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Planned Unexpected Wife Swapping


Some background: My name is Priya. We are a married couple in our 30s. We were virgins on our wedding night, but we have always had a good marriage and healthy sex lives. As years passed and the world changed, we also changed. During our love session, we used to watch porn movies and share the fantasies and Akash always hinted for wife swapping fantasy to which initially I hesitated due to inhibitions and as time moves on I too felt it enjoyable and had massive orgasm during our sexual intercourse. Although Akash was reluctant to have the swapping fantasy come true once in a life time to which I was not ready to accept till date mentally however it gives immense pleasure & orgasm during our sex sessions. The best part of enjoying swapping fantasy and getting a comfort feel was that, Akash would narrate it with just strangers Indian couple met in a motel or on planned abroad holidays and only for once in a life time.

Akash mostly love to share wife swapping fantasy with different erotic plot stories or can say want me watch having sex with another male. Due to possessive nature, I was bit adamant to ignore his advances of thinking in making it come true. In his absence, I thought of searching the fantasy topic on internet and found that it was normal for a person to fantasize and there are different set of fantasies in male and female. Most common found male fantasy is to watch his wife having sex with another male and in female it was forced sex. And wife swapping is normal appetite in European countries. Just nothing to add to it, however the nights with fantasies ended with massive orgasm during our love sessions.

One night, while having sex, Akash asked reluctantly to have wife swapping fantasy come true and persuaded me to think to have it experienced just once in a lifetime and was simultaneously fucking like anything.

It really lead to a massive orgasm, bursting inside with huge load of cum, and asked him..if he is serious..

Yes..Akash replied.

Heated with sexual pleasure and swapping fantasy come true had lot of inhibitions in my mind and I said to Akash, although it's really enjoyable during sex and not sure of real experience as there are lot of cultural boundaries and sexual taboo attached with a complete circle of security society and lot of other strings attached.

I understand..Akash said all these inhibitions are also attached with me and then suggested, what about abroad holidays, where there is no sexual & cultural barrier with no strings attached and just for fun holidays in a unknown land and with unknown circle.

With a grinned smile I said....That sounds great...but with no commitment and confirmation. In reply Akash said...yeh sure why not what's comes naturally as we don't any couple planned for that and at first it would be our erotic holidays with lot of sex and just sex during our holidays and let's keep waiting for an opportunity and let's see how things move further.....and on utmost top the looks definitely matters.

Yes..of course looks matters. I said....Wow...it would be really incredible and enjoyable, I thought.

And started working on planning our holidays and were thinking of decide to plan holidays via some tour operator or self-planned. And finally thought self-planned would give us more freedom in planning our day and to cut short avoid any known from our native land and also decided to have our destination holidays far away from Asia pacific region.

I left this decision with Akash to choose the destination and he came up with Australia conky beach as our planned destination. It was a private beach out of Sydney city.

That's fine ...I said and he started planning for hotel & travel bookings. From here I asked Akash to write the story and take it forward.


I asked Priya to pack up for our erotic holidays and also no more Indian traditional dress expect that's required to leave our native airport and also to keep a dress handy to be worn at destination airport. Akash always asks me to wear western wear, which to more extent I do love to wear, whenever I get change.

As planned, the day came and we left for our erotic holiday destination Australia. It was long flight and was really comfortable flight journey.

At destination airport, I said Priya.."Hey honey here there is nobody known to us so no more cultural & society boundaries and asked her to change the dress in the washroom.

Sure ...she replied with a smile and went.

Few minutes after, she came and was looking terrific with open puffy hairs wearing blue jeans and tight white t-shirt.

Wow..that's my sexy and beautiful wife..I said to Priya and she said...all for my lovely husband and hugged.

We hired a cab and reached the beach in an hour. To our surprise it was not small beach like in India, it was rather small township with flourish shops and erotic atmosphere and decent weather.

Upon reaching our hotel at around 6:00 PM, the hotel staff warm welcomed us and gave the room facing the sea beach and swimming pool which are normally reserved just only for couples.

