tagInterracial LovePlantation 1815

Plantation 1815


June 7th, 1815 -- South Carolina - Harrison Plantation

Betty Harrison peaked through the drapes out the window as her father ripped the shirt off slave Jim's back and began to whip the large black man for looking at Betty the wrong way. It was Betty's fault, she couldn't help but admire how large he was, his rippling muscles, his height and strength were unmatched on the plantation. She had been watching him work, watching the sweat coated tattered and dirty shirt cling to his chest and back. She subconsciously bit her lip, wondering what he looked like naked and if what she heard about the black man was true. Do they really have enormous penises? This was what she was thinking when Jim caught her watching him. She had smiled, blushed and looked him up and down. Her father had seen the silent exchange and immediately told her to go inside and began to punish Jim.

The whip drew blood but Jim never let out a noise as her father finished the lashing. Betty admired the black shiny skin, the twitching muscles, ignoring the guilt she felt for getting him beat. Her father untied him, dragging him into the sweathouse and closed the door. He returned minutes later with Jim's clothes. Betty knew he was tied up inside naked. The twinge of desire fluttered from her sex and her hand went between her legs, buried in her skirt, pressing on her growing nub as she thought of naked Jim tied up. She knew he'd be in there for at least two days. This was her chance, hers and Rachel's.

Rachel Sanderson, Betty's best friend lived at the next plantation and was just getting back from a trip to France to visit relatives. Betty was excited to see her friend again, but was more exited to tell her about the opportunity that had presented itself in Jim. The two young woman discussed men, and both had a dangerous attraction to their father's slaves. It had become a preoccupation with them, discussing penis size and what they knew of men and sex. Neither were virgins, a fact that their father's didn't know and both were nineteen, prime age for marriage with several suitors visiting weekly to call upon the two blonde beauties.

Betty was short, petite with small round breasts, long blonde hair, blue eyes and white creamy skin. Rachel was taller, bigger boned with much larger breasts, shorter blonde hair, brown eyes and more olive skin but both were as white as it got in the 1800's. They were considered the two biggest prizes in all of South Carolina at the time. Gorgeous women every young or not so young man desired. Both of them lost their virginity at eighteen and within a week of one another. Since then they've discussed the white men they've had and enjoyed, sharing the size, girth and stamina of said gentlemen. Neither had seen a black man naked, but they both were curious and that curiosity had grown into a desire to not only see one but know one.

"We have our opportunity," Betty whispered to Rachel as they walked from the dock.

"Do tell, darling?" Rachel said, knowing exactly of what Betty referred.

"Slave Jim is naked and tied in the sweathouse. Father is staying in town today and tomorrow for business. It's perfect."

"I shall arrange my coming to visit you and beg my father to let me stay the night," Rachel said, giddy.

The two blondes took hands in excitement as they walked down the dock toward town. Every man's eyes were on them, white men's eyes that is. The slaves kept their heads to the ground, never looking at the pink and blue lacy dressed women with parasols. The two women ignored the tipped hats the gracious greetings. All they were interested was Jim and getting back to Harrison Plantation.

"I can't wait to tell you what I learned from my cousin in France. She called it fellatio. Have you ever heard of that?" Rachel asked.

"No... What is it?"

"It's were a woman uses her mouth to stimulate intercourse on a man. It's quite common in France and considered normal and very pleasurable."

"Did she show you how?" Betty asked.

"Yes, but not on a real penis so it was strange, but I think I could do it."

"You'll have to show me."

"I shall, and she also showed me a wonderful use of my large bosom. While using your mouth on the penis she told me to place the shaft between my breasts. I don't know if you could do it but she said I for sure could."

"I guess if I pushed mine together it might work a little," Betty said looking down at her pushed up cleavage from the corset she wore.

They were forced to end the conversation and keep silent about such things on the carriage ride home. They stopped first at Rachel's home, where she received permission to continue on to Betty's home and stay the night, just as planned.

When they arrived at the Harrison Plantation it was approaching evening and both young women retired to Betty's room to change out of their confining dresses in to night clothes. Once changed Betty caught Rachel looking out the window down at the sweathouse.

"Are you certain Slave Jim is still in there?" Rachel asked.

