Playing her part


It was over as quickly as it had begun and she fell back on the bed with her chest heaving. Whilst she was recovering I got up onto my unsteady legs and quickly dashed into the bathroom. Drying moisture was making my face sore and, dismissing the perverse thought that it might be a natural moisturiser, I splashed myself with water and dabbed it dry.

I must have been gone for less than a minute but by the time I returned she was standing next to the bed adjusting her skirt. I was absolutely lost for words as she pecked a kiss on my cheek.

"I have to be on set. I'll call you this evening."

Chapter 3

As she walked out of the door I felt angry and cheated. For a good actress I find it hard to give vent to my personal feelings but this was one occasion when I wished that I had been more expressive; I was almost weeping with pent up frustration.

After a few minutes I calmed down a little and took the shooting schedule out of my bag. At least she was not lying. On leaving me she would be hard pushed to get to the set on time. As a rule she was always early and keen to immerse herself in all aspects of the production.

The more I thought about it the more I became convinced that there had been no premeditation and from there I began to build up my hopes for later that evening. I took another shower and, with a supreme effort of will, I managed to hold back and not to masturbate.

I had a quick breakfast and then set off, as I had originally planned, to see the Goya frescoes at Ermita de San Antonio. Unfortunately, wonderful as the paintings were, my mind kept on wandering. On the one hand I castigated myself for getting drawn in but, on the other, my arousal showed no signs of diminishing.

After a couple of hours I gave it up and brought myself some fresh fruit to eat by the lake in the Casa de Compo.

I must have dozed in the warm sunshine because I was brought sharply back to reality by the ringing of my phone. My heart skipped when I saw that the incoming call was from Gabriella.

"I can't talk for long; they're about to shoot my scene. Can you meet for dinner this evening? Say eight o'clock, I'll book Bokado. Do say yes."

I was elated but, at the same time, I felt a pall of guilt hanging over me. I thought of my mother, always telling me to try new things and live for the moment, but I knew she would not approve. I think that she would have liked Gabriella, and would have taken a pragmatic view if she thought that I was simply exploring my sexuality in a the context of a formal relationship but she would take issue with my seemingly casual attitude towards sex.

She was a practising Catholic who had done her best to inculcate in me the churches values. This did not prevent her from being open-minded but she had strong feelings about the binding nature of relationships whether same sex or otherwise.

The rest of the day dragged and I arrived at the restaurant early but Gabriella had arrived earlier still. She was out on the garden terrace in company with a stunning young blonde. On seeing them my thoughts, and fears, tumbled over one another.

The girl looked very young, perhaps mid-teens, but her body was fully and beautifully developed as evidenced by the simple but expensive white sun dress that she was wearing.

I was on the point of turning on my heel and walking away when Gabriella spotted me and beckoned me over with a broad smile. Dreading the worse I still wanted to leave but my innate sense of good manners would not allow me.

Gabriella came across the floor to meet me looking exuberant.

"Come, I want you to meet my sister, this is Cari."

The blonde rose and extended her hand and I took it without thinking.

"Only Gabriella calls me Cari. My real name is Caroline."

She spoke in a cut glass English accent, adding to my confusion, but Gabriella's mock scowl at the correction to the name's diminutive showed a degree of affection that could not be feigned.

I sat down in the proffered seat and accepted a glass of wine whilst Caroline embarked on an explanation that she had clearly given many times.

"Our mother was divorced shortly after Gabby was born. She met dad a few years later in London and they married before I was two years old. I've never met my natural mother and I've never wanted to.

Gabby stayed in school in Spain and I was educated in the UK but we are closer than most natural sisters."

I felt guilty about my earlier presumption but I wished that Gabriella had warned me.

"So, Gabriella tells me you're now studying here?"

"I'm doing a three year degree, Spanish Literature. Gabby bought me a house here so how could I refuse to come?"

As she said this she put her arm around her sister and gave her a hug. After that the conversation flowed easily. Caroline was eighteen but, despite her very youthful looks, she was worldly beyond her years.

