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Playing Doctor


Cylinda likes to play games, and that's fine with me, especially the kind of games she prefers. Many people, in particular those who were more precocious than others, played a version of "Doctor" as children. This game is sometimes described, more frankly, as "You show me yours and I'll show you mine". When Cylinda and I play, we start where the children's game leaves off. Recently, she came to my office for a session of fun, in the guise of an annual gynecological examination.

"Good morning, Miss Jones," I said to her as I opened the door to my house in response to her ringing the doorbell. "Right on time, I see. Come this way, please."

I led her to the spare bedroom that I use as an office. There is a desk there, where I do the free lance writing that pays the bills, and sometimes I use it for other things, mostly for fun sex. That day, it would be used as an examining table, and was covered by a thick pad, with some pillows and a sheet over the pad. Because this is a role-playing game I love to play with Cylinda and some other women, I bought some supplies a while ago, including stirrups that I can attach to the desk, and examining gowns for the women to wear. I was wearing my normal blue jeans and shirt, with a toy stethoscope around my neck and a white, professional-looking tunic. It had actually been designed to be worn by a pharmacist, but we were not trying to win an Academy Award in costuming.

I handed her a clean white gown with no back, or even any ties, and pointed to a screen in a corner of the office. "Just go behind that screen and change into this gown," I instructed her. "And lie down on the examining table. I will be back in a few minutes."

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and got a drink of water and otherwise puttered around for a few minutes, before returning to the office and knocking on the door. Immediately, and without waiting for an answer, I strode into the room. I have often wondered why doctors and other medical professionals do that, knock on the door and enter whether there is a response or not, and I wanted our role play to be as authentic as possible. I smiled at Cylinda, barefoot and wearing nothing but the gown and looking very pretty while lying on the examining table. She had even taken off her glasses, apparently leaving them in her purse. She is a little over five feet tall, with a pleasant figure and very curly light brown hair, which she was wearing down and just below her shoulders.

Cylinda smiled and batted her pretty blue eyes at me and asked "Is this alright, Doctor." It was a lot more than just "alright" but I was still maintaining my professional detachment.

"That's just fine, Miss Jones," I responded as I walked around to the end of the examining table. "Just put your feet into these," I directed her, indicating the stirrups, and Cylinda complied, with my assistance. So far, we were maintaining a very decorous and professional doctor-patient relationship.

The gown was long, almost to her ankles. Slowly and methodically, keeping my professional detachment but still eager to feast my eyes on the delightful part of Cylinda's body that would be the subject of my examination, I rolled it up until it reached her knees. The proper and medically approved procedure is for me to move the gown into such a position that it would conceal the patient's view of me, and prevent me from seeing her face as well. Therefore, I slid it down to the middle of her thighs, and leaned forward, until Cylinda's beautiful pussy was staring me in the face.

Right up until that moment, I had managed to keep a professional detachment, as if I were actually a gynecologist performing a routine examination. However, the naked pussy a foot in front of my face was so beautiful, that I no longer could do that, nor would I have wanted to. I was already aware that Cylinda shaves herself there regularly, and it was apparent that she had done so just before coming in for her "annual examination" by me. She does so to enhance her sensitivity, which I know it does, and to make her pussy even more enticing than it otherwise would be. In that, she had been wildly successful.

The cleanly-shaven skin was a lovely ivory color, and I could see her inner lips just starting to peek out through her slit. They were a dusky pink, and already swelling with her arousal, and I could see a sheen of her fresh juices covering them. As a connoisseur of pussies, I could see that hers was truly outstanding.

Cylinda expressed some doubts, however. Doctor, do you see anything wrong with my vulva?" she asked, knowing what my answer would be.

"No, Miss Jones. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong that I can see, but I will need to examine it much more thoroughly."

"Okay. You're the doctor."

