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My wife and I are attending a symphony at the Kennedy Center. Our seats are in a box which we share with another couple. At intermission, the other couple takes their leave. My wife scoots her chair a little closer to me and places her hand in my lap. As she begins to lightly stroke my cock, she leans over and whispers in my ear "I think you should play with monique tonight." With those words, my cock gets rock hard. That is her scene name and from the look in her eyes, it could be a wild night tonight. When we met a little over a year ago online at a BDSM dating website, she was new to BDSM and was hesitant to do much. But since then she has really gotten into her submissive role and become a little bit of a pain slut. Nothing edgy, just the regular nipple clamps and flogging. But it does spice up our sex lives. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy frequent vanilla sex. But at least once a month, she puts on the monique persona and the games begin.

She whispers in my ear "Don't forget Sean is staying at his father's tonight." Sean is her son by her previous husband. He's a good kid and is 15 years old. When they moved in with me, we put his room in the basement. My wife tends to be noisy when she orgasms and we don't want him to hear her. Besides, he might hear us some night when we are in our BDSM roles and she is being flogged. That would definitely not be good.

Well, it was hard to concentrate on the rest of the performance. She was stroking my cock and I had a hand buried in her pussy. But it finally ended and we made our way towards our car, stopping to greet friends and acquaintances. Finally, we got in the car and pull out of the garage. Once we are on the highway, she reaches down and brings up a black bag. She must have been planning this as the bag contains her collar and leash. Leaning forward, she says "Unzip me would you, Honey?" My eyes grow wide, she has always been a little shy. My cock twitches as my free hand reaches over and unzips her dress. She wiggles out of it and her panties. Soon she only has her bra on. But she quickly removes it and gets her collar out. She holds it up to her neck and I reach over to fasten it. Then she hands me her leash which I quickly fasten to her collar.

So here are driving down the road, she is naked but for her collar. I reach down and touch her pussy. It is sopping wet. She moans as I lightly stroke her clit. Her hands go to her nipples and twist them. "You may not cum until I give you permission." But those words seem to drive her over the edge and she cums loudly. "I am going to have to punish you when we get home." That just seems to prolong her orgasm. Obviously she was hoping to be punished tonight. What's a guy to do with a pain slut? I mean, how do you punish a woman who gets off on being flogged? I suppose I could do it harder but that would violate our agreement. Besides, I enjoy it when she acts up.

As we pull into our driveway, I hit the remote for the garage door. After the door closed behind us, I get out and walk around to her side of the car. I open her door and pull on her leash. She resists a little, so I take the end of the leash and lightly lash her left nipple. Her eyes glaze slightly at the pain, she is so far into her monique persona that she craves being forced to submit. Oh, tonight will be incredible!!!

Now when I pull on her leash, she submits and follows me into the house. As we get to the stairs going up to our room, I decide I want to get the room ready. So, I tie her leash to the banister and hurry up the stairs. I can't wait to bury my cock on her. Which hole will be first? I am not sure, but it has to be soon.

I enter our bedroom and quickly go to the closet where we have our bag of toys. Placing the bag on the bed, I get out some toys; her cuffs, blindfold, the flogger, lubricant, and, of course, nipple clamps. Before putting the bag away, I reach in and grab a butt plug and a ball gag. Then I go back into the closet and get the spreader bar and the over-the-door hook. I suspect monique will be spending a lot of time this evening suspended on the door. Her hands will be tied above her head and her feet spread by the bar. Just right for her flogging. I bet she acts up again tonight at least once and will need multiple flogging sessions.

Now to set the mood. I light some candles and turn on some music. Then grabbing some clamps, the butt plug and the lube, I rush back downstairs. She is leaning against the banister playing with her pussy. "Bad slave!" I yell and swat her lovely ass. It makes such a satisfying sound that I swat it a few more times, alternating which cheek I hit. Soon her ass is a lovely red and she is having a hard time keeping her fingers away from her pussy.

Turning her around, I take two clamps and fasten to her nipples. Then I take the third clamp and kneel down in front of her. Parting her nether lips, I take her clit between my thumb and forefinger. It is hard to hold because she is so wet but I grab it hard, causing her to moan in pleasure/pain, and fasten the other clamp to it. Standing up, I turn her around and bend her over. Then I take the lube and coat her asshole with it before shoving the butt plug deep inside her.

Taking her leash, I start to walk up the stairs. She stumbles at the first stair and I catch her. It is obvious that the sensations from her spanking combined with the clamps and butt plug are sending her even further into an orgasmic state. From her shudders, it is clear that she is having multiple small orgasms.

Just looking at her like this almost makes me cum. Realizing that it could take a while to get her up the stairs, I go back down the stairs. Bending her over so her hands touch the stairs, I drop my pants and pull out my cock which I then plunge into her pussy. Her pussy is so incredibly wet that my cock almost falls out when I pull back for the next plunge. Thinking quickly, I spank her ass one more time. That causes her pussy muscles to contract around my cock. It feels wonderful! So I proceed to plunge in, pull out, spank, and then plunge back in until I cum deep inside her pussy.