The family had travelled extensively as she grew up and she was fluent in Spanish and French as well as her native English. I was tempted to ask if she had thought about following Gabriella into acting but she might have deemed it an impertinence.

She had a radiant beauty. Her blue eyes shone out from a round, cherubic, face and she had a broad, easy smile. It was a lethal combination of an innocent countenance with a body that would stop traffic.

The meal came and went almost without me noticing and I began to wonder how Gabriella was going was going to engineer events. Would she see Caroline home and then follow me back to the hotel? Whilst I hated to admit it to myself the presence of this nubile young princess had, in some way, stoked up the fires of my growing physical need.

At the finish Gabriella organized a shared taxi and when we got to the house Caroline insisted that I came in for a nightcap and would not take no for an answer.

The house had obviously cost a great deal of money. It was one of a group of four with balconies overlooking the park. The lower floor was an open plan space furnished predominantly in white, and it would not have looked out of place in a style magazine.

Caroline poured three glasses of Cantueso and we sat on the balcony in upholstered wicker chairs. Caroline sat opposite me and the skirt of her dress rode up immodestly high but she did not seem to notice.

I glanced at Gabriella who gave me a conspiratorial smile which suggested that we needed to excuse the exuberance of youth but I also hoped that it meant something else.

Caroline refilled glasses and I tried to refuse but she was very insistent.

"You must stay the night. I have three bedrooms and you and Gabby can go in together in the morning."

I tried to make excuses but, in truth, they were half-hearted. Caroline had had a fair amount to drink and I was certain that she would sleep soundly giving me an opportunity to seek out Gabriella and ease the tension which had been building since early morning.

Caroline lent me a nightdress and a spare toothbrush and we finally retired.

My room was small but functional with a comfortable double bed and, after I had undressed, I lay listening to the drone of traffic in the distance.

After half an hour my heart beat a little faster when I heard footsteps at the door which I had left unlocked. It opened slowly and she slipped into the room standing for a moment in a pool of darkness.


The rest of the room was faintly illuminated by the light of a distant street lamp coming in at the open window and I saw her as she moved towards me.

"She's asleep, I checked. Were you expecting her?"

The question was asked with a sly smile and I stammered a reply.

"No, of course not."

I considered, for an instant, that I might be dreaming but as the bed yielded under her added weight I knew that I was fully awake.

"Caroline? What's going on?"

She was not completely naked but she might as well have been. She was wearing a diaphanous nightie that left little to the imagination. She loomed over me and I looked up at her breasts.

They were perfectly symmetrical globes and, in the subdued light, I could see that her nipples were both pert and excited. It would have been easy to assume a cosmetic intervention but, as she moved, it was obvious that they were completely natural and I felt a pang of envy.

I forced them from my mind and tried to sit up but her weight on the coverlet made it difficult. She watched me struggle and her smile broadened just a little. She put a single finger to my lips.

"Shush...I saw the way that you were looking at me over dinner."

I had no cause but I felt myself blush. I was just thankful that she could not see and I quickly sought to clarify matters.

"Caroline, you are a very lovely young woman and I'm flattered but, whatever you thought, that's not me."

She took no notice and adjusted her position so that she was kneeling astride my trapped body.

"So why were you expecting Gabriella?"

At the renewed mention of her name I felt a void in the pit of my stomach. If Caroline was telling the truth then was it possible that Gabriella had never intended to come and return the favour?

I felt my anger rise and replied tersely.

"I've told you. I was not expecting anyone, least of all you. Look, I have absolutely no problem with you being a lesbian but you might think about being a little more discrete."

She gave a laugh which unnerved me just a little.

"A lesbian? Is that what you think? I've probably had more men than you have even dreamed about."

Something in the way that she said it suggested that it was not an idle boast but I was quickly coming to the end of my tether.

"Caroline, go back to bed. We'll just forget all about this."

She remained unmoved.

"Did you go to an all girls school?..."

The question took me by surprise and, whilst I did not reply, I suspect that my face betrayed the answer.

"...So did I, fee paying of course. At mine there were two cliques; you were either a queen or a bitch."

