashedly consumed with lust, the genasi looked up from his pleasant work.

"Not yet... not quite..." Feng said, voice gone husky with suppressed excitement. "Today, something more... something different..."

The half-dragon wriggled out from under the unresisting Osoron and rolled onto his stomach, spreading his wings out into a kind of half-cloak over his upper body, revealing a tight, trimly shaped buttocks, half-hidden under the madly twitching tail.

"See something you like?" Feng asked with a dark smile. For once, the half-dragon didn't hold his mouth demurely closed, giving Osoron a good look at sharp, serrated teeth. He looked like a relaxing predator, a big cat enjoying a mid-day nap. "Ravage me, Osoron. Take me."

"With pleasure." Osoron replied breathlessly. He didn't need to be asked twice. The genasi scrambled over to Feng, sitting up and considering things for a moment. A dose of elemental Water served admirably for any lubrication, not like Osoron wasn't slightly damp from his own exertions already. Taking position between Feng's spread-eagled legs, Osoron feasted his eyes on the beautiful body before him, exotic, dangerous, and at the moment, entirely Osoron's. The genasi could feel his heart beat faster just from the thought.

The first time the crown of Osoron's manhood touched what lay beneath the twitching tail, Feng gave a slight sigh. When the tip entered, just barely, into Feng, the half-dragon gave a satisfied half-whimper, relaxing forward on the soft, pine-covered ground. And when Osoron prepared himself, and then entered Feng fully, the half-dragon exhaled sharply, accidentally flash-freezing a patch of bark on a tree not far away.

Feng wasn't a very large man, wings notwithstanding, and he was tight, very tight. But Osoron could be patient, even if it was slow going at first. A little thrust in, then pulling out, then in again, a rhythmic thrusting that went a quarter-inch further each time, and accompanied by the pleasing sound of Feng's half-muttered curses and gasps. The half-dragon was a very noisy lover.

It was a slow job, methodical, but like any such task it was so very rewarding when Osoron finally pushed the girth of himself into Feng completely, watching the half-dragon slump forward on the ground and abandon himself into sensation. There was a sense of true power in making this beast; this great, taloned, fanged, scaled monstrosity whimper like a pleased pup to Osoron's every movement. It was intoxicating, and Osoron liked it, loved this exotic lover and this raw, primal lovemaking. Nothing practiced or polished, simply passionate release here in nature.

Still, Osoron wasn't expecting the soft touch of Feng's tail on the genasi's back. The slender appendage drew a line down the air genasi's back, raising goose pimples across his skin. It was warm, hot-blooded like the rest of Feng, and narrow at its end. And when it ran its touch down to Osoron's own nicely rounded buttocks, the genasi had a sudden premonition of just what Feng had in mind.

Feng's tail quivered in the air for a moment, almost like a living, scenting thing of its own, and then the half-dragon used it to rather delicately lever open Osoron's nether cheeks. The genasi forgot to breath, forgot even to thrust as the questing appendage found Osoron's entrance, tracing the edge before letting the whip-like end burrow into Osoron. Now there was an experience, to fuck and be fucked at the same time, by the same person.

"One-man orgy, aren't I?" Feng murmured, turning his head a bit further than most people could to take a look at Osoron's wide eyes. The wonders of a prehensile tail never ceased to give Feng something new to introduce people to. "Forgetting something?"

"Oh, right." Osoron said sheepishly, and turned his attentions back to the luscious and powerful body before him. It was certainly worth the attention, as Osoron began the slow, sensuous thrusts, but the genasi's concentration was tested in a way it hadn't often been. Feng's tail wormed around Osoron's insides, withdrawing and entering almost like a phallus itself, but with the added twist that it moved inside, twisting and writhing and shaking in a way that was quite distracting.

Osoron thought he could get used to these kinds of distractions.

The two lovers fell into a rhythm, a strong pace of thrust and counter-thrust. Osoron's manhood pushed into Feng with a steady regularity, to the accompanying gasps and moans of the half-dragon. Feng kept enough of his mind to keep the tip of his remarkably talented tail busy with Osoron though, sending a welter of sensations the genasi's way. There was sheer animal lust at work here, and mutual attraction aplenty, and that was enough, more than enough for these two.

