tagGay MalePlaying with the Workers Next Door

Playing with the Workers Next Door


I was working for a small insurance firm that had it's office's next to the back side of a strip mall with a number of businesses including a breakfast and lunch diner. The guy who owned the diner was a good-looking guy name Mike. He was in his mid-thirties and in good shape. He was the main cook for the diner. I'd go there several times a week for both breakfast and lunch. I got along good with Mike and his coworkers.

It was a couple of months after I had been working there that I noticed some of the fringe benefits that Mike got. It was early afternoon, just after Mike closed the dining area and was probably doing his cleanup and other closing activities, that I noticed that one of the restaurant supply delivery trucks would always stop about the same time. Our office was on the second floor of our building, with most of the windows facing the street. The window for the bathroom faced towards the back side of the strip mall, including Mike's back entrance. The truck was not quite blocking the view to the door. I had stepped back to use the bathroom and looked out the window to something that changed my life.

The delivery truck guy was standing in the door frame and I could see that Mike was giving him one heck of a blow job. I was shocked as I had watched Mike flirt with many of his female customer's and had gotten the hint that some of them may have tipped him with things other than cash. I was also shocked at how erotic I found it, my cock was rock hard in my pants. I'd never gotten an erection that fast before. I watched mesmerized as Mike was mouth fucked by the delivery truck guy. I could see from my vantage point that the delivery truck guy was nicely hung as well. The truck guy soon came and Mike swallowed his load. He stood up with a smile and the truck guy then followed Mike into the back room. They had left the door open so that I could see in, but no one else could. They embraced as they went to the back room. There was a cot there. The delivery truck guy started removing his clothing and I saw Mike do the same. Soon they were both naked.

They embraced again and kissed. I was still amazed that they hadn't closed the door. The delivery truck guy got on the bed on all fours. Mike picked up a tube and squeezed some of the contents on his hand. He then put some his hard cock and reached his other hand over to the asshole of the delivery truck guy. Mike worked a finger into the other guys ass. I could see them talking while Mike did this. Mike climbed up on to the cot behind the guy and got between his legs. Mike pulled out his finger and placed his cock between the guys ass cheeks and pushed his cock into the guys ass. From the reaction of the guy, Mike was doing it just right. Mike's cock was soon was buried to the hilt in the guys ass. Mike waited a few minutes then began fucking the guys ass. Mike had his hands on the guys hips and was taking long deep strokes. From their faces I could see that they were both enjoying it. Mike fucked him for about ten minutes. He came with one last deep stroke and I could see that it was a good strong orgasm. The other guy smiled back at Mike. Mike pulled his limp cock from the other guys ass and got off the bed. The guys then cleaned up and got dressed. The delivery truck guy hugged Mike, got in the truck and took off. As he closed the door, Mike looked up at my window and smiled. He knew I was there.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. That night when I got home, I stripped off my clothes and lay on my bed and jacked off to a tremendous orgasm to the images of the afternoon. I ate dinner and then relaxed for the evening. Before bed I jacked off again, this time with two fingers deep in my ass again thinking about the guys having sex.

The next morning I made sure that I had breakfast at the diner. Mike talked about the usual stuff as he cooked my breakfast, when it was done, I decided to ask him about the other day.

"I see the food delivery guy usually stops for a while in the afternoon."

"Yeah, he likes to shoot the breeze for a bit. I'm one of his last stops for the day." Mike said.

"Or maybe he likes the way that you tip him." I said with a grin.

Mike smiled. "I don't usually tip the drivers."

"It could be the special way that you help them unload."

"I know that he likes that. Are you saying that you might be interested in help like that?"

"Yes." I said without hesitation.

"Ok. When is your afternoon break?" Mike asked.

I told him and he told me to stop by the back door at that time.

The morning flew by and I watched the clock closely that afternoon. I told my coworkers that I was taking a short walk for my break and headed out.

Mike opened the door after my knock and let me in. I closed the door and Mike motioned me over to the cot. We sat down.