It was well designed suite with two rooms and had a king size bed with Jacuzzi and set with sofa set and a big screen T.V. I withdraw the curtains and it was beautiful view facing swimming pool and beach.

I hugged Priya and flourish kisses on her lips and turned her upside down on bed rolling on her. We both lay for few minutes and Priya said lets unpack the luggage and take bath to explore more about the surroundings.

Yep ..sure..I replied and asked Priya to join me in Jacuzzi...and had lot of fun. She was looking damn sexy after taking the complete waxing treatment in India along with public hair.

After lot of fun in Jacuzzi, We both came up and started dressing and Priya wore a knee short skirt with a slimy top and I choose mostly to wear the jeans and t-shirts.

We roam around, it was really beautiful destination with erotic atmosphere with mostly whitish skinned crowd and it seems that we both were only from tanned country. Everybody was in his own fun and enjoying, mostly couples.

After roaming around, we went to restaurant for dinner and had mild bloody merry drink and went to dance floor clubbing each other hands and then returned to our hotel after an hour or so. However it was bit late but then too there seems an evening as everything kept open till 3-4 AM.

We came to our room and asked Priya to have a marvelous fuck tonight and jumped to bed and fucked her madly for more than 2 hrs and slept nude hugging each other.

In the morning both got dressed and as usual Priya was looking very sexy in breast hanging t-shirt and thigh skirts with black sunglasses and went to roam around some nearby places. After roaming for few hours, decided to go to beach. To our surprise, it was nude beach and most of couples were lying nude enjoying the sun bath and few of them were even fucking. Priya was looking here and there to her surprise destination and soon felt comfortable...few minutes after I said her..Wow ultimate place..... See here there is nobody to watch us and can have some erotic fun and took her to nearby isolated place and sit on chairs.

Breaking taboo, I kidded and said Priya..I wanna fuck her...here..

No way...She replied...and lets return to hotel and there can fuck me as much I can.

OKEY>>at least lets have some soft erotic fun.

What's that..She asked..

Just some exposing erotic fun....I said..

To which, initially Priya resisted but soon after with the erotic flames in the atmosphere she agreed, rolling down her sun glasses from head.

At first, I started kissing and pressing her both the breasts gently.

She moamed and said...hey..Akash you are kissing me in public.

No matter...Priya...it's the accepted place...

And soon after up-lifted her t-shirt from her head leaving exposing her beautiful juicy breasts in sexy lacy black bra. She immediately covered her breasts with her hand to which I removed and said..it's okey...it's nude breach and female hiding her beauty on nude beach is really unjustified.

She was looking damn sexy in that outfit and few of the couples roaming around had also a view of that, but no one was starring as such that could embarrass.

And few minutes after Priya was fine with that, I asked her for more..

Now ..what more...Priya said.

Just removing her thigh skirt exposing her beautiful thighs and legs...to which she didn't replied and just smiled, I positioned on top of her removing her skirt, leaving my sexy beautiful wife in bra and panty.

Priya was looking incredible sexy and I couldn't hold my breath and temptation to fuck her right away. By now it was 6:00PM and Priya said really breaking taboo of cultural boundaries is enjoyable and also said that now she is feeling hot and wanna a mad fuck in hotel.

She stood and dressed and we both headed for our hotel. In room we had mad sexual intercourse fucking her mouth and pussy... During our sex..I love to call Priya my Pros..(slut)..with dirty talk, which in turn she replies..Yeah...fuck me ...fuck me hard...your slut...

That's incredible fumes with environment more erotic and hot...

She turned very hot and asked me keep fucking her and to ejaculate in her pussy..

Are u sure...Priya or with some contraceptive.. I asked..

Yep..she said..that she had appointment with doctor in India and doctor has suggested a pill that would last for around an month and during that period no more precaution & withdrawal.

Wow..that's my sexy and intelligent wife ..I said..and throbbed my penis in her pussy...and started fucking her in doggy style position and filled her pussy with lot of hot cum...

It was really hot..Priya said...

Yep...now..when u are on contraceptive..than I would only ejaculate in you, experiencing all the kamasutra positions on our holidays..

It's all your's...and we both laughed..and rested for an hour.

