tagIncest/TabooPlaying Hostess Ch. 03

Playing Hostess Ch. 03


The idea of fucking her Dad again definitely turned Judith on. She was thinking about that in the kitchen, when Ruth approached her and Matt.

"You guys should know that I also fucked Dad since the year you went to college. We broke it off too, but I would love to start it again. That is, provided that I got to keep fucking Matt as well," she told them.

"Well, of course, dear Sis! The one does not negate the other!" Judith assured her.

"Wow, so your Dad and I will be getting at least 3 fucks a piece! Counting your Mom, that is," Matt observed with a grin.

"I'm surprised that you would mention her, given her age," said Judith, taken aback.

"Well, she is a lovely woman," Matt replied.

"Even at 55?" Ruth asked, dumbstruck.

"Yes, even at 55," Matt maintained.

"Maybe you should fuck her too, since you find her so attractive. I'm sure that she would get into it, once she got over the shock," Judith suggested.

"What would I be shocked about? I'm sorry, I just dropped by. Sam let me in and I heard part of your conversation. Something about Matt fucking me?" Leah inquired.

"Well, it's just that Matt was saying that... ," Judith stammered.

"That I am still sexy? Thank you, Matt! That really makes this old lady's day!" Leah exclaimed.

"Old, how are you old, Mom? You're only 55, because you had me when you were 18," Judith pointed out.

"That's true. Anyway, I came here to let you know that your Dad wants to keep the boys a little longer. We want to take them camping. Is that okay, dear? We rarely get to see our grandkids these days," Leah asked.

"Alright, Mom, because they need a break from us. It also helps us to have one from them, as well," Matt agreed.

"Especially helps with the love life, huh? I'm not stupid. I saw how Sam was dressed. And how you, Ruth, and Matt are dressed. Plus, I heard more of the conversation than I admitted to earlier," Leah announced.

"How much more?" Judith blushed.

"Oh, about you and Ruth both fucking your Dad. I'm not an idiot. I can tell that you guys are swingers," Leah declared.

"Starting last night, yes. We kinda are," Matt admitted.

"And you want to start fucking your Dad again, right?" Leah asked, though it really wasn't a question and everyone knew it.

"Well, I didn't mean to hurt or offend you, Mom, but... ," Judith stuttered again.

"You want your mouth, pussy, and ass around his cock. So do I, so how can I blame you? Do you think that I was ignorant of your incest with your Dad?" Leah probed.

"Well, yes, because... ," Judith tried to finish what she was saying.

"Because if I knew, you assumed that I'd leave him," Leah answered for her.

"Well, yes," Judith confessed.

"Well, I knew along, because I kind of arranged it behind your back. Yours, Ruth's, and your Dad's. I put the condom where he could find it so easily. You weren't that careless," Leah informed them.

"How did you find it?" Judith asked her with shock.

"I snooped, of course. I wanted to see if you were sexually active. If you were, I wanted your Dad to be part of your sex life, along with Ruth's," Leah explained.

"Really?" Ruth broke in with her own share of surprise.

"Yes, your Dad is a stud just like Matt. I want them both happy, because then they'll want you happy. Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I also seduced your boyfriends: both of your boyfriends. It was only fair to me and them, plus they learned a few tricks," Leah related.

"Is that why they were so much better in the sack than most guys at school were? I mean, Leroy, definitely proved better than I expected in bed. Does Dad know about the boyfriends?" Judith asked.

"Yes, because he caught me. I was going to tell at some point, if I could have gotten over the fun that I had fucking guys behind his back and arranging for him to fuck girls, thinking that I didn't know. Yes, by the way, I think it's obvious that I helped your boyfriends satisfy you better," Leah answered her.

"Does he still fuck around, then?" Matt inquired.

"Well, of course, he does. So do I. I have deliberately found him mistresses. Mind you, it didn't take much persuasion, due to the fact of his large cock," Leah added.

"So all of Dad's girlfriends have been handpicked by you?" Judith gasped.