"So what did you see?" He asked with a smile.

"I saw you give the guy on heck of blow job and then a good fuck in his ass."

Mike smiled. "Did you enjoy the show?"

"Yes, I'd never seen anything like that and was so turned on, I jacked off several times last night thinking about it. Did you know that I was watching?"

"I was hoping that you would." Mike reached a hand over and placed it on my thigh. "I've always thought that you were quite hot."

"Really?" I blushed and felt my cock getting hard.

"Yes." Mike said moving his hand between my legs and up to my now bulging crotch. "I've been hoping you might want to do this." His hand was now caressing my hard cock through my jeans.

"I've never been with a man before." I said.

"I'll make sure you'll enjoy it." Mike said. He moved his face close to mine and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised at how good it felt. He tasted of salt and grease.

"Let's get naked." Mike said.

We stripped quickly and moved into an embrace. I enjoyed how his body felt, firm and tight, much different than any girlfriend. His hands moved up and down my body. I did the same with him, feeling his back and ass cheeks. Mike moved me to the cot and I sat down, he moved his hands to my cock.

"Nice tool, guy."

"Thanks." I said. I reached over and took his cock in my hand as well. "Yours is nice as well." I enjoyed touching another man's hard cock for the first time. It was cool to feel the hardness inside of the moving skin sheath. I also reached down a fondled his balls, his scrotum was warm and soft with a generous amount of hair.

Mike had me lay back on the cot. I felt his mouth engulf my hard cock. I moaned in pleasure of the warmth and wetness. Mike gave it some deep strokes and then gave my balls a lick as well. He returned his attention to my cock.

He paused in his sucking to tell me not to worry about cumming but to enjoy the act.

He paid wonderful attention to my hard cock, alternating his speed and stopping to play with the tip. I soon reached the point of no return and came with a loud moan, even stronger than the night before. Mike kept sucking until I was drained. He let my limp cock slip from his mouth.

"Enjoy that?" Mike said with a grin.

"Yes." I said. "Now let me return the favor."

"Sure." Mike said. He shifted to the cot, leaned back and spread his legs. I was amazed at how hot i found the scene of him laying there with a hard cock waiting for my attention. I kneeled between his legs and moved my mouth close to his cock. I looked it over, this being my first time to examine another man's hard tool close up. It was medium thick and cut, the head was red and big. I moved my mouth close and took a lick of the tip. It tasted fleshy and a little salty, not bad. I took more in and began exploring it with my mouth. I took the head in deeper and ran my tongue over the cockhead. Mike moaned with pleasure. I began moving his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking on the way I like mine done.

"Oh that's good." Mike moaned. "For a rookie cock sucker you are doing very well."

I continued to move my mouth up and down over his cock, stopping when just the cock head was in licking it. I also moved a hand up to his balls and gently fondled them. I went back to my sucking and soon could hear Mike breathing harder.

"Oh man." Mike said. "I'm getting close to shooting here. You want it in your mouth."

I nodded yes without taking my mouth off his cock. I was really enjoying this. There was a joy to knowing that you a giving a guy a good time. I maintained my pace on his cock, sucking it deeper. Soon Mike was breathing hard and moaned loud as I felt his cock spurt his cum into my mouth, on my tongue. I sucked harder not wanting to lose a drop. Mike moaned as his cock spurted it's cum into my no longer virgin mouth. His spurting slowed and stopped and I sucked the last of his tasty cum from his limp cock. I had crossed over to something new and was not going to go back.

Mike sighed. "Damn that was good. You're a good cock sucker there guy."


"Now we don't have time for anything else now." Mike said. "Would you be interested in another lesson?"

"Sure." I said.

"Ok how about you coming over to my place on Friday night and I can teach you some more about man to man pleasure."

"Sounds good."

I went back to work with a big grin that my coworkers found amusing. Mike and I did get together that Friday and I'll tell you about that next time.

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