tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanet Moor Ch. 03

Planet Moor Ch. 03


"Tell them not to do that again, I am just one of them. I will not stand the cheering for me wiping out a species, even if they were enslaving us." Perry said to a man standing there.

"I think it would sound better coming from you." He said.

Perry looked at him; Perry smiled and asks him, "Who are you?"

"I am Joey Nine. I am the man who will escort you around to the planets. This is Jake Yargon. He will be our pilot and driver. We were picked for this job because we are known on every planet and every city. We were the messengers for the torpid. We knew everything they were going to do. We had organized an underground system trying to rid ourselves of the vermin. Then you come along and in less than twelve hours eliminate the problem. We are happy that they are gone. But now the people want to worship you, some know that you are against this. They still want to put you on a pedestal and keep you there." Joey said.

"I don't want that, damn, how am I going to stop this." Perry said.

"Tell them" Jake said.

"Yea, you're right" Perry said and walked out and up the steps to the platform.

"Stop" Perry said into the mic. He raised his hands. They settled down and as they were seated. Perry said, "I don't want this, I don't want to be worshipped. I was brought here the same way most of you were. I am just a man, granted a man with special powers, but just a man. I have freed you, now it is up to you to make it. I will not put up with you worshipping me. Honor me, that is fine, but I am not a god. Don't treat me like one.

Now I am here to hear what you have prepared. I know that there has been ongoing resistance to the torpid. You surely have some sort of leadership in place. I think I am looking at it. Am I right, or is the group in this room something else."

A man at the end of the center table stood, he had a mic in his hand.

"We are the leaders of the Hersha system. We thank you for our freedom. Our people thank you. In the last two days we had worked hard on what we were going to do. We already had our government in place. The torpid were getting old and losing control of us at times. They were talking of breeding more of their kind. We were at a loss of how to stop them. Till you come along, you fixed our problem in twelve hours. Now we are organized and have our roles set. We agree with the death penalty law. That is one of the first things we declared. We are going to build our worlds together. We are going to create the largest human community known. We want you as our Emperor. You will help set the laws; the people will have someone to look too."

"I will have to think on that. I know that if I take the job, I will not be put in a palace and kept there. I will walk among the people; it will not be known that I do this. I am thinking that this might be a good idea. I will make it so, yes, I accept your offer. I will have some demands, but we can deal with that later. Since you have your government worked out already. I guess this meeting is over unless you have something else." Perry said.

"There is one thing, we have a male to female ratio problem, as it stands now there are six female to every male here in the system. We were going to set a multipliable wife law. Will you agree to that?" He said.

"What will be the limit on wives one man can have?" Perry asks.

"As many as he can handle" He said.

"Agreed, the man can set his own limit." Perry said, "He has to keep them inline without beating them. He can punish them but within public reason. The people can set the punishment rules. You are the people, I am just the figurehead. If things get out of hand to the point I am setting all the laws and punishments. I will dismiss all of you and have the people replace you with their choices. One more thing; is there a police system in place or is the military going to handle that?" Perry asks.

"We have an organized police system operating on each planet. They are divided into districts and sectors." He said.

"Good, thank you for your time. One more thing, is there going to be a government building or area somewhere?" Perry asks.

"Yes, the government center will be on Tidron, the seventh planet. We chose Tidron because it is almost equal distance from the first and the last planets. Your palace will be there also." He said.

"The palace for the people, I will have my own hide-away." Perry said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is getting late. I am sure some of you have a long ride home. I am going to rest tonight because tomorrow I start the grand tour of the Hersha system." Perry turned and walked down the steps. At the bottom, Joey and Jake stood there. I looked at them, "Guys, I want us to be friends, I don't want to be your boss. If we are to remain together in this, I want people I can trust with me. My two Ladies are the only two I trust now; I would like to have both of you on that list. I could read your minds, but I don't and I won't unless you give me cause. You will have to earn my trust, from now on you go where I go in public. If I go to my hide-away, you go along, not just you but you, your wives and children. Your families will become part of my family. My private life is mine, not the systems. We will learn to deal with this problem as we grow together. I want my personal shuttle to be big enough to haul two hundred people plus vehicles. If we have to we will use two shuttles, one for personal and one for other things. My personal ship, my home away from home is to be armored and weaponized. It will be carrying our families, so we will oversee the design and construction. We will do the same for a custom shuttle. So do either of you have a problem with that?" Perry asks.