"Positive. Let's say good night to my mother and then we shall sneak out and have a look before it becomes too dark."


Betty and Rachel crept along the house, staying in the shadows and avoiding the lighted windows. Darting around the large hickory tree, her father used to whip the slaves, they made it quickly behind the sweathouse and out of sight from the house. Both women were breathing hard from running and from excitement. Just inside the walls, they now hid behind, was what they sought, a large naked black man. Nothing stood in their way now. Trying to look through the small gaps in the wood planks proved unsuccessful. They could only see where Jim was, but not a good look at what they wanted to see. They were going to have to open the door and peak in. Betty remembered the hinges squeaked on the old sweathouse so both her and Rachel began to spit on each hinge until they hopped the noise would be small. It was, and the door swung a few inches without a sound, revealing Jim, tied to the far wall with ropes around his wrists and waste, lashed to a support. Both young women's mouth dropped. Jim hung forward against the ropes seemly unconscious and glistening with sweat. His muscled body shimmered in the new light from the door. But what had shocked them both was the enormous male member hanging between Jim's legs. It was gigantic, falling over his testicles and descending between his legs to mid-thigh.

Both young women gasped and the noise startled them to the point the shut the door quickly and ran around the side of the shack and fell together in the grass.

"It's enormous!"

"The rumor is true. I have never seen anything like that before."

"Me neither. Roger Burton's was pretty big but Slave Jim's got him doubled," Rachel whispered.

"Should we look again?" Betty asked.

"I think we should... he looked asleep. Maybe, if we're quite enough we could go in and shut the door."

Betty only nodded and they crept back to the door, opened it and quickly went it. Shutting the door behind them the shack got darker but the lights from the house and twilight gave them enough light to see and admire the mammoth shaft they so desired. Both stood frozen, gazing upon Jim and his body when suddenly he stirred and rocked against the ropes that held him. This movement caused his penis to sway back and forth a few times after he fell asleep once again. Both girls gasped again watching the long rod of flesh dangle limp between the muscled dark legs. Rachel moved forward, Betty grabbing her hand to hold her back. Rachel shrugged her off, turning slightly back toward her.

"He's asleep and tied up. What's going to happen?" she whispered, taking a few steps across the hard packed dirt with some straw scattered on the ground.

Betty crept after her, both girls getting a few steps closer to the large naked man. Shortly they stood only two steps away from him, taking in the giant. He was at least two feet taller than both of them and his penis looked as big as their arms from elbow to extended fingers. Slowly Rachel halved the distance and extended her hand toward Jim's penis. Betty's eyes bulged and she wanted to scream for her to stop, pulling on Rachel's nightdress. Again Rachel shook her off and turned to Betty.

"He's exhausted, probably half dead from the beating, tied up and harmless. I'm just going to touch it, that's all."

Betty shook her head adamantly, begging with her eyes to stop Rachel but she only moved toward the sleeping man again. She brushed the shaft, running her fingers down the middle a few inches and back up, feeling the warm flesh and familiar soft flaccid organ she's felt before. Except this one was so much bigger than anything she's seen or touched. The slight caress caused the large penis to move, slightly rising only to fall again limp when she jerked her hand away and looked up at Jim's face. He was still out cold so she reached for it again. Rachel could hear Betty freaking out behind her, making more noise than was prudent.

"Would you calm down. He's not going anywhere. I doubt he'll even awake. I just want to see it erect. Then we can go."

"Are you crazy! He'll wake up for sure if he gets hard."

"Not necessarily. Men get hard in their sleep all the time and never know it."

"Maybe but not from you touching them," Betty snipped back.

"If he wakes, we'll just run. It's not like he'll tell on us. That would mean another beating and maybe lynchin'."

Rachel ignored the pleas from Betty and turned back to the large flaccid cock before her. Reaching out her hand she took the shaft between her thumb and fingers trying to wrap her hand around it but found it so wide she never touched finger to thumb. Gently she pulled downward, moving the loose skin further over his hidden head before pulling it back until the smooth slightly pinker glands poked through the foreskin. This movement had an immediate reaction. She felt life suddenly enter his penis. She felt the shudder of excitement rush through her own sex as the mammoth specimen began to grow and move against her hand.

