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Playing her part


This story deals with themes of reluctance and coercion in a lesbian setting. If you think that such material might be offensive to you please look for another story.

Acting the Part

Chapter 1

She had truly magnificent breasts but having them bared just inches from my face was making me decidedly uncomfortable. The trouble was that she could see how uneasy it made me and it only served to make her more mischievous.

She lifted them on the flats of her hands presenting her sharply up tilted nipples. She looked no older than me, twenty-three or twenty-four at most, but her body seemed to have a greater maturity.

My own nipples are a coy pink and, whilst they are incredibly sensitive, they paled in comparison with hers. The chocolate brown teats were engorging even as I looked and stood out to a degree that mine could never match.

I felt myself getting warmer and I silently cursed Gabriella. When she suggested a quiet bar this was not what I was expecting. I looked across but she was engrossed by the other dancer who could not have been more than eighteen years old.

She had her back to Gabriella and her tight butt could have been naked for all the good her abbreviated g-string was doing.

I hoped that they might leave us alone but it was early evening and the few other customers were seated at the bar. We were the only ones occupying a table and so we were fair game.

To make matters worse Gabriella took some large Euro notes from her purse and slipped them into the girls' underwear which only encouraged them further.

I wondered if they had recognized her. It seemed hard to believe that they had not. Gabriella was currently one of the most famous faces on Spanish television added to which we were in her home town of Madrid.

I pulled my gaze away from the girl's breasts but it meant that I had to meet her eyes. They were a very deep blue surmounted by dark, perfectly trimmed, eyebrows, and they shone with pure lust.

She seemed to be trying to prove to me that anything that worked on a male client could work equally well on a female customer although I imagined they would be few and far between.

I would claim not to have a single lesbian bone in my body; I have nothing against same sex relationships but it is just not for me...or so I thought. I was beginning to think that I would not want to trust myself with this girl if I had had too much to drink.

I felt an unnerving desire to reach up and touch her proffered breasts. I told myself that it was not sexually motivated but simply a yearning to feel the smooth curves as one would with a piece of sculpture.

The club had a strict no touching policy but she seemed determined to test the boundaries. She brushed her breasts across my face allowing me to feel their warmth and some sense of their weight.

My eyes flitted up to the single cold eye of the CCTV camera and that helped to drag me back to reality. The fact that there was someone watching detachedly and policing events reminded me that, at the end of the day, we were simply buying a little of the girls' time.

The dance track ended and I thought I caught a hint of petulance in the girl's eyes but Gabriella was already leaning forward with some more banknotes. I was relieved it was over but she touched me on the arm.

"Come on. I've paid for a private dance."

She laughed as I looked at her appalled. I just did not understand her motivation. With her sultry Latin looks she was acknowledged as one of the Spain's most beautiful actresses; indeed, for a woman of thirty-one, she had already worked her way through a fair number of the 'world's most eligible'.

She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. It seemed that the invitation had only been extended to the younger girl and we followed as she led us to a side room with every pair of eyes at the bar following us.

The room was spartan and a little tacky. The walls were hung with a heavy, damson coloured, paper which was lit by subdued coloured spotlights. The matching carpet was worn in the centre where the girls danced in front of a large leather sofa.

The only other piece of furniture was a small side table which held an ice bucket and an opened bottle of Cava.

Gabriella encouraged me to sit next to her, clearly eager to begin but I felt awkward. I was on the point of suggesting that I wait for her outside when the music started.

I recognized the tune. It was the recent reworking of an old Grace Jones track and the volume was a little high for the confined space. It was obviously something the girl had chosen for herself as she began to move sinuously in a well rehearsed routine.

Her main focus was Gabriella but every now and again she shifted her attention to me. She, like her colleague, managed to imbue her expression with some measure of desire but this time I could see through the veneer. This unsettled me, making me wonder if the other girl had actually been displaying some genuine emotion.

