tagErotic HorrorPlanescape: Turnabout is Fair Play

Planescape: Turnabout is Fair Play


[Author's Note: This story is not a nice story. It contains homosexual gang rape, and sexual torture. Fair warning.]

Prime Material Plane of Darbel, Hashkar 122

Nine years before the Lady's Edict

There were really more pleasant ways to spend an afternoon.

It was, for Darbel, a beautiful day. For a wonder, a few clouds struggled against the pale blue sky, passing overhead as the setting sun fell behind the far eastern mountains. With dusk's arrival and the slow departure of the vicious heat of day, life appeared in the desert for those few brief hours before night became too cold. Still, a lizard rested quietly on a rock, impressive frill turned towards the wind, and a few mice scurried from underneath a shrub. In the distance, the yip-yip-yipping of the jackals set a peculiar, near-musical counterpoint to the waning day. In the shade of the cliff-side where the gnolls had encamped, life seemed almost pleasant.

Drachmir, however, was not enjoying it.


The fist hit Drachmir firmly in the stomach, making the smaller gnoll keel over as the gang of toughs swarmed over him. Drachmir was born under by the collected weight of three larger foes, twisting and hissing like a catamount as he tried to get out of their grip. One of them made the mistake letting his hand get too near the small gnoll's jaws, and Drachmir seized the opportunity, sinking his teeth into it. A yowl of pain pierced the evening air.

"Oh for spirit's sake, will you keep it down." Jarghu was standing aside as his three henchman grappled with the runt. It wasn't that anyone was going to stop them; who cared about a runt anyway? But if it got to loud some of the tribe's elders would run them off for making a racket, and then they'd have to catch Drachmir all over again. The little worm was tricky enough the find as it is.

The small gnoll took an opportunity to try and crawl out from under the pile, only to have a clawed hand grasp his foot firmly. Oh hells, flashed through Drachmir's mind as the hand gave a firm tug and caused the gnoll to fall flat on the sand. This was enough for one of the others to grab his flailing arms and hold them tight. Drachmir was stretched out on the sand, feet held behind him by one gnoll, arms ahead by another. This isn't going to end well.

"Well finally..." Jarghu strolled over from where he was leaning against the rock-face and kneeled by Drachmir, grabbing the younger gnoll by the ruff of the neck and pulling his head back so he could look at him. "Gotcha. Now for a bit of fun. Have anything to say, runt?"

"Gurhh...." Drachmir made a noise at the back of his throat as he looked at Jarghu. The bigger gnoll was only a few seasons older then Drachmir, but while Drachmir was the tribe's runt, Jarghu was a warrior, albeit a minor one. He looked it too. He was a gnoll, the dominant race here in the desert. Standing at little over seven feet tall, an outside observer would describe Jarghu as a mixture of hyena and human, with all the flaws of both and none of their virtues. His head was utterly canine, with a short, rounded muzzle and large black ears, a scar running down one side of his face from a human's sword. He was broad-shouldered, and looked mostly human from neck to waist, if one forgot about the dark tan fur. The short, waving tail and bent, canine legs shattered any illusions of humanity though. All in all, the small and objective part of Drachmir's mind that wasn't concentrating on getting out of this situation thought, he looks like a proper gnoll warrior, not a runt like me.

Of course, Jarghu wasn't a proper gnoll warrior. He was still young, and too lazy to be good for much. That's why his spear had only a single notch, denoting a single kill during the tribes endless raids, and why he was only a lesser warrior, not part of the chieftain's inner circle. This meant that he was Drachmir's problem.

Most of the ranking males in the tribe had mating rights with the tribe's womenfolk. The entire hierarchy was built on that. But the lesser warriors, like Jarghu and his cronies, didn't. So you had a whole mess of sexually frustrated young gnolls without an outlet for that frustration. The higher ranking males had rights to the tribe's female, or to the few humans slaves that lived long enough amongst the gnolls. The young ones though, didn't have those rights, and you didn't force a she-gnoll who could probably break your spine. So what they did, mostly, was take those frustrations out on anyone lower ranking than them. And you didn't get lower ranked than Drachmir, the tribe's runt.

"Brog, Cark, hold his legs open, I'm going first." Drachmir's head slumped in the sand. This was going to get worse before it got better. Much worse. Drachmir tried to bury his nose in the sand.

Jarghu circled around the younger gnoll as Drachmir was spread-eagled in the sand. One of the gnolls held the smaller gnoll's hands above his head, and the other two each grabbed a foot and pulled apart. Jarghu smiled a sharp-toothed grin and moved in.