"Well, not all, but many. I love to play matchmaker and none of the women have complained. In fact, they have thanked me every way possible. That includes helping me seduce their husbands as thanks for my assistance," Leah winked at her daughter.

"How often do you and Dad get it on?" Ruth questioned her mother.

"Every fucking day, sweetheart! I started this whole thing when I caught him trying to pretend that he hadn't just fucked his assistant. I was so aroused that I fucked him all night long when we got home. Every time he screws another girl, I get all wet and fuck him out of his mind. I also get horny from fucking around. Needless to say, he swings a lot and so do I!" Leah boasted.

"So this has actually helped your sex life?" Ruth interrupted.

"Hell, yes! He did it first, of course. I have been doing it too, starting with your ex-boyfriends. Then there were your teachers, the principal of your high school, my boss, and your Dad's boss," Leah listed.

"You haven't fucked women, have you?" Judith asked.

"A few times, when I was fucking some of your teachers. They loved it and more than a few of them agreed to fuck your Dad, too."

"So Dad's a womanizer, which I already knew, and you're a slut!" Ruth exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm afraid that the congregation would frown upon us. I have gone through every Yom Kippur quite famished as a result, I might add," Leah admitted.

"That didn't have anything to do with my favorable treatment by teachers, did it?" Ruth wondered.

"What do you think, sweetie? Anyway, if you girls want to fuck your Dad, you definitely have my blessing! I hope that I have yours to fuck Matt?" Leah proposed.

"Wait, you seriously want to fuck me?" Matt marveled.

"Well, if you're really willing to fuck me, I am quite happy to fuck you. I just didn't think that you'd ever go for it, given my age," Leah told him.

"Well, Mom, you've really got my blessing to fuck my husband! Why would I be so mean to you as to deny you his splendid dick?" Judith announced.

"Your Dad's at home right now with the kids and he's not expecting me for another hour. What do you say that I get it on with Matt right now? I will then arrange for both of you to seduce your Dad," Leah offered.

"Fine, but can we all watch?" Judith requested.

"Yes, of course, you can watch me blow your hubby's mind! What do you say to that, Matt? Want to fuck your mother-in-law?" Leah seductively asked her son-in-law.

"Absolutely!" he shouted.

"Splendid! I will get out of my clothes. You girls will watch me unzip Matt's pants to suck him off," Mrs. Baum told her daughters.

Sure enough, 55-year-old Leah Baum disrobed rather quickly and helped liberate Matt's cock from the denim jeans. His briefs were turned into mincemeat easily. She soon had his cock in her hands, stroking it for their mutual pleasure and relishing his flesh. Her mouth was surrounding it before they knew it. Matt felt the most insatiable tongue simply lick and lather his dick with spit.

He stood there in shock as his mother-in-law, whom he had thought prudish and conservative, surprised him with her deviant ways. His manhood was going through the most exquisite delight it had experienced. Mrs. Baum deserved a degree in fellatio. The feeling of his dick being so lovingly kissed, licked, sucked, and even deep-throated was making him certain that he had to cum soon. Otherwise, he might have a stroke or heart attack from the sheer excitement of her service to his cock.

The sight of their mother sucking "their" Matt's cock pleased and turned on both Judith and Ruth. As far as they were concerned, Matt now belonged to the whole family, not just Judith. That's not to say that they considered him property, rather that they felt they were all entitled to fuck him and otherwise please him. They didn't think that they had violated some privilege of Judith's.

They both masturbated from the view of it. Sam and Mallory found themselves delighting in it too. They all massaged their own cunts, playing with themselves.

Leah then got on all fours, offering Matt the chance to fuck both holes as long as he pleased.

"I am inviting you to invade my pussy and ass. Use them for your pleasure."

"Thank you, Mrs. Baum," he replied.

"Call me 'Leah', lover!" she urged him.

"Alright, thank you, Leah!"