Around 8PM, headed for dinner hall and tasted all the delicious cuisines dishes, and came back around 10PM..

I withdraw the curtains and saw the swimming pool isolated and asked Priya to join for night bath in swimming pool.

She looked and said, ..but...

What but...I interrupted...and said no more any taboo and have just fun..and you already have sun bath at beach in inner wear...

Priya said..no not this....but don't have any swim wear..and only have regular inner wear...

That's fine..and asked to wear her net red bra and panty with a gown on top.

We both reached swimming pool and I at first jumped in pool with safety tires around arms and Priya headed for changing room..and returned in just sexy red inner wear...

The best advantage in foreign land is language as you can communicative in our mother tongue and nobody understands that...

Priya too took a safety tire and came in pool...we both had wonderful time in pool..I caressed Priya breasts and licked the dripping water and put my hand in her drenched panty rubbing her clitoris.

I porked out my penis and asked Priya to suck it under water holding her breathe.. She knelt down under water and sucked my penis turning it hot rod.

After lot of erotic fun and pleasure in water, we both headed to our room and luckily no one joined us in swimming pool.

Both changed to our nightwear..I asked Priya, wanna play any porn movie..

She said..Sure..that would be fun...and ordered the movie from hotel movie store.

It was delivered in few minutes..and I started playing.

Damn..it was my favorite wife swapping hardcore featuring two whitish couples.

It was usual swapping movie, meeting in one's home and then starting from soft sex to hardcore.

Priya could see my reaction to it, as she knew that we had planned these holidays as part to experience this, if permitted.

We were having soft sex watching movie and few minutes of playing Priya asked to switch off and said to make her fucking pros tonight.

Incredible...my sexy wife saying that.....I jumped out of bed and switched off with just a dim bed lamp.

Priya had worn a pink colored nighty with no inner wears.

I started flourishing the kisses on her face clumping in my arms rubbing her breasts against mine chest...I hold her head and throbbed my tongue in her mouth kissing her passionately for long time.

Soon after, I removed her nighty making her nude and jumped on her rubbing my penis against her pelvis and paused for a moment and asked her if she wanna listen an erotic wife swapping fantasy.

Priya said..sure..she really loves..

And started narrated her hot erotic wife swapping fantasy making the plot of our current holiday, while kept fucking her in pussy...and shot a huge lot of cum in her pussy.

Priya said..that was really hot cum and she really enjoyed the fuck with fantasy.

I said..her I wanna her enjoy not just the fantasy but in real experience..

Lets..see..she replied...with a deep breath.

I asked her...suggest..how we can plan for wife swapping come true here.

She cooly said NO..idea nothing, with a big smile..

She said..it was mine deal and she can't suggest anything.

Yep...I said..what about swapping with some good looking whitish couple on the beach as it's normally common in whitish couple and would be more easy to have that.

Priya said..NO...Not at all with whitish couple and only if permitted with good looking strange Indian Origin couple.

I replied and said..no big deal..if we can't have it now..we will plan in advance in our next holidays and just have erotic fun between the two and wanna fuck you on nude beach..

Lets see..Priya just replied...and smiled....

I stood and withdraw the curtains and saw a couple swimming in pool and was enjoying the way..we both had..but couln't see more due to night visibility.

Both of us again had multiple fucking session before retiring to bed.

Next morning, while having our breakfast in buffy hall, a couple entered and they seem from some Asia pacific origin and due to seating arrangement couldn't find any place to sit and came to us and asked, if they both can join us for breakfast.

Sure..I said....and all of us confined in our space and thanked each other before leaving.

That day too, we roam around to few sightseeing and did few of the shopping..

Being tired by afternoon returned to our hotel and thought of having the lunch over there only.

Matter of chance, we again found that couple over here and say..Hi..to each other..and joined for lunch.

The couple introduced us as Rohit & Nishi and both were also good looking with same age group.

Initially, we were chatting in English language and then suddenly Priya asked in Hindi language, if I asked the travel desk for more sightseeing destination here. To which, the Nishi answered the same in Hindi about the places they have visited. And then, we came to know that both Rohit & Nishi were also from India and staying in the same hotel and having the room on the same floor as our's.. After finishing our lunch, we all planned for shopping from nearby souvenir shop.