Glancing up she kept a lookout for Jim waking and gave his penis a few more gentle strokes before removing her hand and watching in utter amazement as it bounced its way to erect. Half way through she added more stimulation to further the blood flow. Betty had stopped moving, awed as well by what she was witnessing.


Jim had heard the young ladies outside the shack spitting on the hinges. He decide to act asleep and see what they intended to do. He assumed they wanted to look upon him and be gone. He wasn't oblivious to the looks Miss Betty gave him out in the field as he worked how she bit her lips and stared at him. She was just a young thing, curiosity is all it was and for some strange reason he wasn't that upset with her for getting him lashed and tied to the sweathouse.

He kept his eyes closed as he heard them open the door and run away, thinking that was all they would do until they came back. He thought stirring would scare them away but the new girl, a Miss Rachel he remembered was quite adventurous, more so than he thought possible for a little white girl. When he heard them talking about getting him hard he cracked his eyes to look down on them. Miss Rachel had forgotten to do up her nightdress buttons and Jim had a great view down the front of her dress. Her plentiful bosom firm and young heaved against the thin material. Both these white girls were stunning to old Jim, young, firm and their pretty blonde hair and tight bodies made his loins ache.

He could scarcely contain himself and act asleep when the warm hand of Rachel began to caress his penis. Never had a white woman touched him in anyway let alone stroke his large member. He thought his heart pounding in his chest would give him away for sure as his massive cock grew and grew under the careful scrutiny and gaze of the girls.


"See, I told you he wouldn't wake up. Isn't that the most amazing thing you have ever seen?" Rachel asked, running her hand lightly down the erect shaft of Jim's penis.

"It's enormous? How could that ever fit inside a woman? Inside one of us?" Betty said coming closer for a better look.

"I don't know. It's the biggest one I've ever seen."

Betty finally got enough courage to reach out and touch big Jim's cock. She just ran the tips of her fingers down the underside of his throbbing rod. Her hand was shaking; her heart pounding and she felt the twinge of pleasure between her legs as her fingers met the hot black flesh.

"We should go," Betty said, pulling away from the shaft.

"What's the rush, he's sound asleep. I want to try something real quick."

"What? You said once you saw it erect we would go."

"I know... it's just I want to try that fellatio thing. Just see what it's like in my mouth."

"Are you crazy! You want to put your mouth on Slave Jim's penis!"

"Why not? It looks fine."

"No way, Don't do it... I'm going to go," Betty said turning to leave but Rachel didn't follow.

Grumbling under her breath Betty turned back around and froze in place as Rachel bent over, putting her face right next to the massive throbbing penis.


Through squinted eyes Jim watched Miss Rachel open her mouth wide, testing whether she could open enough to put his head inside. He thought his heart was beating fast before, now it was jumping right out of his chest. He was glad he was already covered in sweat because he was even worse now. He didn't think it was going to be possible not to move, especially when this gorgeous creature put her pretty little mouth on the head of his dick. And then it happened. He first felt her hot breath hover over his throbbing cock. He was so excited, so crazy turned on that he was huge, bigger than he remembered when Master Harrison wanted him to stud new offspring with Slave Lydia. Just the idea of this pretty white girl putting her mouth on his penis had him on the verge of eruption.

Her head descended, her lips brushing the head of his cock, her wet mouth enveloping his bulbous head. He tried with every ounce of determination not to move. The sensation in the head of his penis was beyond description, beyond anything he had dreamt existed. And then she tightened her mouth, gripping his shaft with her lips and sucked.


Rachel's tongue touched the head, tasting the salty musty flavor of Jim's huge penis. She felt it throb, thinking to herself he was bigger than before. The sensation of his huge black cock in her mouth shot pangs of pleasure through her body, hardening her nipples and causing her clitoris to spasm. Behind her she heard the gasp of shock from Betty but ignored it and closed her mouth tighter around the shaft with the plump head well into her mouth. Cousin Mildred had told her to suck, and suck she did. Sucking hard caused the penis to lurch and spew a hot thick liquid into her mouth that was so sudden she didn't realize until later was semen. She tried to scream but the semen had caused her to choke. Pulling back away from Jim, a huge burst of gooey sperm plastered her in the face, up into her hair and down the front of her night dress.