She did not immediately elaborate but suppressed memories began to bubble to the surface.

I had attended a state run grammar school and there had been rumours. There was a small group of girls who seemed more confident and assured than the rest of us. They had matured early and each was beautiful in a way that would make me critically reappraise myself in front the mirror.

Then there was the second group. No less beautiful but clearly in awe of their peers and beholden to them in a way that struck me as odd but I dismissed the gossip as spiteful, perhaps even wishful, jealousy.

As if following my train of thought she continued.

"I knew from the start that I was destined to be a queen. Male company was in short supply and those little bitches would do just about anything you told them to. It was particularly exciting if they were older than me..."

She left the sentence hanging in the air but there was no doubting her meaning. After a pause she stroked a single finger beneath my chin.

"I had you down as a bitch from the moment I saw you. It's been a while...You're not going to disappoint me are you?"

I tried to shrug her off me but my body seemed inert, refusing to obey. Images of those girls at school came to mind more vividly than they had for years. Why had I been excited by their haughty, condescending, demeanour?

Taking advantage of my inertia Caroline eased forward slipping her knees over my shoulders which were still pinioned beneath the coverlet.

"Get off me!"

The words came out in a harsh whisper but she completely ignored me.

She lifted the hem of her nightie revealing her sex just inches above my face. I tried to avert my eyes but the sudden richness of her scent compelled me to look.

Her sex was surprisingly plump for someone with such an otherwise lithe frame but it appeared taut as if trying to withstand some inner, pent up pressure. I was still taking it in as she leaned over me and we were suddenly bathed in light.

"Now you can look at me properly."

The bedside light was an angle poise reading lamp which now shone directly between her legs. She was flawlessly waxed and, being blonde, there was no hint of shadow. A single fading spot low down, and almost out of sight, was the only blemish but it was forgotten as I stared at her labia.

They barely peeked from within but they were a vivid, excited, pink. I was put in mind of childhood sweets and a phantom taste pervaded my mouth.

"Don't you think it's pretty?"

She was taunting me but she spoke with a confidence borne of experience.

Of itself it added nothing to the sum of her beauty but there was something about it that acted upon me at a more primal level. It glistened in the glare, as if oiled, and the reason soon became clear.

She ran a fingertip over her labia and then drew it across her mound in a random pattern.

"I've been looking forward to this all evening..."

The moisture reacted with the heat of her skin creating a scented haze which invaded my nasal passages. I tried to shut it out but I could already feel it triggering unwanted desires.

I needed to shake my head, to clear my thoughts, but I was slowly slipping under. I knew that if I did not act quickly I would be beyond redemption but I was lost in my own imagination.

For a few seconds I felt as if I had been taken back to school and our roles transposed. Caroline seemed so much older than me, more sophisticated, and I wanted her acceptance; there was an odd comfort to be taken from being ensnared and simply doing as I was told.

She stroked herself again but this time she brought her finger to my mouth.

"Taste me..."

The world faded out and all I could hear was the lull of her voice as she touched my lips. It was a fleeting contact and then she slowly moved her finger away again drawing out a single, silken, strand of saliva.

She let it break across my mouth and, without thought, I ran my tongue over my lips. The taste was faint but unmistakable and, as she looked down at me, she knew she had won; by teasing me with a mere hint of her essence she left me craving more.

I did not move, fooling myself that I was refusing, but in reality I did not want the spell to break.

She waited for a few seconds and then she smiled.

"I'm not coming to you..."

It was another subtle twist of the knife. If she forced herself on me I could continue to delude myself but, if I surrendered, what did it say about me?

My emotions were in tatters but even now I could feel my treacherous neck muscles bracing themselves for the effort.

The distance between my mouth and her sex was less than the span of my hand but it seemed to take an eternity to bring them together. I slowly raised my head and, at the same time, I put out my tongue.

Her smile broadened and she moved very slightly presenting the mound itself and I understood what she wanted. She had used her fingers to mark herself with her scent and now I was to show my appreciation.

