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Playing Hookie


It was a beautiful morning in mid-summer. Julia just couldn't stomach going into work and sitting inside for 8 hours on such a gorgeous day, so she impulsively decided to call off. She put her on best "on death's door" voice and instantly gained the sympathy of her supervisor. All in a day's work, she laughed to herself. Jules looked over to her peacefully sleeping husband. He looked so boyishly angelic sprawled on the bed, his sun-kissed limbs tangled and contrasting nicely with the crisp white sheets.

She felt a convulsive clench in her pussy as her lazy thoughts wandered to the night before, when he had been anything but angelic. And thank the goddess for it. They'd fought over something stupid, childish really. And, as usual, he turned her furious temper into fiery passion. The way he'd slammed her up against the wall and drove into her... she bit her lip as she remembered the harsh, almost painful pleasure.

She was snapped out of her reverie by the insistent buzzing of David's alarm clock. His muffled "fuuuck" had her grinning to herself.

"Aww what's the matter baby? 9 am too early for ya?" Startled, he turned over.

"Mmmm... morning gorgeous." He smiled sleepily at her. She was such a picture in the morning. That long red hair rumpled from sleep and his hands the night before. Her creamy face soft, her electric blue eyes heavy lidded. The way she was sitting there on the bed, facing him cross legged, she reminded him of a little elf.

....A very sexy little elf. Her smooth pussy lips were slightly spread from her position, giving him an excellent view of her glistening pink folds. Her rosy nipples were high and erect on her creamy breasts. It was then he noticed the faint bruising around her hips and inner thighs. He frowned and traced them softly with his fingers.

"Sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt you last night. You ok?" He looked so pathetically guilty she just had to lean down and give his mouth a smacking kiss.

"Of course I'm alright silly man. You can feel free to... hurt me like that any time you like. In fact, I was getting hot just remembering the way you fucked me last night." She bit his neck lightly, just where she knew sent shivers down his spine. "So hard and fast and rough." She shivered as her pussy clenched again and licked her way up to his mouth to nibble and tease. "Mmm... just the thought of you taking control of me like that makes me so wet."

He groaned a bit at the imagery and yanked her mouth fully onto his. She was still sitting cross legged, her elbows on her knees looked down on him.

"I'm sorry ma'am but I'm going to have to verify that statement. Just for the record, you understand."

"Always the lawyer, aren't you?" She giggled as he danced his fingers up her inner thighs, stopping to stroke the spot just outside her pussy lips. She sighed a little when they moved closer to her wet folds, but couldn't quite disguise the quick intake of breath when he penetrated her with two fingers. He pulled out slowly and frowned up at her.

"See, I knew I hurt you. I'm so sorry, Jules. I should have been more careful with you." He sighed dramatically. "I guess now I'm just going to have to kiss it and make it better."

"Aww, thanks Mo--" she cut off on a moan when his ongue began to trace her clit in slow, deliberate circles, with just enough pressure to tease and never enough to satisfy. She moved her hands down to spread her lips with his fingers, giving him more access to her quivering flesh. She whimpered and twisted when he began to lick her like a big, lazy cat. She thought he looked like a young lion, muscular and golden with his short hair sticking up in odd places from sleep. The look in his eyes was both fierce and lazy, an incongruous combination she knew, but she knew he was going to tease her until he was good and ready to have her come. Just another form of control, she thought as she panted and fell back on her elbows.

He moved his hands under her ass, spreading her knees wider and giving him more access to her drenched pussy.

"Baby, you taste so good." He punctuated each word by stabbing her clit with his tongue. He slid one finger in her tight, pulsating hole. "Christ, you're so tight. Even just around one finger." He stroked her g-spot and sucked her clit into his mouth simultaneously.

The pleasure spiked through her, making her body arch and her high-pitched moans increase. "Baby, please fuck me. I need it now. I want to come. Please baby, fuck my tight pussy." She panted and moaned as he slipped one more finger into her sopping hole.

"Oh believe me, I will. Sometimes I wonder how I ever fit inside of you. But I know you can take all of me. You love it when I fuck you hard and deep. You want me to pound your cunt, little girl?" He sucked her clit again. "You want daddy to fuck your pussy? Make you scream?"

Ever muscle in her body was quivering. She was arched like a bow, her hips gyrating, smearing her juices all over his face and he licked and sucked her pussy. She was passed coherent words now. All she could do was moan desperately.

He shifted, moving his arms up and trapping her knees against her chest. She was completely open to him, and he drove into her hard. She clutched his shoulders, nails digging into his skin.

"Oh god, oh god oh god oh god yes yes yes yes..."

He withdrew slowly, inch by inch until he was completely unsheathed. And then drove back into her again. He was teasing himself as much as her, and soon he was panting and straining. He withdrew slowly again, and then rammed full length inside of her. He stopped, still locked deep inside her soaking cunt and kissed her softly on her swollen lips. Her eyes were clouded and almost crossed. They were glassy and unfocused, but her mouth held a slight smug smile.

"What do you want?" He asked her. She bit his bottom lip.

"Hard. I want it hard and fast. Fuck me, baby. Cum inside my pussy. I want you to pound my cunt until you cum. Make me scream."

He groaned and spread her knees wider. He placed his hands on her inner thighs to keep her from lifting her hips and rammed her again and again. Her pounded her so hard he could swear he could hear their bones grinding together with each slap.

She screamed and her pussy clamped down around him like a vice grip, milking the cum from him. He thrust once, twice, and then collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

They lay like that, motionless but for shallow breathing for what seemed like an hour.

"Well," she cleared her throat, trying to banish the hoarseness. "I'm getting feeling back in my toes, guess I'm not completely paralyzed."

"You know, my original intent was to make up for being rough last night. How does this keep happening?"

She giggled mischievously. "Guess you'll have to kiss it and make it better, huh?"

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