Priya is fond of shopping and by now it was around 7 PM and again all of us had dinner together with casual chit chat, before saying thanks to each other and went to our respective rooms.

Today, was very tiring day and we decided to just stay in hotel room for next day.

We both took a nap for around an 4-5 hr, when I suddenly waked up and saw it was 2 AM, feeling hot looking Priya in sexual erotic wear..I moved near to her and clumped in my arms and started kissing. Soon after Priya, got awake and said to wanna fuck her....

We both had incredible fucking session, while I break the taboo and asked Priya of exploring the opportunity of wife swapping with Rohit & Nishi.

Give me a break..Priya said...do I know if both of them are also on the same lines and also that we would plan the swapping fantasy come true in our next holidays and this time just enjoy the erotic land adventures and again slept.

I was awake for some more time, with dilemma while getting hot with the idea of planned holidays and soon after I too slept.

Next morning, as decided, we both ordered our breakfast in our rooms and after having one more sexual session slept. I awake around in the afternoon, while Priya was still sleeping as shaked her and said..that I am going out for looking some more information about the local places and left with digital card locking the door.

Enquiring at the travel desk, I saw Rohit was coming there and we both say Hi..to each other and completed our queries.

During our talks, came to know that both of our wife's were tired and are sleeping and we decided to have lunch together and went for lunch hall.

On the way to lunch hall, saw a beautiful pub and both asked each other at the same, if wanna join for some beer and laughed.

As we entered and ordered some beer, we chatted for long time on casual affairs and then after few beers, our talks drifted to our sexual life and found that both of us were first timer here for some erotic unplanned fun, if permits and that of course is wife swapping fantasy come true.

Taking talks further, we explored..what if we both couple wanna explore with each other and there was wow in both sharing this, but was still not sure of our wife's reaction to it..

Let's check and correct and make these memorable holidays and discuss with our wife's.

I was really excited but also bit nervous at the same time , don't' knew how Priya and Nishi will react to this and both left for our respective rooms.

By now, I reached room, Priya waked up and dressed for evening outing and I didn't discuss about the meeting with Rohit. Just than received a call from Rohit about meeting for evening outing.

We all met in hotel lobby and decided to have few drink and headed for a known dance club. There we sat on corner table and ordered some hard drinks for men and vodka for ladies. Priya and Nishi both was occasional drinker.

After few drinks, we both break the taboo and asked our wife's..of exploring the wife swapping come true...

Priya and Nishi, both were silenced for a moment & looked each other with a grin smile and said..not sure..but can give a try...

Wonderful..I and Rohit replied.

Priya asked me if its planned one between the two of us??..and Nishi supported the same question..

I & Rohit just smiled and said it's just matter of chance & opportunity...

Nishi said..Good reply...but you guys are mean....but never the less ...exciting.

Having won feel factor, I asked Rohit & Nishi to join to our room to which they accepted and followed us.

Both Priya & Nishi asked us to leave the room for few minutes and it's females talks and they want few minutes.

Sure..and we both left and came after 15 mins.

As I and Rohit reached there, Priya and Nishi said, we want to make sure both that, we are not going to share any contact details for further meeting and also No means NO..and at first will start with our own wife's..and then see further.

Sure, we accepted all demands, as was pretty sure of getting our wife's swapping come true and asked one of our demand that we wanna see both the ladies in traditional indian dress wearing saree, as Priya look damn sexy in saree.

Priya and Nishi looked us with a grinned smile and asked us to wait for few more minutes than.

We both waited in a separate guest room on sofa while chit chatting.

And then finally Priya & Nishi asked to join them.

Both of them were looking damn sexy and tonight was going to be incredible hottest sexiest night ever.

All four of us, were sitting on bed with Priya on my side and Nishi next to Rohit.

I & Rohit were eyeing each other wife's in sexy attrire and our wife's too shared the same looks with excitement.

I draw the curtains and switched ON the dim lights spraying the freshener in the room making the flames more erotic for tonight.

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