Matt slid his still hard, horny dick deep inside his mother-in-law's pussy. He really began to fill her out with it. He pulled her hair, as he brought himself in and out of her cunt. He plundered Leah's pussy right in front of her daughters.

The way that he screwed his mother-in-law got both of them quite hot indeed. She especially liked it rough. Fortunately, so did he. He kept pounding repeatedly, thrusting further into her sex.

Judith and Ruth got wetter, so they asked if they could visit their Dad right away and seduce him.

"Sure, dears! But don't wake the kids!" Leah reminded them as Matt ramrodded her cunt.

"We won't, Mom," they promised her.

As they left, they saw Matt withdraw from Leah's pussy and enter her ass, sinking his cock into her bowels. She screamed in pain for a few seconds. Then she started evidently enjoying the fuck, as Matt kept raiding her bottom.

Isaac Baum had just put the grandkids down for a nap, so he could relax for a second. He heard knocking on the front door. He opened it, and saw both Judith and Ruth.

"Hi, Dad! Don't worry. We're not here to take back the kids yet. We're here because of something that all three of us have in common. Incest, that is," Judith assured him.

"Excuse me?" he questioned her with some shock.

"You used to fuck both of us and we want you to start doing it again," Ruth clarified.

"Here? Now?" he asked, feeling stunned.

"Yes!, This time, we fuck you as a team."

With that, Isaac's daughters undressed until they were buck naked. They both started removing his clothes. They gestured for him to follow them into the master bedroom. At this point, they straddled him. Judith sat on his face, while Ruth took him inside her pussy.

"Oh, fuck! Girls, this is incredible! When did you plan this?"

"Oh, just today. We're gonna share you from now on, just like we share Matt."

"You're both fucking Matt?" he exclaimed with surprise.

"Yes! We love it! Teaming up to please a man is fun!" Judith declared.

"Now, Dad, we both know that you can fuck harder than that. Give me your cock, as hard as you wish," Ruth encouraged him.

"What if...?" Isaac tried to speak coherently, but found it impossible while his dick filled his younger daughter's pussy.

"Mom finds out? She already accepts your other flings, like you do hers. Why is this different? Besides, Matt is keeping her happy right now," Judith informed him.

Isaac was 63 now, so the feeling of so much stimulation was a lot for him. He pulled out all of the stops to please his daughters. If it killed him, so be it! He was going to satisfy their need for his cock. He really nailed Ruth's pussy, letting her have it. She screamed in ecstasy, as her father filled her cunt with one thrust after another and stretched her with his dick.

Judith felt great as well, as her father's tongue made her wetter than she could have known. His mouth even tasted and kissed her beautiful bottom. She heaved with her orgasm, as he made her experience the first incestuous climax she had since she was 18. The three of them were really pleased with themselves, getting to share this experience with each other for once. They felt so much like a family.

Isaac came in Ruth, making her squeal with her excitement as the cum gushed into her womb. Then she switched places with Judith, allowing him to taste his own cum and enter his elder daughter's pussy. Isaac was devouring Ruth, fully enjoying the taste of her creamy cunt. He hardened inside Judith's pussy and began to actively fuck it.

Judith took his cock into her pussy happily. She was glad that her sweet, aging Daddy was still man enough to fuck her to their mutual satisfaction.

"Oh, God, Dad! You're so sweet and kind to me!. Oh, God, I love you! I love your cock!" Judith moaned as her father screwed her.

"Dad, your mouth is making me so wet! Oh, fuck! Yes, Dad! Please make me cum with your tongue!" Ruth pleaded.

"I'm gonna cum, now, so get ready!" Isaac warned them.

Isaac came, filling both of them. There was still plenty of time before Leah returned, so he would get to fully enjoy this threesome.

As for Matt and Leah, well, he kept fucking her butt for a good length of time. He finally came at about the time the girls swapped. He had to lay down for a bit to recover strength from having vigorously fucked all three of his mother-in-law's holes.

Sam and Mallory grinned, expecting to get their turn next.

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