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I have been happily married to my husband for 6 years, and in that time I had never even looked at another man, never mind sleep with one. However, all that changed after a drunken night out with the girls.

We had been out clubbing, it was getting late and I was about to call my husband to come and pick me up, when Joanne suggested that we all head back to her student flat for a few more drinks. I wasn't that drunk and could probably last another hour or so, so I rang my husband, told him I was going to Joanne's and not to wait up as I would get a taxi home.

When we got there, Joanne's flat mates were still up. I had met them before, apart from Stuart, and extremely good-looking 22 year old rugby player from Belfast. Joanne handed out some more drinks and I soon got talking to Stuart. I was wearing a very short skirt, and I naughtily crossed my legs so that he could see my skimpy white knickers. I could tell he liked what he saw by the bulge in his trousers. Things were going well until he placed his hand on my leg and started to move it slowly and gently up my thigh. I suddenly realised what was happening and got up to leave. I looked around and saw each of the girls making out with the blokes, in various states of undress. One of the blokes had his hand up Joanne's skirt, whilst at the same time kissing and fondling her ample breasts. She was making no attempt to hide her pleasure as she moaned softly at his touch.

Stuart called to me and apologised for his actions, he said he just read the signs wrong. I decided to stay, but told him that I didn't want to be around all the other couples that by now were mostly naked. Stuart led me to an adjacent room, and poured me another drink. We sat down on the couch; but I was still on edge, so I did not complain when Stuart offered to give me a shoulder massage. His touch felt good and I began to relax, my head moving to one side as I responded to his firm hands.

He began to kiss my neck, I tensed but soon gave in as his kiss felt good. He moved upwards towards my mouth. His lips met mine and our tongues entwined. At the same time I felt my bra strap loosening, and his hands moved lower and cupped my breasts through the soft material of my blouse. My inhibitions now gone, he undid the front of my blouse exposing my tits. His mouth moved to my right nipple, it stiffened immediately as he sucked, nipped and played with it. He knew I was his and this time I didn't stop him as he moved his hand up my leg toward my sex. I gasped as he slowly ran his finger up and down my slit through the material. I knew my knickers were wet as he pulled them to one side and placed his fingers on my engorged clit. I was in heaven as he removed them. Here I was, ready to be taken by a man other than my husband, for the first time in 6 years, and I had only met him for the first time that night.

Stuart pulled out his cock, and wanked it hard, pre cum already leaking from its tip. He was longer than my husband, about 8 inches, but not as thick. I lay there and without knowing it I opened my legs wide, allowing him better access. He positioned himself and slowly rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit. I pushed upwards, and the tip entered me, he pulled out and then pushed in again, this time going further. I felt full as this strange cock finally reached the neck of my womb. He lifted my legs and got himself into a rhythm, within seconds I was coming, and I squealed with pleasure as he pounded my slit. I wrapped my legs around him as I felt another orgasm coming, and then as I came for the second time I screamed at him to fill me up with his seed. It didn't take long for me to get my wish, as he soon tensed and pumped what seemed like gallons of spunk into me.

We lay there for a short while to get our breath back, he pulled out and suddenly I realised what I had done, I'd been fucked silly by this big Irishman, but I had no regrets. I began to put my clothes on so I could get a taxi home, but Stuart said that I wouldn't be needing them. I was puzzled as he led me naked into the other room, his seed already running down my leg. We entered the room to a tremendous applause, and I realised that Joanne had set me up. I never did get that taxi!!!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/14/18

You never needed that Taxi

Because you never went home. You couldn't, because neither your parents nor your former husband wanted anything to do with you again. They had ample reason to consider you a worthless rugby whore.

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