The bigger gnoll leaned in and grasped the cord that Drachmir used to belt his tunic, cutting through it with a quick movement his clawed fingers, then tossed the tunic aside, leaving Drachmir spread naked on the warm desert sand.

Jarghu unbelted his own leather tunic and reached a hand to steady his growing cock. The gnoll smiled again. He was hard from the anticipation, and watching a nice fight also got his heat up. Jarghu ran his hand desultorily along his engorged member a few times, but he was ready. Leaning in again, he brushed Drachmir's tail aside, and with a swift movement, rammed his penis into the smaller gnoll's anus.

Drachmir buried his muzzle in the sand some more, but a small yelp still escaped him. Jarghu withdrew a bit, then pushed in again, spearing the younger gnoll expertly, thrusting a little more of himself into Drachmir's buttocks with every movement. The smaller gnoll gritted his teeth from the pain as the massive cock drove deeper and deeper, but there wasn't a thing he could do. He tried to move his hands and feet, but he was the runt of the tribe, the smallest, the weakest, barely more then a human. And there were three of them holding him down.

As Jarghu pumped away at Drachmir's buttocks, the smaller gnoll felt a pressure on his jaws as the gnoll holding his arms hooked a finger into Drachmir's lips and with a bit of prying, opened his jaws and held a small rock at the back of the younger gnoll's jaws, between his teeth, so that Drachmir couldn't close them. Satisfied, the bigger gnoll undid his clothing and presented a hot, glistening penis for Drachmir's perusal. Without any ceremony, he thrust his member into the smaller gnoll's mouth, pushing deep enough to make Drachmir gag. Pretty soon he and Jarghu had a certain rhythm going, alternating their thrusts into Drachmir so that the he felt as if he was being tossed back and forth on their two penises, filled with pain and a certain callous pleasure as his own body responded.

Finally, Jarghu had enough. After one long, final push into Drachmir, burying himself balls deep in the younger gnoll's anus, Jarghu withdrew, hand grasping his shiny, wet penis and pumping up and down madly, he aimed at Drachmir's back, and spattered hot, white cum all over the smaller gnoll's back. Taking this as a signal, the other gnoll took his cock out of Drachmir's weak mouth and shot his load straight at Drachmir's face. Drops of semen made wet trails down the young gnoll's muzzle. His entire body was one sore, sodden lump of flesh and fur. Drachmir just wanted to crawl somewhere under a rock and sleep. Or die, he wasn't being picky.

"Having fun yet, runt?" Jarghu's voice sounded from somewhere behind Drachmir. "Alright, switch off. Any volunteers?"

Drachmir's body seemed to slump. This was what he was afraid of. Soon, another gnoll thrust into the smaller gnoll's body from behind, and a fourth pushed his engorged cock between Drachmir's teeth. And the cycle began anew.

After a while, Drachmir lost track of time, as huge cocks pounded away at his face and his ass, sometimes alternating and sometimes together. As the moon progressed along the uncaring sky, another load of cum splattered across the spotted, tan fur of Drachmir's back and face. Then a brief pause and it would begin again.

After what felt like ages and was probably no more than a half hour, nothing more was forthcoming. Drachmir wondered if each gnoll had taken their turns at his aching anus, and how many times each. They were all young gnolls; they had a lot of endurance. Dimly, Drachmir realized he wasn't being held any more, though at the moment, simply breathing strained his abused body.

"It's been great Drach, but I think we're done. We'll be seeing you around, eh guys?" A chorus of hyena laughter greeted Jarghu's sally, and the quartet of young thugs wandered off back to the camp, leaving Drachmir, the abused, exhausted, cum-spattered runt of the tribe alone on the moonlight-illuminated sand.

I hate them. The sheer venom of Drachmir's thought would do a sidewinder justice. This wasn't simple hatred; it was a full-bodied loathing straight from depths of the gnoll's soul. And someday, I'll kill them. A brief shock went through Drachmir's tortured body as he considered this blunt thought. One ear twitched weakly.

Oh, what's the point in kidding myself. I'm no more likely to kill Jarghu then the moon's likely to dance a jig in the sky. Drachmir sighed, a sorrowful exhalation of breath. He was the tribe's runt, the smallest, the weakest, and the most worthless one around. Drachmir thought what'd happen if he challenged Jarghu to a proper fight. It was enough to bring a grim chuckle to the tired gnoll.