"You really want us that close?" Joey asks.

"Do you see any other way? I mean we are going to be together almost sixteen hours a day. If you become what I am hoping for, you will have almost the same authority I do. Like I said, I need people I can trust. From what I have seen of you two here today, I think this will work. I want you as advisors and more importantly friends. People in positions like this have very few friends." Perry said.

Joey said, "I'll play along for now, I just don't know if we can work together and remain friends."

"I think this will be a ride either way. I'm in." Jake said.

"Ok, first thing, you say he is a pilot. What are you flying?" Perry asks.

"I was given the latest in first class shuttles, but it will only haul ten people and one personal transport for ten people, plus the pilot/driver." Jake said.

"Ok, Joey, are you married, how many wives?" Perry asks.

"Yes, and I have three wives at this time. No children, we were not allowed to breed." Joey said.

Before I could ask, Jake said, "I have one wife and two kids."

"Well so far I have two women staying with me. We have not made it official yet. We all just come in on the same transport. I think before the week is out I want to make them both my wives. I don't plan on stopping there. I like to cuddle, my former wife, who died, didn't like to cuddle. So now that I can have many wives, I am sure to find one or two that will. As for kids I have two adult daughters on Earth, and will try for some here. A son would be nice. Lots of sons would be nice." Perry stated.

Jake said, "Let's get you back to those two women tonight. Tomorrow I will get with the two of you about a bigger shuttle. I think I know where the perfect shuttle is. As for your personal ship, that we will have that built just the way we want it."

They led Perry out to this shuttle, is about the size of a tractor-trailer rig with two levels. The lower level housed a stretched limo and the upper level looked like a transit bus. This was first class, maybe in the New York subway.

"This will not do, you said this is first class? For who, I owned personal vans that had more going for it then this thing even starts too." Perry said.

"Sorry, it was what they give me." Joey said.

"Tomorrow, shitcan the tours, we go see the shuttle builders. If I am to play the part they want, I am doing it in style. My style and this ain't it. Joey, did they say anything about my finances and a spending allowance?" Perry asks.

"You have no limit; you are free to take what you need. We are to keep track of the expenses and turn them in so they know who to pay. If I was you, I would do some cash withdrawals and start a hidden account. You may need to run someday, and a little backup cash wouldn't hurt. Buying some gold and stashing it on your new ship would be a good idea too." Joey said.

Joey and Jake boarded the shuttle. Perry said, "Nine am, I want to see the ship builders first thing. Go home, take care of your families and get some rest. I'll see you in the morning."

Joey closed the hatch and the shuttle lifted off and left the bay. Perry went to the bridge, the Captain was not there. They said he was in his quarters. Perry went to his quarters and found him eating supper with his wife and three kids.

"I'll bother you for just a second. I am having a new ship built and I was wondering if you would Captain her for me. I would also want your full crew. At nine am in the morning I am going to see some ship builders, I would like you along. Lanac can handle this one in orbit." Perry said.

"Yes, I will to both, captaining the new ship and tagging along to see what you have in mind." He said.

"Good, enjoy the rest of your evening." Perry said. He turned and walked away.

Perry got to his quarters; Lorie and Reka were sitting in the livingroom waiting for him. Neither one was wearing much, Lorie had on a sheer net gown that hid nothing. Under it was a black garter belt with stockings of the same dark color with a pair of full seven inch spiked heels. Reka was wearing a cropped white t-shirt over her breast and the cropped part of the t-shirt as a skirt. She had on white solid stockings with pink garters and her feet were in white six inch wedge sandals. Perry felt over dressed, that didn't last long as they stripped him and took him to the shower. Perry was glad it was still early.

