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It was our first vacation in three years. For the first few years we were married Alan and I had gotten away regularly, even though we couldn't afford much in the way of luxury. Then our jobs had gotten more involved and we just had not been able to take a break for any length of time. But due to the sizable bonuses we both got this year (because we'd been working our asses off) we were going to splurge with a week in Jamaica. We went through a lot of brochures and settled on a resort outside of Montego Bay.

"You just want to go there because the beaches are topless. You just want to look at the boobs," I kidded.

"Well, yes," he answered with mock seriousness, "and because I want other guys to admire yours." He gave a squeeze to one of the body parts under discussion.

Throwing my shoulders back to stick them out, I said, "And I'm gonna be proud to display them." I had always been something of an exhibitionist, and Alan approved of my showing off. While I've never actually flashed anybody, I have let a lot of guys peak down my blouse - and sometimes up my skirt. Alan keeps me completely shaved down there, just in case some guy gets a good shot. I don't think I'm all that pretty, but I do have a nice body. It excites Alan when I tease other men with glimpses of my body parts, and it almost always ends up with some great sex as soon as we're alone.

"So, why don't we go to a nude beach. Then I could get a look at some of these," I said, reaching over to his pants and giving his body part a squeeze.

Looking down, he said, "Do you think women would admire that?"

"They would if they had any sense." The fact of the matter was I really had little to compare it with. We were both virgins when we married, and I had seen very few men's body parts - outside of the porno movies we'd rented and I know those parts were fantasy-sized. I would never compare any real guy to them. I was very happy with the part Alan used on me.

The night before we were to leave on our trip, Alan shaved me. I always love it when he does that. We both strip naked and go into the bathroom where Alan uses his hands to soap me up. He's very careful with the razor - trying to get every bit of hair without nicking or scratching the tender skin down there. Then he rubs baby oil all over the shaved parts as well as some of the parts he hasn't shaved. By the time we're through he is hard as a piece of steel and I am very hot. We can't get to the bed quick enough. I'm so sensitive I can feel every bump, every vein, of his cock when he enters me. Because of the baby oil there is almost no friction and Alan seems to last forever, but I cum almost immediately. After all, he's been stimulating me throughout the whole process. I cum continuously until he finally gives up and fills me with his semen. Sometimes the wet spot is big enough I have to change the sheets before we go to sleep.

He did such a good job that night I gave him a special treat the next morning. I ambushed him as he got out of the shower, dropping to my knees and sucking his cock down my throat. As I'd expected, two minutes, three tops, and he was shooting a full load into my mouth. I will admit that I tried to hurry him because I didn't want to miss the plane.

When we got to O'Hare, Alan dropped me off and went to park the car. As I was waiting for him, I met an attractive older woman also waiting for her husband. It turned out we were both going to the same resort. "We went there last year," she told me. "It's a very nice place. We've got a friend joining us later in the week. She went with us before and we had so much fun. We made lots of friends to play with."

"Uh, okay," I said. 'Play with?' I thought.

"I guess I should tell you, we are a 'lifestyle' couple. That means some of our friends come with benefits. And we hope to make more on our vacation." I didn't know what to say, so I kept my mouth shut. "I hope that doesn't shock you," she added.

"Well, maybe a little. We've never done anything like that. Never thought about it, actually." Not quite true. Both of us had admitted thinking about it. We just hadn't had the nerve to act on those thoughts.

"But don't worry," she added quickly. "We also have friends who are just friends. We'd never pressure anybody to do anything they didn't want to."

Just then Alan came in the door accompanied by a slender, bald headed man.

"Hi honey," he called to me. "This is Richard. He and his wife are going to the same resort we are."

"And this is Marion," I retorted. "I think she and Richard are together."

We went through the rigamarole of checking in and getting to the gate, where we had time for one more cup of coffee. We talked aimlessly about the resort and all there was to do there (well, not all, that's for sure) and generally got acquainted. I had to admit we liked the couple and got on well together. I did notice that Richard looked down my blouse every time I leaned over. Okay, I leaned over a lot, especially after opening a couple of buttons. I regretted that I had put on a bra that morning. "What the hell," I thought. He'd probably be seeing my tits on the beach in a few hours anyway. Alan and Marion seemed to be bonding a little more than I was sure I was comfortable with. But hey, they were at least twenty years older than us. Surely we weren't their idea of 'playmates.' Were we?