She had nice breasts but not in the same league as her friend and it was probably for this reason that her routine was designed to focus attention on her hips. It was almost like watching a belly dancer but, in reality, it was a series of teasing movements during which she kept threatening to turn round and display her butt which she clearly thought of as her best feature.

She was a natural dancer, extremely good at what she did, but I was happy that I was now seeing it with a sense of detachment. She gave up on me and turned back to Gabriella. Notwithstanding the baleful presence of the TV camera she began to flaunt the rules and brushed herself against her legs.

Gabriella locked eyes with her and, to my astonishment, she slowly opened her legs inviting the girl to writhe between them. My shock was compounded because she had chosen to wear a very abbreviated skirt which was now rucked up around her hips.

I feared that someone was going to come in at any moment to bring things to a halt, perhaps to eject us from the premises, but if Gabriella held any fears for her reputation she did not show it.

Without taking her eyes from the girl she reached to her bag on the floor and pulled out some more banknotes. I thought that she was being overly generous but I hoped that she would now slip them to her so that we could leave.

She held the notes up in her hand and the girl smiled. She moved in even closer, easing Gabriella's legs further apart, and she licked her lips theatrically.

I found that I was holding my own legs tightly together to the extent that my knees hurt. I felt angry with her for getting me into this but perversely pleased that, on such short acquaintance, she trusted me enough to allow me to witness this hitherto unsuspected side of her character.

I thought that Gabriella was teasing the girl by holding up the money out of reach but when she fanned the notes between her thumb and finger to show how many there were I saw that there was a different purpose.

The camera lens extended as it focused in and then, as if it had a life of its own, it nodded up and down just once before the single red light on the top went dead.

Freed from restraint the girl leant forward. She placed her hands on the back of the sofa, either side of Gabriella's head, so that her breasts were in her face.

Gabriella nuzzled for a moment and then brought her head up to whisper in the girl's ear. As though on cue the music segued into another, slower, track, something I did not recognize.

It had a heavy bass line and the girl did little more than sway to it but then I felt my heart skip as she gradually bent her knees until she was kneeling between Gabriella's parted legs.

This was taking things too far and I waited for her to get back to her feet but she continued to move gently to the rhythm. She held her open hands in front of her face and moved her fingers in the style of a classical Indian dancer before she let them drop.

She began to use the backs of her fingers to brush gently at Gabriella's inner thighs and it looked like a battle of wills. They were daring one another and my fear was knowing that Gabriella hated to lose.

Her fingers moved higher with each sweep and then her eyes dropped so that she was looking straight between Gabriella's legs.

If I could have taken a photograph at that moment my boyfriend would have been forever in my debt. He made no secret of the fact that he was turned on by images of lesbians but he also knew that the very thought of it made me shudder. I had a dreadful fear that, one day, he was going to hint at a threesome and that would be the day that I showed him the door.

The girl grew bolder still. She began to massage Gabriella's legs going up as high as her hips and, in so doing, she lifted her skirt to such an extent that I could see that she was wearing white panties.

I desperately wanted to get away but I did not want to embarrass Gabriella by suggesting that it was anything more than a game. Instead, I sat there, seeming like a good sport, but inside I was cringing.

Her fingers now slipped beneath the panties' waistband and she flexed them so that they were held away from Gabriella's thighs.

Gabriella just smiled, still daring, and the girl drew her hands downwards easing the panties off as she did so.

I stopped breathing. Anything more was going to require a positive affirmation from Gabriella and, as I stared, she brought her knees together and raised herself slightly.

Given this tacit consent the girl slipped the panties off altogether and I gasped as Gabriella opened her legs wide once again. I caught a fleeting glimpse of dark pubic hair but my attention was riveted on the girl.

Rather than discard the panties she crushed then gently in her hand and brought them to her face. She inhaled audibly and her eyes brightened.

