We had spent the night out with friends, at a local bar. Dancing and having fun. I spent most of the night teasing you. Telling you, that you were old and feeble. At one point you instructed me to stop, but I didn't listen and continued with my teasing.

When we got home, I could tell you were not in a good mood. Your face, was like granite, unmoving and unsmiling. I shivered just looking at you.

"What was with your mood tonight?" you ask as we walked into the house.

"I was just feeling playful Sir."

"You were just feeling playful, even when I gave you a direct order to stop?"

"Yes, Sir."

" Well, for your little lapse in judgment, I think that a little spanking is in order. Let's say 5 smacks with a cane, and 10 with a paddle. Think that will make you learn to curb your tongue little one?"

"Y..Yes Sir."

"Disrobe and kneel, I'll be right back." He walks to the bedroom to get the cane and paddle. I kneel in front of the couch, my hands behind my back, my eyes down.

" Turn around, lean forward"

I do as he request, knowing that this spanking is going to hurt more than any other he has given me. I lay forward on the couch my arms spread out. I brace myself for the first smack from the cane, knowing it is going to hurt.

The first smack of the cane, lands solidly across my ass. Making me jump. I can hear him counting the hits as they land on my ass. By the fifth hit I was crying silently. He switched to the paddle, again the smacks landing squarely on my already sore ass. The last three smacks, he got softer, and on the tenth hit, I expected one last rough hit, instead he barely touched me.

Silent tears were running down my face, my legs shaking, my body trembling.

"Stand and turn around. "

I stand on shaky legs and turn around to face him, my face streaked with tears. He opens his arms, and I step into his embrace. He gently wipes the tears from my face. Pulls me close, for a hug then gently rubs my back while I relax against him.

"I think it's time to get ready for bed, go prepare the shower lil one."

"Yes Sir."

I go into the bathroom, and start the shower, getting the water temperature just right. He walks into the bathroom, and steps into the shower. I step in behind him, letting him stand in the spray of the water. I grab the soap and lather up my hands and start washing his back. From his shoulders down to his feet I lather him up with soap. He turns around and I do the same to his front. Just as I finished his feet, and go to stand up he tells me he wants me to suck his cock. I glance up at him, only to see that look of pure male satisfaction on his face. I sigh, but bend over and take his cock in my mouth. My stinging ass pushing against the glass shower stall. I suck and lick his cock the way he likes, taking his balls in my hand and gently stroking them. I feel his hand caressing my back, gently stroking up and down almost as if he was in a trance. His eyes are closed and he's just enjoying me sucking him. I can tell just from the look on his face and how relaxed he is now.

"Turn around and bend over."

I turn around, and wince as I feel the water hitting my tender bottom. He softly runs a hand over my ass. Then he slides is cock, deep into my pussy, putting his hands on my ass, he starts slowly stroking me. My hands are braced on the shower wall to keep from sliding. Soon I'm begging for release. His hand goes into my hair pulling my head back.

"Not yet."

"Please, Sir, please"

As he gives a final hard thrust, he starts to cum then tells me to cum. I let out a long low moan, as I explode around his cock. As he slides out of me, he gives my ass a light smack. Then he grabs the soap and cleans me up, and hands the soap back to me so I can clean him again. Once we are both clean, we step out of the shower and head to bed.

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