Now that my immediate need is taken care of, I carefully lead her up the stairs. This time holding her elbow as well as her leash. It is clear that by now she is so fully immersed in her persona that she is no longer in control. That places all the responsibility on me, as it should be in a D/s relationship, even when it is for special times.

Once in our room, I place a blindfold over her eyes and then the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Leading her over to the door, I extend her hands upward and fasten the cuffs to the hook over the door. Then I kneel down and fasten her ankles to the spreader bar. Then I remove the butt plug. I don't want to accidentally force it deeper into her ass. Reaching around I pull the clamps off her nipples and clit. They have done their work and leaving them on longer would not be healthy.

Now she is ready for her punishment. "monique! You will receive 15 lashes for your disobedience. Count them and thank me after each one." I begin to flog her beautiful ass.

"One. Thank you Master."

"Two. Thank you Master."

"Three. Thank you Master."

At this point I stop flogging her and reach between her legs. She is very wet. I play with her pussy for a few minutes, getting her even more excited. Then it is time to begin again. I continue the pattern of alternating flogging and pussy play until all 15 lashes have been administered. She has cum multiple times by now and is sagging from the hook. I unhook her wrist and ankles before gently carrying her over to the bed. She twitches as I carry her, her orgasms not quite finished.

I leave her on the bed for a few minutes to rest. But first I take off the blindfold and kiss her lightly on the forehead. I know this is not in character, but I love her so much.

After a few minutes of rest for us both, I slip back into character. I flip her over onto her stomach and command her to get up on all fours. As she struggles to rise, I grab the lube and grease up my cock. Her ass still has lube in it from the butt plug. I get on the bed behind her, grab her hair and pull her back onto my cock. Then I proceed to ride her, pulling her hair when I want to go deep, releasing it when I want to pull out. I keep this up until I cum. It doesn't take me long as I am so incredibly turned on by the events so far, no more than 15 minutes. I normally can hold off cumming for hours, but not when aroused like I am tonight.

After I cum in her ass, I grab her leash and lead her into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and when it is warm, lead her into it. Once inside, I soap up her body as she is almost comatose with desire and cannot do it herself. The feeling of her soapy skin under my hands makes my cock stir again, not much but it is definitely recovering. She begins to recover after a few minutes of having the water beat down on her as well as the feel of my hands all over her body. So I hand her the soap and point to my body. She immediately begins to soap me up, paying particular attention to my ass. I turn around and face her, my cock sticking out like the nose of a hunting dog on the scent.

Since she is kneeling already, I place my hands behind her head and begin to fuck her face. She opens her throat and my cock slides all the way in. This is unusual, she normally gags when I go too deep. But tonight she is a wanton slut and wants the whole thing inside her, whichever hole I am using. Well, it doesn't take long for the sight of this beautiful woman kneeling before me with my cock in her mouth to make me cum again.

Withdrawing from her mouth, I turn off the water and help her rise. Then I lead her out and we dry each other off. I take off her collar and place it on the sink. We are both too spent for any further play. It has been an incredible night.

We slide into bed nude, both too tired to slip on our pajamas. I take her in my arms and hold her close. She turns to me and says "Thank you" before drifting off to sleep.

I rise before her the next morning. She looks so innocent lying there. No sign of the wanton slut from last night. I grab my robe and go quietly downstairs. I make coffee for myself and tea for her. In addition, I toast a couple of bagels which I slather in cream cheese. Placing all these things on a tray, I go back upstairs. She is beginning to stir and the smell of the food brings her fully awake.

Sitting up, she winces. Realizing her ass must hurt still; I put the tray down beside the bed and go into the bathroom for some soothing lotion. Carrying the lotion back in, I tell her "Turn over Honey, let me put a little of this on you."

She rolls over and I see her ass is still a little red in places. So I put some lotion on my hand and begin to rub it in. The motion and feel of her ass is so erotic. My cock, like the Phoenix, begins to rise again from the heat. It is clear that she also finds my touch erotic as her ass begins to move slightly. Finished with the lotion, I turn her over and kiss her lips deeply. The kiss goes on and on. Our tongues caressing each others. My hand slides up to cup her breast. Her nipple is hard as I tweak it. I am careful not to put too much pressure on it as it is probably sore from last night.

Rising up on my arms, I place my feet between her legs. She automatically slides them apart and I place my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Still locked in our kiss, I pull back a little to gaze in her eyes and say "I love you." Then I slide gently into her pussy. This lovemaking is slow and tender. Our bodies slide back and forth. Our skin touching at times. She begins to moan a little as she gets excited. I too am getting excited. I know I should not keep this up too long as I suspect her pussy is a little sore from the pounding I gave it on the stairs. So I embrace my orgasm and we both cum together.

Afterward we lay there in each others arms. Our love is so manifest in our touches and looks. Finally, we sit up and break our fast with slightly cold food and drink. But neither of us is willing to disturb the moment by leaving to heat things up again. We still have hours before Sean gets home. Perhaps we will just stay in bed for a while longer.

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