Standing it the hot spray of twelve shower heads, Perry let the two women rub his muscles working out the tension, the hot steaming rub down was causing other tension. Reka found it first; she wrapped her right hand around his cock. Lorie was massaging his ass cheeks. Reka knelt before him, rubbing his thighs, up over his hard belly; she teased him for so long. Lorie had soaped his ass and used a tube to clean his ass out, now he stood there with soapy water in his ass. Lorie told him not to let it go yet. Reka by this time was licking the shaft of his cock, holding on to his thighs for balance. Perry was standing there at their mercy. He had given himself to them to get the full pleasure from this lovemaking session. Lorie stood and moved to get the handheld spray nozzle at his ass, she said, "Release it." Perry relaxed his ass muscles and the liquid run out. Lorie sprayed it off of him and down the drain. Lorie soaped Perry's ass crack and hole; having rinsed it she put the nozzle on the floor. Lorie moved in spreading Perry's butt cheeks, she started licking his ass. Reka was now sucking his cock down her throat; Perry was standing there under the steaming water with two women feeding on his body. He pulled Lorie up and around to his face, kissing her. He removed his hard cock for Reka's mouth, turning Lorie to face away he pinned her to the wall. He forced his cock up her tight asshole, she screamed. Reka moved to lick his asshole while he fucked Lorie's ass. Lorie was crying in pain at first, soon she was crying for more. Perry bites her neck lightly, marking her. He bit all over her neck and shoulder as he fucked her ass. Reka was squeezing his balls, and pushing fingers into Lorie's pussy. Reka's tongue pushed into Perry's ass, he moaned from the feeling. Lorie begged, "More; give me more cock in my ass."

Perry pounded her harder, his pelvis smacking against her ass with each thrust. Lorie pushed a hand down between her legs to finger her own clit. Reka's fingers were plunging in and out of Lorie's cunt. Time stood still as Lorie screamed, "Fuck my ass you bastard, I'm coming, Ahhhhh." Lorie went limp between him and the wall. He held on to her as he backed away, lower her to the floor. He turned to Reka with a look of lust in his eyes; Reka knew he was going to fuck her hard. That look meant he was on a bender. He pushed her back onto the floor of the shower, he dropped to his knees and crawled up between her legs he pushed her legs wider, once he was in position, he lifted her lower back and ass off the floor and pulled her twat onto his cock. She yelled out, "god, stop you're tearing me" She screamed and tried to pull away. Lorie heard her and knew they were in trouble. Perry's first bender had just about killed them, with just the two of them for him to vent his desires. Lorie got up and slipped out of the shower. She got to the intercom, "Captain, this is Lorie"

"Yes Lorie" he said.

"Send about ten women to Perry's quarters. Tell them to be ready to fuck." Lorie said.

"What" he said.

"Ten women to Perry's quarters, he's on a sexual bender, Reka and I can't handle it. Have them here within five minute, and they have to be willing to fuck." Lorie said.

"There you are whore. Did I tell you, you could leave the shower?" Perry growled.

Lorie needed to run, but there was nowhere to go. Perry started for her, she moved around the room till she could get back into the shower. Reka was laying there unconscience, Lorie hoped she was ok; she just stopped and lay down on the floor of the shower. Perry didn't give her a chance; he was on her shoving his huge hard cock into her dry pussy. She screamed. It seemed like hours before they knocked on the door. Perry raised his head, looking out into the other room. He rose from her, "Stay whore." He went to the door; he pulled it open there were nine women standing the naked. Quickly, he herded them into the room. He started pawing them, one hand on one and the other hand on another. Perry didn't know where to start till he saw the short little redhead. He pushed her to the floor, pulled her legs open and raped her. He spent the next two days taking any women that come into to his house. Perry had just come for the first time since the shower with Lorie and Reka. He pulled away from this strange woman in front of him. He looked around his livingroom, there must have been thirty women lying around the room, some awake but hurting, most unconscience. Lorie was sitting on the couch with Reka's head asleep on her lap.

"Lorie, what happen here?" Perry asks.