Her skin was warm, with the expected resilience of youth, and it felt wonderfully smooth beneath my tongue. The taste had a slight edge, counterpointed by a natural saltiness, which suggested that she had been exciting herself for some time.

I flattened my tongue and licked in a wide swathe but I was careful, for now, to avoid her labia. The taste soon filled my mouth but I wanted more. I used the tip of my tongue to explore the creases at the juncture of her thighs where I found a richer vein.

When, after some minutes, there was no more to be had I worked my way back towards the central furrow. Her labia had bloomed a little more and they were temptingly bedewed with moisture.

"Show me how you adore me.."

She had not spoken in a while but this new taunt was unnecessary. I heard myself moan as my tongue made its first, long, traverse. I found a slow, easy, rhythm and licked for a long time but her sex was unyielding.

I feared that I was doing something wrong and I was becoming ever more aware of an increasing ache in my neck muscles. I wanted to wrap my arms around her to take some of the strain but they were still trapped and she showed no signs of wanting to change position.

I had been focusing my attention towards the apex of her sex, perhaps in an unconscious effort to stimulate her clitoris, but now I moved a little lower. This slight change was enough to ease my neck but she was also wetter here.

I lapped up this fresh excess and then began to probe with my tongue.

"Yes...just know how..."

Taking encouragement I pressed more firmly and, with a sudden release, I was through.

"Oh fuck!"

The expletive did not sound right coming from her but it excited me. I knew now that all my efforts had not been in vain. My tongue was being squeezed in a hot, tight, channel and I was almost overwhelmed with moisture.

It was a warm, viscous, welling and the sensations spread out from my tongue to tingle my whole body. I swallowed repeatedly but it was a copious flow and I wondered if she had climaxed without me being aware of it.

If she had she was certainly not finished. A subtle squeeze of her practised muscles rudely expelled my tongue but the next demand came quickly.

"Lick me..."

Her labia were now more relaxed and I eased them open as I moved upwards. Working by touch alone I sought out her clitoris as she guided me with a series of increasingly shrill yeses.

It was a tiny, deep-seated, bud and I wished that I had the use of my hands but it was of no consequence as her own need got the better of her. She used two fingers to hold herself open and I licked in a tight circle.

"That's it...Faster!"

I flicked my tongue as quickly as I could and her body began to shiver; at first almost imperceptibly but then with increasing violence accompanied by a muted scream.

By the finish I could no longer stay in place. My neck finally gave up and I lay panting beneath her as intermittent droplets of moisture spattered my face.

Once it was over I was filled with remorse. I wanted her to leave so that I could try and come to terms with what I had done but she was in no hurry to leave.

"God. I've waited too long for that. No one does it better than another woman."

She said it more to herself than to me and, as she lifted the hair from the nape of her neck, I could see the sheen of perspiration on her breasts. She was truly beautiful but if I felt my stomach wrench as I reminded myself that she was still just a girl.

At last she stretched herself and started to move. I wanted to be angry with her but what would have been the point? I remained silent simply wanting to be left to wallow in my guilt.

Beneath the cover I felt uncomfortably warm and I could hardly wait to throw it off and allow my body to cool down but I was taken unawares as Caroline turned herself through one hundred and eighty degrees and then settled once more.

"Now you've warmed me up let's see what you can really do."

I was so appalled that I struggled to find the words to protest and by the time that I had it was too late.

This time there was no question of me coming to her. She closed her calves to the side of my head and allowed her weight to rest on my face. I was immediately sealed into a stifling darkness and whilst she was clearly no heavyweight it was, nevertheless, exceedingly uncomfortable.

Her gluteus were well honed and she wriggled until my nose was pinched closed in her tight cleft. I began to struggle but I was still horribly hampered by the coverlet and I caught a snatch of laughter as she rode me down.

I was breathing hard but in the enclosed space every inhalation was an effort; worse still, the air was moist and thickened by her scent.

I tried not to panic and to breathe slowly but she had not finished demonstrating the power she had over me. She settled just a little more heavily and, for a few seconds, I could not breathe at all.

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