A centipede, feeling safe now that the commotion had stopped, scuttled out from under a rock, passing a few feet in front of Drachmir's nose. It was a fat yellow one, the kind that the tribes shaman collected for his sleeping tea, not that Drachmir ever got within sniffing distance of it. Not that I need that centipedes help to sleep right now... centipedes help to sleep... help... to sleep...

And a slow, savage grin spread across the battered gnoll's muzzle.

A few weeks later

There just has to be an easier way to get something to eat. Drachmir shifted his pack and waited patiently as Jarghu looked over the ridge.

"Not a thing." The larger gnoll cursed. "Come on runt, maybe we'll catch one of those curly-horns in the next valley."

Drachmir followed along after Jarghu, shouldering his heavy pack. Jarghu, naturally, wasn't about to carry the gear when Drachmir was around to do it for him, so while the older gnoll just carried his short bow and a quiver, Drachmir was carrying a few skins of water and the results of their hunting so far, a couple of large, fat rodents the size of Drachmir's fist. The real prize, the curly-horned desert gazelle, was not gracing the two hunters with its presence.

On the whole, Drachmir enjoyed hunting. It meant he only had to worry about one or two members of the tribe making his life a misery instead of whoever caught him, and he was looking forward to roasting the plump desert shrew, instead of getting whatever scraps he could scavenge.

Drachmir's belt-pouch wiggled a bit and the gnoll grinned. Of course, this time he had other plans then just food. He heard Jarghu yell something up ahead and wondered how the other gnoll ever caught anything the way his voice carried. Drachmir shrugged mentally. So long as they didn't run into a human patrol, he'd be perfectly happy with just having Jarghu to deal with.

Some hours later the broke for supper, having managed to catch another rodent and break an arrow. Drachmir uprooted some hardy old bushes to make a small fire, and then buried the desert shrew in the ashes as Jarghu dozed in the shade of a rock. The younger gnoll eyed his foe appraisingly, as Jarghu twisted a bit to get into a better position. Won't get a better chance.

Business-like, Drachmir walked towards the rock where the older gnoll lay, carefully taking his wriggling belt pouch and shaking it vigorously. As Jarghu opened an eye to figure out just what the crazy runt was doing, Drachmir took another step and opened the pouch above his rival, dropping an angry yellow centipede right on Jarghu.

"Hey! What in the hells are you doing!" Jarghu twisted to try and slap the insect away, but it bit him twice on the leg and scurried with lightning speed away, disappearing into a crack under a rock.

"Runt, I don't know what you're trick is," Jarghu fumed as he rose up and stepped towards Drachmir "But you are going to be regretting it for a long time..." Drachmir stepped back cautiously, counting the seconds. "I'm going to...going...go..."

Jarghu fell face forward into the sand.

What do you know, it worked. I ought to listen to the shaman more often. Drachmir got to work quickly. The centipede wasn't really very venomous, and the sleeping poison would wear off in a few minutes. Something told him that Jarghu would be less then thrilled when he woke up.

Drachmir took the thick rope from his pack and tied Jarghu's hands behind the larger gnoll's back, then did the same with Jarghu's feet. It was good, strong rope, meant for them to make it into a sling to carry the desert antelope back to the tribe. Drachmir grinned to himself as he worked. So far so good. Satisfied, he sat back against the rock and waited.

It was a couple of minutes before Jarghu stirred, then a few more for the large gnoll to throw off the centipede's venom enough to think clearly. He was large, healthy warrior, and his body purged the sleeping poison quickly. Once Jarghu was awake, he turned his head and tried to move his arms, but they were tied firmly behind his back. He moved his face towards the reclining Drachmir.

"Runt, you're life is going to be pain when I get through with you." Jarghu struggled against the ropes. "What the hells kind of game are you playing at?"

Drachmir's ears swiveled forward, two round, black ears that zeroed in one Jarghu's voice. "Hmmm...? I'd think you'd figure it out, Jarghu." Drachmir all but spat the name. The young gnoll's voice was cruelly mocking.

Ignoring Jarghu's snarls of anger, Drachmir rose from his position and stretched like a cat, the sun's rays turning his tan fur a honeyed shade of gold. He shrugged himself out of the one piece of clothing he wore, the tattered tunic he'd scrounged, and stood naked in the sun, letting the light caress his fur like a lover. For all that Drachmir was the runt; he wasn't so much scrawny as he was simply small. Drachmir's body was covered in a dense, wiry musculature that spoke of his constant scrabbling life, but it gave him a spare kind of handsomeness, a hard body without a trace of excess flesh. Just bone, muscle, and fur, all revealed to the day.

