tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 04

Pleasant Street Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©


Ronni Thomas and her brother, Al, Jr., live on Pleasant Street, a few doors down from my house, on the corner. They're typical American teen-agers, from a typical American family. They're both good-looking and filled with the awakening sexuality of youth, and both of them are probably experimenting with the pleasure sex can give.

I talked to their father a while back and he told me he and his wife would be going away for a couple of weeks, to some sort of convention. That means the two kids are on their own. They've been home alone before, their parents trust them, and the kids have never done anything to not warrant that trust.

I'm not suggesting that anything untoward is going on, but I haven't seen much of the kids for a couple of days, now. Usually they're in and out all the time, along with all of their friends. I think Ronni has a steady guy, and I haven't seen him around, either. I'm not sure what's going on, but I have an idea...


Ronni Thomas slammed the front door behind her. Her body was quivering with a combination of anger and need as she ran up the stairs to her room and threw herself on her bed.

"Damn him! Damn him!" she thought. Her boyfriend, Ken, had just dropped her off after a date. Although he was extremely handsome, Ken came from a very religious family and kept telling Ronni he was "saving himself" for marriage.

Ronni managed to get him to neck once or twice but, other than a few furtive grabs at her breasts, he resisted her fervid entreaties to go farther. Even when he had made those furtive passes, he'd complained about feeling guilty afterward.

Ronni wasn't a virgin and hadn't been for several years. She had a healthy sexual appetite and all the kissing and groping with Ken just served to whet it. Occasionally, after a night like this, she would be so turned on she'd masturbate herself to orgasm, but it wasn't the same as making it with a man.

Her situation was all the more frustrating because she loved Ken and really wanted to marry him, but if he kept this up, she wasn't sure what she'd do. Ken had a lot of nice qualities, but this thing he had about premarital sex could wind up breaking them up.

"Damn him!" Ronni snorted. She punched her pillow, then got up, stripped off her clothes and went to her closet to get a nightgown. Before getting dressed for bed she examined herself in the full-length mirror on her closet door.

"Not bad!" she thought as she gazed at the image in the mirror. Her breasts were medium size and beautifully shaped, the nipples - when she was aroused - were large and protuberant. Her waist was trim, her belly flat, and her hips curved nicely down to well-shaped legs. She turned and looked over her shoulder at the arch of her back and her firm, nicely formed buttocks. She knew men looked at her with lust in their eyes when she wore tight jeans. She had fine, long, straight brown hair that fell almost to her waist and an extremely pert face. Her looks were the equal of her fine body. "Kenny doesn't know what he's missing," she thought.

Ronni slipped the shortie nightgown over her head. A pair of French bikini pants went with it, but she left them off. She preferred to sleep in the nude, but her folks insisted on some nightwear. She looked at herself one more time, walked over, slid into her bed, and lay there, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Ronni wasn't alone in the house. Her younger brother, Al, Jr., was in his room, his mood not much better than his sister's. He had made a date with Sonya Pringle - who was supposed to be the hottest item in school - for that night, but she'd gotten sick! He had been having fantasies all week about the great time he's have with Sonya, now he had nothing to look forward to.

Thinking about what he and Sonya would be doing had young Al pretty horny. He hadn't gotten laid in a while, and now it didn't look like he'd be getting laid any time soon. He was horny!

Their parents were attending a convention in Atlantic City and would be for gone two weeks. "Jesus!" Al thought, "I coulda brought Sonya back here and we coulda really had a fantastic time. Her tits are so huge, and that ass of hers..." He was lost in reverie for a few minutes, thinking about the voluptuous body of his almost-date. His fervid daydreams raised his level of randiness even more.

The sound of his sister coming in brought Al back to reality. "Jeez, Ronni's home early," the boy thought. Since Sonya wasn't available, he thought he might as well do something else. Maybe, if he went downtown, he could pick somebody up at the mall and the night wouldn't be a total loss. He took off his clothes, got in the shower, and started to get ready.

After his shower, he went to dry his hair and discovered he had a problem. "Damn, my blow dryer's broke," he muttered, flipping the switch to no effect. "I can't go out with my hair wet like this." He stared at the offending appliance and considered throwing it out the window, but thought better of that. It looked like nothing he tried tonight was going to work. First Sonya, then the goddamn blow dryer. "Hey! Maybe Ronni will let me use hers," he thought.

He walked down the hall to his sister's bedroom and rapped on the door of Ronni's bedroom.

