tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Hooky Ch. 02

Playing Hooky Ch. 02


Mark was away on business -- again. Julie was out for a night on the town with Almond, Natalie and Noreen. Sabrina decided this would be a good time to do some spring cleaning, tidying up their home, and think things through.

It has to stop, this is wrong Sabrina thought to herself, vacuuming the carpet and moving things to get the dust bunnies that lay underneath.

But my baby's so beautiful, I love the way her face scrunches up when she cums! Sabrina's mind drifted back to thoughts sexual.

Stop it, it's wrong and illegal, she's your daughter, you're married, it has to end she dusted the coffee table and applied a coat of polish.

Mark can't make you cum the way Julie does, he doesn't have her kinky, perverse, devious little mind Sabrina thought to herself. It was true, Julie had given her consent for her mother / sex-slave to fuck her father last night. Mark had made her cum the first time, as Sabrina could still enjoy a man. For her second climax though, she'd had to think of Julie's sweet face eating her pussy and dildo-fucking her to a wonderful lezzie orgasm.

You can't keep this up, Julie will get tired of you, you have to find another way! Sabrina chided herself as she stared at the now-gleaming table and headed into the kitchen.

Julie had re-awakened her mother's sexuality. No matter what, Sabrina knew from this point on, she had to have a woman in her life. Her romps with Marie Dorcel and her equally-perverse daughter Almond, the twins, Natalie and Noreen -- all of them made her body quiver in excitement.

Yet, none of them compared to her beloved "Miss" Julie. Only one woman had ever come close to wringing the orgasms out of Sabrina that Julie did. Her onetime-roommate and lover, Brooke.

Of course! Sabrina practically slapped herself. This was an inspired idea. Why didn't she try to get in touch with Brooke, see if she was inclined to starting things up again? The worst she could do was say no, but if she agreed, she might have the inner strength to resist Julie and her cruel, kinky, fun perversions.

The cleaning now forgotten, Sabrina made a frantic search for the Phone Book. Quickly, she realized if Brooke had taken her husband's name, she might be done before she began, but she quickly found Brooke's name. She felt her pussy moisten as she dialed the number, Oh, Brooke lover, I've never forgotten you! the petite brunette said in an inward dialog.

"Hello?" said a soft voice on the other end of the line. It wasn't Brooke's, did she have another female lover? Already, Sabrina felt herself becoming irrationally jealous. Composing herself, Sabrina asked for Brooke.

"I'm sorry, she's not in tonight. I'm her daughter, Alissa, whom may I say called?"

Disappointed, Sabrina said "Oh, I'm Sabrina Warden. I was your mother's college roommate."

A delighted squeal came over the other end of the phone. "No way ! Really? She talks about you all the time, this is so frickin' cool!"

"Please, tell her I called and ... "

"Look, you've GOT to come over. What are you doing tonight? I want to meet you, you could come for a swim, we've got a nice big pool and ... "

"You don't even know me, Alissa."

"Oh, the way Mommy talks about you, I feel I do. She'd be so pissed if I didn't invite you over and extend our hospitality."

"Your father ...?"

"They're divorced, years ago."

That piece of info made Sabrina's heart leap a bit. Well, why not go out for a bit? It was early, Julie would likely spend the night with Almond and the twins, wrapped in each other's arms and a sensual tangle of legs and ... stop it!

"A swim does sound nice Alissa, can you give me directions?" Alissa complied with her request, so Sabrina dashed upstairs, got out of her grubbies and grabbed a quick shower, applied some simple makeup, then foraged for a swimsuit. She found one she dared not wear around Mark -- the tiniest little metallic-blue string bikini that Julie had bought for her, for their upcoming Vegas trip. Her "Miss Julie" had insisted she try it on and practically attacked her with a savage lezzie-hunger when she did. That time ...

Lord , could she not go 5 minutes without thinking of hot, kinky, girl-on-girl sex? She threw the bikini into her purse, grabbed her car keys and headed out, taking time to leave Julie a brief note. Her tummy was doing flip-flops, it'd been a while since she'd done something just for herself.

Sabrina practically broke the speed limit getting to her destination. A nice swim, perhaps a drink, she could learn about her former-love and have a relaxing evening. What could be nicer?

She couldn't get over the size of Brooke's home as she pulled up the driveway, taking in the well-appointed grounds, the sheer acreage of it all. She shouldn't have been surprised, Brooke's company was highly successful. Some small part of Sabrina hoped Brooke remembered her fondly as she rang the doorbell. Idly, she wondered if Brooke's daughter was anything like her, the same smile, sense of humor, what would she be like?