It was easy to lose track of time, for Osoron to forget everything else about the world, concentrating on the essentials. The smell of the pine needles mixing with the half-dragon musk and Osoron's own unique scent. The salty-sweet taste of Feng's juices drying on his lips. The sounds of the half-dragon grunting and gasping and cursing in his foreign tongue to the time of Osoron's deep plunges. The sight of Feng burying his face into the fallen needles, the large wings spread out beneath him like a blanket of sorts. And of course, most powerful was the feeling of Feng's warmth and pressure around Osoron's member, and the queer, fluttering, and rather nice sensations of the half-dragon's tail working its magics.

Still, all good things must come to an end, and in time Osoron felt that he was about to come to an end too. His whole body began to quiver and shake, breath growing ragged and short. He pulled out, and with one loud, shuddering sigh, sprayed his semen all across the half-dragon's back, a frenzied spending that left Osoron tired, exhausted, but also ridiculously happy. Fucking a half-dragon hadn't been quite what Osoron had expected, but the genasi wasn't complaining. Osoron slid out of Feng and sat back on his haunches, looking over his lover. Not complaining at all.

The pearly drops of fluid glistened on Feng's marble-white back, barely visible, even as the half-dragon levered himself onto his elbows, taking a look back at the genasi with the slightly goofy smile on his face. The tail withdrew itself from Osoron, giving him a going-away tweak that made his insides flutter pleasantly, before waving about in the air for a bit. The slender, white tail drew itself along Feng's back, scraping up Osoron's spent seed like a rod in an old-fashioned bath house.

The glistening tail moved forward towards Feng's face, and with gentle daub of a long tongue, Feng tasted the juices left by his lover, casting a smoldering look back at Osoron. The half-dragon looked delightfully debauched as he lay there, thoroughly drilled and sipping the semen off of his tail, a symbol of raw carnality and predatory pleasure. And Feng knew this, taking his time with his tongue before rolling over on his back to give Osoron another of his sensuous looks, even as his own shaft stood up in the air like a flagpole. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Mmm-hmm..." The genasi answered without words. He wasn't quite sure he trusted himself to speak just now.

"Glad to be of service, Majesty." Feng drawled, though a hint of a smile fluttered around the edges of his faux-serious expression. The half-dragon reached down to stroke himself lightly, letting the tips of his claws play along the engorged phallus. "Well, after all that service, planning to do anything about this?"

"Hrm..." Osoron gave this matter the due consideration it deserved. A pressing problem, or perhaps a problem in the lack of pressing. Getting a little unsteadily to his knees, the genasi wandered over to Feng, raising himself over the half-dragons tall and standing manhood. Then the genasi sat down, even as Feng adjusted himself a little to let himself enter Osoron fully. The air genasi was already nicely stretched from the tail-play before, and Feng went in smoothly.

It was, on the whole, a much more relaxed lovemaking than their previous animal passions. Osoron was tired, and a little sleepy, and Feng was quite content to take his pleasure at leisure, letting Osoron ride him like a huntsman's mount. Feng ran his hands over the drowsy genasi's body, tracing the lines of hard muscle with a delicate claw, even as he thrust up into Osoron time and again.

They weren't in any hurry, really, and so Feng took his time, learning every little nook and cranny of Osoron's body as they made love. Not that the genasi was being lax in this matter either. They explored, learning the little details of each other, such as the fact that Feng's wings could be folded almost in quarters without problems and that the leathery flaps in between were very soft, or that Osoron tended to spark off with bits of static electricity after a particularly good sex session. Little things, but important.

Unlike the previous lovemaking, this one ended not with an explosion of passion, but with a relaxed shudder of pleasure, Feng spending himself with a soft exhalation of breath, one that only slightly lowered the ambient temperature. Osoron slid off him, a little stickier and bow-legged, but happy enough with his life, resting against a convenient pine as he drowsed.

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