"What?" Ronni called.

Al stuck his head in. "Hey, sis, my blow dryer's broke, could I...?" he said. He stopped when he realized his sister was crying. "What's the matter?"

"Oh...nothing," Ronni sniffled.

"Come on," Al said as he walked over to her bed. "This is your brother. You can tell me." He sat on the bed next to his sister, noticing the filmy nightgown she wore. It did little to conceal her lovely breasts. "Wow!" he thought, "Sis has quite a pair of knockers!" A congested sensation began in his groin and his body began to fill with heat. "Hey," he told himself, "Whoa there! This is your sister! Jesus, you better get down to the mall and find someone who can help you get rid of some of this horniness! Damn, when you're so horny your sister starts looking good..."

Ronni smelled nice, too; a soft, flowery aroma that he knew didn't come from cheap perfume.

Al felt very warm and parts of him that shouldn't be doing things were. He knew he ought to get out of there, but he didn't really want to. First of all, Ronni was upset, and...

"Come on, Sis," he said, "tell old Al what's going on."

"Old Al, huh," Ronnie said. She sister looked up at him and gave him a tentative smile. "You're two years younger than I am."

"So, I'm still the oldest brother you got," Al said. He patted her on the shoulder and noticed that her skin was soft and warm.

"It's...it's Ken," Ronni sniffled.

"Is he bothering you?" Al said, growing angry. "He trying to do stuff you don't want him to? He is, I can take care of that." Al was very athletic. He was a star defensive player on the football team, and had been state champion in his weight class in wrestling three years in a row. In addition, he was quite skilled in several of the martial arts.

Ronni shook her head. "No...no," she said. "It...it's just the opposite. He's such a damn prude!"

"A prude?" Al said, very confused. He couldn't imagine any normal guy remotely close to his age being a prude. That was, well, un-American, it wasn't natural.

"He's 'saving himself' until we get married," Ronni explained, using the exact words she'd heard from Ken so many times.

Al was shocked. "You gotta be shitting!" he said. "I never heard any guy I know talk like that. Jesus, Ronni, that ain't natural!"

"Unfortunately," Ronni sniffled, "that's the way Ken is, and I'm the unlucky girl who fell in love with him."

She studied her brother. He was handsome, lithe and well-muscled. She'd heard other girls in school talking about what a "hunk" he was, but hadn't thought much about it. To her, he'd always been the snotty-nosed little pest who gave her no end of misery. Now he was sitting on the edge of her bed, rubbing her shoulder, wearing only a pair of very short cutoff jeans. He continued caressing her and a shiver went through her.

Al felt his sister tremble, slid his arm all the way around her, and pulled her against him. "It's OK, baby," he said softly. The warmth of her burned into his bare chest, and suddenly his shorts were way too tight. "Don't cry," he said, "everything will be all right." He wondered why his voice sounded funny.

Ronni realized something odd was happening, too. Her already-stimulated body tingled where Al touched her. She felt her nipples hardening. "My God!" she thought, shocked, "What's happening to me? He's my...my brother!"

She also noticed the strange tremulousness in Al's voice when he spoke. She leaned back, pulling out of Al's embrace. One of the straps on her nightgown slid off her shoulder, allowing the front of the garment to droop, almost exposing one delectable breast. Only the distended nipple kept it from being bared completely. She saw the way Al was looking at her and felt herself being flooded with excitement.

"What's happening?" she thought, her mind racing feverishly. "Am I so desperate my baby brother can turn me on? This is wrong!" Unnerved by the feelings threatening to overpower her, Ronni was totally unaware of her delectable state of dishabille.

"My big sister has turned into a sexy woman," Al said, his voice hoarse.

"Al...what's the matter with you?" Ronnie whispered. She couldn't talk, either. She felt his eyes moving over her, knew it was wrong, knew she should stop him, but for some reason she couldn't find the strength.

"Nothing," Al replied. "It's...it's just that I realized for the first time how beautiful you really are." His hand cupped her almost-bare breast. The skin covering the firm globe was silken and warm. He squeezed it gently.

"Al...No!" Ronni moaned as staggeringly delightful feelings washed over her, feelings she knew she shouldn't be getting from her brother. "This is...is wrong. I'm your sister!"

"You're a lovely, sexy, desirable woman," Al murmured.

He slid his hand inside the silken nightgown, teased her turgid nipple and Ronni thought she'd faint. It had been so long since anyone had really played with her breasts!

