Playing with My Mom


Kari replaced her moth with her thumb again as my mom started pushing her pussy against my fingers. Her waist and legs started jerking violently.

"Tom are you ready? Here it comes. She's gonna squirt her juices all over our faces any second now!" and before she finished her sentence my mom started squirting. Both of our faces were drenched in my mom's pussy juice. The sexy brunette told me to open my mouth. She then spat out my mom's pussy juice that she had held in her mouth into mine and told me to swallow. Then she locked her mouth on mine and started French kissing me deeply.

Then she moved up the bed, took one of my mom's nipples in her mouth and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I was left alone with my mom's gorgeous pussy right in front of my face. I started lapping on the length of her pussy, up and down, like a hungry kitten. Then I locked my mouth on her swollen clit and sucked on it. My mom came once more, drenching my face and hair in her pussy juice.

"Look Maria. Doesn't he look cute? Your own fucking son dripping wet with your cum. Wow...I need to get fucked again. I'm so fucking wet!"

" baby knows how to please his mommy. I can't wait to see your son fuck you. Have I told you what a fucking pretty bitch you are lately Kari?"

"Yes honey many times. Will you slap my fucking face and boobs while your son fucks me?"

"You bet you fucking slut. I'll slap you senseless. I'll even make you cry. Then I will lick your tears off your fucking pretty face!"

Listening to this conversation had made me very hard again. I slid my cock inside Kari's wet pussy and started pounding her hard.

Next day my mom invited Kari, Nick and Linda over for dinner. I knew that mom and Kari had plans for Nick and Linda. Mom and Kari looked fabulously sexy, even more so than usual. Linda who was my age was the rebel type. She was always up to date with the latest Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera fashion and looks.

That night she was wearing a tight T-shirt that made her firm boobs look bigger than they were and exposed her pierced belly button. Her sexy thong was sticking out of her very low cut jeans that also exposed the tattoo of a butterfly on her well-tanned skin right above her pubic area. She had the face of a dirty little angel, blue eyes and jet-black hair that came all the way down to her sexy small waist.

She was giggling, laughing and joking as usual at the dinner table. Her hunky brother Nick who was one year older than her was sitting right next to her. He was muscular and athletic like me with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

As my mom was pouring white wine in everyone's glasses Kari looked at Nick and said, "So Nick I hear that you've been fucking Maria!"

Nick's jaws suddenly dropped and he froze completely. Linda started giggling uncontrollably and spilled some of her wine on the table.

"I mean fucking my best friend without my permission is one thing, but I also hear that you exposed your cock to your sister!"

"Mom...I...don't know. I don't know what to say mom!"

"You're a spoiled little shit Nick! You have the audacity to fuck my best friend under my roof and show your hard on to your sister. Did you think you could just get away with that shit?"

" mom. I mean I don't know. I'm sorry mom."

"Sorry doesn't cut it. Get up and take your fucking clothes off."

"What? Here? Come on mom..."

"Right fucking here and right fucking now! Get up and take your fucking clothes off. I want you to be butt naked in thirty seconds!"

We all watched as Nick got up and started stripping his clothes off right in front of us. His mother and sister were watching his every move intently. My mom would look at me from time to time with a devilish grin on her face.

Kari got up and went around the table, standing behind her naked son. She ordered him to bend over and pushed his neck down with one hand. My mom also got up from the table and pulled a large black dildo out of a drawer. She applied what appeared to be a lubricant to the dildo and then handed it over to Kari.

"Spread your fucking legs for me Nick. Keep your head down. I am going to punish you. I'll fuck your spoiled ass with a big dildo. I f you can take it like a man, I'll let you fuck Maria, your sister and even me as much as you want. Do you understand me?"

"Yes mom. I'll do anything you say mom."

Linda also got up and moved around the table to watch her mother fuck her brother's asshole.

"Oh mom. I love this. You are so fucking nasty!" she exclaimed to her mother.

"Shut up you fucking slut. You will get your punishment too. Now just be quiet and watch!" she replied to her horny daughter and put the tip of the dildo on her son's asshole.

She told him to relax and let the latex cock slide in. When the thick tip was finally inside Nick's asshole, she twisted the dildo and pushed it inside. Nick almost screamed at the violent penetration, but swallowed his cries of pain.