Sabrina was not prepared for the dark-haired, dark-eyed, full-lipped, curvy vision that opened the door. Clad in a scanty, barely-there bikini in a deep purple was an Asian girl, who stood around 5'6". Sabrina assumed she must be one of Brooke's assistants -- or perhaps, a lover?

"You MUST be Sabrina." the girl squealed, giving her a big hug. "Hiya, it's such a thrill to meet you, I'm Alissa." The stunning girl noticed the confused look on the woman's face, then laughed heartily. "Oh, I'm sorry -- I didn't tell you I was adopted. Mom adopted me when I was about 3 or so, my lineage is Thai-Japanese."

"Oh, please forgive my bad manners, but ..."

Alissa put her hand on the small of Sabrina's back and escorted her into the house. "Nothing to forgive, I'm just glad you're here. All of my friends are studying or away with their friends tonight, I was bored out of my mind. Come on, you can change in my room."

She allowed Alissa to lead her through the near-mansion, taking in the decor. Beautiful statuary decorated the place, it was all inviting, almost sexy. Upon reaching Alissa's room, she got her bikini out of her bag, expecting the girl to give her some privacy. Alissa made no move to leave.

"Excuse me, Alissa?"

"Hmm. Oh, sorry. Mom and I are so used to just changing or wandering around, near-starkers, I forget everyone's not like us. Hey Sabrina, it's just us girls, y'know?"

Sabrina knew she should protest, but couldn't form the words. She felt timid in Alissa's presence, the girl was so sexually appealing, her urges were simmering. Still, this was Brooke's daughter, so she decided to behave herself. Sabrina got out of her skirt and blouse, shimmied out of the thong -- she had not bothered with a bra -- and put on the bikini, feeling Alissa's eyes tracking her every move.

"Wow. I know you're my Mom's age, but you'd never know it." Alissa smiled. "You've got a terrific body and you're in great shape!" said appraisingly of the olive-hued brunette.

"Me. My goodness, don't be ridiculous. You're exquisite, truly."

Alissa did a mock-curtsy. "Okay, we're both hotties." They laughed. "Wanna go for that swim now or would you like a drink first?"

Sabrina put a finger to her lips. " I am kind of parched, a glass of white wine would be lovely."

"I have some Reisling chilling in the fridge, would that be ... "

"That would be lovely Alissa, thank you."

She followed Alissa into the spacious kitchen, naughtily following the sway of the girl's buttocks as she walked. When Alissa bent over to get the wine from the refrigerator, Sabrina couldn't resist the naughty temptation to check out her ass. Alissa turned, caught the older woman looking, and winked.

"I have a great butt, huh?" she laughed heartily.

Caught offguard, Sabrina could merely nod. Alissa laughed again. "Hey, don't be embarrassed. It's human nature to check out a beautiful man or woman, I've been checking you out since you got here."


"Yup. Come on, let's get out to the pool."

Sabrina allowed the beautiful Thai girl to lead the way, Alissa chatting animatedly as she walked. She was adorable, a bundle of fun energy and Sabrina warmed to her more with each passing minute. From the way she spoke, it was obvious she was educated, informed and intelligent, Brooke had done a wonderful job raising her daughter. They sat in lounge chairs by the poolside, chatting while they drank.

"Alissa, what do you do? Are you a student or ...?"

"Nope -- I'm a fashion designer, following in Mom's footsteps. I design some of the naughtier pieces that we sell."

"That must be fun."

"I do enjoy my work" Alissa smiled, taking a mouthful of wine. "What about you?"

"Oh, nothing special about me. I'm a stay-at-home mother, I have a daughter, Julie, she's about your age, she's ... "

Alissa took another sip of wine, studying Sabrina's face. "From the sound of your voice, you must be very proud of her."

Sabrina smiled -- if Alissa only knew. What could she say? Yes Alissa, I'm her lesbian sex-slave, I eat her cunt, lick her asshole, she whores me out to other women and I love all of it!

"You and my Mom were roomies in college. She said it was the best time of her life."

Sabrina sighed. "Mine too. Brooke's an exceptional woman, she's ... "

Alissa took a final sip of wine and put her glass down. "She also told me that you're the best pussy-eater she ever knew."

Sabrina nearly choked on a mouthful of wine.

"After me."

Sabrina coughed again, Alissa came and sat beside her on the lounge chair.

"You and your mother are ...?"

Alissa nodded and explained. "When Daddy left, he and Mom hadn't been lovers in years. Daddy was -- older and not particularly virile. Mom was surrounded by beautiful models all day long, all her old urges came back. She began to dabble and on my birthday, the two of us got a little tipsy and one thing led to another." She smiled and took Sabrina's hand. "We've made love practically every night since, she taught me so much about loving another woman. When you called, I knew I had to meet my mother's former lover, to see if you were as hot as she told me you were."

