tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 05

Playing Santa Ch. 05

byBjorn Wild©

I handed a few candy canes out to guards and cleaning people as I walked toward the Shady Lady beauty salon. Heidi was in her elf costume walking with her arm on my arm. One of the guards chuckled, "Better not let Mrs. Claus catch you being cozy with an elf, there Santa." If he only knew, I thought.

Rachel was unlocking the door when we arrived. We all went in and hurried straight to the back room. The two girls immediately helped me out of the suit and I was soon down to just my boxers. "It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present," Heidi squealed just before she slid my boxers to the floor.

The girls steered me to the reclining salon chair. As Rachel adjusted it to tip back, Heidi ran some warm water and then washed the makeup from my face. As she scrubbed the old man look away, Rachel began to caress my already rising manhood. She began to kiss, lick, and suck on it to bring it fully erect. Heidi completed my face removal and moved to join Rachel.

I reached a hand out to each side and stroked the two cute little asses through their skirts as they both ministered to my cock and balls. I lifted one skirt and then the other to find no panties to interfere and slid a finger down each crack to find the moistness developing there. Heidi stopped working on my dick and dropped her clothes to the ground so she was completely naked. She looked to Rachel, grabbed my erection and said in a sultry voice, "I just have to feel this in me."

Rachel stepped away and began undressing. Rachel stepped up on the side of the chair and straddled my erection. She held it up and squatted until it was just touching the lips of her wet pussy. She moved the head of my cock up and down her slit, moistening it with our combined juices. Then she put it inside her lips and let go of it with her hand. She began to slowly move up and down, just a tiny bit at a time, but gradually going deeper and deeper. The whole time she was saying, "Oh, God this feels good. Oh, I needed this." I played with her nubbin tits while she very slowly sank all of my cock inside her elfin body. I was buried to the hilt in her tight cunt and it felt incredibly good. Heidi slowly started moving up and down. I pinched her nipples and massged her breasts as she fucked herself on my cock. She would rise up until only the head was inside of her and then slowly sink down until our pubic hair mingled.

Rachel was now beside my head and bent to kiss me, causing me to lose contact with Heidi’s breasts. She kissed me hard, her lips opened, and our tongues played the tango inside each other’s mouths. When she did break the kiss, she nibbled on my ear and whispered, "Does Heidi’s tight pussy feel good, Lars?"

"Oh, God, yes," I answered as Heidi continued to slowly ride me up and down.

"Would you like a taste of mine?" Rachel cooed as she licked my ear. "I shaved it just for you."

I responded by half turning my upper body and reaching between her legs. I fingered her sopping slit. "Bring it up here, baby. I need to taste you."

Rachel climbed onto the chair and straddled my face, facing toward Heidi. I cupped an ass cheek in each hand and guided her down toward my mouth. She had left the triangle of hair above her slit but was shaved clean and smooth so her lips were easily visible and accessible. I licked from her slit to her asshole and back down down toward her slit. I helped her move up a little and began kissing around her lips. Rachel kept pushing back toward me, so I slipped my tongue between her folds and tasted her for the first time. She was sweet and already running with juices. Rachel squealed as I pushed my tongue in farther and began fucking her with it. Then I raised her up and licked down her slit to her clit and teased it. I continued to alternate between slit and clit. The whole time, Heidi was gradually picking up speed. Now I could feel my cum start to move within me and I struggled to hold back until I broke away from Rachel’s succulent twat to exclaim, "I’m about to cum!" thinking Heidi would stop or slow down. Instead she just bounced harder and faster. I tongued Rachel’s slit furiously as I began to unleash a torrent of sperm into Heidi. Rachel then clamped onto my face and started to writhe as her own orgasm shook her body. I think Heidi had been having small ones for quite some time, but suddenly I felt her inner muscles latch onto my love muscle as she also began convulsing and they both were screaming, "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!"

I would have been screaming the same except I could scarcely breathe. Finally Rachel relaxed enough for me to get some air. The deep inhalation into my lungs must have been noticeable because she immediately climbed off and kissed me between giggles. "That was incredible. I didn’t mean to smother you. I’m so sorry." She continued to kiss my face, either oblivious to or enjoying her own secretions that had accumulated there.

I felt Heidi relax, too and as she rose up, I came out of her with a pop. "Oh, God that was incredible," she said as she approached my face opposite Rachel. They looked at each other.

Rachel spoke, "Well, shall we swap places and try it again?"

Heidi just giggled. "First, I think he needs some help." She reached down and fondled my shrinking cock.

They both moved down and started their tag team sucking, licking, kissing, and fondling routine again. Mostly I just moaned my approval and kept thinking it must all be a dream. "A wet dream," I nearly said aloud as I smiled and moaned again.

In a few minutes, they had me ready. Rachel climbed up and impaled herself on my erection with her ass where I could play with her cheeks. Rachel was very wet and needed little effort to take me fully inside of her. She began grinding against my groin and then rising up and down. A few moments later, Heidi was lowering her pussy to my waiting tongue. I ate Heidi as Rachel rode me. I tongued her slit and used my tongue to tease her clit. Her clit became as hard as my cock and I sucked it in between my teeth as I shoved three fingers inside her dripping cunt. I was rewarded with some of my own cum and the squeezing of my fingers as Heidi screamed to an orgasm first. She slipped off to the side and sank to the floor. I played with Rachel’s ass cheeks as she fucked herself on my pole. Gradually I gathered some of her juices and started probing her asshole. When I felt she was ready, I slipped a finger in and finger fucked her ass. A few moments later, she was writhing atop me as her orgasm overtook her body.

When she had calmed and started to slowly move again, I stopped her. "Hey, gorgeous. Climb off. I want to try something."

Rachel reluctantly did climb off. I sat up and got out of the chair. I had the girls get on the chair on their knees, facing away from me. This put them at just the right height. I moved in behind Rachel and plunged my cock inside her dripping pussy. After a dozen strokes, I pulled out, stepped to the right and stuffed it into Heidi. I gave her a dozen and switched again. Both girls began fingering their clits and slits as I worked on the other. I had made the switch several times and was pumping in and out of Heidi for the fifth or sixth time when I felt the cum boiling up in my balls. I started to pull out intending to walk around the chair to finish in their mouths. Heidi reached back and grabbed my leg. "Give it to me. I want it all," she hissed. Santa always aims to please so I plunged in a couple more times and then buried my cock clear into her cervix, holding her to me by her slender hips, and I shot my load deep within her.

Exhausted, we all dressed and cleaned up the salon room, then headed home. I walked the girls to their cars. When we got to Heidi’s car, she kissed my cheek and whispered, "Thank you so much. I needed to feel that just this once." She squeezed my crotch through my pants. "Now I will leave you to Rachel. I have to get back to my real life."

I walked Rachel to her car. She got up on her toes and I bent to kiss her fully on the lips. "You are incredible," I said when the kiss broke. "See you tomorrow?"

"You’d better be here. I want to get you alone this time." She kissed me again, then got in her car and drove away.

I headed home and slept like a rock. I did awaken in a dream, and those weren’t visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I only had a few more days of being Santa, but I meant to enjoy them thoroughly.

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