"Oh fuck yes. It looks so good. Do you like the way I'm fucking your asshole baby?"

"Mom it hurts. But it's ok. I can take it. Fuck me with that big cock!"

"That's my boy. That's exactly what I want to hear honey. I'm fucking you so good. This dildo looks so nice up your tight asshole!"

My mom started clearing up the dinner table. When she was done she walked over to Linda. She grabbed the sexy girl's T-shirt by its collar and tore it off of her with a violent yank. Linda was still in shock as my mom tore her bra off too. She then ordered her to take her jeans off. Then she grabbed the side of the girl's thong and tore it off.

"Sit up on the table next to your brother and spread your legs wide open for me you little slut!" my mom ordered her sternly and the started taking her own clothes off.

When she was naked she was wearing only a gold necklace and a gold waistlet. The waistlet made her look incredibly sexy.

"Now open your pretty little mouth. I'm going to spit into your mouth and you will swallow. Do you understand me?" she told the sexy teenager.

Linda nodded her head and opened her mouth. My mom grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head close to hers and started spitting into her mouth. When she was sure that Linda had swallowed every drop of her spit, she told me to strip my clothes off and come over to spit in Linda's mouth. When Linda finished drinking my spit my mom started slapping her pussy.

"Aw...that hurts Maria. Not so hard. Fuck...please! Maria!"

"Shut the fuck up you sexy slut. I'll slap your pussy until it's all red and puffy. Then I'll slap your tits and have Tom fuck your ass!"

"Yeah Maria...fuck that bitch's asshole really good while I fuck my son's ass with this big cock!" Kari urged my mom as she pounded Nick's asshole hard.

My mom applied some lubricant on my hard cock and on two of her fingers, then she started fingering Linda's little asshole while she continued to slap her pussy with her other hand.

"Come on honey," my mom said to me. "Fuck her tight asshole for me!"

I put the tip of my cock on Linda's tight asshole and pushed it in. To my surprise my entire cock slid in with one hard push, but Linda screamed in pain. I did not move for a while so she could get used to my cock's intrusion. My mom was slapping the sexy girl's clit now and had taken one of her nipples into her mouth.

All four of us were moaning, sucking and fucking loudly. Kari stopped fucking her son's asshole, then looked at me and said, "Baby come over here and fuck your friend's asshole for me. I want you to cum up his shithole."

I was reluctant at first, but then realized that in this game I had no choice but to obey these two horny women's orders.In less than a minute later I was fucking my handsome friend's asshole like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed him by his waist and delivered short and hard thrusts into his tight butthole. I realized that all three women were watching my performance intently.

"Hey Nick, are you ok? I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No man. Shit your cock is big. Fuck me harder man!"

"If I fuck you any harder my cock's gonna come out of your mouth you nerd!"

Everybody started laughing at this point. A minute later I announced that I was going to shoot my cum. My mom was licking Linda's clit and the girl exploded with pleasure before I did. I shot massive amounts of cum up my friend's asshole. When I pulled out of Nick and he turned around, his face was drenched with sweat. He said that he was thirsty and went to get a glass of water. My mom and Kari had satisfied looks on their faces.

"Fuck girl...this is so much fucking fun. I love it!"

"Yeah you sexy slut...I told you that it was going to be fun. Now let's go for a swim before we fuck our sons!"

Linda worriedly asked my mom, "What about me?" and pouted her lips.

"Of course we're going to fuck you too baby. I will also fuck you with my favorite strap-on. So don't worr," my mom said as she winked at her.

Nick was pounding his mother's pussy on a poolside mat while his sister sucked on her nipple and rubbed her clit. My mom and I were lying on a double poolside lounge next to each other, watching the horny trio fuck and enjoying the scene. My mom was smoking a cigarette and I was stroking my cock gently. I turned my head and looked at my mother's fucking pretty face. She looked so adorable, fuckable and sexy. She looked back at me, reached out with her hand and cupped my swollen balls.

"Look at the way he's fucking his mother so hard. This is a nice show. Don't you think so baby?"

"Yeah it's the best mom. It makes me want to fuck you even more!"

"Not yet honey. Not tonight. I am saving our first fuck for a more special occasion. Which reminds me...on Saturday I'm introducing you to a group of my friends. There will be a group sex party. After tonight you're not allowed to play with your cock until Saturday. I want you to save your cum until then."