I was appalled but, at the same time, for reasons I could not explain to myself, I felt stirred. For a fleeting moment I wondered if it was the same scent with which I was familiar from my own fingers and if she would find mine equally intoxicating.

The music continued but the girl no longer seemed aware of it. She thumbed the panties into her g-string, along with bank notes, allowing them to hang like some form of trophy.

I assumed that this was an end to the proceedings but when she began to stroke gently at Gabriella's thighs again I watched in rapt fascination. I felt my pulse quicken as, for the first time, I considered just how far this could go.

Some innate sense of propriety tugged at me, calling at me to leave, but I found myself open mouthed as the girl bent forward to place a gentle kiss just inside Gabriella's knee.

Meeting with no objection she inched upwards, trailing kisses until she reached the crease of her thigh. At that moment she looked up at me, just the top half of her face visible behind Gabriella's leg. It was a look that told me that, if I wanted, I could be next and I felt a sudden urge to put my hand between my legs.

She turned her head and now there could be no doubt. Gabriella's body arched as she gave a deep groan of approval and when she relaxed once more I could see that the girl had her face pressed to her sex.

Gabriella no longer seemed aware of me. Her eyes were closed and she had a dreamlike smile on her face. As I continued to watch she could not resist the temptation to bring her hands to her blouse and gently massage her breasts.

I was breathing shallowly as I came to terms with the fact that Gabriella had, in my company, effectively paid the girl for sex. It seemed so tawdry but I could still not tear my eyes away.

I should have felt some sense of revulsion but the tableau had a frightening beauty. Gabriella's body was writhing, putting me in mind of a powerful feline, whilst the girl laboured with unexpected tenderness.

I tried to close my eyes but, to my shame, I felt myself becoming aroused; it was almost as if I could feel the girls tongue between my own legs. I snapped my eyes open again only to find that Gabriella now had her hand inside her blouse. One glimpse was enough to confirm that she had eased her breast from her bra cup and her finger and thumb were pinching purposefully.

Looking at the girls head seemed the lesser of two evils and I cast my eyes downwards. She was barely moving but I had the impression that she had her tongue deep inside and Gabriella's mewls of pleasure would seem to confirm it.

The longer it went on the more I began to think that the girl would have paid Gabriella for the privilege. She looked enraptured but, even now, she was mindful of my voyeuristic presence. She teased Gabriella's legs a little further apart and I could see her mouth fringed by dark hairs which contrasted so starkly with her own golden tresses.

For a second or two Gabriella was back with us. She gave me a glazed look before she put her hand on the top of the girls head. At the same time she closed her legs and slipped them over her shoulders using the weight of them to keep her pressed in place.

Her thighs looked powerful and for the briefest instant I imagined what it must have been like to be squeezed between them but then she began to cry out. It was a slow rising note, controlled at first, but then ever more falsetto.

She would have put a porn starlet to shame but I could see that there was nothing feigned. She was gripped by an orgasm so intense that I was irrationally jealous. No man had ever drawn a reaction like that from me.

It took her some time to calm down and I could see that, even now, the girl was licking gently. Finally she allowed her legs to slide from her shoulders and she composed herself on the sofa.

The atmosphere still felt charged but the reality of the situation reimposed itself when Gabriella gave the girl yet more money. She tucked it away along with the rest of her not inconsiderable earnings and then she spoke quietly.

She was obviously unaware that I spoke Spanish and I heard just enough to understand that she was offering me her services. I would be lying if I were to say that, for just a couple of seconds, I was not sorely tempted but common sense prevailed.

I shook my head at Gabriella and she got to her feet. She kissed the girl fleetingly on the lips which, just seconds before, had been so intimately engaged and then lead the way back out into the bar.

She flipped out her phone and, by the time we had both visited the ladies room, her chauffeur driven car was waiting for us at the exit. She dropped me off at my hotel for all the world as though nothing untoward had taken place and it was only as I stood on the pavement waving her off that I realized that she had kissed me on the mouth as she said her goodbyes

Chapter 2

My sleep that night was fitful and disturbed. Under normal circumstances I would have masturbated to calm myself down but, in light of the evening's events, it did not seem right somehow.

