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Plastic Sheeting

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She dressed as he had directed. Black latex corset, which cupped her breasts accentuating their firmness, short latex skirt, stockings and ballet shoes each piece carefully chosen and worn to please him.

She crawled to him, her ass and legs high, showing the line of the pointed boots. She had yet to master walking in them, but he enjoyed the slow progress she made across the floor, her slow measured crawl, an obvious effort; knowing she did this for him and him alone.

The plastic matting stuck to her with each move forward, the sticking of it forced her skirt upwards showing the tops of her stockings and hinted at the delights of her sex.

She looked up at him, as she knelt, waiting for his instructions. Calmly he pulled her into a kneeling position between his legs and cupped her face in his hands. His eyes roamed over her face studying her carefully, slowly, as if there was no other moment but this. Slowly, so slowly, eyes never leaving her face he opened her mouth. Eyes and mouth open, she was trapped in his gaze, her mind and body held firm by his look alone. He leaned into her and carefully spat deep in her mouth. She remained still, his spit pooling on her tongue. His fingers reached into her, spreading his spit over her tongue and teeth until it fill every part of her.

"Now swallow"

She did as he bid, her pulse racing but knowing he wanted calm obedience not frantic racing to please. She felt his spit in her throat swallowing it down inside her, feeling him within her and yet he had only begun.

She knew she was wet, wet with excitement, nerves and wanting him to possess her completely. She craved his cock in her mouth; as much as she tried she could not help but a swift glance to his crotch.

He missed nothing, he saw her submission and her craving but this was for his pleasure, he knew what she wanted and knew she would want it hard, fast, and immediate and then she would still crave more. He wanted a slower pace, a pace to drive her to the edge and then maybe, just maybe, he would her allow her to go over it.

He cupped her chin back up to look at him before standing upright, his cock still enclosed in his clothing and yet so close to her face she could not help but let a small moan escape her lips as she thought about how it would feel in her mouth.

"My cock sucking little whore, you will not have it in your mouth yet, maybe not at all. I know you, I know all you desire; but this is for my pleasure, understand"

"Yes Sir,"

her voice a soft whisper, the one syllable full of her need for him.

She was his, she wanted to be his, she wanted so much to please him; but God she wanted his cock, the texture, the feel, and the way it moved in her mouth. She was distracted by thoughts of his beautiful cock and worked to bring her full attention back to his voice and his desires.

He withdrew his body slightly away from her, and she watched, barely breathing, at how he brought out his cock and held it in his hands. It was hard, rock hard; the tip of it glistened with pre-cum. As she stared at it the strands dripped in a long line from the tip.


She opened her mouth and put out her tongue. The strands fell directly onto her tongue; she could feel the wetness of it hanging there. He did not direct her to swallow and so she sat, begging him with her eyes, waiting to taste him.

He moved his cock and the strands sticky and attached to her tongue moved over her upper lip, upwards to her nose, across her cheek and into her hair. She felt denied of the pleasure of tasting him and yet the feel of his pre-cum covering her face was so erotic she once again moaned a little at the thought of being covered in all he wished to give.

She was aware he was playing with his cock, she watched fascinated as his hand worked up and down the shaft, covering the head and back again. He reached down and dug his hand into her corset, drawing out her breast. As one hand worked his cock the other squeezed and pulled on her nipple his fingers digging into her flesh. She pushed forward into him, her breath was hard and fast; the pain radiated deep into her cunt and she eyes closed with the pleasure the pain gave.

"Look at me slut"

She looked up at him, the intensity of the pain making her rock as she craved release.

"Please, please Sir, please can I...."

Her voice drifted off as she tried to control the building orgasm, her cunt was so wet strings of wetness clung to her skirt and stockings. She continued to beg as she watched his hand and cock flying faster and faster, felt his fingers hard on her nipple, hurting her to a point of almost no return.

"My pleasure slut, No, you may not. Show me you can control your needs in order to please me"

With shuddering breath, those were there words that brought her back from the edge. She needed to please him, to show him she would do all he asked.

As she mentally calmed herself and tried to ignore the desperate need his hand and actions gave her, she saw he was close to the edge himself.

His cum flew forward splashing her face, she opened her mouth and the next spurt landed in her hair, sticky and wet she loved it. Another spurt landed on her breasts, she felt it rolling down them and instinctively brought her hand up to smear it across them fully. The final spurt landed in her mouth, the salty taste made her pitch forward and moan with an intensity of pleasure.

He allowed her to swallow it, and she did so with care savouring all of it. As she knelt eyes closed enjoying him she could feel his hands in her hair rubbing his cum into it. His fingers rubbed hard against her scalp as if ensuring it would never wash out. His hands moved down over her breasts, his fingers becoming sticky with is own cum.

He raised his hand to her mouth and she eagerly licked the palm cleaning completely.

"Slowly, enjoy, take your time my greedy little cum slut" he gently admonished.

She slowed, taking each finger in her mouth, sucking it as if they were the finest of cocks to be worshipped.

His cock had become limp and once again she hungered for it, hoping he would allow it to become hard in her mouth.

"Now my little cum bag, sit back head down and do not move"

She did as directed, her eyes to the plastic sheeting.

She felt the warm liquid on her hair first, then running down the back of her neck and over the ties of her corset. She could feel it running between her skin and the latex over her bottom and pooling on the backs of her legs.

He sighed with pleasure as he said

"Look at me"

She raised her head, his piss dripping down her face filling her ears, running over her cheeks and chin.

Without being asked she straightened her back, pushing her breasts out and opened her mouth. His piss poured over her breasts, drenching the latex until it gleamed, ran down her stomach, over her pubic bone and directly onto her cunt.

The warm wetness filled her cunt and mind with a longing to serve him.

He played his piss over her tongue, it ran down her throat, he did not ask her to swallow; but aimed it at the back of her throat; she swallowed his bitter nectar, thinking of it mixing with his pre-cum and cum deep within her.

She was covered; her clothes, skin, stockings and boots all had his beautiful piss on them. Piss dripped from her eyelashes as she watched the final droplets on his cock. She wanted to put her tongue out and lick them off, but she did not dare to without permission.

He shook them onto the plastic, and pointed downwards to them.

She knelt as if a dog, lapping them from the plastic sheeting. She could taste the mix of plastic and piss on her tongue. It did not matter that it tasted terrible, it was his desire and his need that's he did so.

"Lay in my piss my beautiful, depraved, filthy little slut, cover yourself in all of it"

She briefly felt awkward, as she lay down and rolled over the sheeting, ensuring every part of her had him on it. Her skirt had ridden up and her cunt was hot, wet and swollen with the need to cum and be satisfied.

After a few moments he called her to him. He had his long narrow cane in his hand.

As she lay on her back, rubbing her cunt over his foot, his cane flicked out over her breasts. At looked down at his slut covered in him and aching from the pain and pleasure only he could give and finally allowed her to cum.

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