"Ok mom. I'll do whatever you tell me."

"Ah fuck I need to pee so bad, but I don't want to miss the show. I guess I'll have to pee right here."

She then spread her legs wide open putting one of them on top of mine. I started stroking my cock harder and faster automatically. She put her fingers above her pretty pussy and started peeing. Her stream of hot piss went up and landed on my legs and feet.

This unexpected act made me horny beyond belief. When she finished pissing on my legs she put her mouth on my nipple and started sucking hard. I came harder than ever and shot my cum all over the place. I could not wait to see what else my perverted and sexy mother had in store for me.

It was finally Saturday and I had not played with myself or fucked anyone for five long and torturous days. Being around my sexy and constantly teasing mother made the matter all the more difficult. On Friday she had asked me to help trim her dark blonde pubic patch and there after she had shaved my balls for me. Having her fingers on my cock and balls had been pure torture, but also very exciting at the same time.

She enjoyed playing this game of delayed gratification with me and I let her play as much and anyway she wanted to. Once she attacked me while I was watching a movie and we made out for almost one hour. Another time she woke me in the middle of the night and rimmed my asshole with her tongue for almost an hour.

But Saturday had finally arrived and this waiting game was soon to be over. She was going to introduce me to her swinger friends and in my mind I was calculating all the possibilities that joining a group with my own sexy mother would bring. She told me that I had to go through a rite of initiation into the group. This was an exclusive club and I had to satisfy the hosts that I was worthy of joining their group.

She said that there were going to be tests that I had to pass in order to become a full member. When I asked her what sort of tests they were she just smiled and told me to just be myself, and that she was going to be there to help me get through the most difficult test. But the nature of the test itself remained a mystery to me.

That evening at around 5:30 my mom finally finished applying the last touches of make up to her face and announced that she was ready to go. I had been ready for a while and was admiring my mother's exquisite beauty quietly as she blow dried her hair, got dressed and put on her make up. We arrived at Hans and Nadia's villa at 6 o'clock. They were a German couple that hosted these group sex parties twice a month.

A petite Asian beauty dressed in a French maid costume opened the door for us and guided us to a huge living room. There in the room sat at least ten couples of different ages and races. Everyone was fully dressed except our host couple. Hans who was probably fifty years old looked muscular with blond hair, blue eyes and a huge cock. He was wearing a leather corset, leather wrist-bands and a leather cap.

His wife was about ten years younger than him. She was a very attractive woman from Lebanese descent. She had long wavy black hair that came all the way down to her waist, deep black eyes, beautiful lips and medium sized breasts with stiff dark nipples that were held up by a 1/4-cup leather bra. She was wearing leather suspenders and black stockings but no panties. Her pubic patch was black and full, glistening with beads of juice.

I only recognized one person in the crowd. A young black man named Lorenzo who was my mother's personal masseur. He was standing in his boxers in the middle of the room right next to a massage table. My mom and I were welcomed by Hans and led to the middle of the room where the massage table was.

Nadia came to me and stood right by my side and announced aloud, "Hi everyone. Welcome to the party. Today Maria has brought us his son Tom. As usual we will have a little induction ceremony right here before we go to the orgy room downstairs," then she turned towards me and my mom and said, "Tom, Maria...take your clothes off. Lorenzo you take your boxers off too."

As I was getting naked my eyes caught the sight of Lorenzo's big black cock. This man's cock was at least eleven inches and very thick. My own big cock looked small comparing to his.

When the three of us were completely naked Hans ordered me to lie on my stomach on the massage table. From the corner of my eye I saw Lorenzo pouring some massage oil on his hands. Then he put his strong hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them. I felt a bit embarrassed to be rubbed down by another man in front of an audience. Then I felt my mother's loving hands first touching my hair but soon going down to squeeze my buttocks.

Then I heard Hans order the Asian maid, "Mai take off your clothes and get on top of Tom. Rub his back with your pussy."

I felt the pretty girl's weight on my back and the nice feeling of her warm and wet pussy rubbing on my back and my butt. My mom's and Lorenzo's hands were still applying oil and rubbing where Mai was not rubbing at the time. Then I heard Nadia order Mai to get off my back and start rimming my asshole. I felt her little tongue go up inside my butthole as far as it could, then I felt her fingering my hole with her lubed up fingers.

