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Playful Submission


They were sitting on the couch, with her astride him, kissing. They stopped for a moment and he brought his hands up to her breasts and squeezed gently.

“I think we should take this upstairs,” he said with a smile.

She stood up and stepped away, letting him stand. As she started up the stairs, she was keenly aware of his eyes watching her ass and so she put a little extra swing to her hips. They got upstairs and entered the room. He proceeded to sit down on the bed and watch her for a moment.

“I want you to strip for me,” he told her.

She began to take her clothes off in her typical perfunctory manor when he stopped her.

“No, slowly. Strip for me, don’t just take your clothes off.”

At first, she wasn’t sure what he meant, but then the started to play a little with taking her clothes off, and she moved her body a little, as though moving to music. She tried to put on a bit of a show. Instead of the usual minute it took her to get her clothes off, she made it take several minutes. By the time she was completely nude, she was very aroused, as was he, despite the fact that he had not touched her once through her little show.

Impulsively, once she finished, she leaned down and kissed him hungrily, wanting him to touch her. Once she finished kissing him and stood back, he began to get undressed, and once done, he sat back down on the bed. After studying her for a moment, he said “come here.” She stepped forward and stood between his legs. He reached up and grasped one of her nipples in each of his hands, pinching them; gently at first and then increasingly, until she closed her eyes and moaned, and then a little past that, bringing a small whimper form her. He then let go and told her to kneel. She looked at him for a second and then did as she was asked. By this point he was very hard, and she was now practically at eye level with his cock.

“I want you to suck my cock,” he told her quietly, and she gladly complied, first licking him from his balls to the head of his cock, getting him very wet.

She then took just the head in her mouth and played her tongue over and around it for a moment, before suddenly pushing her head down and taking as much of him as she could in her mouth. She brought her head back up swirling her tongue around him as she did. She brought one hand up and gently fondled his balls while she continued to lick and suck his cock. She continued this for a little bit, until he suddenly grabbed her head and pushed her head up and down onto his cock roughly several times. He then just as suddenly let go and pulled her head up away from his cock.

“You’re getting very good at that,” he told her with a bit of a smirk on his face.

“Well, that’s good to know,” responded with a laugh

He then grasped her hands and helped her stand up again. She sat down next to him on the bed and he told her to lay back. She scooted back up on the bed a bit more and lay back, resting her head on the pillows. He turned around on the bed so he was facing her.

“I want you to spread you legs for me” he told her, knowing this would make her a bit uncomfortable.

She hesitated for a moment but then complied, bringer her legs up so her feet rested on the bed and spreading her legs so she was open to him.

“Hold yourself open so I can see you”

She slowly brought her hands down and held her pussy lips open, completely exposing herself to him. At this point, she was flushed and embarrassed, yet still very aroused. She watched him as he brought his face down to her pussy and licked her once, slowly. He then took one finger and after getting it wet with her juices brought it up to her mouth. She turned her head away, but got a slap on her thigh for it. So she took his finger in her mouth and licked her own juices off of it.

“Would you like it if I went down on you right now?” he asked, knowing full well that she would.

She avoided looking at him and quietly responded with a yes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that,” he said

“I said yes, I would”

“You would what?”

“Would like it if you went down on me right now”

“Ah, that’s what I thought. I’d be happy to, however there are two catches. First, you have to continue to hold yourself open for me, and secondly, you have to ask permission to cum. Understood?”

“Yeah” she said reluctantly

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir”

“That’s better” and with that he began to go down on her, licking, sucking and nibbling at her.

She quickly forgot about her embarrassment as his very talented tongue continued to work. As she felt herself reaching orgasm, she remembered that she was supposed to ask for permission, but decided that there was no good reason to. Plus, he seemed in a good mood, so she figured nothing would happen if she didn’t ask. So she began to cum, and very hard. Once her orgasm passed and he finished she opened her eyes again, only to see him watching her.

“You didn’t ask permission, and after I made it so clear. It wasn't like I asked anything big of you,” he said to her

“I know, but I didn’t want to ask”

“Well that’s too bad, I told you the conditions, you fully understood them, and proceeded to ignore one of them. I had been planning on being very nice to you today, but now you are putting me in a position where I have to do something about this.”

“No, you don’t have to do anything”

“Yes, I do. Now, stand up facing the bed, and put your hands down on the bed”

She looked at him for a moment, thinking maybe he wasn’t being serious; after all, he had been so nice, she was sure he would just ignore this this time. However, she saw he was being totally serious, and so she stood up and got into the position he had told her to assume. She saw him reach over to the other side of the bed, where she had not looked, and pick up a flogger.

“I had been hoping to not have to use this, I was feeling generous, but you have put me in this position.”

“No, I didn’t, you don’t have to do anything.” but before she could finish, he interrupted her

“Stop talking, until I say so again, I don’t want you to speak”

She started to protest, but then thought better of it and stayed quiet. He saw this and said “good slut.” She stood there for what felt like forever before she felt the first blow of the flogger. As much as she didn’t want to be punished, and it did hurt, she also hated to admit that it made her pussy even wetter. She could feel the moisture on her thighs dripping slightly. Once he finished, her ass was a bit sore and although she couldn’t see it, she knew it was also red. She felt him run his hand softly over her ass for a moment before he spoke.

“You may speak again,” he told her

“Thank you sir. I apologize for not asking permission to cum earlier”

He didn’t respond but took one of her hands and turned her around, pulled her to him and kissed her hard, grasping her hair and pulling, drawing a moan from her. When she looked up at him, he was smiling again, and she smiled. He then reached down and patted her ass.

“Go get on the bed again”

He reached into the basket and got a condom, then got back on the bed, handed it to her, and proceeded to lay back. She opened it and put it on him. He told her to turn around, and she did so. Settling herself astride him, she lowered herself onto him, feeling him stretch her slightly. She moaned again as he entered her. She began to ride him, moving with his thrusts. After a short while, he helped maneuver her so she was on all fours with him behind her. He reached between them and played with her clit. She quickly felt herself reaching orgasm again.

“Yes, that’s it, cum for me slut” he told her harshly as she reached orgasm

She fell partially, now leaning on her arms, into the bed. He began to pick up pace, thrusting into her hard. She was almost continuously moaning, feeling herself building up again, simply from the friction of having him inside her. Finally, as he began to cum, she felt his grip on her hips strengthen and he thrust into her one more time, hard, she also came again. Once they both calmed down a little, he withdrew from her and she lay down on her back. He came back to the bed, lay down and kissed her, first on the mouth and the lightly on the forehead.

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