Playing With My Sister Ch. 02


* * *

On Monday afternoon, I stopped by Helen's. It took her a long time to answer the door. "Hello, Paul," she said, stepping out into the hall and letting the door close behind her. She was wearing a thigh-length red robe with the neckline plunging to her navel in a wide vee that barely covered her nipples.

Helen stared at my obvious boner for a few seconds before asking, "What do you want, Big Boy?"

The perfectly-rehearsed speech evaporated from my mind. "Uh . . . you, I . . . well . . . after Saturday . . . I thought maybe . . . you might like . . . be lonely . . . "

"That's sweet," she answered, taking my hands in hers. "But I'm kind of . . . busy . . . right now." I was suddenly acutely aware of her heated female scent.

Helen stepped back and pulled her robe open. I stared in amazement at her exposed breasts and swollen nipples. Black stockings reached to the middle of her thighs, emphasizing the scrap of red fabric barely concealing her pubis.

Helen plastered her body against mine and gave me a hard open-mouthed kiss. I gripped her buttocks and we ground our crotches together.

I was close to cumming in my shorts when she pulled away. "Take it out," she gasped, clawing at my zipper. I thought about the risks as I unfastened my pants. We were in the hall in front of her apartment with a man waiting for her inside. Mom or Dad could walk up the stairs any time. I didn't know where Angela or our third tenant were. At that moment, I didn't care.

She stroked my bare cock as I fingered her through the red thong. The cloth was hot and wet. I was ready to push her up against the wall and fuck her when she pulled away.

"I've got to go," she whispered, squeezing my hard dick one last time and kissing me hastily before closing the door.

I went into Angela's apartment with my stiff cock still out, determined to fuck the hell out of her, despite the risk of Mom or Dad walking in on us. She wasn't there, so I locked myself in the bathroom. "Helen's getting fucked!" I thought as I pulled my blue jeans and shorts down around my ankles.

Staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I whispered. "Helen's getting fucked right now! She walked back into the bedroom with that red robe open . . . he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed with her legs spread . . . tore that red thong off . . . shoved his cock up her hot wet pussy."

One of my hands was flying over my swollen member, squeezing my shaft and rubbing my cock-head, slick with pre-cum, while my other hand gripped my balls. "She's moaning 'I've got a real man fucking me!' as he rams her tight little cunt!" I gasped. "She's screaming and thrashing as he gets ready to shoot a big hot man load . . ."

* * *

An hour earlier, Angela had knocked on Helen's door. "Hi Mrs. Maybury," she said, feeling a little uncomfortable under the older woman's penetrating gaze. "I was filing your lease papers and found we had some of your copies."

"Thank you, . . . Angela, isn't it?" Helen replied, suddenly smiling. "You're Paul's sister. He was here last weekend, fixing the light switch. Would you like to come in?"

They sat in the living room and Helen poured wine. After two glasses and 45 minutes, the giggly girl talk had become quite intimate. Angela had kicked her shoes off and was sitting cross-legged on the couch. She didn't seem to notice her skirt had ridden up, revealing her plain white panties.

"I'd like to see your boyfriend Bernie's cock," Helen said. "It sounds like he's bigger than any man I've ever fucked. Do you have pictures?"

"No, but I'll try to take some," Angela answered. "He'll do it if I let him take pictures of me, too. She took another sip of wine before continuing dreamily. "He's not as good a lover as Pau . . . Umh! . . . as some of my other boyfriends . . . uh . . . were." Helen looked at her sharply for a second, then smiled as Angela continued. "The way it feels when Bernie fucks me with that stiff giant dick is really amazing."

"So, how's your husband, Charlie?" Angela asked.

"Oh, he's average in the size department, but he really knows how to use his equipment," Helen replied. She arched her back, extending her breasts toward Angela. "With him eating and fucking me, I cum over and over. He's a great lover, but he's just not here enough."

"Do you like my tits," Helen suddenly asked, standing up.

Angela realized she'd been staring. "Yeah," she answered, a little hoarsely. "They're beautiful. Big and perfectly shaped."

Helen was wearing a short black skirt and a tight pink blouse with a plunging neckline. No bra. She laughed as she removed her blouse and dropped it on the chair behind her, exposing her conical breasts, puffy areolas and swollen nipples. "They're fake," she said. "Implants. I got them to save my first marriage. It didn't work."

"Your breasts are bigger than mine were before the boob job," Helen continued. "Let me see them . . . please."

Angela's nipples had tightened and heat was building between her legs. Standing up, she removed her blouse and bra.

"They are so beautiful," Helen said. Angela shivered with excitement as the older woman cupped her breasts. "So beautiful," Helen whispered. "Don't ever change them. It's not worth changing for a man." Her fingers closed on Angela's nipples, pinching them gently.

Almost automatically, Angela's hands moved to Helen's breasts. For a long moment, the women stood still, touching each other.

"Have you ever been with another woman?" Helen breathed.

"Yeah," Angela whispered. "My best friend Cathy, back in Nebraska. We slept over every weekend, in the same bed, even when we had boyfriends. We'd kiss, lick each others' breasts and finger each other. I miss her!"