Indeed I was, for that day at least, and I leaned closely and breathed deeply of the heavenly aroma that was rising from Cylinda's wonderful pussy. Although I was trying to stay in character as well as I could, I refused to wear surgeons' gloves. I truly enjoy touching her beautiful, sexy body, and I wasn't going to let a few possible germs scare me away. Gently, I reached out and spread her slit and her inner lips, and gazed into the most beautiful place of all, the exquisite pink hole that was the source of the juices that were so pleasing to my nostrils. A fragrant cloud arose, and I breathed deeply of it. I was certainly glad that Cylinda knew enough to eschew perfumes and other artificial scents on this part of her body.

"Are you smelling me down there?" Cylinda asked.

"Of course, Miss Jones. I would be remiss in my professional duties if I failed to use all my senses in conducting this examination."

"Very well, Doctor. You know what's best. Does it smell alright to you?"

"I am happy to say that it does, Miss Jones. I can find nothing wrong with the aroma here, but I will need to conduct more tests to satisfy myself and you. Please be patient. I prefer to take my time, and make sure there are no problems."

There were no serious problems. I was having some trouble keeping a straight face and, from the sound of Cylinda's voice, I think she was encountering the same difficulty. Her position, with her feet in the stirrups, was a bit awkward for the next part of the examination, but that was easily remedied.

"Miss Jones, I am going to have to ask you to remove your feet from the stirrups, because I will need to get closer for this next part of the examination. That's good, just raise your legs," I continued when Cylinda had done as requested.

I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her thighs, and pulled her closer, until I was in a more comfortable position. She continued to lie on her back, but now her legs were draped over my shoulders, and my face was just inches from her delectable pussy. I leaned even closer, in order to smell her delightful scent. She had been producing fresh juices as her arousal grew.

"Do you have to get that close to examine me?" she asked.

I raised my head slightly to answer, although I couldn't see her face, which was screened by the examining gown. "Of course, Miss Jones. The closer I am, the better I can detect any problems. I assure you, you are in very competent hands." That seemed to mollify my patient, and I returned to breathing in her fragrance.

Of course, smelling her was not even close to being enough, especially when I knew how delicious her pussy juices are. Delicately, I licked up the ones that had trickled down her crotch, and continued on to the very soft, silky area between an inner and outer lip.

"That feels rather strange, Doctor, but very pleasant. What instrument are you using now?"

"It's my tongue, Miss Jones. As I said, I have to use all my senses to properly conduct an examination of your female organs. Now, I am tasting them."

"I see. Is everything as it should be."

"Yes it is. I am very happy to tell you that you are quite delicious down here, besides having an incredibly delightful aroma. However I will need to continue my examination for quite some time, in order to be thorough."

"That's good, Doctor. I'm really glad you're so conscientious."

By that time, Cylinda's pussy was squirming under my face, and her voice sounded as if she was breathing deeply and rapidly. My tongue continued its examination, slowly licking upward on one of her outer pussy lips. Of all the senses that had been put to use, the one being the most pleased was my sense of touch. Although I had loved the sight, aroma and flavor of Cylinda's incredible pussy, the lip under my tongue was soft and smooth and a joy to lick. Slowly, my tongue meandered all over the entire area until I reached her mons. Her pussy writhed under my face, producing more of her nectar that I would devour momentarily. Cylinda was also happily murmuring, pleasing my fifth sense, that of hearing.

After my tongue sluiced up all the fresh juices, it treated the second pussy lip the same way as it had the first, slowly traveling all along the ultra-smooth surface until it once again reached her mons. Her lips had been so smooth that I believed she had completed the shaving no more than minutes before leaving for my "medical office", which would result in their being at their most sensitive also.

