tagLoving WivesPlaying at Work is Dangerous Ch. 01

Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 01


Jen added a few more numbers to the spreadsheet, then swiveled her chair to look at Randy. "See, it's all fixed."

Randy smiled. "Jen, thanks, you're a life saver."

Jen smiled at the compliment. As a mid-level account executive, she was happy to help wherever she could, especially when it was for a senior executive like Randy. She swiveled back to face the computer and pointed at the computer screen. "If you need to go back to where you started, just change these two numbers. Do you see how this works?"

Jen spoke on for a few moments before she realized Randy hadn't responded. She glanced behind her. Instead of looking at the screen, Randy's eyes were on her legs. Startled, Jen quickly looked back at the screen. She glanced down at her lap. In swiveling back and forth, her skirt had risen, exposing most of her legs. Her skirt had risen so far, in fact, that about a half inch of her lacy stocking tops could be seen.

She suddenly felt uncomfortable, being so exposed, and knowing Randy's eyes were on her. Trying to act normally, she continued talking. "And you just have to change these numbers if you want to include other markets," Jen said, trying to keep her rising nervousness out of her voice.

Jen glanced at the photo on her desk, of her husband Michael. Thinking of her husband, and steeling her nerves, she scrolled to another part of the spreadsheet. "Let me show you something else I fixed." As she played with the mouse, Jen casually crossed her legs. She felt the skirt inch further up her legs. She didn't dare look down, knowing that more of her stocking tops were exposed.

Jen continued her tour of the spreadsheet. She felt the executive's eyes on her. Finally, Randy stood up. "Jen, I'm very impressed with your work." He put his hand on Jen's shoulder. "Keep up the good work." Randy's hand lingered on Jen's shoulder. With his thumb he rubbed along her bra strap, over the light material of her blouse.

Jen blushed, uncomfortable with Randy's hand on her. "Uh, thanks, I will," she managed to say.

Randy smiled. He squeezed Jen's shoulder, and then turned to leave. Jen couldn't help noticing the tent formed in Randy's pants.


Michael slowly fucked his wife. He was so excited. He willed himself not to cum too quickly.

"You're sure he saw your stocking tops?" Michael urgently said in his wife's ear.

"Yeah," Jen moaned, pushing up to meet her husband's thrusts. Michael was fucking her so good. She loved it when he was this excited. He felt so good ... and soooo hard.

"I let my skirt ride up my legs," Jen continued. "He definitely saw my stocking tops. Maybe even the straps of my garter belt.

"Oh god," Michael groaned. He clenched his eyes shut, painting the picture in his head of his pretty wife revealing her long shapely legs to the senior executive. "Did he touch you? Rub his hand along your stocking tops? Did he?"

"No, but you wish he had, don't you?" Jen sexily taunted. She took her husband's hand and guided him to her lacy stocking tops. "You wish he'd touched me here, don't you?"

"Yes, yes!"

Jen felt her husband get even harder. God, he felt so good. She loved it when he was so excited.

"He rubbed my shoulder," Jen said truthfully. "He ran his fingers along my bra strap."

"He did?" Michael asked excitedly. "He really did? You're telling the truth? God, I'm going to cum."

"Play with yourself," Michael said urgently, knowing his wife couldn't reach orgasm from intercourse alone. "I want you to cum at the same time."

Jen eagerly snaked her hand between their bodies. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she begged as she rubbed her clit.

Michael's body tensed. "I'm cumming!"

"Me too!" Jen wailed, her hand furiously rubbing her clit.

Michael planted his lips on his wife's as the married couple orgasmed at the same time.

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