"I...I think I want you, Sis," Al said softly.

"Al..." Ronni gasped. She fought for control of herself, of this dangerous situation. "Please, Al! We...you...shouldn't..."

"Why not?" Al asked. He bent and covered her soft, red lips with his.

All thoughts of resistance faded, and Ronni returned the kiss avidly, her tongue caressing her brother's lips, forcing them open, driving inside. Her arms slid around him, pulling him against her.

Ronni had no idea what had come over her. She was experiencing a level of excitement she'd never known before and she wanted him! It didn't matter if he was her brother! What they were about to do - were doing - might be wrong, but she didn't care! She let herself fall back on the bed and pulled Al on top of her, feeling his warmth against her through the thin garment she wore.

Al was ecstatic. His cock threatened to burst out of his pants when he felt the rigid nipples of his sister's breasts dig into his bare chest. His lips left Ronni's and traveled down the soft skin of her throat and across her chest while she moaned exultantly. On the seeking lips went, up the slope of a firm globe to a swollen, straining tip. He sucked the hard nubbin of flesh into his mouth.

Ronni's body filled with elation as, finally, the caresses she had yearned for were hers. "Oh, Yes!" she groaned as her vagina grew wet and her hips began to move while her brother paid oral homage to one lovely breast then the other. Avidly, Al sucked and caressed her, and with each passing second, Ronni's passion grew.

Al was no virgin - in fact he was quite sexually experienced - but never in all his life had he experienced the intense level of amorous sensation he felt as he caressed and kissed his sister. His hands explored Ronni's smooth, warm flesh, compounding the rush of erotic feeling that was setting both of them aflame with need. His hand glided across her soft, silken belly, into the mat of hair that blanketed her pussy. Then he slid a finger into her dampness.

"Yes! Oh, Yes, Al!" Ronni groaned. Her hips rose off the bed. She needed that! It had been so long since she'd had anything in her! She was on fire, quaking with need. Her body billowed with the intense erotic sensations her brother's caresses were inducing. As Al's finger moved inside her, her body responded with frantic twisting, turning, thrusting. At the same time he captured a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it gently.

"Please! Oh, Al! Take me! Please! Please! Take me, Al! Please!!" Ronni begged. "I...I can't wait!"

When he heard his sister's plaintive cry, Al quickly moved between her outstretched legs, slipping his cutoffs down as he did. His body shaking, he moved up and thrust his rigid cock into her, feeling her delightful warmth surround it as it disappeared into her. Nothing he'd ever known felt as good as this did!

"Put it in! Oh, God! Put it in! Yes! Oh, yes! Put it in me!!" Ronni moaned. She grabbed his tight ass with her hands and pulled on him, urging him deeper into her.

Slowly, Al slid his throbbing pole in, filling Ronni, spreading her open. Neither of them had ever experienced a more glorious union.

"Oh Sis!" Al groaned, "You're so tight!"

Ronni was ecstatic! Al was huge! He filled her better than she'd ever been filled. Her hips moved upward, gyrating, drawing rushes of wonder from the joyous pressure. Release began to blossom and bright lights began flashing behind her tightly closed eyelids.

"Al! Al! Oh, God! Al! Al!!" she cried, clutching at him frantically. "Fuck me! Please, Al, fuck me! Now! I...I'm coming, Al! Fuck me! I'm coming!"

His sister's wild cries and the frantic writhing of her body filled Al with more pleasure than he'd ever known and triggered his release. "Sis! Ahh! Take it! Take it! I'm there, I'm coming, too!" he yelled. Gobs of sticky white fluid blasted from his pulsating rod, filling Ronni's clutching cunt to overflowing. Still their bodies continued to struggle against each other, trying to draw every last bit of pleasure possible out from their forbidden joining.

Spent at last, the attractive siblings relaxed in each other's arms. Exhausted, sated, and supremely satisfied, they dozed off, happy and contented.

Ronni was dreaming that somebody was eating her! It felt so incredibly good! Her body tingled with the sensations her lover's tongue gave her as it probed her labia, delved inside her pussy, then caressed her clit. She opened her eyes and realized she wasn't asleep, and that her brother Al was giving her those intensely wonderful sensations with his tongue. Then, as she came fully awake, she remembered the lovemaking session they'd just had.

Ronni looked around and realized it was morning. They'd slept together all night! And now...God! Al was waking her up beautifully! She looked down and saw his erect penis, close to her face. Taking it in her hand, she urged him closer and pulled it to her lips. She'd give him the same pleasure he was giving her!