At some point I convinced myself that I should pack up and leave but I simply could not afford to do it. It was not just the money. This was my big chance to break through.

They had been a certain irony in having passed out top of my year at drama school. It enabled me to pick up some plum stage roles, including a one year residency with the Royal Shakespeare Company, but the reality was that stage work just did not pay enough.

I needed some film or television work in order to fully establish myself but I was cursed by my looks. For years people have commented on my uncanny resemblance to the singer and actress Andrea Corr. For reasons I could not understand, given that she is a very beautiful young woman, the likeness seemed to put off more serious directors.

By the same token I had had approaches from any number of lowbrow directors who wanted to exploit the similarity but I refused to compromise my acting ability. I had even had an approach from someone who was producing lookalike porn.

The fact was that I owed Gabriella a debt. We had been introduced in London where she was shooting her first English language film. She had needed the assistance of a English actress who was fluent in Spanish. Her English was good but she wanted help in getting the dramatic nuances right in a language that was foreign to her.

We hit it off immediately and I was happy to show her round London during breaks in filming. When the shoot was over I did not expect to hear from her again which was a pity as the job had been well paid and she had thrown in a generous bonus.

I was surprised then to receive the call from Madrid. Gabriella was starring in "Angustia" the second film in Jorge Gil's "Creencia" trilogy and she asked me to come over for a screen test. It was a supporting role but Gil was a highly respected director and had only just missed out on an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

To my amazement Jorge took a liking to me and I was offered the job. Things quickly became frantic. Shooting had already started by the time I received my script and I was left with little time to do the background research that I normally like to do.

Ironically, in light of what had transpired, the film had a lesbian undercurrent and dealt, to a great extent, with the anguish of Gabriella's character as she tried to reconcile her religious beliefs, and her support of the Inquisition, with her suppressed sexuality.

My mind was still buzzing when I stepped out of the shower the following morning. I was towelling my hair when there was a knock at the door. It was a day off for me and I was not expecting anyone although most of the crew and cast members were sharing the same hotel.

I opened the door to find Gabriella standing there looking radiant. She appeared years younger than her actual age; so much so that she had no problem in playing the part of Isabella who, for the purposes of the film, was twenty five years old. In looks we were remarkably similar which was, no doubt, one reason why Jorge had picked me out to play her younger cousin.

I felt a little awkward dressed only in a short bath robe but I invited her in. She looked around my hotel room almost disdainfully.

"You should come and stay with me at my sister's house. I would like to show you our hospitality."

We had already been over this ground. She was staying with her sister for the duration of the shoot and had invited me too but I did want it to seem that she was showing me any partiality. I felt that it would be better if I remained with the rest of the cast and crew.

"I came to apologise for last night."

"It's not necessary. It's forgotten."

"No. I should explain. I don't want you to think that I normally behave that way. I knew what the place was and I should have told you before we went in. The thing is, I wanted your support."

I was even more confused but I did not interrupt.

"I wanted to understand what it is that attracts one woman to another. I wanted to understand Isabella's frustrations. Things just went a little too far."

I thought that she was seriously understating the matter but I kept quiet. She had a far away look in her eyes as she continued.

"Her face was so soft, so warm, not like a man with..."

She was speaking in English and was at a loss for a particular word. She reached out to my face and stroked the back of a single finger beneath my chin.


"Si, bristles."

For a second or two her eyes locked with mine before she took her finger away.

"Her tongue was so skilled. She could read my body; she seemed to know what I wanted before I knew it myself."

Her frankness was slightly alarming and I was tempted to remind her that she had paid well for the young woman's services. She hesitated momentarily before continuing.

"Have you ever tried...with another woman?"

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