Once on the plane and airborne, I said to Alan, "Did you know that Marion and Richard are looking for couples to 'play' with? I think that means have sex with."

"Yeah," Alan answered. "Richard told me."

"Do you think they're interested in 'playing' with us?"

"I don't know," he answered gravely. "What do you think?"

"We're pretty young for them, but could be."

"If they ask, what should we tell them?"

"We'd say 'No,' of course. Or 'maybe.' Or - hell - I have no idea. What do you think? Would you be angry if I was . . . you know . . . with Richard?"

"While I was doing the same thing with Marion? No I wouldn't be mad. As long as you were okay with it."

"Well, it is a vacation. Let's just wait and see what happens. They probably aren't interested in us anyway."

When we finally got to the resort and got checked in, we agreed to meet Marion and Richard in an hour for a walk on the beach. Once we were unpacked, I headed to the shower to wash the travel sweat off me. When I got out, Alan got in the shower and I laid down naked on the bed. My mind was a jumble of thoughts. Relief and excitement at being here at last. Anticipation of showing off on the beach. Confusion about Richard and Marion. Would they ask? Would we say yes? Would they be disappointed if we said no. Would I be disappointed if they didn't ask?

One thing I knew for sure - I was horny as hell and needed some attention. I rubbed my palms over my nipples, remembering Richard trying to see them down my blouse. Slowly I ran my fingertips down my body to my crotch. I enjoyed the smooth feel of the shaved skin. As I expected, I was wet. "Hurry up, Alan. Get out of that shower and get in here," I thought. I rubbed the moisture over my lips, making them even slicker than before. I closed my eyes as the warmth spread through my body. Who was I imagining was touching me? Alan? Richard? Some unknown stud on the beach. I let out an involuntary gasp as my fingers brushed over my clit.

"Damn, Honey. You are so fucking sexy." Opening my eyes I saw Alan standing in the doorway watching me. He was holding up his cock, pointing it straight at me. A thin string of anticipation was hanging from its tip.

"See something you like?" I said, holding my lips open. Then I wriggled on the bed as I inserted a finger into myself. Pulling it out, I held it under my nose. "Yeah," I said. "I think I'm ready for you. Remember that treat I gave you this morning?" The string hanging from his dick-head got longer.

"Yes," he said, stroking himself.

"It's payback time."

"At your service, Ma'am."

Alan got on the bed between my knees, his face poised directly over my pubic mound. Again I held my lips open, then moaned as I felt his tongue penetrate me. I moaned again as he began teasing my clit. Alan knows the places I like to be licked, and he hit every one of them. Again and again he brought me to the brink of orgasm, then slowed down to keep me there, keep me wanting more. My body was on fire and needed release. "Do it Honey. Please. Make me cum, make me cum," I mumbled. Immediately he sucked my clit between his lips and shoved two fingers into my cunt, pushing me over the cliff. "DONTSTOPDONTSTOP," I screamed, arching my back to force my pussy harder against his face. I could feel his finger teasing my ass. I knew it was slick with the juice flowing out of me. As the climax started to fade, he shoved the finger deep into my backside, setting off an even stronger set of orgasms.

Finally I pulled him away from me. His face was shiny with my cum. I pulled him up on me and kissed him open-mouthed, intoxicated by the taste and smell of my own sex. He moved his hips and suddenly his cock was buried completely in me. "Oh god yes," I said. "Fuck me Alan. Fuck me now." He repeatedly banged into me, his balls slapping my ass. It wasn't long until another orgasm hit me. Alan pulled my hips up, forcing his dick as deep into my cunt as he could get it. I could feel him pulse, and feel the warm cum shooting out of him.

When he finished emptying his balls into my cunt, Alan fell across me, gasping for breath. "Wow, that was fast," I said.

"Let's just say we were in a hurry so we wouldn't be late meeting Marion and Richard," Alan said.

"Or, let's say we were both so goddam horny we couldn't hold back," I commented.

"Yeah, that too," Alan admitted.

We laid and cuddled for a while, then I suggested that we should shower again.

"Why?" Alan asked. "We both just showered."

"Yes, but we've been busy since then. We both look like we just had sex. And," I added after I kissed his cheek, still reeking of my cum, "at least one of us smells like it too."