Sabrina felt slightly at ease, but it wasn't a bad feeling, in a way. Timidly, she asked the beautiful girl "And, am I?"

Alissa pulled her close and slipped her soft, supple tongue into Sabrina's mouth. The beautiful woman whimpered softly as Alissa said "Yes -- oh, yesss." Her hand reached up and cupped one of Sabrina's breasts through the tiny bikini. Sabrina's nipples hardened into tiny buds, Alissa pulled one of the straps to one side and nipped Sabrina's nipple gently.

"Sweet. Oh, you're so sweet."

Sabrina looked at the beautiful teen with anticipatory eyes. "Are we going to make love?"

Alissa leaned in and snaked her tongue into Sabrina's mouth again. "Among other things darling, yes. You're so responsive, it's very sexy."

"Alissa, you're just so lovely, it's ... "

The girl silenced her with another sweet kiss, Sabrina's pulse was racing. Alissa stood up and removed her bikini, her body, curvy, lush, glorious and naked was in full view. She had large breasts for an Asian, but they were real. Her body was sleek, she obviously worked out and as she shimmied out of the bikini bottom, Sabrina took note the girl had no hair covering her pussy. Alissa caught her looking at her nook and smiled again.

"Mom likes to shave it for me. It's one of her little turn-ons."

Sabrina smiled. Many was the time Brooke had shaved her pussy and legs for her, which had always led them to have intense sessions of pussy-eating. Brooke knew just where to lick Sabrina to make her climax. Would her seductive daughter be equally talented?

Alissa leaned over and nibbled Sabrina's ear. "I wanted you the second I saw you at the door" she cooed seductively.

Sabrina knew her bikini bottoms were likely already soaked through. "Me too" she replied honestly. The sensual woman felt herself giving into her urges yet again, but she didn't fight them. It was fate, her destiny, to lick and suck and play with this beautiful young creature. She stroked the girl's naked body, golden and supple, she was so kissable. She nibbled Alissa's adorable navel, which had a tiny piercing there. Sabrina couldn't quite make out what it was.

"It's my Mom's corporate logo, in silver. All her girls wear one."

"Her girls? You mean her models?"

"No -- her lovers " Alissa responded with a throaty purr which sent chills throughout her older playmate. In some ways, Sabrina felt the novice at the hands of Alissa, but confidence began surging throughout her being. She could please her Julie, the twins, Almond, Marie Dorcel -- she was positive that she could please Alissa too, she was certain of it.

Alissa's lips pressed against her own again, soft, yielding, pliant. "Ohhhh, you have the sweetest mouth" Sabrina sighed. No one had kissed her like this before.

"I love to kiss and be kissed, it's very sensual" Alissa murmured as she moved closer to Sabrina on the lounge chair. She straddled the woman and lowered herself, inch-by-tantalizing-inch, over the woman's eager face. "Eat me, you gorgeous slut!" he hissed. Immediately, she felt Sabrina's hands grab the cheeks of her rounded ass as she plunged her knowing tongue into the recesses of Alissa's twat. Alissa squeezed and fondled her own tits as Sabrina feasted on her muff, hefting them upwards, she sucked on her own dark brown nipples. Ohhhh fuck, Mom was right, she's gooodddd Alissa groaned inwardly as her body responded to Sabrina's languid caresses.

Pussy. It was all the horny mother craved right now, it was what she lived for. Sweet, yummy cunt, like Alissa's, Julie's and Almond's. Her mind flitted to the though of all three girls being worshiped by her licking tongue and she ate Alissa with even greater relish as the lewd fantasy inspired her more.

Alissa was in a sexual nirvana unlike any she'd ever known. Her mother was the best, but Sabrina was no slouch either. Not even some of the pussy-crazed lingerie models that had frequented the little "House Orgies" that Brooke and Alissa threw could compare to Sabrina's skills in lesbian pleasure.

As she moved her hips back and forth, affording Sabrina greater access to her aching pussy, Alissa promised herself that she would ask Brooke how she ever let this exquisite bitch slip away?

Sabrina ate pussy with a renewed hunger -- she knew now, where her true sexual preference lay. Men were fun, they could arouse her -- but to bring her to the heights of passion, she has to be with a woman. As her tongue darted and flitted over Alissa's sweet pussy, each trickle of juice that flowed onto her lips made her yearn for more.