Freaking out, she spit what was in her mouth on the ground and tripped over Betty, falling hard on her back. Betty was screaming as well but too shocked to move as the enormous penis of Jim's continued to ejaculate high into the air and splatter the dirt ground in front of her. Animalistic grunts came from the large black man as his body convulsed and shook from the powerful contractions, forcing more and more white thick ejaculate onto the ground. Betty looked up, Jim's eyes were wide opened, he was awake and Betty screamed again, finally shocked enough to turn and run.

Rachel scrambled after her, covered in cum and dirty from falling.


Jim's body slowly eased, his mammoth cock pumping an enormous amount of semen onto the ground before he fell forward, the ropes holding him up. He had never felt such a powerful and pleasurable orgasm in his twenty-eight years of life. The white girls had screamed and run off, probably waking the entire plantation. He expected death before morning.


Rachel had to tackle Betty before she got to the back porch of the house, knocking her hard to the ground. Betty was beside herself, almost hyperventilating which kept her screams from making much noise.

"Calm down... calm down," Rachel said, slapping Betty in the face.

The sharp sting dazed Betty who stopped trying to get away.

"Think! We have to think. I can't be found like this. I'm covered in Slave Jim's seed! He's tied up, they'll know we made this happen!"

This reality caused Betty to ponder their predicament. A lantern light began to near, through the back door window. Betty grabbed Rachel's hand and darted off into the dark, pulling her along with her. They didn't stop until the white gazebo out by the pond. Climbing the steps then sat on the floor hiding from the person looking out the back door.

"I can't believe that... I can't believe you put his penis in your mouth... I can't believe he exploded like that," Betty rambled.

"You can't? I was the one that almost choked to death on his semen! I didn't know he'd climax that quickly or at all. Did you see how much came out! I mean look at me and I avoided most of it."

Thick semen was in her hair and she had tried to wipe it off her face but just moved it around. Her breasts stuck together from the large amount that found them and the chilling liquid hardened her nipples sending a thrill through her breasts and down further.

"Well, Dad did say 'ol Jim is the best stud he's ever had, gets the women pregnant every time."

"I can see why. Do you think he'll keep this quiet? What should we do?"

"He'll keep quiet, if Pa finds out about it he'll kill 'ol Jim for sure, even if he is worth lots. As long as we don't say anything, Jim won't."

"Do you think we should go and talk to him... make sure?"

"Now I know you've lost your mind. He's wide awake, probably waiting for some more punishment. If we go back he might raise a ruckus and someone is already looking around out there."

"We can wait 'till it calms down, then go back."

"I think you want to see him again. You just want to get another look."

"And you don't? We've waited for a long time for this. He's tied up, we could... well you know."

Betty was conflicted. They had waited a long time and she did find Jim's naked body exciting. Rachel had a good point. There wasn't much big Jim could do but the girls could touch him and more without Jim touching back. Rachel was right; they had to take this opportunity. It's what Betty's been wishing for. Her father was gone, Jim wouldn't say a word. What was she afraid of?

"Fine, we'll go back. The only problem is it will be dark and we won't see a thing."

"We need a lantern. We'll trim it low. If we wait long enough everyone will be sleeping."

Betty just nodded her head, thinking to herself where she could get a lantern without going inside. While they waited they discussed what they had already seen and done. The big question on Betty's mind was what Jim's semen tasted like and what it felt like to have him ejaculate in Rachel's mouth.

"It was bitter and musty, not very pleasant to taste but now that I think about it, the memory makes me tingle and get hot."

"Talking about this does me too. Think we've waited long enough?"

"Yes, let's get the lantern from the barn and go."


Jim was wondering why he was still alive. His load of semen had dissolved into the dirt below him but what was left on his cock had dried hard, since he couldn't clean it off with his hands tied. The memory of Miss Rachel sucking on his cock kept coming back to him, making his heavy shaft stir in the darkness. He couldn't stop thinking about her, her large breasts her hot little mouth, the pleasure she caused so quickly. It was difficult not to want more. Not to want to have his way with the young white girls.

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