tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 02

Playing Santa Ch. 02

byBjorn Wild©

The next day, it continued in the same way. I would arrive wearing jeans, an overcoat, a stocking hat, and a scarf (even though it was above 45 degrees out). Shortly after 9:30, I arrived to get my makeup done by Liz, get into the suit with Heidi’s assistance, and went to work. Heidi and Rachel each came by and waved a few times. Once they even came by together and watched for a while as they ate a meal on the run and visited, but mostly it was just kids, kids, and more kids.

On Thursday night, it was real slow. Must be a bad shopping day. I was sitting alone as my dinner-time approached, when I saw Rachel, wearing a Santa hat and a short red silk dress with white fur trim, stop and talk to the helpers. She had a little white bag. “I brought you a sandwich and a Coke,” she whispered. “Mind if I join you for dinner?”

“Ho, ho, ho, little girl,” I bellowed as I reached for her arm. “What would you like for Christmas?” I pulled her onto my lap. Rachel giggled and climbed off. “You’d better eat while you can, Santa.” She hopped off my lap.

I went with Rachel to the small lounge area where she produced a sandwich for each of us and the promised Coke. We chit-chatted as we ate. She also let me know that the regular helpers would not be back. She gave them the rest of the evening to do some shopping of their own. When we finished, Rachel came over to my lap. As she sat, she pushed my hand beneath her. She wiggled a little as she sat down. I gulped some air as I realized a bare, wet pussy was wiggling on my fingers. Rachel wiggled a little more then raised up and slipped my hand out from under her before sitting back down. “Does Santa think he can guess what I want?”

All I could say was “Ho, ho, ho. I hope it’s not a candy cane.”

“Well, Liz and Heidi tell me Santa hides a really special one in his boxers,” Rachel whispered lustily. “I even set the sign at 7:30 instead of 7:00 so you’d have time to show it to me.”

I didn’t know if the two women had noticed the slight curve to my eight incher or if Rachel was just making it up, but I didn’t really care.

I pulled Rachel into a kiss and we were soon twirling our tongues in each other’s mouths. She hopped up and beckoned me to stand. She knelt down and pulled my pants and boxers down to below my knees then pushed me back down onto the couch.. Then she did something I couldn’t see over my belly, but I could definitely feel. She caressed my cock and gently kissed and nibbled at the head. I could see her ebony head moving up and down, but more importantly feel her soft lips on my aching meat. Her tongue swirled around as she licked and sucked my member to its full size.

I reached for her and she finally looked up over my belly at my face. Her eyes were sparkling. She said in a husky voice, “I think Santa’s ready to give me my present.”

Rachel helped move my feet out to the front of the couch, straddled me and raised up as she held my throbbing erection beneath her. I felt her slide the tip of my cock up and down her slippery slit. Then she suddenly slid completely down to my pelvic bone taking my entire length inside her tiny body. She sat there for a moment with a big grin and then started bouncing up and down, faster and faster until she suddenly stopped and ground her clit into my pubic hair and collapsed across my belly. When she came out of her orgasmic tremors, she again started bouncing until I warned her I was about to come. She just kept going as I shot blast after blast of hot jism into her quivering tunnel. She collapsed across my belly and I stroked her hair as we both began to calm.

As I started to shrink, she climbed off with a plop and again her head disappeared below my belly as she licked me clean. When she had finished and stood, I started to say something, but she put her hand to my lips. “Thank you, Santa. You’re almost out of time. Let me help you get ready.”

She pulled a pair of red silk panties from the lunch bag and slipped them on. She helped me with my pants and then we returned to the Santa business. It was slow and I used every opportunity to whisper some very -un-Santa comments to her when nobody else was around.

When a child would climb onto my lap, she would help them up and use a little sing-song voice to tell them what a nice man Santa was and that he would always try to get good little girls and boys what they wanted for Christmas.

I tried to get her to go somewhere with me after work, but she insisted she couldn’t. “Employees are not allowed to date each other, Santa. We can only see each other at work.” With that she left and I watched her intoxicating little ass disappear toward the other end of the mall.

To be continued….

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