The sensation of the two pairs of hands working on my back and the petite girl playing with my asshole was out of this world. Then I was ordered to turn around. Mom and Lorenzo massaged and oiled my chest and abs as Mai still fingered my asshole diligently. She had three fingers all the way up my asshole now and was turning and twisting them.

Then the exotic and beautiful Nadia lowered her face upon mine and started kissing my mouth deeply. Hans put his hand on my head and ran his fingers gently through my hair as his hot wife darted her tongue into my young mouth. He then reached out for my stiff nipple and started pinching. I was moaning aloud now. Five people working on different parts of my body was pure heaven.

Mai's little mouth closed around the wide tip of my big cock. She started sucking it while she slid a fourth finger into my now very stretched asshole. Her fingers were small and thin but still four fingers could do a lot of stretching, especially the way she was twisting them gradually inside me and going in as deep as possible.

Nadia started spitting into my mouth in between kisses and her husband took his cock in his hand and started slapping it on my nipple. The feeling of his cock on my nipple was a bit weird, but I did not mind it at that moment. It actually felt good. Mai's mouth was taking in my cock in deeper and deeper.

Then Nadia stopped kissing me and announced loudly so everyone could hear her, "Attention everyone. If you want to gather around the table please do it now. Tom is going to fuck his own pretty mother for us. This is the first time we are doing this in our club and I hope that it's not the last. So if you want to bring your children to join our group you are more than welcome to do so. You are allowed to masturbate while you watch Tom and Maria fuck each other, but no one is allowed to cum. That goes for you too Tom honey. Do not cum without my permission."

I got off the massage table and my mom sat down at the end of it. She spread her legs wide open. Hans and Nadia were on each side of her and they lifted her legs up, running their tender hands back and forth on her inner thighs. Lorenzo sat behind my mom applying massage oil to her back and then front.

My mom started moaning aloud while looking at me with her horny blue eyes. Mai grabbed my cock and guided it to my mom's beautiful and eager pussy. She rubbed the tip of my cock against my mom's swollen clit for about two minutes before putting it inside her pussy. "Ah Jesus fucking Christ mom. Your pussy is burning hot! Are you ok?"

"Baby...oh baby Push it in deeper. Ooh I'm fucking cummmming!"

People around us gasped in disbelief when my mom squirted her pussy juice all over me. Some of them where applauding and some of them where yelling words of encouragement at us. When she stopped jerking her hips I leaned over her and kissed her pretty mouth. At the same time I pushed my hard cock all the way into her wet pussy. Then I stood on my toes so I could fuck her from a steep angle. The top of my shaft was grinding her clit each time I pumped my cock in or out.

"Oh shit. Where did you learn how to do that? You are fucking me like a fucking pro!" she said looking at me with amazement.

I was just following my instincts and was fucking her as hard and as good as I possibly could. Mai was now sucking on one her nipples and pinching the other one with her fingers. All of a sudden my mom's eyes were filled with tears. She started crying and thrashing her head from side to side with tears running down her beautiful cheeks.

"Oh...God...I'm fucking cumming again!" she shouted and squirted all over my stomach one more time.

I stopped pumping my mom's pussy and looked at her blushed face. Her mascara had run down under her pretty eyes. I leaned over and kissed her again.

"God damn boy. That was the hottest fucking I've ever seen!" I heard someone shout from behind my back.

Nadia and Hans lowered my mom's legs and told her to get up. They ordered me to take her place on the massage table.

"Ok son, now it's time for Lorenzo to fuck your ass. Spread your legs wide open for us!" Hans ordered me in a stern tone.

I could not believe that they wanted Lorenzo to fuck me with his gigantic cock. It was too late to back out of the deal. Everyone's eyes were pinned at me. Nadia and Hans lifted my legs just like they had done with my mother's. Mai was lubing up Lorenzo's huge cock.

The handsome black man got in between my legs and Mai put the tip of his cock against my shithole. I looked over at my mother, she was smiling and looking down at Lorenzo's black cock as he pushed it past through my anus opening. I took a deep breath and held it in as the wide cock-head assaulted my asshole.

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