They certainly seemed to be that. As soon as my tongue reached her mons the second time, I violated medical ethics by pulling the examination gown farther down, so I could observe the reactions of Cylinda's body. It was very gratifying to see how much she was enjoying my ministrations. Her body was writhing on top of the improvised examining table; her eyes were blissfully closed and there was a big smile on her face while her head rolled back and forth on her pillow. I was immensely enjoying the examination too, and I raised the gown back to the approved level, and lowered my face back to her pussy. HERE After relishing all the fresh juices that Cylinda had just produced, I started licking between an inner and outer lip, loving the way her skin there was so soft and smooth against my tongue. When I reached the place where they are close together, I tilted my face slightly sideways, so I could thrust my tongue into the seam between the two lips. Once again, I slowly licked upward, caressing both lips at the same time with my tongue. She is even more sensitive in the place where my tongue was exploring, so her movements became even more strenuous, and she produced more fresh juices. I slowly licked to the place where the inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip to form Cylinda's clit hood. She was moaning in pleasure by that time, and that is one of the things I most love to hear: The sounds of bliss being made by a beautiful woman like Cylinda while I am eating her pussy.

Of course, my examination was far from over. I felt I needed to taste every part of her pussy, preferably many times over, to be sure that she was truly in good health. Once again, my tongue started inspecting between an inner and outer pussy lip, this time those on the other side of her dripping hole. Moving just as slowly as before, and licking everywhere as thoroughly as I could, I satisfied myself there was nothing wrong with that part of Cylinda's female organs. When I reached her clit hood again, I licked her just as before. I had already satisfied myself as to her health there, but it was fun, so I did it again.

Cylinda's moans were ending in whimpers, and her pussy was fucking into my face, and I knew the tasting part of my examination soon reach its climax, at exactly the time the patient did. I savored all her fresh juices and started thrusting my tongue into the lower edge of her pink hole, relishing the taste of the droplets that were expelled. Wanting everything to be covered, I slowly started up one edge of the dripping hole, probing the edge and exploring under her inner pussy lip. Back and forth my tongue crossed between the two sides, dipping into the bubbling cauldron every time it crossed over. When I reached the top of the whole, I knew it was time to conclude that part of the examination, and I moved slightly higher on her pussy.

Her pussy was moving so strenuously under my mouth, that I had some trouble, but I knew it would be worth it. Finally, my mouth engulfed her clit, and I started sucking, using my lips as a seal at its base. As I sucked, my tongue remained active, caressing the swollen tops and sides for as long as I sucked.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Cylinda whimpered as I continued. Her gown slipped farther down her thighs than the AMA would have liked, but I felt they would understand, under the circumstances.

"Oh!" she blurted, and I knew Cylinda was starting to cum. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she echoed herself.

It felt almost as if she was trying to wrap my face around her pussy, she jammed it so hard against my mouth. Cylinda's thighs squeezed my temples and her hands went to the back of my head, pressing my face even tighter against her pussy. Holding my head a willing prisoner, her legs oscillated wildly, while she bounced up and down on the examining table. I kept a tight grip on her thighs, and my mouth continued sucking and licking her clit for as long as she was cumming, which was one of the most pleasurable times of my life.

When Cylinda climaxed, her back arched, driving her pussy extra hard against my face, and all her muscles clenched, relaxing a second later. Her hands released my head and flopped at her sides, and her legs released their grip, and remained draped over my shoulders. I knew there would be a wealth of fresh juices all around her pussy, and I moved down lower on her body to devour as much of it as I believed advisable. I feasted on everything that had spattered on her thighs, belly, crotch and pussy lips, but I left the juices inside the hole that was their source, to perform their natural function of lubrication. The next stage of my examination would be probing her there, and I wanted it to go as smoothly and pleasurably as the first stage had.

To give Cylinda some time to recover from her orgasm, I moved my upper body out from under her legs and prepared for that stage by removing all my clothing. Stepping out of character very briefly, I got a condom out of the drawer of the desk/examining table. Wishing to restore professional decorum, I raised the examining gown to her knees again.

"Is your examination complete yet, Doctor," Cylinda asked me.

"Not yet, Miss Jones. The first stage is complete, but I want to do everything necessary, and I will still need to probe you."

"Did the first stage come out alright?"

Yes, Miss Jones. Quite excellent in fact. The aroma of your female organ is delightful; it tastes delicious; it is a thing of great beauty, and felt divine to my examining instruments. I am very happy to say I found nothing at all wrong with your pussy."