Al was enjoying his oral foray into his sister's vagina. He'd awakened before she did and decided after looking at his sister's lovely slumbering form that he wanted to continue the sex play they'd begun the night before. He knew she was asleep when he started eating her but now, from the motions her body was making, he knew she was awake and what he was doing he was doing right. Her hand gripped his steel-hard cock and elation spread through him as she urged him closer.

Warmth and wetness engulfed his cock. Ronni was sucking him! It felt stupendous! He groaned into her humid pussy, bringing a wild response from her fine young body. Brother and sister worked on each other, her lovely mouth sliding up and down his erect penis, his tongue thrusting and licking her aching cunt, muffled groans issuing from both of them, as passion again grew and spread in their young bodies.

With the intensity they devoted to their tasks, it didn't take long for them to reach the peak of ecstasy again. Arching, straining, writhing, they exploded once again into a cataclysm of pleasure, their groans of joy muffled in each other's sexual organs.

Afterward, they lay in each other's arms, regaining their strength.

"You are incredible, sis!" Al said and gave his sister a tender kiss.

"You aren't so bad yourself," Ronni said. She kissed him back, sliding her tongue into his mouth. "This is wrong, so wrong, but it's so wonderful!"

"We should have done this years ago," Al said. "You're the best lover I ever had!"

"And you for me," Ronni replied. "But...we...what will we do when Mom and Dad get home?"

"Do you want to stop?" Al asked, concerned. As far as he was concerned, he never, ever wanted this to end.

Ronni shook her head. They should. What they'd done was wrong...against the law, even, but - God help her - she didn't want to stop.

"I guess we'll have to be careful, then," Al said. "Mom and Dad are pretty open-minded and all, but I think this would freak them out."

"Yeah," Ronni giggled. "I kinda think it would." She stretched luxuriously, knowing Al was watching, then groaned softly as his hands slid over her body. The now-familiar reaction of her body to that hand began once more and she loved it.

"I need a shower," Ronni said and climbed out of bed, eluding her brother's attempt to grab her. "Want to take a bath with me?"

"Neat!" Al exclaimed. He jumped to his feet. "We haven't done that for a while."

In the shower, Al grabbed a washcloth and soap and soon had his sister's shapely body covered with foamy lather and filled with intense heat.

"You've got me turned on again," Ronni gasped, quivering as Al "washed" her vagina with single-minded thoroughness. Her legs went rubbery. "Oh God!" she murmured and clutched him for support. "I've never been washed... Oh! Like, like...Ahhh!...like that!"

Al had planned this and was delighted his sister was once again trembling with need. "Here..." he said and handed her the sudsy washcloth. "It's your turn to do me."

Quaking with desire, Ronni took the cloth and reached for the soap. It squirted out of Al's hand, falling to the floor of the shower behind her. Ronni turned to pick it up.

His sister's reaction was exactly what Al hoped for when he dropped the soap. She bent over, exposing her luscious ass to him. Al grasped her fine hips and shoved his rigid cock deep inside her.

"AL!" Ronni exclaimed. She was startled, then thrilled, by her brother's sudden action. Once again, super sensations flooded through her as his penis dug deep inside her body.

"Want me to stop?" Al asked. He knew she didn't.

"You...do...Oh, God!...and I'll...Ahhh!...kill you," Ronni replied. She'd never been fucked like this and it felt so good! She hung on to the faucets and began to rock back against him, thrill after thrill racing through her body.

Al gloried in their coupling. He knew it would be good, but was surprised how good it really was. "Sis!" he cried, "My God! You're incredible!"

Ronni felt her orgasm approach as Al rammed into her. She felt her insides knotting and knew release would come soon.

"Oh, Sis! Sis! Agghhh!" Al cried, "I'm coming!" His fluids blasted violently out of him, into his sister's spasming cavern.

Ronni felt her brother's warm wetness blast into her. "Yes! Yes, brother, yes! Fill me! Fill me!" she cried, her hips jolting, "I'm coming, too! Oh, yes!" Her body slammed back against his and her insides felt as if they were in a blender.

Their passion finally spent, the two teenagers finished their shower, toweled dry, and got dressed. Al put on jeans and a cutoff T-shirt. Ronnie donned a sleeveless sweatshirt and denim mini-skirt. Neither of them bothered with underwear.

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