Alissa's rich brown eyes took in full view of the sexy brunette who was eating he so expertly. Such skill and precision, coupled with a sweet beauty, fingers that seemed to know just where to poke and prod -- it was all just too much and Alissa let her climax overtake her.

Anxiously, Sabrina moved away from the girl and looked at her, eyes almost pleading. "Was that good for you? You're so sweet and sexy and .... " Alissa silenced her new lover with a searing kiss.

" Good ? Any fucking better and my head would have come off. Oh baby, I hope you're not in a rush to get home, I have got to return the favor!"

Practically beaming with pride, Sabrina indicated that she had all evening. Alissa clapped her hands with pleasure and removed Sabrina's bikini as well, leaving them both totally nude. "Let's go for that swim I promised you --- we can play a bit in the pool."

A cooling swim did sound lovely, Sabrina jumped in, the beautiful Thai girl followed her. In the pool, the two embraced, floating gently, a sensual tangle as they kissed, pleasing each other in the aquatic setting. It was a bit darker now, but the moonlight backlit them as they moved languidly together.

Sabrina teased her adorable playmate, she'd swim away and make Alissa chase her. Each time the girl caught her, Alissa would press her full lips and naked, curvy form against Sabrina's, fingers strumming her pussy, lush lips taking in all of Sabrina's lips. Sabrina let out urgent moans every time Alissa kissed her, the sweetest kisses she'd ever felt.

"I have got to have you now!" Alissa whispered in a husky tone, leading the petite brunette from the pool. She towelled her off, nibbling here and there as she did so, until Sabrina's body was equally dry and aroused. What a magnificent little bitch Alissa was!

She took Sabrina's hand and led her back into the house, but not into her bedroom this time. "This is where I sleep most of the time, Mom doesn't like to sleep alone. What do you think?"

The room was beautiful, a large canopy bed in the middle, beautiful dressers, a few comfortable armchairs, large spacious walk-in closets, an en-suite bathroom, On the doors to one of the closets was a huge mirror.

"Mother likes to look at me when I'm pleasuring her. It gets her horny. May I pleasure you, please Sabrina?" the girl implored.

Nodding her assent, Sabrina situated herself on the bed. The duvet was magnificent, she didn't want to stain it, so she pulled it to one side. Satin sheets, oh, what luxury. How smooth against her skin as she felt Alissa's licking tongue on her body.

The beautiful girl started slow. She stroked Sabrina's instep with a knowing touch, then moved up. Alissa kissed her ankle, upwards. Her thighs, then down the other side, not even nearing Sabrina's aching cunt. She looked up at her lover, dark almond eyes hungry and full of predatory lust -- and then plunged her face into Sabrina's heated cunt.

"OHHH CHRIST!!" Sabrina yelled. This girl could eat pussy, she was practically inside the walls of Sabrina's cunt, tongue delving deep, seeking her clit, swabbing this way and that, pulling out rivers of juice, wringing out sensations in Sabrina she wasn't aware existed. Her body shook and jiggled on the bed as Alissa took her and demanded passion.

She found it hard to believe all of this was happening, but as she saw Alissa's unique, Thai beauty, the vision of loveliness that was this young woman, worshiping her, feasting on her body, it was oh-so-real. She was the object of desire for this young sexpot, it fed her ego and aroused her even further.

"Shall I get some toys, lover?" Alissa purred, patting Sabrina's pussy as she moved away momentarily.

"Ohhh, no!" Sabrina said. "I don't really need them, you're making me feel so good, please 'Lissa, give me more!"

Alissa was pleased, knowing she'd turned on this marvelous creature, made her happy. They were sympatico as well, Alissa wasn't a "toy girl", preferring lips, hands and tongue on her body. She moved overtop of Sabrina, rubbing her full, rounded tits against Sabrina's tinier mounds, nipple against nipple, grinding her shaved cunt against Sabrina's, flat-fucking her and hearing her moan yet again.

"Oh Alissa, that feels so nice!" Sabrina sighed as the younger girl kissed her softly. A momentarily flush of guilt washed over her as she enjoyed Alissa's erotic ministrations -- if it were possible, the girl was even more talented than her beloved "Miss Julie". Sabrina felt extremely disloyal for having these thoughts, but Alissa was an unparalleled pussy-muncher. Sabrina would reach the precipice of climax, then Alissa would slow down, keeping her on the verge. It was torture, but of the most electrifying kind!

"You like that, you sweet little bitch?" Alissa purred.

"Dear God, do you have to ask?" Sabrina panted. "You're incredible, marvelous, the ... "

"Okay, enough ego-boo." Alissa giggled. "I think we should move into a sixty-nine and taste each other, I want to cum with you, 'kay?"

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