"Your back, you had another bender. I think you fucked just about every woman on the ship in the past forty-eight hours. Some had to be taken to sick-bay; you got a little rough with some of us. You haven't slept yet either, we were starting to panic. If you had gone another two days I would have shot you, just for some relief. I think you fucked me six or seven times in the last two days, and not just a quicky either most lasted fifteen to twenty minutes of non-stop pounding." She said looking at him realizing he was asleep using the girl he had just pulled out as a pillow.

The Captain had moved the meeting back one day till we all got some rest. The women one or two at a time rose and left, walking stiff and sore. The next afternoon most every woman on the ship could hardly walk, some couldn't even sit. Reka and Lorie were finishing getting dressed. I was dressed and waiting on the two women. I was not going to rush them, I wanted them to look damn mighty fine around me. It was eight fifteen; it was a ten minute walk to the bay. They come out into the room, I just stood there smiling. They both were wearing identical outfits except for color, Lorie with her white hair was in black and Reka was in green to contrast her red hair. The outfits wear a leather mini-skirt, leather corset, leather shrug jacket, leather boots to mid-thigh with six inch heels. They both were wearing leather hats of the same color as their outfits.

"Too much" Lorie said.

"Not at all, this is what I want you to do. Show off; just watch the colors though, any more than this maybe overkill. But today, I will be proud to have you beside me. Are you armed besides the armbands?" Perry asks.

The armbands were something Perry had built over the last few days, they were now more than protection, and they house several weapons. The main weapon is a compound bow with plasma arrows. They also housed a plasma sword and shields. Perry had spent hours with other techies building these.

"Decloak" both of them said, their weapons appeared; each was heavily armed with several pistols and many blades of various sizes.

"Good, now hide them again, I don't have to tell you that you should never leave this room without plenty of weapons. Always keep your shields on, I don't want to find you assassinated here in this room. If you don't have your personal shields on, keep the quarters protected with the perimeter shields. Shall we go, they will be waiting.

Joey, Jake and Isicah were waiting next to the shuttle they had given me. It was a trash heap; it was dull dirt gray on the outside. The inside was the same color, the seating must have been two hundred years old, and the coverings were cracked and worn.

"Jake, I trust you can find me something better than this prison tub." I said.

"Yes, our first stop is a shuttle repair shop that customizes shuttles for the rich and famous. He has been in business ever since the torpid started losing their power to control everyone. I called him last night; he has just finished a shuttle for a customer, unfortunately that customer died last week. He said this shuttle has equipment and tricks like nothing else he has ever built. We should be there in about twenty minutes." Jake said.

"Captain, how big do you think this yacht should be? I was thinking maybe a small warship, say two thousand yards. A tri-hull with outriggers with weapon pods at the end of them. Something equally suited in space, on land, on or under water. I want this thing to be ready for anything and everything. If I need to hide it, I want it to disappear. I want the top of the line weapons, sensors, shields and cloaks. Defensive and offensive, to be able to stand it's ground and to take the fight to them. I want it to be an extension of me and my power. Joey, Jake and Isicah you and your families will be living on it also. The rest of the crew that has families will have family's quarters also. So we will need a roster of the crew and their families." Perry said.

"I will contact Lanac and have the list since to my pad." Isicah said.

"How many crew members do you have aboard the Eluchenn?" Perry asks.

"Eleven hundred and twenty-five active members, the Eluchenn is only seven hundred and fifty yards nose to tail. The new ship will be easier to fly, with all the advancements that have been made since it was built. I hear they are even installing A.I.'s in the new ships now. What you are suggesting is a private yacht with hidden war capabilities, something that could slip in for a recon...mission." Isicah said.

I want something that if I get out in the middle of nowhere and run into trouble. I will be the one walking away not crawling. So yes, if I have to hide weapons, I will hide weapons. How many here have weapons on that the others can't see? Perry asks.

Everyone raised their hands, "See this is our nature, we have been fighting for so long trying to free ourselves and form a new human structure that we just naturally carry weapons. I know that the three of us just joined the fight, but we have put our all into this with you. The next several years could be hairy. I have to be able to hold my own anywhere, anytime, and anyway. With the help of my friends here, we can hold this system united." Perry said.

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