"So. Do you think that's gonna shock Richard and Marion?"

"Good point. Let's get dressed." Actually, I secretly wanted Marion to smell my sex on Alan's face. Just to let her know I'd marked my territory.

After I pulled on my suit bottom, we had to decide if I'd wear the top. "I want to go topless," I said, "but what if Marion isn't. I don't want to be the only one with her tits sticking out."

"Do you really think she'd keep herself covered up? Remember, they're trolling for playmates," Alan pointed out. We finally decided that I would go topless, but keep my bra in my purse just in case. I pulled a cover-up on and Alan donned his swim trunks and a tee. We finally got downstairs only fifteen minutes after the appointed time. As soon as we saw Marion I knew we needed have worried. She was wearing a fishnet robe, her tiny nipples sticking through the mesh.

"Sorry we're late,"I said. "We got a little sidetracked."

"I understand," Marion said. Then she kissed Alan on the cheek, the same cheek I'd kissed him on earlier. Turning to Richard, she said, "Told you so. They've been doing it. He definitely smells like pussy." Alan started to blush, but I just smiled. I was proud to let them know this handsome man had just gone down on me.

I turned and kissed Richard, but didn't detect anything except his aftershave. "And how 'bout you?" I said. "Maybe you got a little something, too?"

"Yep," Richard said with a smile. "Sure did."

"Just a quick blow job," Marion threw in. "We were in a hurry."

"Alan got his bj this morning," I told them. "This afternoon was my turn. And my loving hubby did a great job," I said, giving him a hug and kiss. Alan was bright red.

As soon as we got to the beach, Marion and I pulled our robes off. For the first time in my life I was openly displaying myself in front of strangers. Even though I had been looking forward to this, I was still a little self-conscious. Marion, whose boobs were half the size of mine, was so casual about it I knew she was used to being seen nearly naked. Probably completely naked, for that matter.

As we walked along the beach, Alan and Richard were doing their best not to stare at all the bare breasts on display. Even under his sunglasses I could see Alan's eyes flicking from tit to tit. But I was also pleased to see a lot of the men we passed were checking mine out. "This is going to be a fun week," I thought happily.

After walking around a while we stopped to get something to eat from a stall on the beach. Finding a picnic table in the shade, I sat with Alan across from me so we could share a plate of jerk chicken. Richard sat next to me as he and Marion ate their burgers. I could feel Richard's thigh pressing against mine under the table.

I'd been warned that the jerk sauce would be hot, but it was still something of a shock to find out just how hot, but very good. As I put the last piece in my mouth I dripped some of the sauce onto my chest. "You'd better get that off you before you get burnt," Marion said. "Richard, help her get cleaned up, will you."

"Sure," Richard said. Then he leaned over and licked the drips off my breast.

After the drops were taken care of, Richard kept licking. "I don't believe I got any on my nipple," I said.

"Just making sure," Richard answered with a grin.

Looking at Marion, Alan said, "Aren't you going to drip anything?"

"My boobs are too small to catch any drips. Everything would just fall to my lap." Pausing a second, she said, "Hmm, maybe . . . "

Even though I knew she was teasing, I quickly said, "Honey, before you do anything I'd regret, why don't you get us some more beer."

"And while you're at it," Marion added, "take this stuff to the trash. Us girls need to talk a minute." Alan and Richard gathered up the remains of our lunch and headed off. When they were gone, Marion took hold of my hands and said, "I hope we aren't upsetting you two. We tend to get carried away sometimes."

"Oh no," I answered truthfully. "We're having fun."

"Well, you should know that there is one rule we follow absolutely. That is 'No means no.' Anytime Richard, or I, go farther than is acceptable to you, just tell us and we'll stop. You set the limits for what is okay, and you can change your minds at any time."

"Thank you, Marion. I appreciate knowing that. I'm not going to say we aren't a little uncomfortable. But we're pushing our limits, and enjoying it. Besides, it's fun to embarrass Alan.?

"Yeah, he's cute when he blushes," Marion said with a smile. And one more thing," she added, "you've really do have nice tits." With that, she reached over and took my breasts in her hands. The abrupt switch from seriousness to playfulness surprised me almost as much as the fact this woman was groping me.