Drachmir grinned as Jarghu's expression changed, the bigger gnoll realizing just what was in store. Or thinking he realized, Drachmir amended in his mind. The younger gnoll ran an idle hand along his cock, considering just where to begin with the many plans he had in mind.

Drachmir sat down on the warm sand by Jarghu and rolled the larger gnoll over so that he was on his back, ignoring the growling threats. The ropes held well. Drachmir slipped a single hand underneath the folds of the cloth shirt Jarghu wore, pressing it against the flat stomach of the warrior, tapping his claws lightly against the furred muscles. Drachmir moved his hand downward, tracing little designs and curlicues underneath the cloth till he came to Jarghu's groin, resting his hand on the larger gnoll's shaft.

It swelled slightly under Drachmir's light touch, and the gnoll moved his hand along its surface, a long and languid stroke that caused Jarghu's cock to grow a little larger still. Jarghu was still a young gnoll, and he responded like a well-honed fiddle to Drachmir's faintest touch. This'll be easier then I'd expected. Or harder maybe, depending on how you look at things. Drachmir grinned his hyena-smile, letting the sunlight sparkle on his ivory teeth.

Drachmir ripped the tunic out of the way and leaned in over his foes body, bracing himself with one hand while the other started to stroke Jarghu's thick cock. It was unusual to for Drachmir to be on the offering end of anything, but the gnoll restrained himself from getting revenge in a more traditional way, i.e. with knives. What Drachmir had in mind would be much more appropriate.

The younger gnoll's tender ministrations were soon rewarded as Jarghu's large shaft grew larger still, coming to proud attention and staring off into the sky like a spire of rock, and quite nearly as hard. Drachmir slowed himself down some more. He wanted Jarghu fully engorged, but not a movement more. Tension, not release, endless frustration, not a whiff of satisfaction.

Drachmir grinned to himself and ran a long tongue over his teeth. He planned to keep this up all night. It'd be a more interesting way of passing the night then usual. For a few minutes Drachmir just lay there on the sand, his head resting on Jarghu's stomach while he drew a single clawed finger up and down the larger gnoll's cock, just enough to keep it hard. Drachmir played with his prey, occasionally reaching out to fondle Jarghu's balls, occasionally just sighing and looking down at the angry pink monument to his success, learning just how far he could push Jarghu without provoking the explosion of relief he wanted to avoid. The warrior's constant threats were music to Drachmir's ears.

Still, variety was the spice of life, so after some minutes had passed, Drachmir rose up from his animate pillow and yawned. Time for a change of pace. Leaning in, he flicked a long and rosy tongue out, just touching Jarghu's swollen penis. The cooling wetness made the cock stand straighter still, as Drachmir daubed his tongue languidly against it. After some minutes, Drachmir shifted, and with exquisite care, took the head of Jarghu's shaft between his teeth.

It was very warm, and the drops of pre-cum gave it a slight tang as Drachmir ran his tongue around the head of the penis, before moving his head down, until the tip of his tongue could touch the base of Jarghu's cock. For all that the warrior was a large fellow, he fit in Drachmir's muzzle easily, as the younger gnoll ran his mobile tongue in circle around Jarghu's shaft, before lifting his head up to smirk at the captive warrior. Jarghu's eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed to be getting desperate for release from his lengthy erection. Drachmir's returning smile promised much more to come.

Lowering his muzzle again, Drachmir tugged gently at the head of the cock with his teeth, touching his tongue to its tip. For a moment, Jarghu shuddered, and Drachmir quickly lifted his head, wondering if he had misjudged how aroused Jarghu was, but the tremor subsided, and soon, Drachmir fell into a rhythm, using teeth, lips, and tongue to keep Jarghu hard as a bone. After several minutes, Drachmir lay back down with his head on Jarghu's stomach, teasing the other gnoll along with his fingers for a while longer. Jarghu's snarls were becoming delightfully incoherent, and Drachmir's grin was widening by the minute.

The sun was setting by the time Drachmir decided it was time to step things up. Jarghu was tired and furious, but things were going like a charm. Nice for things to go right once in a while. The younger gnoll stood up lazily and stretched, looking down at his handiwork with a professional pride. He was good at this. Drachmir was really quite good at this. Pity there didn't seem to be a living in hurting people without leaving any marks. Ah well...

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