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I'm glad you decided to stop and read this, because I really do need your help. You know I wouldn't ask unless it was very important. So, would you please give me just a bit of your time?

You see, I have this wetness between my thighs - and it isn't going away. But, wait, it's not just that. I have two perfectly hard nipples, as well. And I feel flushed, and I'm unable to concentrate, or even to remain still. Please, don't you think you could find it in your heart to help me out, just a little? ...What? You want something in return? Well, I'm sure we could arrange something...

So, you're staying? Good. Because just the idea of you staying has already made my symptoms worse; my nipples are practically aching now, and I'm sure you've begun to smell the scent of my sex in the air. The thought of you caressing my thighs, of kissing my neck and my lips, of feeling your body against mine excites me even more. But, why listen to me just talk about it? Please don't keep me waiting.

Come over here, right this instant, close enough so that I can feel your warm breath. That's right; I want you close up against me. Now, kiss me. Don't hold back, kiss me and let me feel how much you want me too. Because you do want me, don't you? You want me almost as bad as I want you, isn't that right?

And I have to say almost as bad; because I know there is no way that your desire could match mine. That warmth, that desire, that yearning that you feel right now is only part of what I feel for you right now.

Because, you must know that I don't just want you right now, I need you. I need to feel every place on your body, and I need you to touch every part on mine. I need for us to become entangled and for us to forget where one of us ends and the other begins. I need to feel each caress of your fingers over my skin. And I need to feel you for more than just a moment; I am going to need you for quite a long while today. I hope you don't mind.

I also hope that you don't mind that I am going to grab onto your ass while you're kissing me. Just quickly grab it. You know that it turns you on, because it makes you know how much I want you. I hope you don't mind that I'm a moaner. And the moans start very soon for me, almost as soon as you start kissing me. I hope you don't mind that I'm not going to be able to wait long today, that I'm going to need you to bring me to an orgasm quickly. Oh, don't worry, I promise that that won't be all. One is only the beginning for me. Plus, I never stop until you're happy as well.

I also hope you don't mind that I like to whisper dirty things into your ear. I like to tell you a little story, a little fantasy while we enjoy each other. Sometimes I like to tell you about how I wish we had another person there, watching us, or maybe even joining in. Sometimes I like to tell you about how I enjoy being a dirty and naughty girl. Sometimes, I like when we don't talk at all; when we just listen to the sounds of our own moans and caresses. Sometimes I like to act out ideas that I've come up with. Sometimes I like to have you control me, to have you force me to pleasure you. Sometimes I like to control you, to draw your orgasm out agonizingly long.

Is all that okay with you? Will you do that all for me, right now? Will you keep kissing me the way you are now until the kisses trail down my neck to my breasts? Will you please kiss them? My breasts yearn to be kissed by you. But, you don't have to stop at the kissing. You can suck on them, or nibble on them, or tease them, or fondle them, or stroke them. They're yours to do with as you please. So, go ahead, touch them. I wish you could know how good that feels.

Can I touch you, too? Do you mind? Do you mind if I run my hands over your chest, if my soft lips brush against your neck? Do you like it when I touch you? You know, each time I touch you I can feel more wetness seep out of me. I can hardly wait to feel every inch of you. I know that I'm only nineteen, but I promise that my touches will still feel delicious on your skin. I know your touches certainly do. I can feel tremors with each caress of your hand.

Do you mind touching me even more? I love how your hands feel on my breasts, but I long for more. I'm smooth to the touch down between my thighs. I don't think that you'd regret touching me. You might even enjoy the slippery wetness that covers your fingers. So, will you please touch me? I'll touch you, too. You would like that, wouldn't you? I'm sure that you'd like for me to explore you.

Can you feel how warm and wet I am right now? I hope you like touching me because I love the way your fingers are dancing across my clit. Oh god, you're making me feel so wonderful. Please don't stop. Please. Oh, where did you learn to do that? Whatever you're doing it feels amazing. Oh god. Please keep touching me. Oh, why did you stop?

Oh! You're going to taste me now? Oh god, of course I'll spread my legs open wide for you. Oh wow, I didn't know that something could feel more wonderful than your fingers, but your tongue...oh wow, the feeling of your tongue against my slit is overwhelming...spectacular...oh please, move your tongue like that, oh yes, just like that.

Do you like how I taste? Mmm, I'm glad you do. Will you let me taste you at the same time? Let me explore you with my lips, with my tongue. I hope you enjoy that because I love doing it to you. Oh god, it's wonderful to be savoring you while your tongue delves deep within me. Mmm, yes, please don't stop. Oh god, your tongue is amazing. I hope you don't mind if I moan while my mouth continues to caress you. Maybe you don't mind, maybe you enjoy the reverberations that you feel from each moan that escapes my lips.

Oh yes, oh yes, I love it when your tongue flicks over my clit. Oh, I'm so glad that you decided to stop and help me. The way that your lips feel against my pussy is unlike anything I've ever felt before. ...What? You love how my mouth feels enveloping you as well? Oh, I'm so glad that you do, because I absolutely adore tasting you. Isn't it amazing how we can make each other feel so wonderful at the same time?

Oooh, you're getting close? So am I. Oh god, please push one of your fingers inside of me while you keep sucking on my clit. Oh yes, that's right. Oh, I am so close. Oh god. Oh yes. Oh, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out, you're driving me right over the edge. I'm so close to exploding for you. You must love this power you have over me, being able to force my orgasm upon me, so that it sweeps me away with its intensity. Oh, can you feel my hips press up against your face? Can you feel my muscles contracting and squeezing? Can you feel my body begin to tremor? Oh god, I hope you don't mind that I'm pushing your head down into my pussy, holding it there, but god, it feels so good, and I am right there...oh god yes, right there...oh god.

Ooooooh yes. Oh yes. Oh god yes. Oh, god, yes, you make me feel so amazing. Oh yes. Oh god. Oh, I came for you, covering your face with my juices. I hope you enjoyed it, feeling my thighs squeeze you tight, feeling a flood of my wetness saturate your face.

But, now it's your turn, and you're close, too, aren't you? I want all of your cum to coat me, like mine is covering you. My lips are going to help bring you over the edge. And my hands grasping onto your butt, pulling you closer to me is going to make you groan with pleasure. Oh that's right, you're close. You're so very close. That's right, cover me with all your cum. All over me, come on. Cum for me. Oh god, yes. Wow, you're amazing when you cum. There's so much of it, and you look so intense, so wonderful. And your body feels amazing when it happens.

Oh, I really am so very glad you decided to help me out. Promise me we can do it again sometime, okay? Because I'm sure I'll ache for you again. I hope you'll want me again, too.

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