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Plans Interrupted


I originally wrote this for a girlfriend who, regrettably, has now abandoned me. It seemed like such a waste to let this go unread...


Our plans for tonight are spoiled; I wanted to treat you to a lovely dinner and a walk along the waterfront. The plane trip however wiped you out and you just needed a shower and a nap. No probs, I rescheduled while you were asleep.

I don't want to spend the day indoors, the weather is turning nice and you need to get out and see Seattle. While you were asleep I packed a day bag. We get into my car and we drive thru perfectly dreary residential neighborhoods until we reach wooded parkland. This is Discovery Park, a piece of wilderness in the midst of Seattle, unchanged from pioneer days. We park and walk to a trailhead. The path leads twisting down a steep slope, almost a cliff, down to the water's edge. Halfway down we leave the path and pick our way through the trees, until we get to an enormous cedar that guards a little clearing. At the base of the trunk is a little grassy patch, shaded by the cedar and surrounding smaller trees. From there we can see the water and beyond that the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains. The late-afternoon sun is almost baking the vegetation, the air is perfumed with cedar and sage, and when the breeze is right, fresh salt air.

This, Lisa, is my secret place; this is where I go when I just need to get away from everything. I've never brought anyone else here. Until now I've always gone alone.

I spread the blanked on the grass and we sit down, I'm leaning against the trunk and you lean back against me, my arms wrapped around you. We sit in silence for a while, just enjoying each other's company. It's so peaceful and quiet here. I love being here, nothing but me and you and the view and the wonderful tranquility.

We watch the sun setting above the mountains. Across the sound, we can the outlying islands and the ferries taking commuters back to their homes. They also grow the most delicious fruit out there, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. They're coming into season just now; here I packed some for us to eat. I bring a Tupperware container out of my pack and feed you berries from my hand. They are so delicious, flavor bursting in our mouths. You take a bite from a strawberry, and juice escapes getting all over your lips and my fingertips. You lick the juice of my fingertips. I lean forward to kiss it off of your lips. You taste so good my love.

Next I uncork a bottle if chardonnay, it's nice and dry to balance the sweet berries. Unhurriedly we finish off the berries and the wine. I pack away the picnic and again we're just watching the sun starting to set. Honey this moment is so perfect I wish we never had to leave. I look down at your lovely face, you looks so contented and at peace. I cant resist I stroke your hair gently a little smile playing on your lips. Then kissing you on your forehead, squeezing you tighter just a little, eliciting a little sigh of contentment.

Baby how can I resist you? You know how much I desire you. You are such a beautiful and sensual and caring woman. Anybody with an ounce of sense would rejoice to have you in their life and would express that joy to you constantly. This is what you deserve, Lisa.

I kiss you again, softly you murmur in response. Then more kisses, trailing along your cheek and to your ear, whispering...

Lisa my love... have you ever made love outdoors?

No? Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?

I'm taken aback by the intensity of your response. You have my by the hair at the back of my neck, guiding my mouth to yours. You twist yourself around whilst still in my arms, that you may return my embrace. Oh honey, I love the way you kiss me – one kiss from you is all the passion and emotion of ten thousand kisses from any of my previous lovers. You steal my breath away.

Our lips part. My face flushed, I kiss you back, a storm welling up inside me, trying to match the power of your kiss. You pull be down on top of you. Tussling on the blanket, we undress each other. The sun and the breeze feels wonderful on our naked bodies.

Baby I have to have you. Trailing kisses down your neck and your chest, lingering on the undersides of your breasts. Then continuing down. My tongue lingers in your navel for a few minutes. Even further down your belly, as I part your legs with my hands, kissing and nibbling the insides as I draw closer to your pussy. Your hips lift in invitation, I kiss you on your most intimate place.

No Lisa, don't muffle or silence yourself. Make all the noise you want. Nobody will ever hear us. Fill the woods with the sound of your joy.

At last we begin to stir. The sun has set and all we can see is the moon reflecting off the waters of the sound. The cloudless sky twinkles with stars. I wish, my love, that we could spend all night counting them as we lay in each other's arms. Alas, the nights do get cold, and we didn't pack any warm clothes. So I take a flashlight from the pack and slowly, carefully we make our way back to the car. We don't speak during the drive home, nothing really needs to be said, and no words have yet been written that will adequately express what we are feeling. Back at the apartment we crawl into bed, snuggling together, happy to be back in the cloud once more.

Sweet dreams baby. I love you.

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