When it finally got through to me what was happening, I did the only thing I could think of - I grabbed hers. Each of her breasts barely filled a hand, but they were firm and shapely. I could feel the hard points on my palms and had to admit that they felt good. It also felt good when she started rolling my nipples between her fingers. I thought to myself, "Is this what it means to be a 'playmate.' I thought it would be Richard, not Marion, playing with me."

Just then, the men returned carrying beers. Spotting what we were doing, Richard spoke up, "There's nothing quite as sexy as stumbling on two beautiful women feeling each other up." Alan was speechless, but the lump in the front of his suit told me that he agreed with Richard about the sexiness.

"We're just bonding," Marion said with a smile.

We released each other and both took a beer from the guys. I realized I needed the beer to allay the heat I was feeling. Heat from the sun. Heat from the feel of Richard's thigh against mine. Heat from the way Alan kept sneaking peaks at Marion's body. And heat from the memory of Marion breasts in my hands. I hadn't even realized how hard my nipples were until Richard tweaked one between his thumb and forefinger. "My, someone's sure sticking out," he said as I blushed. "Alan, check and see if Marion's are this hard."

My obedient hubby pinched Marion and said, "I think they are. Let me compare." With that he reached his other hand to fondle me. "Yep, both hard."

"And hot," I said. "How 'bout another beer." I wasn't trying to get the focus off my chest - not much.

"Hey, better than that," Marion interjected, "we've got beer and wine in the fridge in our rooms. Why don't we go back there for a drink."

"Is this the moment of truth?" I thought. I looked at Alan and he shrugged slightly. Mentally taking a deep breath I said, "Sure. That sounds great." I think I meant it.

As we walked back to the hotel I took Alan's arm in mine and we lagged behind so we could talk. "Did Richard tell you about the rule?" I asked.

"Yes. Do you think this is our invitation?"

"I'm sure it is."

"So," he went on, "what's your answer?"

"Probably," I said hesitantly. "And your answer?"

"The same."

"Well, I added, "we can always say no if we change our minds." But I was sure we weren't going to.

Marion and I covered ourselves before going into the resort, but once we were in their room our tops came off again. While Alan and I had splurged on a small suite, it was nothing compared to what our new friends had. Two bedrooms. Two baths. A kitchenette off the sitting room, and a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Seeing our awe at their digs, Marion said, "We only got this big a place because our friend Stella is going to be joining us later in the week. So, do you like it?"

"What's not to like," I said. This is beautiful."

Marion said, "Now excuse me while I get into something more comfortable."

"More comfortable?" I thought. The woman's only wearing bikini bottoms. Then she pulled those off and threw them on a chair.

"Much better," Marion said, displaying her shaved pussy.

The exhibitionist in me did not want to be out done. I pulled my suit off too. "Yes, you're right," I said, my own bare body open for all to see.

"Nice," Richard said. "The only thing I like to see more than a shaved pussy is two shaved pussies. And yours is very nice."

"Thanks," I said, lightly running my fingers over it. "Alan did this last night. And did you shave Marion?"

"No," he responded. "Her friend Stella did. I just watched."

"I like to have Alan do it," I said. "Then if he nicks me he has to kiss it and make it well."

"So does Stella," Richard said. "Sometimes even when she doesn't nick it." That's when I started to realize for sure that 'playmates' really did mean more than I first imagined.

"How 'bout you fellas," Marion threw in. "You just going to stand there with those tents in your shorts or are you gonna show us what you've got?" She was right, both men had poles holding their shorts straight out.

"Yeah," I said. "Show us." With that, both men pulled their shorts off, revealing two very hard dicks, giving me my first chance at a comparison. Alan's was definitely longer, however Richard looked a little heftier. But then, what did I know. This was only the second adult one I'd ever seen in real life.

"Thank you dear," Marion said, kissing her husband on the mouth and giving his dick a quick squeeze. "And thank you too, Alan," she added. Then she kissed him and gave him a squeeze.

God, what did I think about that. This woman, who we only met hours ago, had her hand on my loving husband's penis. "What the hell," I thought and reached over to grab Richard's. "Thanks to both of you," I said. I looked at Alan and he winked at me. What the hell did that mean?

"Okay," Richard said, breaking an uncomfortable silence. "What would you like to drink. We've got wine, beer and champagne."

"I'd like a glass of wine," I said.

"Beer for me," Alan said.

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