Helen wrapped her arms around Angela, pulling their bodies together. They stared into each other's lust-filled eyes for an instant, then kissed passionately.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Helen said, taking Angela's hand. By the bed, she stepped out of her shoes and removed her skirt. Angela stood still, staring at the older woman, clad in black self-supporting stockings and a red thong. Angela unfastened her skirt and it tumbled to the floor as Helen's arms enfolded her.

The women stood holding each other, crotches grinding, breasts pressing together, hard nipples rubbing, kissing open-mouthed, tongues languidly stroking . . .

Angela lay on her back and Helen straddled her, pressing her mound against the girl's pubis. Angela moaned softly as they humped through their thin underwear. "Don't stop!" she protested when Helen pulled away.

"Don't worry, Baby Girl," Helen said, putting her hand between Angela's legs. "Wow! Your prim little white panties are soaked!" She slipped her hand under the tight fabric, pressing a finger into Angela's hot wet folds.

"Rat! Tat! Tat!" The women froze at the sudden sound of knocking on the apartment door. After a moment of silence, Helen shrugged and resumed sliding her finger back and forth along Angela's slit.

"Yeah!" Angela sighed. "Deeper!"

"Rat! Tat! . . . Rat Tat! . . . Tat! Tat! Tat!"

"Shit!" Angela muttered. "Let's ignore them. They'll go away."

"It's okay," Helen said, reluctantly pulling away from Angela and rising to her feet. "I'll get rid of him."

"Him?" Angela asked. "Are you expecting someone?"

"No, I just have a feeling," Helen said. "Stay there," she added, reaching down to give Angela's breast a reassuring squeeze before taking a short red robe from the closet. "I'll be back in a minute." She paused to look at the nearly naked girl on the bed. "You're so hot! Just simmer there until I get back." She gave Angela a lewd wink. "I'll bring you to a boil!"

Helen fastened the robe as she left the room, closing the bedroom door behind her. Angela heard the apartment door open. Helen said something indistinct, then the door closed. There were no more voices audible. Helen must have stepped out into the hall.

"Simmer . . ." Angela thought as she closed her eyes and gripped her breasts, running her fingers in slow circles around her nipples. Images, scents, textures, sensations . . . drifting through her mind . . . Cathy's fingers probing her female core, Bernie stretching and filling her, Paul's hands, mouth and cock all over her body . . . and Helen . . . getting her so hot . . . taking forever with the unwelcome visitor . . .

Angela moaned softly as she pinched and twisted her swollen nipples, stoking the fire smoldering beneath her soaked panties. It was too much. Tearing the panties off and spreading her legs wide, she slipped one . . . two . . . three fingers into her lavishly lubricated slit, making wet sucking sounds as they fucked in and out. "Oh Jesus!" she moaned softly, rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Muscular but soft hands covered Angela's breasts and rough fingers closed on her nipples. "Nasty little girl," Helen purred. "Playing with your hot cunt while I was gone."

"Sorry, Mommy!" Angela gasped, pausing with her fingers in her pussy. She'd never heard a woman say "cunt" before and it really turned her on.

"Give me your hand, Baby Girl," Helen commanded. "Now!"

"Three fingers up your snatch," Helen said. "Your boyfriend really stretched you good!" She lifted Angela's hand to her face, licking and sucking the juice-covered fingers.

"Sexy Baby Girl, I'm going to fuck you now!" Helen growled, putting her hand between Angela's legs. "Your tight cunt!"

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Angela moaned as Helen drove three fingers into her pussy while rubbing her thumb against Angela's clit.

"Come on, Baby!" Helen cried. "Cum for Mommy!" Angela was writhing on the bed, making harsh cawing sounds. "Cum with Mommy fucking your hot little cunt!" Angela screamed as the climax washed over her. Helen's skillful fingers drove her on and on, until she finally lay limp on the bed.

"So good," Angela whispered as Helen took her in her arms.

The women lay together, enjoying the closeness of each others' cooling bodies. "That was Paul . . . at the door earlier," Helen finally said.

"Oh?" Angela said dreamily. "What did he want?"

"He was just seeing if I needed anything." Helen was looking down at Angela's face while stroking the girl's thick black hair. "He's really sweet . . . and cute, too. Have you ever wondered what he's like?"

"We've always been close," Angela purred. After a moment, her eyes widened. "Wait! You mean . . . in bed? . . . Of course not! He's my little brother!"

"So you've never noticed he's sexy?"

"Well . . . maybe," Angela confessed. "But he's still my brother."

Helen straddled Angela's hips, lowering her breasts onto the girl's face. Angela licked and sucked them eagerly. "Yeah Baby Girl," she whispered dreamily, looking idly toward the window as she surrendered to the sensations.

She gasped in surprise when she saw me standing on the fire escape with my stiff cock jutting from my unzipped pants.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2005 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Many thanks to Wayde for his constant love and support.

Special thanks to Dave and Cathy for special insight into the joys of introducing virgin boys to sex; and to Chas for helping me create "Helen."

* * * * * * * * * *

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