I heard her giggle slightly over that last word, but she caught herself in time. "I'm glad to hear that, Doctor. Are ready to start the second stage?"

"Anytime you're ready. Just place your feet in the stirrups again. I will first have to prepare my instrument." After rolling the condom onto my cock, I helped Cylinda get her feet placed correctly and climbed onto the examining table between her legs.

While I had been preparing my cock, she had slid her arms out of the sleeves of the examining gown and folded it down so it lay across her belly. I folded the hem of the gown upward so it was free of the place I would be probing, and we looked at each other and smiled. Deciding simultaneously that we no longer needed it, we picked it up from her belly and tossed it on the floor. We were both completely naked and I leaned forward, resting my hands beside her body, ready to begin the probing process.

Eager to aid in the examination, Cylinda reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. I leaned over to the left, supporting my weight on that hand, while my other hand guided my cock to the delightful hole it would be probing. When the end was pressed against the warm wetness, I moved it up and down and sideways, covering the head with some of her juices. With all in readiness, I gave a firm push, and the tip of my cock wedged into Cylinda's lovely pussy. She drew her breath in sharply between her teeth and sighed happily.

I moved slightly forward, moved the hand that was supporting my weight, and pushed again. The pussy juices that I had left inside Cylinda were doing their job of lubrication, and two more inches of my cock slid inside. Enough of my shaft was inside her pussy that I no longer needed to guide it, so I placed my right hand on the examining table next to Cylinda, to support my weight on both hands.

"Mmmm, Doctor," she murmured. I really like the way your instrument feels. I hope you are going to probe me deeply there, and for a long time."

"Of course, Miss Jones. Just as deeply as I can, and I am going to take my time and do a really thorough job of my examination.

"That's good. So far, it feels like you are doing everything right."

I continued doing everything right, thrusting my cock into her a little at a time, until the entire length was inside her pussy. She raised her arms in invitation, and I slid my hands forward and curled my arms under hers, resting the weight of my upper body on my forearms, so Cylinda could move freely under me. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest, with her erect nipples digging in.

Slowly, I drew my cock back until just the head was still inside her pussy and, just as slowly, I drove it all the way back inside her, until my pubic hair tickled her clean-shaven skin. Cylinda thrust her pussy back to meet me, and that was when we lost all semblance of a doctor-patient relationship.

Oh, God, that's good," she murmured. "Give it to my pussy! Give it to me good!"

"Anything you say." I had no intention of not giving it to her pussy, deep and for a long time, and I was in no hurry to get done.

Once again, I drew slowly back and, as I plunged my cock back inside her, Cylinda must have removed her feet from the stirrups. She wrapped her legs around mine, and pulled herself even more strongly, toward me, and my body pressed against he pussy with a wet, satisfying "smack". Over and over, we stroked like that, both of us relishing everything about what we were doing. As good as it was, Cylinda wanted to make it even better for both of us.

"Let me do it," she whispered, just before I drove my cock back into her again.

"Okay," I whispered, and eased my cock in part of the way, before raising my upper body so my weight was supported by my hands, which were positioned on either side of her pretty face.

Cylinda reached up and took a tight grip on my upper arms. Pushing against them and pulling herself forward by flexing her legs, she impaled her pussy on my cock, and lay there for a few seconds, letting pleasure radiate out from where she was so well-stuffed. When she withdrew her pussy, it was by pulling against my arms until only a small part of my cock was still inside her. When she moved forward again, I remained passive until most of my cock had been engulfed, then thrust forward. Our bodies came together wetly, spattering he juices on both of us, and we moaned a blissful duet.

We continued fucking like that for a long time, with Cylinda setting a slow pace, and both of us deriving immense pleasure from it. As she moved forward and back, I saw her movements were starting to become more erratic, writhing under me, especially when out bodies came together. I also saw her eyes were closed, as her head tossed from side to side on the pillow, and I could hear her breathing becoming more rapid. Cylinda was getting closer to cumming, which was good, because I was too.

She recognized he condition as well. "I'm almost ready to cum, George. Really give it to me. Fuck my clit good and hard."

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